Are pregnant but unwilling to check up? What do these pregnant mothers think? 4 reasons are too realistic

Are pregnant but unwilling to check up? What do these pregnant mothers think? 4 reasons are too realistic.

I always see news about the birth of deformed newborns on the Internet. When parents see these deformed children, they are frightened at first sight and regret not having a detailed examination during pregnancy. , And gave birth to an “incomplete baby”! 

Many pregnant women who do not have common sense hardly do check-ups during pregnancy. They feel that they are not sick and have no genetic history. They will definitely give birth to a healthy baby, but often this kind of psychology will harm the baby and harm themselves! 

In fact, apart from this kind of psychology, there are four reasons why pregnant women are unwilling to undergo a check-up, each of which is very realistic! 

The checkup is too expensive

For some small cities or rural areas For pregnant mothers, the cost of the check-up is a very large expense. Generally speaking, after knowing that she is pregnant, a woman will raise her baby at home with peace of mind. After she has no source of income, the cost of each check-up will be “hearty” for her. 

A simple calculation for everyone, the price of a B-ultrasound is about 200-300 yuan, and the whole pregnancy needs to be checked seven or eight times, the price of a single B-ultrasound is as high as about two thousand yuan. In addition to other items, the cost of inspection is still quite high! 

I don’t want to spend money to “find a crime”

Of course In addition to the expensive cost of the inspection, the inspection process is too cumbersome, which is also one of the reasons why many pregnant mothers do not want to go for a maternity inspection. 

Pregnancy is a very hard thing, especially in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the pregnant mother carries a big belly and runs up and down in the hospital for various checks, which is very important to her physical strength challenge. 

Because the inspection process is cumbersome, it takes more than half a day for all the inspections to be done. This is really costly for Baoma to “find the crime.” 

Queue up to collapse

Have you tried queuing Is it up to collapse? I did, it was during the checkup! Everyone should be able to find such a phenomenon, no matter when, even when other places are very deserted during the Chinese New Year, the hospital is still “full” and there is no such thing as a “off season”. 

Many pregnant mothers have complained. Every time they go to the obstetric check-up, each item has to be lined up. A row is one or two hours. When they finally arrive at the face-to-face consultation, it will be over in 5 minutes. It is difficult for many pregnant mothers to accept it. 

The most important thing is that the doctor’s advice is almost the same every time the doctor has a face-to-face consultation. After a long time, pregnant mothers will have a kind of slack mentality. They feel that the fetus is developing very well. It’s okay, so I don’t want to go for a checkup! 

The mental burden is too large

compared to these bodies The “torture” and psychological burden are also one of the important reasons why pregnant mothers are unwilling to undergo a check-up. 

There is no doubt that the maternity check-up is to know the development of the fetus, whether there is dysplasia, whether there is malformation, but every time I see a vague inspection report, I will squat, this There is a risk, that is a risk, and it is scary to eat and sleep well for a few days and nights. 

Because the psychological pressure is too great, some pregnant mothers just don’t see and worry, so they don’t go for the checkup! 

As for the reason why the pregnant mother refused the maternity check, I Said that he understood very much, but no matter what the reason, pregnant mothers should not take the baby in the belly as a “bet”. The checkup should be done. After all, his health and safety are the most important! His grandfather’s name is Qiu Ji and his father’s name is Qiu Tian. Bao’s mother gave her child a name casually and praised: she is a cultural person.

Everyone said a good name can make the child’s life and work more convenient, so the parents When naming a child, he often attaches great importance to it, and even specially asks knowledgeable family members to help with research. 

It can be seen that whether parents look up the dictionary, look up the Book of Songs to name their children, or ask someone to help them with a catchy name, it is not an easy task. 

My grandfather is called Qiu Ji and my father is called Qiu Tian. The child’s casual name was praised.

Mr. Qiu just got his big baby son. The whole family is excited about it, especially the grandson who has been looking forward to his grandson for several years, let alone how happy he is. 

But in addition to being happy, everyone is also facing the reality, that is, what kind of name should be given to the child? It turned out that Qiu’s surname “Qiu” is pronounced the same as “Qiu”, and since the child’s grandfather is Qiu Ji and his father is Qiu Tian, ​​Qiu also wants the child to continue this method of naming. 

However, thinking of one is both meaningful and listening It is indeed difficult to get a beautiful name. Mr. Qiu and his father thought for a long time and there was no one suitable. 

Later, Bao Ma, who was still in confinement, couldn’t stand it anymore, so she jokingly told everyone: “If I don’t want to be called Qiu Shi, the fruits of autumn are full of fruits. Okay!”

After listening to the name Bao’s mother picked up casually, the whole family read it several times and then all gave thumbs up to express their praise. The mother-in-law also praised the daughter-in-law and said: “Sure enough, I’m a cultural person. I think Qiushi is much better than the autumn they took, and it’s more catchy to read.”

A catchy name is very important to children

Everyone hopes that their name can be written elegantly, it sounds good, and it’s best to have far-reaching meaning. 

Because if nothing happens, the name will accompany the child throughout his life, and it is also an important basis for others to make the first impression of the child. As parents, we must be cautious, and don’t just give it to the child based on our temper. first name. 

However, I want to let my child have a good The name of is not an easy task, because in the process of naming, there will always be many problems, such as the pronunciation of the name, the meaning of the name, etc., all need to be considered! 

If parents want to give their children a good name, they must take into account some objective factors, and the sooner we learn about it, the less trouble it will cause later. 

What issues should parents pay attention to if they want to give their children a good name? 

Getting a name is not a simple matter of where the parents want to jump, but to lock their ideas, because a good name at least needs to have a sound and tangible, and the meaning must be considered in a deeper look. If there is a little imperfection, then The name is flawed. 

1) Avoid polyphonic characters or homophony

Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and the pronunciation of a Chinese character will also be different. When we give a child a name, we need to consider whether this character is placed in the name and will it bring another layer of meaning. This brings embarrassment. 

In addition to polyphonic characters, there is another aspect of homophony. For example, in the name Du Ziteng, the homophony means stomach pain. The child may be teased by classmates because of the name, which will also bring psychological pressure to the child. . 

2) Be careful to avoid too many duplicate names< /p>

The name is equivalent to each person’s personalized label. I believe that no one wants his name to be the same as others. This not only lacks some novelty, but also embarrassing each other, so avoiding the same name is the key . 

So how to effectively avoid the names of children and others What about the same name? Just don’t follow the crowd. Parents must have their own unique ideas and express their good expectations for their children. 

3) Be careful not to use names that are too strange.

Many parents try to find strange names in order to prevent their children from having the same name, such as “Glory of the King”. Yes, these names may give parents the illusion that my child is unique and must be different among the crowd. 

Although the idea is correct, but the direction is right wrong. Names that are too strange not only look ugly, sound ugly, but also make people feel weird. They are also likely to make their children repelled, so parents should not try it lightly.

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