Are “left-handed” babies smarter than ordinary children? Left-handed, not as complicated as parents think

Are “left-handed” babies smarter than ordinary children? Left-handed, not as complicated as parents think

If you observe carefully, you will find that most of us use right-handed hands, and most of the surrounding infrastructure is also right-handed. Designed. 

So this will also make some “left-handed” life seem particularly inconvenient, but we often hear the elderly say: “Left-handed children will be smarter.” 

This is because the brain itself is cross-controllable. Most people use the left brain to control the right hand, but the left hand is the right brain to control the left hand. In other words, such people will be more imaginative Power and creativity, so this has led to the argument that left-handers are smarter. 

There are so many left-handed “representatives”, right? Prove that “left-handed” babies are naturally smart? 

In fact, in history, there are still many “representatives” of left-handed people, such as the person who is recognized as the highest IQ-Einstein is a left-handed person. 

In addition to this time, Leonardo, Picasso, Madame Curie, etc. are all left-handed. 

These “left-handed” have made a career in their own field, so after having these people as the “standard”, the saying that “left-handed” is naturally smart should not be spread. Is it true that “left-handed” babies are smarter than ordinary children? 

In fact, left-handedness is not as complicated as parents think< p>Although there are many examples that can prove that left-handed people are smart, in fact, left-handed is not as complicated as parents think. On the contrary, there is no essential difference between left-handed and right-handed, and they have no choice. Represents the level of IQ. 

As early as the early 19th century, some psychologists did experiments. He conducted experiments with 339 students and tested their habitual hands and their IQs. 

Experiments show that whether the habitual hand is left-handed or right-handed has nothing to do with their IQ. On the contrary, many right-handed people have higher IQs. In other words, the issue of left-handedness is not as complicated as the parents think, and there is no essential relationship between him and the child’s IQ. 

So is there no difference between the two? Actually it is not. 

The main difference between them is that “left-handed” children will have more developed right brains, while the creativity and imagination of the right brain will be stronger. This will make their thinking divergent, not as high IQ. , So when the baby is “left-handed”, mothers don’t have to think too much. 

After all, left-handed people account for about 10% of the crowd. In other words, there may be one left-handed in every ten people on the road. 

So how did the left-handed appear? 

Research shows that left-handed people have a certain heredity, but not absolute heredity. The emergence of left-handers is also related to the child’s acquired living environment and personal habits. 

01. Affected by parents

The child’s left-handed child may be inherited from the parent. If one of the parents is left-handed, the probability of passing it to the child is 50%. This probability is very high. It is easy for children to appear left-handed. 

Many parents used to use their left hand when they were young Writing and eating was not corrected in time, so it continued into adulthood. As a result, the education of children has formed their own habit, letting children like to use the left hand just like their parents. 

02. I used to use the left hand when I was young, and continue this habit when I grow up

Some children are used to using the left hand, thinking that the left hand is more powerful and makes his life more Convenience. So after he grew up, he still continued this habit that led to the emergence of left-handed. 

The baby is “left-handed”, what should parents do? 

Many parents find that when children write and live with their left hands, they will subconsciously stop them. However, although right-handed people account for the majority, it does not mean that left-handers are wrong. 

In fact, left-handedness is not a problem, but Every baby’s living habits are different. Whether it is left-handed or right-handed, it is very conducive to the child’s living habits, so there is no need to correct it too much. 

But with the development of technology, many public facilities are mainly right-handed, so it will still bring some trouble to life, so parents can also correct the left-handedness of children appropriately. Parents shouldn’t give three kinds of foods that have been drawn into the “blacklist” even if the child is crying.

2020, my country Existing cases have grown from 2 million to 4 million, most of which are related to diet, and 40% of diseases can be prevented through healthy diet. 

Many parents will spoil their children in private, especially in their daily diet. They know that some foods are harmful to their health after eating, but they still indulge again and again, and finally they may Will lead to tragedies. 

Shandong nine-year-old primary school students drink carbonated drinks for a long time, causing attention Inconcentration

Lin Lin is a primary school student in Shandong. She is 9 years old this year. The teacher often calls Lin Lin’s parents and tells them: Children often lose concentration during class, and a text takes a few lessons. Memorize them all. 

The teacher found Linlin’s parents and asked why the children always do this? Parents feel that there is nothing wrong with their children and can’t think of other reasons. 

Suddenly remembered that the neighbor said that the child had bad teeth , I asked if I always drink carbonated drinks like his children? , Thinking of this, I simply took the child to the hospital. 

After the examination results came out, the doctor said to the parents: bad teeth are indeed caused by carbonated drinks, because the ingredients contain acidic substances, long-term drinking will corrode tooth enamel. 

The ingredients of carbonated beverages also contain caffeine, which will excite the brain and distract children. 

After listening to the doctor, Linlin’s parents Suddenly, it turned out that the child’s inattention was caused by carbonated drinks. I suddenly regretted it. I didn’t expect the harm to be so great. 

In addition to the common carbonated drinks, there are actually many foods that can cause harm to children. 

Parents should take Linlin’s case as a lesson and strictly warn their children which foods cannot be eaten, so do you know which foods cannot be given to children for a long time? 

3 types of foods that have long been “blacklisted” , It’s not good for children.


Children generally like to eat snacks, especially some common sweets on the market. Chocolate is a common one. Many children can’t resist chocolate. within Temptation. 

Chocolate has a relatively high fat content. It is easy to feel full after eating, which will inhibit the appetite of the child and do not want to eat. If you eat chocolate after a meal, the food in the stomach will not be easily absorbed. Can cause diarrhea. 


The appearance of glutinous rice balls is white and soft, which is more pleasing to children, which can make children want to eat after seeing them. 

The glutinous rice balls contain a lot of sugar and oil, which belong to a mixture of sugar and oil. Children eat it without nutrition and are not healthy. 

The glutinous rice balls are not easily broken down when eaten. They are relatively sticky and can cause indigestion after the child eats them. 

☆preserved food

< blockquote class="ql-align-justify"> It is well known that pickled food is harmful to the body. According to statistics and analysis of relevant data, children who have been eating pickled food for a long time since childhood are more likely to get sick in the future than ordinary people. %. 

Preserved foods are high-sodium foods. Long-term consumption of the body will ingest a large amount of salt water, which will disrupt the body’s water balance and cause damage to the kidney function. 

Like some common pickled vegetables, pickled duck eggs, and pickles, eating too much will be detrimental to the health of children. 

How to supervise children not to eat harmful food? 

♡Adults take the lead.

What many children like to eat is not that they want to eat at the beginning, but someone in the family eats these foods. Parents know that these foods are harmful to health, but control If you don’t talk, you deceive yourself and say that it’s okay, and the child will believe it. 

Follow the eating, parents should take the lead and eat more high-nutrient foods, such as beans and vegetables, so that their health will help their children develop good habits. 

♡Let the child control his mouth

It is said that it is normal for children to be greedy, and it is okay to eat some nutritious foods, but if they always eat some harmful foods, parents should tell their children to stop their mouths. As the saying goes, “Illness comes from the mouth”. Everyone knows, but I want to reduce the risk of illness. 

It is recommended that children give up the habit of eating “junk food” as soon as possible. 

♡ Eat a reasonable and healthy diet

The most effective way to let children say goodbye to “junk food” is to have a reasonable combination of meals at home. Children do not eat harmful foods, but only control themselves for a short period of time. If the meals at home become a reasonable and nutritious meal, then it is the junk food to say goodbye to the root. 

How to properly match the diet? 

♥Eat more high-protein foods

Children are in the growth and development period, parents should make more high-protein foods for their children, such as eggs, fish, beans, milk and other foods. Let the child supplement enough high protein to help the body develop better. 

♥ Eat more fruits and vegetables

Eating more fruits and vegetables is good for your health. I believe everyone knows this, but there are very few people who can do it. Many children only like snacks and are more repulsive to vegetables. Parents are advised to advise more, after all, vegetables The nutrition of fruits is not low. 

♥Quit all “junk food”< /p>

“Junk food” refers to the common mala tang, potato chips, barbecue, carbonated drinks, etc. The polysaccharide and oily food is not recommended for children, which is not good for health. 

How can children become better? 

▶Exercise more

Looking at those who exercise regularly, you know that their physical fitness is not bad, because people who insist on exercising for a long time will get better and better, such as running and skipping. A type of aerobic exercise, insisting on doing it can achieve the effect of strengthening the body. 

▶Regular work and rest

< p>People want to be healthy. Regular work and rest time and good sleep are the basic conditions. If you want children to have good physical fitness, you must make your child’s work and rest time more regular. It is stipulated that children should sleep for 8 hours a day, every day. Go to sleep before 10 o’clock in the evening. 

The baby’s emotions are always out of control. It may be that the meta-emotions are out of control and you become an emotion Guiding parents are the key.

When children reach a certain age, they may lose control of their emotions. No matter how parents dissuade them, they still can’t control their tempers and just want to put all their anger away. Vent it out. 

For example, when people are visiting the mall, they often see children splashing and rolling on the ground. As long as the parents don’t buy him their favorite toys, he will use this negative method to deal with it. 

When parents see that their children are out of control, they usually choose to meet their children’s requirements, as long as the children can calm down. But at this time, parents should be more concerned about how they will deal with the negative emotions of their children. 

Faced with children’s emotional out-of-control, four possible parents “Meta-emotion”

The first type: emotional non-interference type. 

When this type of parent sees the child crying and making trouble, they don’t care about the child’s emotional out-of-control, nor do they feel ashamed of being seen by outsiders. 

The way they deal with their children’s negative emotions is to ignore them. This doesn’t mean that parents don’t care about their children’s feelings, but because they feel that their actions are the most effective. 

Because in their opinion, as long as the child crashes every time he has no response, the child will know that crying will not cause any trouble to the parents, and it will not help them achieve themselves the goal of. 

The second type: emotional rejection type. 

When this type of parents see their children lose control of their emotions, they will force their children to stop crying and not allow their children to lose their temper. If the children do not listen to themselves, they may use threatening words to scare them. child. 

These parents themselves are more irritable. When they see their children lose their temper, they will get even more angry, and they can’t help but say too much to their children. 

The third type: emotional out-of-control type. 

This type of parent’s emotions are easily driven by the child. When they see the child crying on the side, the parents’ tears will not stop streaming down. 

It seems that this behavior of parents is “empathy”, but it is not a good thing to have empathy at this time. Because when a child is crying, what parents have to do is think of a solution, not cry with the child. 

The fourth type: emotional education. 

Parents of this type are very good at observing the micro-emotions of themselves or their children. In their opinion, there is no difference between good and bad emotions. 

Many parents will find it particularly troublesome when they see that their children have negative emotions, but they think this is an opportunity. As long as they handle their children’s negative emotions, they can grow better. It can also promote the relationship between yourself and your child. 

Relevant studies have shown that parents who know how to teach their children emotions can better deal with their negative emotions and reduce the number of emotional out-of-control. 

How to become an “emotional education” parent? 

First, let the children accept their negative emotions. 

Most parents think that negative emotions are wrong, but neither parents nor children can guarantee that they will never show negative emotions. 

In fact, there is nothing wrong with negative emotions. Those parents who know how to teach emotions will let their children know that negative emotions are also one of our subconscious reactions. Everyone will be angry or sad. This is not wrong. . 

Only by letting the children accept their negative emotions, the parents can guide the children to tell the reasons behind them and find a reasonable and effective solution. 

Secondly, parents should stand from the perspective of children Consider the problem. 

Those things that can make children lose control of their emotions are usually small things in the eyes of parents. 

Sometimes parents will be very impatient and don’t understand why children are always angry about these trivial things. But as long as the parents try to think about this issue from the perspective of the child, they may understand how the child feels. 

After all, children and their parents have different experiences. Their lives are very simple. It may just be that a toy is broken, which can make them feel that the sky is falling. 

Finally, parents should let their children learn to vent their negative emotions. 

When children encounter things that don’t go well, they will choose to cry and make a lot of noise. This is because they don’t know other ways of venting, and their ability to express themselves is limited, so they can only raise their voices to make parents pay attention. To own dissatisfaction. 

To solve this problem, parents should Let the child know other ways to vent, such as listening to some soothing music, or finding an open place for the child to shout out the words in his heart.

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