As soon as the older sister started school, the younger brother became “restless”, and the experts are usually used by the older sister.

As soon as my sister started school, my younger brother became “restless”. Experts are usually used by my sister.

Many young parents nowadays are only children and have no experience of growing up with siblings, so naturally It is very difficult to deal with the many problems of the second-child family, which leads to troubles in the family and affects the growth of the children. 

Not long ago, a post-90s mother made complaints about her two children online. The eldest is a daughter, who is in the first grade, and the younger is a son, who is only over one year old. 

This winter vacation just past can be said to be the first time that the siblings get along for a long time. Because the younger brother was less than one year old before, even if he stayed with his sister, the interaction was limited. 

However, judging from Bao Ma’s description, it is difficult to say that the siblings get along with each other as harmonious. 

During the New Year, the food is much more delicious, but my sister is very overbearing and always grabs her to eat first, and her younger brother can only eat what she does or doesn’t like. 

Although the younger brother is dissatisfied, because he is too young, he is far from his sister’s opponent in grabbing things, so he has repeatedly lost. 

Of course, the younger brother also has a killer, that is, calling his mother. However, as the number of times increased, my sister became clever, and always ran away after grabbing, causing my brother to call my mother and it didn’t work. 

In her eyes, Bao Ma couldn’t help feeling a little sad, especially when she saw her son being bullied by her sister to the point of crying. 

Fortunately, my daughter’s vacation is not long. Once she goes to school, her son will have free space and the resources of the family can be used exclusively. 

However, what Bao’s mother could not think of was that as soon as her sister started school, her younger brother did not become happier, but became more restless. He often mumbled “Where is the elder sister”, making Bao’s mother very confused. . 

Obviously, I was bullied by my sister. Finally, my sister left him, but she became restless and began to miss her sister. Is this younger brother a masochist? Of course not, this is actually a kind of “separation anxiety”, which is obvious in children between 1 and 3 years old. 

Sister starts school and younger brother Restless, the experts are usually used by my sister.

Daily getting along has made the younger brother accustomed to the existence of the sister

Under that mother’s complaint, a certified expert gave a comment , He believes that his brother’s current restlessness is caused by his sister. 

Although on the surface, the younger brother should hate his sister, but in fact, in the unpleasant interaction between the siblings, the elder sister has become an acquaintance no less than the parents in the eyes of the younger brother. 

Children between 1 and 3 years old are very dependent on acquaintances. Once separated for a long time, they will have separation anxiety. So when the older sister starts school, the younger brother becomes restless. It is this separation anxiety that plays a role. . 

Separation anxiety usually appears when entering kindergarten

In fact, every child will go through a period of separation anxiety, that is when they first go to kindergarten. 

Kindergarten is a completely unfamiliar world for babies. The environment is unfamiliar and the people are unfamiliar. This will bring a great sense of oppression to the child, so most babies cry for a long time in the first day of kindergarten. , Some babies even cry for a month. 

For only children, the first severe separation anxiety usually occurs during kindergarten, while for second-child families, returning to school after the Dabao holiday will also cause Erbao to have separation anxiety. 

If separation anxiety is not handled properly, it is likely to leave a psychological shadow on the child, thereby affecting his character development. 

Due to the particularity of the second-child family, Erbao has more separation anxiety, and this problem is more likely to occur. 

So the mothers who have a second child must pay attention to this matter and do well in advance for the training for the second child. 

to relieve the baby’s The best way for separation anxiety is separation training

Step by step to let your baby adapt to long-term separation

The so-called separation training is to let the baby gradually adapt to the long-term separation. Take the above case as an example. If you want your younger brother to settle down a bit after the sister starts school, you should conduct separation training before the sister starts school. 

The method is very simple about a week before the start of school. Slightly reduce the daily time between sister and younger brother. When we are together, we should also deliberately reduce interaction. 

Since my elder sister is always away from home during the day when she goes to school, in the following days, we should try to avoid her sister from appearing in the younger brother’s vision during the day. 

In this way, my sister will start school a week later, and my younger brother will be able to adapt quickly, so that severe separation anxiety will not recur. 

The separation anxiety caused by Dabao can also be made up for by Bao’s mother.

Many Bao’s mothers will subconsciously act as a shopkeeper after having a second child, and give them to Dabao to take them with them. Although this eased oneself, it was very detrimental to Erbao’s growth. 

Because Dabao is going to school, he definitely doesn’t have much time to accompany Erbao, and the baby needs parent-child companionship more than partner companionship. 

So when Dabao starts school and Erbao develops separation anxiety, Bao Mom or Bao Dad can spend more time with Er Bao, which can make up for it. 

Blood relationship is a very magical thing. Although brothers and sisters are competing for the same family resource, the emotional bond brought to them by blood relationship is very solid. Even if they fall out temporarily, they can be very strong. Quick and good. 

Parents of two-child families should pay more attention to the emotional bond between their children, which is also of great benefit to their future lives. The children with four characteristics of the head teacher are not bad in earning ability. The gap can be seen within 5 years of graduation.

When children grow up, they all want to make money after all. After all, they have to live. After adulthood, as a “social person”, everyone’s judgment standard has changed. It is no longer based on “who reads well” as the standard, and more often depends on who makes more money, as a judge of the person’s current life. Good or bad standards. 

Actually, whether a child has the ability to make money does not have to wait until after work to find out. When the child is young, it can also be attributed to several common characteristics. 

There are 4 class teachers Children with some characteristics are not bad at earning money.

1. Be decisive in doing things

If the child shows decisive behavior when he is a child, then it shows that the child’s personality is more resolute, and he does not hesitate in doing things. Very decisive, this kind of child is often the most daring to try. 

Even if many people have ideas, they have been hesitant to try. It may be that this aspect hinders him, or it may be another aspect. Even if the current problem is resolved, they will be concerned about other aspects. In short, they can always find many excuses for themselves, after all, they are afraid of failure and afraid to try. 

However, opportunities are often reserved for those who have the courage to try. After they seize the opportunity, they decisively decide to implement the plan instead of waiting for the opportunity to slip away quietly. 

2. There are many ideas

It is certainly not enough to have a “lonely brave” alone. It also requires children to have stronger thinking ability, and this part of children has more ideas. 

We often praise those who can make money, “You have a good head”, but in essence, we praise their flexible brains and innovative ideas beyond ordinary people. 

Therefore, when a child is young, there are many thoughts and spooky ideas. These are not bad things. Don’t restrict the child’s thinking and liberate the child’s nature. This happens to be very rare. 

If the child is still being taught “controlled” education in a proper manner, tell the child to only be able to read the prescribed books, and it is best not to do anything other than studying. This is a situation for the child. Innovation ability, thinking operation, etc. have been hit hard. 

In essence, this is actually a kind of “template-style” duplication. It is not about cultivating children. What is copied through templates cannot be called talents, but can only be said to be a new generation of “tool people”. “That’s it. 

Therefore, parents should not easily curb their children’s ideas and allow their children’s ideas to develop freely. After such children enter the workplace, they will also have many novel ideas of their own, and they can often create bigger ideas. Income. 

3. Strong practical ability

Similarly, children have ideas, but if they just stay in their heads and never put them into practice, will such children succeed? Although it is not absolutely impossible, at least for most children, success is out of reach. 

Therefore, only when children put their ideas into practice, will they be one step closer to success. When children have strong hands-on and practical abilities, they will also react to thinking, further develop the brain, and promote positive circulation. Such children will become better and better. 

Making money depends not only on your head, but also on your hands. This is what the older generation left behind, and it still applies to this day. Parents should also emphasize to their children that they should not abuse their cleverness. 

Many children taste the sweetness while using their cleverness, so they prefer to take some shortcuts and make quick money, rather than honestly make money through their own labor and brains. This situation will come to the end. Often it is the children themselves who suffer, and they may even embark on some illegal and criminal roads. 

4. Pay attention to details

They all say that “success or failure depends on details”. The importance of details is self-evident, but there are very few children who are careful. If the child can pay attention to the details, it is really rare. 

It is not only the head that makes money, but the head that is good at finding problems. After all, many times you want to achieve success because you are stuck in a certain detail, but it is difficult to be detected. 

For those who pay attention to details, after conducting a “carpet-style” picketing, find the problem and solve it, then the success is naturally not far away. 

If the child has these characteristics at the same time, then sooner or later will succeed. Five years after your child graduates from university, the gap will become more and more obvious. You can observe the friends around you. Those with strong earning ability often have these characteristics. 

It’s just that these characteristics are often ignored because everyone takes it for granted, so inertia ignores them, but in fact, few people can do it. 

It is a testament to the “two-eight law”, that 80% of the world’s wealth is in the hands of 20% of the people. It can be seen that it is not easy to have these characteristics at the same time, and it also means cultivating a child. How difficult is it. 

Of course, when children have these characteristics, they are not only helpful to their careers, but also to their lives. They can solve most problems in life and have a high happiness index. , Isn’t this the ultimate goal that parents are looking for?

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