As the temperature gets warmer, how many children are sleeping sick? Don’t let your child sleep like this no matter how comfortable it is, it’s easy to get sick

As the temperature gets warmer, how many children are sleeping sick? Don’t let your children sleep like this no matter how comfortable they are. It’s easy to get sick

In a blink of an eye, it’s already April, and in one or two months, summer will officially come. For mothers with children, summer is a season worth paying attention to, but also difficult to survive, because children are very active and sweat easily. Just taking a bath and washing clothes every day requires a lot of energy. What’s more, summer is also the season when children are most susceptible to colds and illnesses, and they can even get sick even when they go to bed, which naturally makes Bao Ma even more troublesome. 

Last summer, in just three months, the son of my friend Xiaofang had a cold three times, and each time it was very serious. Because he went to the same hospital, many doctors and nurses knew her and the child. Up. Xiao Fang’s son is only two and a half years old. Because Xiao Fang has to go to work, the main responsibility for bringing the baby falls on the mother-in-law, that is, the grandmother of the child. This is the reason why the son caught a cold twice in three days. 

Xiaofang’s mother-in-law is a typical rural aunt. She usually lives frugal. Although her son is filial and installed air conditioning in the rural home, the old couple almost never use it. The reason is of course that she is afraid of spending money. But for her grandson, Xiaofang’s mother-in-law has always been generous. After she came to the city to take care of the children, she took the initiative to buy the food and the expensive ones. When the temperature is slightly higher in summer or colder in winter, as long as the grandson is at home, she must also turn on the air conditioner, so that she does not want to let the grandson get hot or cold. 

Xiaofang reminded this many times, saying that the child’s home air conditioner should not be turned on for a long time, otherwise it would be easy to catch a cold. As a result, I came here in one summer. I experienced three colds caused by air-conditioning when I slept. Although the danger was gone every time, Xiaofang felt very sad when he watched the baby suffer. He even had the idea of ​​resigning to bring a baby. The air conditioner is a great invention. Without this thing, many people would really not know how to spend the summer. However, air-conditioning is also a double-edged sword. I believe everyone has heard of “air-conditioning sickness”. If the air-conditioning is blown too much, people’s physique will also deteriorate, and it is easy to get sick, especially for children. 

When the weather is getting warmer, don’t let your children sleep like this, no matter how comfortable they are. Many children suffer from sleeping sickness.

Most air conditioners do not have a fresh air function. If the air conditioner is turned on for a long time, especially when sleeping With the air conditioner on all the time, the indoor air will inevitably become more and more dirty, causing symptoms such as dizziness and loss of appetite. In severe cases, it can also cause respiratory infections. Cold is one of them. Children’s immunity is inferior to that of adults, and the impact in this respect will of course be more serious. 

Of course, even if the air conditioner is turned on for sleep, parents should also pay attention not to aim the air outlet at the child’s body, because the cold air blown out by the air conditioner is lower than the set temperature, so that the entire room can reach the setting. Set temperature standards. Once such a cold wind blows on the child’s body for a long time, it will easily cause a cold, and it will also cause the child’s sleep quality to deteriorate. 

At the same time, parents should also pay attention to the fact that when the child sleeps on a hot day and the air conditioner is blown, parents should pay special attention to covering the child with a quilt, especially in sensitive areas such as the belly button. This will prevent excessive heat loss from the child’s body, thereby reducing the probability of catching a cold or cold. If you don’t pay attention and you don’t cover the quilt while blowing on the air conditioner, even if your child sleeps soundly, the body is constantly being affected, and it will be easy to get sick over time. Most of the so-called “air-conditioning diseases” come from this, and as emphasized above, children have poor resistance, and naturally they are more likely to develop air-conditioning diseases than adults. If you let your child go to bed as mentioned above, he will probably fall ill from sleep. 

As summer is about to start, mothers in these places should pay special attention to these places when children sleep

First of all, the temperature of the air conditioner should not be set according to the adult’s body feeling, but should be increased by one or two degrees on this basis. Because when people fall asleep, their metabolism will decrease, and the body’s heat production will decrease accordingly. If the temperature of the air conditioner is set too low, it is easy to catch a cold. In addition, if the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, it will cause a strong body reaction when entering and exiting, which is also detrimental to the baby’s health. 

Although the air conditioner is comfortable when it is turned on, if you stay in it for a long time, you will feel dry and dry. The reason is that turning on the air conditioner will keep the indoor air dry. Therefore, when the weather is extremely hot and the air conditioner needs to be turned on for a long time, Momma should also take care to take humidification measures to prevent the indoor air from drying out and causing harm to the baby’s lips and throat. Children under the age of three need at least ten hours of sleep per day. It can be said that most of the day is spent sleeping. Therefore, it is particularly important to take care of the sleep period. I hope that mothers can pay attention to this matter, and prevent the baby from falling sick at the root cause, so that the baby will suffer less and the mother can spend a lot of energy less. It’s said that these three fruits are good, but they are actually harmful to the child’s stomach. Parents should not give them too much.

Now the weather is getting hotter and hotter. It will soon enter the fruit market season. I like to eat them. Fruit people can also feast on without worrying about spending too much money. However, although some fruits are good, they should not be eaten more, because they have certain damages to the gastrointestinal tract. Children with weak gastrointestinal tract should be more careful. 

A few days ago, I met my friend Xiao Zhang and inquired that her son was admitted to the hospital for eating kiwifruit. Kiwi is a very common fruit, and it has the title of “King of Vitamin C”. It is very nutritious. How can it eat people into the hospital? It turns out that Xiao Zhang’s son is a rare physique sensitive to kiwis. It does not matter if such a person eats a small amount of kiwis, but if you eat too much at one time, your tongue will tingle first, then your throat will be itchy or even swollen, and finally you will have symptoms all over the body. . 

Xiao Zhang didn’t know that it was caused by kiwi, so he thought the child was food poisoned, so he rushed to the hospital for examination. After examination, it was found that it was an allergic reaction. After careful inquiry, the doctor focused on the kiwi fruit, and warned Xiao Zhang not to eat kiwi fruit often for his children in the future. You can only eat no more than one kiwi fruit each time you eat, and it must be fully mature. Yes, and do not allow children to touch the fluff of kiwifruit. 

Seeing that eating a kiwi is so troublesome, Xiao Zhang said on the spot that he would never let his son eat kiwi again. Anyway, if there are many fruits, vitamin C can be supplemented by other fruits. However, this incident still reminded Xiao Zhang. She had never thought that fruit would cause harm to the child’s body before, but now she is more vigilant. 

Can eating fruits cause problems? This is really not alarmist, and there is no need to eat rotten fruits or low-quality fruits, even normal fruits. Xiao Zhang’s son ate kiwi fruit and went to the hospital. This is a typical example, and situations like this are actually not uncommon in reality. 

They all say that these three kinds of fruits are good, but in fact they are very harmful to the child’s intestines and stomach

The first kind is kiwi. For some people, kiwi fruit is a source of allergies, and you don’t even need to actually eat it. Allergic reactions can occur as long as it comes in contact with the fluff or skin of kiwi fruit. Of course, this kind of person is very rare in reality, but when it comes to someone’s head, once they are recruited, it is 100%. In fact, even if you are not sensitive to kiwi fruit, it is not recommended to eat too much of this fruit at one time, because it is a cold fruit and has a sour taste. Eating too much will affect the digestive function of the human body. 

The second type is pineapple. Like kiwi, it is also a typical acidic fruit, and its acidity is even higher than that of raw kiwi. Although some children like to eat sour fruits, the acidity of pineapple is far beyond the human body’s tolerance. If you eat too much at one time, it will not only severely supplement teeth and oral tissues, but also cause damage to the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract. 

The third type is durian. Some people like to eat this kind of fruit, and some people hate it because it tastes strange (unpleasant). But even if it can bear the taste of durian, it is not recommended to eat more, especially for children. Because durian is a hot fruit, eating too much will cause the body to become hot and easy to catch colds and colds. In addition, excessive intake of durian can directly damage the intestines and stomach and cause a decline in digestive function. 

The above three fruits, except durian, which is controversial for some people, are all nutritious and delicious fruits, but their harm to the human body is real. Of course, it is limited to eating too much at one time. If it is just normal eating and the amount of eating can be controlled each time, the negative effect on the body is negligible, and the rest is a positive effect. 

Fruits can’t replace vegetables, let alone a staple food.

When it comes to eating fruits for children, there is one more thing worthy of attention by mothers. That is, fruits must not be used as substitutes for vegetables, let alone children eat fruits as staple food. For example, in summer, when watermelons are on the market, some children don’t eat much, and they are full by eating one or two watermelons every day. This habit is very bad. Watermelon can indeed play a role as a staple food to a certain extent. The reason is that it contains a lot of sugar and can meet the body’s demand for calories. But in addition to this, nutrients such as vitamins, protein, and trace elements are lacking. 

Similarly, other fruits have similar problems. Compared with vegetables, fruits are generally deficient in vitamins, compared with staple foods, they are generally deficient in various trace elements, and their energy density is far inferior. Therefore, no matter what the situation is, fruits can only serve as a supplementary food, and cannot replace the vegetables in the three meals a day, let alone the staple food. 

There is a word called “excessiveness is not enough”, a good thing, if it goes too far, it will turn into a bad thing. This is the case with the three fruits mentioned above. They are indeed very nutritious food when eaten in moderation, but if you eat too much, especially in a short period of time, they will bring us Huge hurt, this, I hope every mother can remember this.

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