Are your children really filial? Looking at them, you know that the so-called filial piety is actually a pit

Are your children really filial? Looking at them, you know that the so-called filial piety is actually a pit

Chinese people always pay attention to filial piety, which has become one of the conditions that children must have. The filial elders with their children will also become the envy of everyone, but everyone may not realize that behind some seemingly filial behaviors, they are actually asking for them. The elderly have troubles and cannot tell. 

The old man broke the life of being envied after telling the truth. These fake filial behaviors are very fake in the family.

When we were young, we worked hard and scored better than our children. , The child’s filial piety becomes the most important thing. The child of an old man in the community is notoriously filial. Therefore, the old man has become the envy of everyone. 

“Old sister-in-law, it would be nice if our children were as filial as yours. You are too blessed.” An aunt said enviously. 

Unexpectedly, this aunt first shook her head and sighed, and then said, “Hey, I can’t tell if this is filial My child has been working for so many years, and I have found a partner, and I still live with me. I do everything in the family, and I have to often give him money for consumption, as if he has not grown up. After so many years, My body can’t take it anymore, and my wallet can’t take it anymore. I want him to move out and live by himself.”

Hearing the elderly say this, many aunts and uncles have also expressed that they are filial It’s not true filial piety, but under the guise of filial piety, making the elderly worry about it. 

“My children also live with us after they get married. Now I am about to be their nanny, and I don’t even have time to dance the square dance.”

“What if I don’t live together?”

” In the same way, at my house, I bring some fruits to see me every week. I always need money. Hey……”


I said good filial piety, but in the end the old man is both burdened. In order to enjoy the false reputation of the children’s service, and can only give silently, it is really dumb to eat coptis – there is hardship to tell. So why do young people nowadays consistently learn this so-called filial piety? 

Why is there more and more false filial piety? Both adults and children are responsible, and the consequences are hard to avoid.

Parents doted and tolerate their children since childhood

The living conditions of this generation of young people have been greatly different from the past, and as the previous two generations As an only child, many people grew up spoiled at home, and several elderly people and their parents spoiled at the same time. 

Growing up in such a family environment, they are prone to misunderstandings about parent-child relationship, that is, they think that they are the most important and special, and others should serve themselves. Therefore, when they grow up, they will habitually ask for it like their parents did when they were young. 

Serious aging

Many families now have a young person or a pair of young people who need to take care of 4 or more elderly people. If there are children in the family, even It’s two children, so the pressure of life is weighed on one or two people, which is really a bit heavy. So young people can’t take care of them, and they may need the help and support of their parents in turn, so they can only choose this way of getting along. 

Children have a lot of work pressure and less time

While the number of elderly people who need to be supported has increased, young people’s work pressure has increased, leaving the family with time and patience. It’s getting less and less. 

Don’t talk about taking care of the elderly and children, often you don’t even have time to take care of yourself. Therefore, when the elderly are physically healthy, young people will choose to ask the elderly at home for help, hoping that they can help with the baby, or supplement the family so as to reduce the overall burden of the family. 

If conditions permit, parents hope that their children can be more relaxed and filial, and their children also hope to take good care of the elderly. It’s just that under the pressure of reality, there are very few such people who can reach such a realm. And the family needs everyone to pay and support each other. As long as the family is happy, the children and parents don’t have to worry too much about gains and losses. What do you think of the current way of getting along with parents and children? Welcome to share the discussion in the comment area. These “unreliable” requirements of men, women must decisively refuse, and pampering is equivalent to hurting themselves

In 2020, due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, there will be insufficient supplies of materials, except for masks, disinfectants, rice, In addition to vegetables and fruits and other materials, condoms have also been in short supply. 

The main reason is that during the epidemic period, the citizens have basically been isolated at home for a period of time. It can also be seen that the life of the couple has become an indispensable thing during the isolation period. 

A set of data shows that after the impact of the epidemic has been reduced, the admission rate of hospital gynecological diseases has risen a lot, many of which are caused by improper or unclean couples’ lives, causing women to suffer from gynecological diseases. . 

My girlfriend Xiaowen recently complained to some of our girlfriends that she went to the gynecology department of the city hospital last week, and she was still suffering from fungal vaginitis. 

After we heard it, we all felt very sorry for her. After all, Xiaowen has been treated for mycotic vaginitis after three years of marriage and went to the hospital at least 10 times. 

Xiaowen’s fungal vaginitis has not been cured, mainly because of her husband. 

When Xiaowen contracted mycotic vaginitis for the first time, the doctor’s diagnosis was that she had a low-grade fever at the time and her immunity was in a relatively weak state. 

Her husband did not do a good job of cleaning and married her with her, which eventually led to her being infected and suffering from this problem. 

The cycle of the first treatment is as long as 20 days. The doctor specifically instructed that when the internal suppository is administered, it must not be married. 

Unfortunately, with the last 5 days left in the treatment period, Xiaowen’s husband didn’t hold it back, and Xiaowen did not refuse. The end result was that all previous efforts were abandoned. 

In the following years, as the most recurring fungal vaginitis in the clinic, it has been recurring, and Xiaowen has to go to the hospital for treatment at intervals. 

Xiaowen tells us from her own personal experience that in married life, we must pay attention to hygiene work, and at the same time, we must refuse to refuse if we refuse, otherwise she will suffer from gynecological diseases like her. Troubled. 

Marital life is a “necessity” of marriage, but if it is improper or unclean, it will often lead to unpredictable diseases. For example, women will cause vaginal infections and allergies due to unclean married life. , Which in turn leads to various gynecological diseases. 

In order to protect the health of themselves and their husbands, female friends should not let themselves become passives in the life of the couple. When facing the request of their husbands, they must not be soft-hearted when they should refuse! 

these men “Unreliable” requirements, women must decisively refuse, condoning is equivalent to hurting themselves! 

Unclean couple life

Because some men are relatively lazy, they seldom take a bath before the couple’s life, and prefer to wash afterwards. 

As everyone knows, this wrong approach does not wash away many bacteria hidden in the genital area, and it is easy to cause cross-infection through married life. 

In many cases, women’s immunity is much weaker than that of men, so they also become the “victims” of cross-infection and suffer from gynecological diseases. 

So, before couples live, both parties should take a shower and clean up. 

Couple life during menstruation

Women’s body is weaker and immune system is weaker during menstrual period. During this period of married life, it will greatly increase the risk of cross-infection. 

If there is a bacterial infection, it is very likely to suffer from vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis, and fallopian tube blockage. The treatment process is very long, which affects health and even affects future fertility. 

During menstruation, if a man makes a request, female friends must refuse to increase the awareness of self-protection and reduce the chance of suffering from gynecological diseases. 

Unwilling to use condoms when there is no childbirth plan

If you don’t use condoms for contraception in your married life, there is a certain chance that you will get pregnant. If you don’t have a childbirth plan, you can only use abortion surgery. Abduction, the harm to the female body is undoubtedly very huge, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometrial adhesions and so on. 

Multiple abortions will also make women’s endometrium thinner, making it difficult to reproduce. Therefore, if you do not have a birth plan, you must wear a condom. 

There are still some men who choose to let women take contraceptives instead of wearing condoms. This practice is also very harmful to women. Taking too much contraceptives is likely to cause female endocrine disorders, hormones Imbalance, etc., cause other diseases. 

Doctors usually recommend that the frequency of taking birth control pills should not exceed twice a year. 

“A man who truly loves you will certainly not let you suffer from illness.” An improper and unclean couple’s life is likely to cause cross-infection, unexpected pregnancy, etc., resulting in various gynecological diseases and extremely harmful to the body. Major abortion surgery, etc. 

For women, the impact is very far-reaching. During the period, they suffered from various gynecological diseases. Some diseases are difficult to cure even in a lifetime, or make women lose the opportunity to be a mother. 

Learn to protect yourself, to refuse, and not to become blinded by feelings. This is the attitude held by female friends in the lives of both sexes. After all, the body is our own! 

Have you ever suffered from gynecological diseases due to improper and unclean married life? Welcome to leave a message to share your experience and views!

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