Asked “Are you still fighting for 4 children?” Guo Jingjing replied very domineering, netizens: the real rich man is too big

Asked “Are you still fighting for 4 children?” Guo Jingjing replied very domineering, netizens: The real rich family is too much

The rich family has always been a very attractive existence. Whether it is ordinary people or celebrities, they all want to enter the rich family and experience a different life. For many female stars, when they reach the age to get married, their first choice will always be those wealthy children. 

However, in recent years, everyone has come to realize that life in the rich may not be easier, and the female stars who have entered the rich seem to be not very happy. 

But for Guo Jingjing, her wealthy life is something that many people admire. After all, her in-laws respect her very much. 

Some wealthy daughter-in-laws want to please their in-laws, Always have as many children as possible. The more sons you have, the higher her status. 

Guo Jingjing has given birth to 3 children, but for a wealthy family, only one son is not enough. 

When someone asked Guo Jingjing if he wanted four children, Guo Jingjing bluntly replied: “Still alive? Now the family is almost a kindergarten!”

I heard Guo Jingjing’s In response, netizens lamented that Guo Jingjing is a real wealthy man, who can live according to his own preferences in the wealthy family, and will not become a fertility machine in order to please the family. 

There are multiple children in the family, what should parents pay attention to? < p>First: Don’t be eccentric. 

Parents with more than two children in the family will inevitably be a little biased in life. After all, parents are ordinary people and always have their own preferences, even for their own children. 

But this kind of bias will have a serious impact on other children, and it will also make the children’s relationship worse, because the unfavored children will be particularly jealous of the favored children, sometimes They will also vent their dissatisfaction and anger on this child. 

In order not to happen, parents must Pay attention to your words and deeds, and don’t always favor one of the children. 

Second: Don’t ignore the child’s feelings. 

Many parents only take care of one child, they will feel that they are not enough, and often ignore the child’s feelings. If there are multiple children, this problem is more likely to occur. 

If parents ignore the child’s feelings for a long time, these negative emotions of the child will always be hidden in the heart, and slowly accumulate, until one day the child will not be able to suppress these emotions, and after the emotional explosion, it will hurt people and hurt others. already. 

The most important thing is that children will be Children’s feelings are always rich and delicate. If they are sad but their parents are indifferent, they will feel that their parents don’t love themselves and become autistic. 

Third: To ensure that children can get along in harmony. 

Children always like to fight and make trouble when they are young. If there are many children in the family, they may have conflicts with each other all day long. 

Some parents will choose to let it go, thinking that the children will not be like this when they reach a certain age, but the consequence of this is that the relationship between the children will get worse and worse. 

Because they are still young, they don’t know How to reconcile with others, do not know how to deal with the contradictions between each other. In order to avoid this situation, parents should let their children learn to live in harmony, so that their relationship can be further sublimated to family affection. 

Guo Jingjing used her own strength to prove that as long as she is confident enough, after marrying into a wealthy family, she can choose her own lifestyle. 

And what we ordinary people can learn from her is not only the way of being in the world, but also the way of educating her children. When I was young, I felt that “boys and girls are all the same”. I didn’t realize that the difference was obvious until my later years.

Nowadays, the young people born in the 80s and 90s have become the parents of the new generation, while the older generations The idea of ​​patriarchal patriarchalism is increasingly being rejected by everyone. Many netizens have said that in their own minds, boys and girls are the same, and they are both good treasures for mom and dad. 

This is because in the eyes of most people, the difference between taking care of their sons and taking care of their daughters is nothing more than buying new clothes in blue or pink, and buying new toys from Transformers or Barbie dolls. the difference. 

But the child will grow up someday and form a new family. At that time, the parents will still feel that there is not much difference between the two as they do now? 

Are boys and girls really the same? 

Aunt Lin has a pair of twin daughters. In their patriarchal age, Aunt Lin did not miss her mother-in-law’s indifference. People around her secretly said that she was incapable. Aunt Lin was also very sad. 

But now, every time she mentions her two daughters, Aunt Lin is smiling. It turned out that the two girls formed separate families when they became adults, and they were both not far from Aunt Lin. The children were taken care of by the man’s mother without Aunt Lin’s worry. 

Aunt Lin has been busy for most of her life after retirement Finally breathed a sigh of relief. The two daughters were also very careful to take their children home to visit her at regular intervals. They took her to travel during the holidays, and their life was very colorful. 

And Aunt Zhang’s life is quite different. Aunt Zhang often complains that when her son gets married, not only has he spent most of his family’s savings on buying a house and a car, but he is forced to retire at an age. Working outside, and the young couple is usually very busy, the grandson also has to take care of themselves, the life is very hard. 

So every time Auntie Zhang sees the juniors of relatives, she always says with emotion as someone who is here: You didn’t feel much when you were young. Anyway, “boys and girls are the same”, but she waited until later in life. Knowing the difference is still obvious. 

In fact, thinking about it carefully, Aunt Zhang’s words are not without In fact, due to the differences in the personalities of boys and girls and the inherent traditions when forming families, families who give birth to boys do have a heavier burden in the future than those who give birth to girls, which in turn leads to differences in the life of the elderly in their later years. 

Generally speaking, after a daughter is married, the parent’s “task” is basically over.

Because our custom is that the woman should go to the man’s house to live after marriage, and the child is also taken care of by the mother-in-law, so we marry a girl. After that, parents rarely need to worry about all aspects of their daughter’s life. 

Parents have been busy with their children for most of their lives, You can also develop your own hobbies in your later years. If your daughter takes your children home and entertains you, you will generally live a good life in your later years. 

But there is another situation, that is, if the daughter is married very far away, the parents will also face the situation of no one to take care of. 

But after raising their sons, parents still have the heart to worry about

Generally, sons are rarely far away from their parents when they grow up, so parents who give birth to sons generally don’t have to worry about having no one to support them. That’s why everyone says “raising children to prevent old age.” 

However, the man is also the one who bears heavier responsibilities in the new family, and if there are children in the future, the general mother-in-law will need to help take care of the children. Very tired. 

It can be seen that boys and girls need to worry about The problems are different, so the difference in the old life itself is quite big. 

Although it is said that, on the one hand, parents themselves cannot determine the gender of their children. On the other hand, the decisive factor is the children themselves. It is necessary for parents to do a good job in education and lay the foundation for a happy retirement life in the future. 

Extended reading: Since boys and girls cannot decide, what parents need to do is “teach students in accordance with their aptitude”

In fact, which one is better for boys and girls? Both the son and the daughter have their pros and cons when their parents are old. 

So what we can do as parents is Cultivate children carefully, help them develop the correct three views, and become an outstanding person in the future. 

Furthermore, when parents are educating their children, they must also adhere to the principle of “teach students in accordance with their aptitude”. For example, when they give birth to a boy, parents should focus on cultivating their children’s sense of responsibility from an early age, so that their children will become responsible people in the future. If it is a girl, parents can cultivate from the perceptual aspect, so that the child can grow into a careful and kind girl and so on.

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