Are the babies who talk back are just naughty? You need a way to educate children, don’t hurt their immature hearts

Are the babies who talk back are just naughty? You need a way to educate your children. Don’t hurt their immature souls.

When children make mistakes, the parents themselves are angry. If the children talk back, the parents will be even more angry. And some children love to talk back, and sometimes they will inevitably get beaten and scolded. It is normal for children to talk back. Parents must teach methods, otherwise the children will be hurt. 

The child is a talkback king, and Bao’s mother is angry and crying I wonder, why is it so difficult to teach my own children? 

A few days ago, Xiao Ni was tutoring the child’s homework as usual. The child was distracted and criticized several times. The homework was not too much, but the child froze for two hours without finishing it. In the middle, Xiao Ni answered a phone call, and when he came back, the child started playing on his own. Seeing this scene, Xiao Ni naturally came to the scene. 

“How long has it been for you to write this homework? Can you write it to me with a correct attitude? If you are not in a hurry, I am still in a hurry? Xiao Ni hated the iron and said, “Oh,” Why do you write so fast? Anyway, that’s all in one day. “The child didn’t care about Xiao Ni’s criticism.

Xiao Ni was even more angry. He said a few more words to the child, and the child came back, and finally threw the pen directly: “I don’t write. Up. “Xiao Ni instantly felt her blood pressure 180.

It doesn’t matter if the child’s grades are not good, his temper is so weird, he has been a back-talker since he was a child, Xiao Ni is angry and anxious in his heart, why is it so difficult for the child to educate? Ni was uncomfortable, and tears fell as soon as he turned his head.

Not only Xiao Ni, many parents have been cried by their children’s back-talking, and even went into the hospital. When it comes to vocabulary and thinking, children are definitely not as good as adults, but when the children talk back, they can gain popularity. Dizziness. This also makes many parents ask the same question: Why do children love to talk back so much?

Children love to talk back, parents and children have reasons, don’t blame the children on the development of children’s self-awareness


When children are very young, they usually admire and trust their parents and regard their parents’ words as their norm. But as the children’s world expands, their thinking develops, and their cognition expands, the more information they know With more and more, their parents are no longer all right in their hearts. These changes will make them more and more self-aware, and when they talk back to their parents, they don’t think it is wrong.

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The child has grievances in his heart

It’s reasonable, the mother-in-law says her mother-in-law is reasonable, and the same thing may be very different from different standpoints. Therefore, when parents criticize their children and their children feel wronged, it is difficult for them not to talk back.

Plus Some parents have unilateral requirements for their children. If they don’t lead by example, they will inevitably be dissatisfied when educating their children.

Parent’s spoiling

Children who have grown up spoiled They are generally crazy, especially for those who are weaker in the family. For example, when I came into contact with a child before, I was spoiled by the elderly at home, especially mischievous. Later, the mother wanted to correct the child, but the child didn’t treat him at all. Mom looks at it, all kinds of openness. Children like this feel that they are special because they are spoiled, and their personality is more arrogant and conceited.

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A child who loves to talk back is just a child. Generally, as long as the parent gets angry, many children will be quiet. If they are beaten, It’s even more so when you get scolded, so many families For a long time to treat a child who talks back, but I don’t know that this will aggravate the child’s talk back and cause harm to the child’s psychology. 

Why are children talking back to education? Parents keep these points in mind and children have changed.

Parents must control their emotions

If you are with me, I will be more fierce and more horizontal than you to suppress you. Faced with naughty children, many parents Like to use this trick. But this just sets up a bad imitation object for the child. The child’s habit of talking back will only become stronger and stronger, and the temper will become more and more irritable. In the face of children’s mischievous talk back, parents must first remain calm and not be confused. 

Remind the child seriously in time

The standard of right and wrong is the product of society, so the child may not know at first that it is wrong to talk back. If you want your child to get rid of this problem, the parent must first tell the child that talking back is disrespectful to others and it is wrong. Then every time the child talks back, the parents must promptly and seriously remind the child that the more the frequency, the child will grow. 

Listen to the child’s voice

When a child talks back, he may feel the same as a parent, thinking that the other person is the one who talks back, and is the one who does not admit wrong. In many cases, it is not necessarily the child that is wrong, or that the parents and the child are not at fault. At this time, the child’s back talk is actually just an argument. Therefore, parents should also restrain their temper and listen to what their children say. 

When every child grows up, there will be some talk back. In fact, this is also a kind of running-in between the child and the parent. When the running-in is good, the understanding between the parents and the child will deepen, and the relationship will be closer. If the running-in is not good, the parent-child relationship will be alienated, and the child may also learn badly. 

For children who love to talk back, parents must Consciously guide and educate, don’t hurt the child, let the child go astray. Elementary school students’ composition became popular, and the teacher couldn’t laugh or cry after reading it. Netizens: The narrator has been different since childhood.

Whenever it comes to tutoring children’s homework, parents are one of the top two. 

On the one hand, because I have graduated for many years, a lot of knowledge has been returned to the teacher, and it is a bit hard to pick it up. On the other hand, it is also because the old father and mother really can’t guess. How many weird ideas are hidden in his little head. 

For example, writing essays is an ordinary thing, children can always bring “surprise” to teachers and parents. 

Elementary school students’ wonderful composition has unexpectedly become popular

As a young Chinese teacher, Xiao Li has always been patient when educating students, but as long as she mentions the problem of writing essays, she feels that she is a little bit like Not on the children’s ideas anymore. 

For example, she left a propositional essay called “My Home” for the children, and the first paragraph of the beginning of the article by this classmate seemed a bit wrong. 

“Our family of three parted ways in the morning, each The future is the same in the evening.” As a Chinese teacher, Xiao Li really felt dumbfounded after seeing it. Don’t say, this kid has a good vocabulary, but it’s just useless in the right place. 

She thought seriously in her heart that this composition should not be called “My Home”, but should be renamed “On the Use Skills of Idioms”, which is more appropriate. It seems that all idioms should be written by children. The spokesperson. 

After Xiao Li posted this article on the Internet, many people also published the wonderful essays of the “Bear Children”. 

Like this classmate, he is in The composition showed extraordinary economic acumen. In order to enrich his “little vault”, it is not a big deal at all to drop in grades, but I don’t know how the child’s father should feel when he knows it. 

In addition, according to the general routine, in “I want to say to a Chinese teacher” composition, most of the children’s writing ideas should be based on praising the teacher, but This classmate’s cutting-in angle is very “tricky”. 

Especially the sentence “But, don’t do this, what do you eat?” In the context of concern, there was a hint of “Versailles skills”, and finally looked at the teacher’s comment “Say it It makes sense.” It also seems to reveal a taste of helplessness and gritted teeth. 

The title of the composition “A Meaningful Day” I believe many people have written about it, but few can write such a profound meaning in life. 

In fact, the previous narrative is still normal, but at the end it’s time to sum up, the child’s sentence “you can’t find a wife who can’t find this kind of woman who puts the garlic in so many excuses”, so many netizens have all The comment said: “Sure enough, the jokesman has been different since he was a child!”

I have to say that the appearance of this sentence is really a turning point! But Mom couldn’t help but stomped her feet straight after seeing it, and said: “Hurry up and get my feather duster!” And I just want to say: The kids are obedient, let’s behave better after school. 

Why does the children’s text always look like Opened the “Janzi Collection”

In fact, every child has his own unique thinking mode, and when this thinking mode is concretized, it shows the unique personality of the children. 

Moreover, children nowadays are receiving a new education model. Teachers pay more attention to cultivating children’s creativity. This is one of the reasons why they continue to “free themselves” in writing. 

Besides, children accept information The way of doing things is becoming more and more diverse. No matter from the Internet, books, or TV series, they can learn a lot of fresh vocabulary, so it is not surprising that some strange words appear in the composition. 

However, although such essays are interesting, children still need to rely on essays to score points after school. So what should parents do when they encounter such “frequent situations” essays? 

When children write frequently, parents may wish to do so.

First of all, parents can help children establish a correct learning attitude

If children want to develop a good learning habit, they need Parents constantly supervise and urge in the usual learning process. 

For example, parents can make one with their children first A timetable, or a plan, can help the child understand what he needs to do next, and in the long run, it can help the child develop a correct learning attitude to a certain extent. 

Secondly, reading more can help children accumulate vocabulary

Generally speaking, high-quality composition is made up of accumulated vocabulary, so parents can usually choose to accompany their children. Some books that children like and are helpful for writing allow children to read happily and unknowingly accumulate a large amount of vocabulary, which can be applied to composition in the future. 

Finally, let the child develop a copy Habits

In the process of reading, children will always see some very beneficial sentences, but when they need to use them, they suddenly can’t remember them. 

If you can develop a good habit of picking up easily, you will not only deepen your memory, but also collect a large number of good words and sentences, which can be said to be a lot of benefits for writing.

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