Are there any sequelae of painless delivery needles? Will it affect fetal development? In-depth analysis of painless childbirth

Are there any sequelae of painless delivery needles? Will it affect fetal development? In-depth analysis of painless childbirth

Painless childbirth can only be said to reduce the pain of the mother during childbirth to a certain extent. It is impossible to achieve the whole process without the slightest pain. 

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People often compare the pain during childbirth to simultaneous fracture With ten ribs, it is conceivable that the pain of giving birth is great, and only the mother who has really experienced it can fully understand it. 

There are not many mothers who have had a smooth delivery. Not many people want to bear it again. With the maturity and development of medical technology, a technology came into being. The arrival of “painless childbirth” is simply for women. It brings a kind of gospel that can alleviate the pain of childbirth. 

No matter what, there are two sides, so many family members or mothers will worry about whether it will be accompanied by sequelae, and more importantly, it will have a bad effect on the baby, and regret for life. 

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What is painless childbirth? 

Painless childbirth refers to the injection of anesthetics into the lumbar spinal canal of the parturient during delivery. The dose and concentration of anesthesia used are relatively low, accounting for only 5/1~1/10 of that of the caesarean section. The purpose is to relieve The pain of the opening of the uterine orifice in women during childbirth can generally reduce the pain of grade 10 labor to a very mild sensation, and the effective rate can reach more than 95%. 

After choosing a painless delivery, mothers can still stay awake during the whole process of delivery, and can actively and actively cooperate with doctors. At present, this delivery method is widely recognized and respected by obstetricians all over the world. . 

Some doubts about painful labor

1. Is it really painless during labor? 

In fact, painless childbirth can only be said to reduce the pain of the mother during childbirth to a certain extent, and it is impossible to achieve the whole process without the slightest pain. 

Because everyone’s physique and physiology will be slightly different, even if you choose a painless delivery method, the mother will feel different during this process. Therefore, it is impossible to say that there is no pain at all, but it can only be said to be painful. Feeling reduced to the lower-middle level. 

According to the survey and statistics, more than 80% of the mothers feel no pain at all during the painless childbirth, and about 3% of the mothers feel that the painless childbirth cannot relieve the pain. 

2, will it bring sequelae? 

The reason why many mothers and family members are unwilling to choose painless delivery is because they worry that injection of anesthetics will bring some sequelae after delivery, such as causing pain in the lumbar spine and other parts, which will accompany them for a lifetime. 

In fact, many hospitals have found through practice that the risk of sequelae from painless delivery is relatively small and will not affect the body, and the safety is still very high. 

3. Will it cause harm to the fetus? 

Many people think that choosing painless delivery means injecting anesthetics, so injecting anesthetics into the mother will more or less affect the healthy development of the fetus, and even worry that it will affect the IQ Development, will it be? 

In fact, this idea is a bit too worrying. The dosage of anesthetics used for painless delivery is very small, which is 5/1~1/10 of the normal caesarean section. If this may be a threat The baby’s normal growth and development, so many children born by caesarean section for so many years, have been deeply affected. 

In addition, painless childbirth belongs to local anesthesia. After the anesthetic is absorbed by the mother, it is transmitted to the fetus through the placenta. The possibility of affecting the growth and development of the child is minimal, and it is basically impossible to cause any impact. 

Painless delivery Advantages of

1, high safety factor

Painless childbirth originated in foreign countries and has a history of more than 100 years. It is very common in foreign countries, and the utilization rate reaches 85%~90%. Because this technique is only a local anesthesia, it will not affect the fetus, and it can also effectively relieve the pain of the opening of the uterine mouth. It has a high safety factor and strong practicability. 

2, convenient

Due to the low concentration of anesthetics for painless childbirth, it will not affect the behavior and perception of the parturient. It can also be adjusted according to the sensitivity of each parturient to pain. It is more convenient to be individualized. 

3. Wide range of applications

Painless delivery has a wide range of applications, unless the spine is bent, ligament muscle strain, pregnancy complicated by heart disease, anesthesia contraindications, etc. are not recommended , Other types of women can use this method to relieve pain during childbirth.  The child was stuck in the throat by a fishbone, and Bao’s mother responded Very witty, doctor: Parents should learn a lesson

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Fish is rich in nutrients, delicious in taste and low in fat, which is of great benefit to children. Therefore, many parents like to cook fish food for their children. But the fly in the ointment is that there are many spines in the fish’s body, and some children can easily get stuck when they eat the fish alone. 

But when many parents see a baby stuck by a fishbone, they don’t know what to do except they try to swallow it, but this may cause more serious harm. 

Mom calmly helped the child take out the fishbone, and even the doctor praised her excellence

There was a mother who was very good. She saw that the child was stuck by the fishbone, but was not stabbed by the mother-in-law’s meal. The way of swallowing interfered, but immediately calmed the child’s emotions and told her not to cry and swallow. 

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Then let the child cough down and try to cough up the fishbone. As a result, the baby was scared and this method did not work. 

Mom immediately pressed her tongue with a spoon, then used the light to check the situation in her throat, and found the fishbone stuck there, so she immediately took out the tweezers to help her take it out. 

Because she was worried that the child’s throat would be damaged, she took the child to the hospital for an examination. The doctor said that the baby’s throat was not serious. After listening to the mother’s method of taking the fishbone, she praised her for being very calm and excellent. 

Although it is more common in life to get stuck by a fishbone, parents also need to pay attention to their children’s health. When children eat fish, pay attention to the following points. 

★ Try to remove the fish for your children里的刺

Because some of the nutrients in fish, such as DHA, cannot be replaced by other foods, fish will be a common dish on the children’s table, but parents can change their cooking methods. For example, the fish is made into fish balls, which is convenient for children to eat. 

Families with good conditions try to choose deep-sea fish and other fish with fewer bones for their children. Or when eating, carefully remove the fish bones for them. 

★ Timely discover the situation where the child is stuck

Because young children are not very good at talking and expressing their discomfort, parents need to have keen observation and find out in time The situation where the child is stuck. 

When the child has cried, coughed, refused to eat, drooling, etc. after eating the fish, it may be stuck by the fishbone. At this time, the parents need to take timely measures. Take the child to the hospital or take it out by yourself. 

★ Remind children to concentrate on eating

Many children are stuck with fishbone, the main reason is that they are not paying attention when eating, they may like to eat and play, or think about other things, so parents need to help them develop good eating habits to avoid Affect physical health. 

Be careful when eating fish. When a child is stuck, parents should not use the wrong way to take fish bones to avoid secondary harm. 

✘ Swallow the fishbone in

When the child gets stuck, the favorite way for parents is to let them eat a lot of rice, drink water, eat steamed buns, etc. to swallow the fishbone . 

But the swallowing action may cause the fishbone to get deeper and deeper. If the fishbone in the throat is larger, it may cut the child’s esophagus and blood vessels, causing great physical injury. 

Even if the fishbone is small, the child After swallowing, parents also need to carefully observe for two days to see if the child has any discomfort or pain when eating. 

In the past few days, the child’s diet is also best to be liquid or semi-liquid, so as to avoid the pain of swallowing solid food after the throat is scratched. 

If they no longer have any discomfort and can eat smoothly and comfortably, there should be no problem. 

✘ Drink vinegar

Some parents will let their children drink vinegar, hoping to use this method to dissolve or flush the fish bones in the throat, but vinegar needs conditions to dissolve the fish bones. 

The fish bones are soaked in high-concentration vinegar for more than ten days to achieve the effect of dissolving the fish bones. 

And and Too much vinegar may not soften the fish bones and burn the mucous membranes in the mouth, throat, and stomach first. 

✘ Pull the fishbone by hand

The way to pull the fishbone by hand is also not advisable. 

First of all, people’s hands are not very clean, which may spread bacteria to the child’s mouth; second, people cannot feel the fishbone in the throat. Putting the finger in may push the fishbone more and more. The farther it is, the more difficult it will be to scratch the throat. 

However, it is more feasible to vomit the fishbone by touching the upper palate of the mouth with clean fingers, causing the sensation of vomiting. 

✘ Heimlich emergency method

There are also cases of using Heimlich emergency method to take fish bones on the Internet, but this method is used to help food get stuck in the trachea People, not the esophagus. 

And this method is relatively professional. Using the wrong method may harm the child’s body. When the situation is serious, parents can try it by themselves. If there is time, they can seek professional help and take the fishbone. Situations that do not require first aid. 

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