As a woman, only when you truly become a mother can you understand the truth of “just being a mother”

As a woman, only when you truly become a mother can you understand the truth of “just being a mother”

You were originally small, but once you have the identity of a mother, many women will consciously take it on The mother’s responsibility even takes care of the children’s life. Women who become mothers will be much stronger, and feel that they can stand up to the sky for the sake of their children. The greatness of maternal love is always admirable. 

Being a mother is not easy, and being a good mother is even more difficult. Why can women always be strong for their mothers? What can I do to be a good mother? 

Xiao Zhang from Zhejiang is preparing for pregnancy. She has never been pregnant, and she is very anxious. Xiao Zhang wants to be a mother and has a child of her own. Fortunately, Xiao Zhang is young and has only a few minor problems. It is still very easy to get pregnant. 

Xiao Zhang recently told her how to be a good mother after quarreling with her mother. After you give birth to a child, you will consciously become a good mother. Why is that? Why is there motherhood in female nature? Why does the nature of women always allow women to be mothers and be strong? 

1. Why do women just become mothers?

1. The child is conceived by the mother and born by the mother

The child was born after the mother was pregnant in the mother’s belly for a long time, and the pain of childbirth was also experienced and suffered by the mother. The mother has already established a deep relationship with the child when he is pregnant, and the father only has feelings with the baby after the child is born, and this feeling is affected by blood. When the mother is pregnant, the baby already has a good emotional foundation. 

2. Women are inherently better at caring for people

Whether it is from physical or psychological, women will be better at caring for others, better at caring for children, and better at caring for others. Raising children. 

It’s good to say that the father takes the baby alive. This actually makes sense. Men are not only very clumsy in taking care of their children, but they also have no talent. Therefore, the child is always closer to the mother. It is precisely because the mother takes care of the child better, the relationship between the child and the mother is naturally deeper. 

3. Women are more willing to understand their children

Women’s feelings are more delicate, more abundant, empathy and the ability to move other people’s emotions will be stronger, and they are more willing


To understand children and accompany children, men lack a lot of patience compared to men, men do not have good patience to take care of children, and they do not have good understanding ability to understand and accompany children. So after two people have children, the more burdens are actually borne by women, and women have no choice but to act for the mother. 

Two. How to be a good mother

1. Gentle

Women must be gentle with their children if they want to be a good mother. Gentleness does not mean that you let your child be free, and let him do whatever he wants. 

This kind of tenderness refers to emotional stability, in front of the child, will not be angry and sad, not let one’s emotions affect the child, and keep the emotion calm. 

2. Don’t vent your emotions to your children

It’s not easy to be a good mother. It is not only necessary to do well at home, but also to deal with outside the home. The relationship of the human relationship. 

But no matter where women are frustrated, or when they encounter bad things, don’t expose the bad emotions to the children. You can let the children coax themselves and let the children Be considerate of yourself, but don’t bring bad emotions to your children through angry roars, so that the children will feel frightened and the mother is terrified, so that the children will also bear great psychological harm. 

3. Say less

Many people are afraid of facing their mother’s nagging. They always think about letting themselves wear more clothes and eat more, always doing something wrong by themselves. I was caught by my mother and said that this is actually not good. To be a good mother, I must say less. Don’t always hold on to the child’s little ailment, and want the child to correct it. Saying twice is enough. Repeating it again and again will only make the child’s mood worse and worse. collapse. 

4. Maintain a good state

To be a good mother, you must first maintain a good state. The mother herself must be happy and happy, and her mood is good. The mood of the child is naturally good, and the atmosphere of the whole family is naturally good. Therefore, maintaining a good state is the most meaningful thing for the whole family. As long as the woman is happy, the big and small things at home are also good. It went well. 

For healthy girls, being a mother is very easy, but being a good mother is not easy, so get pregnant when it’s time to become pregnant, and be responsible for the child after you become pregnant. Don’t just abandon it. It is very important for children to abandon their mother’s identity and responsibilities. 

Many ignorant girls become mothers who become role models for their children. A person’s life is short. It is also a wonderful thing to continue one’s life and create a new life. When the baby enters the “anal desire period”, the body will send out three kinds of signals, parents should not be careless

The famous psychoanalysis master S.Freud The concept of “anal desire period” has been proposed, which refers to the pleasure of 1-2 year old babies by keeping or passing stool to satisfy their inner desires. 

This time is also the best time for parents to teach their children to urinate. However, parents without experience and skills may be frustrated by their children. 

There is a post-90s mother Xiao Wang next to me, who has been enduring this ordeal recently. Xiao Wang gave birth to a child for the first time, and he rarely had contact with babies before. The knowledge of parenting basically relied on maternal instinct and the few words that appeared on the Internet. Although bumping all the way, but also successfully brought the baby to 2 years old, but at this moment, a tricky thing stumped her. 

I don’t know since when, Xiao Wang’s children began to like to hold back their stools, and sometimes they didn’t pull it for two or three days, so Xiao Wang thought it was a baby with constipation. What about bananas and dragon fruit? Stopped to buy it for him to eat, and even thought about whether to use Kaiserol. But every time at the end, the baby can pull out the stool by himself, and a lot of it. 

Because of this frequent occurrence, out of cautious consideration, Xiao Wang still took the child to the hospital for an examination to see if it was related to the health of the gastrointestinal tract. After the examination, it was found that everything was normal for the baby, but his habit of holding back bowel movements, the doctor knew the reason. After listening to the doctor’s explanation, Xiao Wang also understood what was going on with the baby, and a stone in his heart finally fell to the ground, and after following the doctor’s advice, the baby no longer held stools often. 

The baby in the above case is a typical “anal period”, and Baoma Xiaowang didn’t know it at first, so that he was rushed to the doctor for the disease and made himself very anxious. However, each child’s anal period comes at a different time. Some may start at more than one year old, and some may be as late as three years old. Therefore, it is necessary for every mother to correctly determine whether the baby enters the anal period. . 

Want to know if the baby has not entered the “anal phase”? Seeing these three signals means that you have entered.

1. Like to hold back the feces and hold back the urine

If the child suddenly becomes like holding back the feces and hold back the urine, but the diet is normal, it means that he may be in Do this deliberately. This subjective behavior of holding back stool is a strong signal that a child has entered the anal period. 

2. Refusing parents to help wipe

There is also a common behavior for babies who enter the anal period, that is, they will refuse parents to help wipe after he urinates. For example, he tried to lift his trousers after pulling his stool to prevent his parents from wiping his butt. If the baby did not show emotional abnormality before, it means that he was deliberately urinating and defecating to influence his parents, which is also the usual behavior of the baby during the anal period. 

3. Suddenly start to urinate, instead of telling in advance

Newborns will not tell their parents to urinate, after all, they can’t even speak. But the baby who has already started to learn to speak will actively inform the parents that he wants to urinate and defecate, and then wait for the parents to come and help. Babies who can enter the anal period often start to urinate suddenly, and some even pull on their pants instead of telling their parents in advance. So if your baby has such behavior, it also means that he is most likely to enter the anal period. 

For parents who don’t know the anal period, these children’s behaviors are undoubtedly “disobedient”, so they are likely to be severely disciplined and corrected. However, once the parent does this, the harm to the child will be very serious, because the child will feel that he is innocent, because this is obviously a normal behavior and is done entirely by desire. 

When facing a baby in the anal period, parents should neither use violence nor indifferent to violence, which will leave a serious psychological shadow on the baby.

If the parents have not been exposed to relevant knowledge, the parents should not use violence during the anal period. The use of violence by babies who hold back their bowels or pull excrement on their body will cause serious psychological harm to the baby. Because the baby’s behavior is not something he can control, but is driven by his desire nature. Since he can’t know his mistakes, he will of course feel that his parents have wronged him and become very wronged. Correspondingly, the more violence the parents use, the greater the psychological harm they cause. 

Indifferent treatment will preserve the child’s bad habits.

Since violence cannot be used, and this is normal, can parents ignore it? Of course not, although it is a normal behavior, it is fundamentally a bad habit after all, so proper correction should be done. Otherwise, once the child develops this habit, it can really cause his gastrointestinal tract problems. 

In short, it is normal for babies to have some abnormal behaviors during the anal period, and parents do not need to be too anxious. Facing such a baby, gentle measures should be taken to correct deviations on the basis of obedience. 

It is also very recommended that parents take this opportunity to train their baby to learn to urinate, as long as he masters the correct posture and procedures for urination and defecation, the anal period will gradually disappear. This result is the real joy of everyone, and it is also the best result.

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