At 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, the baby’s eyes still look like copper bells? Mommy: Who will save me?

At 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, the baby’s eyes still look like copper bells? Mommy: Who will help me?

For many Bao moms who go to work during the day and take their babies at night, the biggest breakdown is to see the baby whose eyes are still open like a copper bell at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. To get up early the next day, I really want to cry without tears. 

Sometimes the baby is noisy and the family don’t want to sleep well, it is really too difficult. If the baby has a “noisy sleep” phenomenon, don’t worry too much. You can find the right reason and use the right method to solve it easily, such as the following 4 methods. 

Stabilize the baby’s mood before going to bed

Some parents feel that , Crazy playing before the baby goes to bed can consume energy and help fall asleep quickly, but in fact, if the baby’s brain is over-excited, it will make him sleepless and will be very energetic when lying in bed tossing over and over. 

Furthermore, excessive fatigue can also affect sleep, leading to a decline in sleep quality, and it is also detrimental to the baby’s growth. Before going to bed, we must let the baby’s emotions calm down. We can tell the baby a story and play some steady music to help him fall asleep. 

Fixed sleeping time

Parents should develop for the baby The good habit of sleeping at a fixed point will not only ensure the baby’s sleep time, but also help him develop the good habit of going to bed and getting up early. 

Parents should lead by example. After letting the baby go to bed, they should also go back to the bedroom to rest, otherwise the baby will feel unfair and unwilling to sleep. When the baby is about to go to bed, the parents should lighten their movements to avoid awakening him. 

Drink warm milk before going to bed

If you eat dinner at home You can prepare a glass of warm milk for your baby before going to bed. This will not only soothe your baby’s emotions, but also prevent him from falling asleep because of hunger. 

If you eat late at night or eat very full, do not let your baby drink, but still let the baby rest for a while before going to sleep, because eating too full will make him unable to sleep due to gastrointestinal discomfort. 

If your baby is lactose intolerant or doesn’t like to drink milk, don’t try this method. On the contrary, it is not conducive to sleep. You can change it to warm fruit juice. After drinking, let your baby rinse his mouth to prevent tooth decay. 

Create a comfortable sleeping environment

It’s also possible for babies to fall asleep quickly A large part of the reason lies in the environment. When parents decorate their baby’s room, don’t take it for granted to make a bunch of decorations. It will be very scary when the lights are off! 

Don’t install a lot of decorative lights in your baby’s room. The lights will affect your baby’s sleep quality and delay his physical development. Simply decorate your baby’s room. 

In addition, the baby’s bedding must be made of pure cotton, so that he can sleep comfortably. Some chemical fiber bedding is good-looking, but not breathable, and the baby will not sleep because of the heat. 

When we find that the baby is unwilling to sleep , Don’t rush to scold, ask the reason why the baby is unwilling to sleep, communicate and solve it in time. The baby has a good sleep, and the mother can sleep more at ease. The above 4 points are very good for the baby to fall asleep quickly. Parents may wish to give it a try, which may be very helpful for your baby. Raising a daughter should pay attention. Don’t tell her if you’re regenerating. It’s easy to “break” your daughter’s heart

Compared with boys, although girls are quiet and caring, they can sometimes help their parents. Some pressure, but the girl’s mind is more delicate and sensitive, and it is easy to doubt herself because of some unfriendly words. 

So in the process of raising their daughters, parents should be more careful and don’t always say something “no brainer” to their daughter, so as not to hurt her heart. So when raising a daughter, what are the things that parents must not say? I probably summarized the following 4 sentences for everyone, parents must take a look! 

It would be great if you were a boy

“you It would be great if it was a boy!” How many parents have said this in front of their daughters? This sentence seems to be neither minor nor serious, but in fact it hurts her daughter very much. 

Gender cannot be determined by herself. If a daughter knows that her parents prefer boys, she may also wish she is a boy very much. Many girls study hard to make them sensible in order to please their parents, but how sad she would be if she only exchanged for the sentence “If you were a boy” in the end. 

Over time, she may also start to doubt herself, feel that she is worthless, and may even start to hate her gender, so parents must not deny their daughter because of her gender! 

There is no girl like all day

In many In the eyes of parents, girls want to be quiet and well-behaved. If they are naughty and mischievous all day long, and play crazy outside, they feel that there is nothing like a girl. If parents often say this to their daughter, it is actually suppressing the girl’s nature. 

Regardless of men and women, every child’s nature is lively and active. If parents interfere with her nature forcibly, it may limit her many possibilities. In the end, the parents may get a quiet and sensitive , The timid “good girl”. 

Sister wants to let younger brother

Today, There are still many families who have a patriarchal mentality. If a girl is an older sister, then most parents may have said, “You are an older sister, let your younger brother!” this sentence. 

It’s true that respecting the old and loving the young is right, but if the parents are right or wrong because the girl is an older sister, and let the older sister let the younger brother be ignorant, the daughter’s heart will definitely be unbalanced and may even be excited after a long time. If her jealousy causes her to “hate” her younger brother, then the entire family relationship will become very fragile. 

There will be nothing, who will want you in the future

” Look at you, you won’t know anything. Who will want you in the future?” From ancient times to the present, many people evaluate a girl’s value by seeing whether she can cook, do housework, and take care of people… Apart from these, girls have no other value! 

But it’s not. In today’s society, women, like men, can pursue careers, love, and their own value in life. It has nothing to do with whether they can do housework or not. Therefore, parents must not say this to their daughter, lest they leave her with the false perception that men only like women who can do housework! 

We often say that girls should be rich, But the so-called “rich” does not only refer to good material conditions, but to give a girl enough choices, self-confidence, and cultivate her independent consciousness in the process of growing up, so that she can understand her own value. , Spiritual abundance is really rich…….

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