Andy Lau was so angry that he was swearing at the homework of his tutoring, and he stumped the parents’ homework. The People’s Daily gave a coup.

Andy Lau was so angry that he was swearing at his baby’s homework, stumping the parents’ homework. The People’s Daily gave a coup

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When it comes to tutoring children to do homework, everyone will have this sentence in their minds: “If you don’t do your homework, you will be kind to your child, and you will jump when you do your homework.”

Many parents leave messages on the Internet. , It can be said that I hate the matter of tutoring children to do homework:

“In the beginning, the child’s dad tutored the child’s homework, but he could not restrain his temper. I asked him to be gentle and patient. I lost my temper at him, and came to my child’s dad on a business trip. I came to counsel and found that I couldn’t be patient at all.”

“The last time I coached the child to write homework, I was so angry that I was crying. Then the child cried.”

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“Since I was so dizzy when I coached a child on homework, I never coached him again. I love it.”


Counseling children can be said to be not only an age-old problem, but also a major factor affecting family harmony. There is parental control. 

The survey shows that 90% of parents can’t control their temper when tutoring their children’s homework. 

Even a celebrity’s harmonious and handsome face may turn into a hideous face when tutoring children with homework. 

Andy Lau counseled her daughter to do homework, and became angry on the spot

Not long ago, Andy Lau revealed in the program that he now spends more time with his children on the Internet, and he must also help her do homework at home. Up. Only when I found out that accompany my children to do homework is really maddening. 

He said to teach After several times, when the child still didn’t understand, he yelled, “Is there anything wrong? You still don’t understand.”

Familiar sentences and tone make many parents shout “truth”, which is why they are tutoring their children The most common state when writing a job. 

The star Xiaoyueyue was worried about tutoring his children’s homework not long ago. He couldn’t teach his children how much 7+9 is in 5 minutes, so he recruited teachers who can help with homework on the Internet. . 

In addition, Ye Yiqian , Liu Tao, Yao Chen, Sha Yi and others all said that tutoring children to do homework is too difficult, and it is simply exhausted. 

While it is normal to be unable to restrain one’s temper when tutoring children to do homework, it is also very dangerous. 

▶ Impact on oneself

The most harmful thing is to lose your temper. Some time ago, a mother was so angry that she did a heart bypass for helping her child with homework. 

In addition to sudden effects, often losing your temper can also lay hidden dangers for many physical diseases. 

▶ Impact on children< /p>

Uncontrollable temper yelling at the child, and even parents who get started will cause direct harm to the child’s body and destroy the parent-child relationship. 

How can parents control their tempers when tutoring their children to do homework? 

▶ Lower expectations for children

Psychologists say that the reason why many parents lose their tempers when tutoring their children to do homework is simply because the expectations of them are too high. When he fails to meet his requirements, he loses his temper. 

Actually, when parents think about the scene of homework when they were young, they can also find that very few students can do the homework of the teacher. 

In addition to the role of consolidation , There is also the role of uplifting, most of the children are ordinary, parents should not have too much pressure. 

▶ Think about the reasons for your tantrums

Some parents lose their tempers when coaching their children to do homework. In addition to thinking that their children are stupid, they are also mixed with personal emotions. The grievances suffered during work and life during the day are also vented on the children. 

Therefore, if parents feel that their state is not right today, they should not help with homework. Maybe the child will feel dissatisfied with what they do. 

In addition to controlling temper, how to help children complete their homework with high quality? 

The People’s Daily specially prepared 12 coups for parents. In summary, they can be divided into the following points:

▶ Create an environment

In order for children to better enter the state of homework, parents need to prepare special The room is kept quiet to reduce external interference. 

▶ Make a plan


List the tasks that need to be completed in advance, and then specify the time required to complete each subject. 

▶ Relax your mind

After a period of time, let the children move and relax, and the parents should not be too tense and tight. 

▶ Consolidate in time

Have the children write down the questions that they can’t know and what they do wrong in the wrong question book, and consolidate it from time to time.  The expert emphasized: the winter weather is cold, there is a Wear less shoes for children, especially babies under three years old

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

It has officially entered the winter. The cold weather has caused parents to prepare winter equipment for their children. The so-called cold starts from the feet, and warm snow shoes must be arranged. However, some pits should be avoided to avoid injury. The child is healthy. 

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The wrong choice of snow boots, the child’s feet are deformed

As a careful mother, at the beginning of winter, Ms. Li prepared for the child early Good winter clothes, and warm snow boots. 

No, when people just put it on, my baby has been wearing it for a long time, and she doesn’t say cold when she comes back from school every day. Ms. Li is very proud of her foresight. 

However, when I washed my child’s feet the other night, I found that his feet seemed a little different from usual, but I couldn’t tell the change. 

So I called my husband, At a glance, he saw that the child’s feet were obviously raised upwards. Ms. Li immediately reflected that, worried that there was a problem with his health, so she immediately took him to the hospital for examination the next day. 

After the examination, the doctor told him that this was caused by the foot being pushed up by something for a long time, and the snow boots on the feet were the culprit, and it is recommended to replace them immediately. 

Baby under three years of age wear as little as possible, which may have the following hazards

①Scraping feet

Snow boots are usually looser, which will lead to The force position of the knee joint is shifted, and if worn for a long time, the inner or outer stilt foot will appear, which seriously affects the health and overall shape of the foot. 

②Joint wear

Some experts pointed out that sliding feet in shoes that are too wide will cause the feet to bear uneven gravity. 

In this way, the body will mobilize more joints to maintain balance. After a long period of time, various parts are subject to impact, and it is prone to wear and muscle damage. 

For children in the developmental stage, the bones are still in the growth stage. Wearing this kind of shoes for a long time will cause the arch of the foot to be impacted, resulting in high and low feet. 

③Quality problems

The quality of shoes on the market is uneven. Too soft or too hard will affect the development of their feet and endanger their health. 

When buying shoes for your child, avoid these four types.

1. The sole is too soft

When the child is just learning to walk, in order to prevent the development of the foot from being affected, Therefore, softer shoes will be chosen, including the soles will be softer. 

But when they grow up, this kind of shoes is no longer used. Due to lack of support, they tend to sway when walking, which is not conducive to the normal development of the body. At the same time, bumps and bumps are also in this case. It’s easy to get injured when things happen frequently. 

2, there is a heel< /p>

High-heeled shoes cannot be worn by children. This is something that many parents know. However, for them, it is far more than just high-heeled shoes that can cause damage. Usually, it should not exceed 2 cm. 

Because children are too young, their bodies are not fully developed, and their center of gravity is unstable. Shoes that exceed this height will change their center of gravity and cause falling problems. 

At the same time, there is no way to well control the stress points of the feet, which will cause the toes to be squeezed, which is not conducive to the health and normal development of the feet. 

3, Poor air permeability

Winter shoes usually pay attention to the function of keeping warm, and often ignore their air permeability, but this is very important for children. 

Children in the developmental stage have a faster metabolism. This will lead to more time for the feet to sweat, and air-tight shoes will be more likely to breed bacteria. If you do not stop them in time, athletes’ foot may occur. The problem is accompanied by a strong smell. 

This is not only It will threaten the health of the feet and cause inconvenience to life. Some children are repelled and isolated because of the odor of their feet. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid airtight shoes as much as possible. 

Instructions for correct selection of shoes

1) Breathability guarantee

It is mentioned above that non-breathable shoes will bring physical and psychological damage to children. Breathability Strong shoes can not only keep the feet dry and comfortable, but also are not easy to breed bacteria, and can avoid many foot problems. Therefore, you must pay attention to breathability when choosing shoes. 

2) The right size

Children are in a stage of rapid development, and many parents may often deliberately choose a larger size when buying clothes, which can effectively avoid waste. 

There is nothing wrong with clothing, but When buying shoes, this method is not advisable. Shoes that are too big or too small are not conducive to the normal development of children’s feet. 

Excessive size will affect walking posture and increase collision; too small will lead to pinched feet, and the possibility of injury when colliding with foreign objects is also greater. 

Therefore, choosing the right size is very important, usually one finger is the standard, that is, the distance between the heel and the shoe can fit one finger. 

3) Simple style


Many children’s shoes will have a variety of fancy decorative items. This is mainly to attract the children’s attention, but this kind of shoes is not desirable. 

Because some of these decorations may be harder and sharper, the child is easy to be picked up after a fall, and may cause secondary damage, so try to choose a simple upper without extra decorations. Shoes will be better. 

4) The sole is moderately soft and hard

In the choice of sole, too hard or too soft is not the best choice. Which one should be used to break by hand, with a slight curvature This kind of hardness is more suitable for children to wear. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the soles not to be too thick, and upward protrusions should also be avoided. 

5) The front of the shoe is wider

Some shoes make the front section narrower in order to look small. In fact, this will severely squeeze the toes, causing problems such as grinding and deforming the feet. Therefore, when choosing shoes, try to choose the type with a wider front section to give the toes more space for movement. 

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