Always feel particularly tired, there are these 4 reasons? Go and check if it has inflammation

Always feel particularly tired, there are these 4 reasons? Go and check if it has inflammation.

The human body is very magical. It can convey the message of “there is a problem in this part” through pain or other discomfort. We must pay attention to the discomfort in the body. sense. 

Sometimes some discomfort is caused by problems with the tissues and organs in the body, which are conveyed through external tissues and organs. 

For example, female friends are most concerned about the inflammation of the fallopian tubes that can cause infertility, and the following 4 symptoms will appear, reminding you to pay attention. 

Sore waist

Many people don’t take their waist I feel soreness in my heart. I feel that I have been too tired during this period of time. It may be due to lumbar muscle strain. Rest and rest are fine. In fact, this is caused by inflammation of the fallopian tubes. Especially for women of childbearing age, we must pay attention. 

Generally, the lower abdomen, lower back, and even the hips will have a feeling of falling and soreness. Too much fatigue will aggravate this discomfort. 

There are still many people who mistake this discomfort as a sign of menstrual cramps and ignore it. Female friends must pay more attention to it. 

Increased body hair

If there is a sudden increase in body hair It may also be due to inflammation of the fallopian tubes. The increase in hair here does not mean the increase in hair, but the body hair, such as the sudden growth of lip hair and leg hair, and the phenomenon of strong androgen secretion. 

There are also unexplained obesity, which may also be caused by inflammation of the fallopian tubes. Inflammation of the fallopian tube can affect endocrine, leading to hormone secretion imbalance, causing these changes on the body surface, which requires more attention. 

Menstrual disorders

Inflammation of the fallopian tubes can also cause menstrual disorders , The common ones are irregular cycles and increased menstrual flow, and irregular bleeding may occur. 

During menstruation, we must pay attention to personal hygiene, promptly replace underwear and sanitary products, and clean, so as to reduce infections during this period. 

It is not recommended to have sex during menstruation. It is easy to cause infection of the lining of the fallopian tube and aggravate the inflammation of the fallopian tube. Seek medical attention in time for irregular menstruation, go for a gynecological examination first, and do not blindly use traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning. 

Increased vaginal discharge

Inflammation of the fallopian tube can easily lead to Increased leucorrhea, mixed with the secretions caused by inflammation in the leucorrhea, will be manifested as an increase in leucorrhea. After the inflammation of the fallopian tube is intensified, there will be yellow, green and even bloody secretions, as well as a fishy smell. 

In normal times, women must pay attention to their vaginal discharge. If they have abnormal colors and traits, they must go to the hospital for examination in time to prevent the inflammation from becoming more serious and affecting normal life. 

Inflammation of the fallopian tubes can easily lead to blockage of the fallopian tubes. It may cause inflammation in other parts of the cervix, causing women to be unable to ovulate and conceive normally. 

In daily life, female friends must pay more attention to their physical abnormalities. If the above four conditions occur, they must seek medical treatment in time to prevent delays in their illness. You should also pay attention to personal hygiene in your daily life, and put your underwear in time, so as not to leave a chance for bacteria to grow. Parents with boys in the family should pay attention. Even if they are angry, don’t say these words to their lips

What kind of experience is it like to have a naughty boy at home? Regarding this topic, many parents must have complaints. 

For example, if you just cleaned up the room Baoma just cleaned up, you will be turned upside-down by the “demolition king” at home in a blink of an eye. Just say a few words, and the child will make a grimace at you immediately, and the whole person will have a hippy smile. There was a feeling of carelessness all over his body. In addition, the boys’ academic performance also broke the mothers’ hearts. They couldn’t help but stage the “Hedong Lion’s Roar” every day when they tutored homework. 

Based on this situation, many parents will A false perception arises that the son’s personality is more carefree, and he doesn’t need to be too meticulous in his education, so when parents are anxious by their children, it’s easy for parents to say something irrational. 

But in fact, parents with boys in the family need to pay attention. Even if they are angry, don’t say these words that have already come to their lips, because they can easily hurt their children. 

If a man has tears, don’t flick it lightly. Why are you crying as a little boy! 

Some parents are stricter to their children’s education, so when a little boy is crying, the parent will say coldly next to him: “If a man has tears, he doesn’t flick. If you cry or cry as a little boy, you can’t Be strong?”

I believe that most parents say this sentence to make their children brave and strong, but many parents do not realize that this is a kind of harm to their children when they come. 

Every child is on the way to grow up There are always big and small dilemmas. Crying is just a main way for most children to express their inner grievances and helplessness. It is a normal phenomenon. 

Parents, as the closest people in their children’s hearts, are also their safe havens. If they can’t get the understanding of their parents at this time, but they have to accept accusations instead, the children will have various problems in the long run. Emotions are held in my heart, not to mention the weakening of the parent-child relationship, the boy will gradually become rebellious, or become a gourd with a saw, and it is easy to go wrong on the road of life. 

You are just like your dad. You have nothing to do.

Although taking care of children is a common responsibility of husband and wife, in real life, mothers still play a leading role in education, and father has become the shopkeeper. On the education issue, I almost don’t know one question. 

If the little boy is naughty and disobedient at home, Many mothers will spread their grievances towards their husbands on their children. Maybe the mothers will say this sentence unconsciously, but it will hurt the children’s heart. 

On the one hand, the mother erased the child’s efforts and labelled the child as “promising”, but if the boy listened to this a lot, it would form a kind of hint in the heart and feel that she Really can’t do anything well. 

On the other hand, the mother’s complaints about her husband will also make the father’s tall image collapse in the children’s mind. You should know that when many young boys are young, they mostly regard their fathers as their role models and idols. Such words like Bao Ma can easily damage the children’s self-confidence and make them feel confused about their future goals. 

I know that I need money in one day. We don’t have all the money in our family Has it been spent on you? 

Nowadays, many parents follow the education method of “raising poor children and rich daughters”, thinking that boys need more training and frustration so that they can take on the heavy responsibilities on their shoulders when they grow up, so be a little boy When asking parents for money, they often get such a reply. 

In fact, the parents themselves may hope that their children will not spend money indiscriminately, but this is likely to put too much pressure on the children. 

Whenever the child sees what he wants , There will be pictures of parents saying that they have no money in their minds. In the long run, children will not become inferior and sensitive because of poverty, or they will think of ways to obtain what they want through other means, forming an incorrect view of money.

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