Always can’t get pregnant? Then understand the method of sperm death. After reading it, you will understand why you can’t get pregnant.

Always can’t get pregnant? Then understand the method of sperm death. After reading it, you will understand why you can’t get pregnant.

For families preparing for pregnancy, the news of successful pregnancy is undoubtedly the most gratifying, and for the right age For couples, the probability of pregnancy success is also very high. 

However, young people are currently under greater pressure in life, which makes their physical condition often in a sub-healthy state, and the couple’s physical condition is not good, which will naturally affect their pregnancy Success rate. 

Mother-in-law complains about daughter-in-law My daughter-in-law was always aggrieved because of this. People who came by said that pregnancy also depends on sperm.

Xiaobai has been pregnant for a long time, but her stomach has not moved, which made her feel a little anxious. What made her feel even more wronged was that her mother-in-law was always on the sidelines and accused her of not having a child. 

The mother-in-law said, “The new daughter-in-law of someone else’s family was pregnant less than a year ago. You have been married for 5 or 6 years and haven’t given birth to a child. I don’t know how you did it. !”

For this reason, Xiao Bai also felt very puzzled. It was obvious that he had always adjusted his body to prepare for pregnancy, but it seemed very simple, but it was difficult to do it. Xiao Bai was too late to get pregnant. I am very envious of those girls who are prone to fertility. 

The relatives came to the house as guests, and while chatting, the mother-in-law couldn’t help complaining against Xiaobai. 

“A man has hundreds of millions of sperm at a time. It is certainly not difficult to find an afterlife baby from it. In the final analysis, it is because your body has a problem, and you have to blame the woman for not having a baby!”

It was very explicit, which made Xiaobai feel embarrassed. Just when she was so embarrassed that she didn’t know how to deal with herself, an aunt among her relatives spoke.

“You are a bit biased when you say that. A man can indeed produce hundreds of millions of sperm at a time, but many sperm It’s not useful! There are still very few who can actually reach the egg. I think Xiaobai has a good complexion. You should urge your son to exercise more and adjust his physique.”

The aunt’s words The mother-in-law was stunned for a while, but couldn’t think of a response for a while. And this also made Xiaobai feel more comfortable, after all, she had been making things difficult for her mother-in-law for a long time. 

In fact, the unsuccessful pregnancy preparation is not necessarily the responsibility of the woman. Pregnancy requires the joint efforts of both parties. If there is a problem with the sperm, it will be difficult to prepare for pregnancy. 

I saw the sperm I know that pregnancy is not easy.

1. I died at the beginning

Due to physical reasons, some sperm may be too low in activity after they are released. After the external environment changes, it loses its activity. 

At the beginning or when I was not ready to set off, I was already eliminated by the fittest. 

2. Exhausted while swimming in the vagina

The length of a sperm is only 6 microns, and the length of the vagina is 80,000 microns, so the sperm is going to combine with the egg In the process, they have to travel long distances. 

This also makes part of the spermatozoa become exhausted due to lack of physical strength while swimming forward. 

3. I was so acidified during the journey.

The pH of the environment that the sperm adapt to should be alkaline, but when they enter the vagina, the environment becomes acidic. At this time, part of the sperm It is difficult to adapt to this change in pH, and then be acidified by the acidic environment in the vagina. 

4. Killed by tobacco and alcohol

Under normal circumstances, men can indeed produce hundreds of millions of sperm at a time, but if men have the habit of smoking and drinking, then this Bad habits are likely to affect the quality of sperm, making the survival rate of sperm lower, and also reducing the quality of sperm. 

Want to get pregnant What preparations should the couple make for success? 

1. Do a good physical examination

The physical examination before pregnancy allows the doctor to better understand the physical conditions of the couple, so that they can give more reasonable advice and guidance for the subsequent pregnancy process. At the same time, this also provides a direction for the couple to adjust their bodies. 

2. Change bad habits

For example, smoking and drinking are bad habits that not only affect the health of the couple, but also affect the quality of their sperm and eggs. . 

In order to be able to give birth to a healthy baby, the couple must correct their bad habits and create a suitable environment for the baby. 

3. Actively exercise

A good physical condition can promote the release of healthy sperm and eggs, and it also helps the couple’s physical fitness, and prepares for the future birth of life. 

The process of physical exercise at the same time also helps the couple to make emotional adjustments, and a relaxed and happy mental state is more conducive to successful pregnancy. 

In short, when the process of preparing for pregnancy is delayed, the couple should find the real crux. Instead of complaining that women can’t give birth to children, it is better to scientifically deal with the failure of pregnancy. 

A good physical examination as soon as possible, and a more targeted body conditioning, will be more conducive to the success of pregnancy. Paying attention to the development of good living habits is of great benefit to your body and preparation for pregnancy. 

Do you have any good experiences to share about pregnancy preparation? The boy has not grown to 170 before this age, and his height is basically fixed. It is difficult to “jump up”

There is now a saying on the Internet that “boys without 1 meter 7 are considered a disability.” Under this trend of increasing average height, the height of boys has become an important hidden competitive factor. 

Xiao Jiang’s son will be 16 years old soon. He is about 1.65 meters tall. He is already short in the class. Many girls are taller than his son. Seeing the child’s height, Xiao Jiang couldn’t help but feel a little worried-the child is getting older and older, can his height exceed 1.7 meters? In addition to Xiao Jiang and his family, the children are also more anxious, and their personality has become somewhat inferior. So Xiao Jiang took the child to the hospital for a checkup to see if he could find the cause or countermeasure. 

After the examination, the doctor said that everything is normal for the child, and according to the bone age, the child should be about 1.75 meters tall. It is still less than 16 years old, and the child’s development is slower or faster, especially for girls earlier than boys. Parents need not worry too much. If the child is 17 or 8 years old and is not 1 meter 7 then he will definitely be at a disadvantage in terms of height in the future. Although there are also a small number of people who will suddenly rise a few centimeters when they reach adulthood or even when they are in college, it is a small probability after all. 

After listening to the doctor’s detailed explanation, Xiao Jiang can be regarded as a heart in his stomach, as long as the follow-up guarantees the nutritional supply of good children, it seems that there is no need to worry too much. The height of a child is something that every parent will worry about, especially when it comes to seeing their children lowered their heads than others. In fact, the approximate height of the child can be expected very early, so don’t wait for the height of the child to be finalized. 

The height of the child is mainly Affected by three aspects, the latter two factors are controllable. Parents should pay attention to

the influence of genetic genes on children is fundamental in all aspects, just like the foundation of a house. Therefore, the height of the parent basically determines the minimum height of the child. If the height of the parent has no advantage, then the parent should pay more attention to the height change of the child since childhood. In addition to genetic inheritance of parents, inheritance between generations is also a common phenomenon. Therefore, the height of some children may not follow their parents but their ancestors. Parents should also pay more attention. 

After talking about innate factors, 30% of the acquired is also very important. The first is the nutritional problem of the day after tomorrow. More than 70 years ago, the average height of Japanese men was 1.55 meters, and we were 1.65 meters. However, in the subsequent development, their living standards are better. Now the average height of Japanese men has exceeded 1.7 meters, while the average height of Chinese men has just changed from 1.67 meters to 1.69 meters. In the same way, the height development of rural children is generally worse. In the final analysis, nutrition has not kept up. The development of bones and muscles has a great demand for nutrients. Parents must add more protein, calcium, vitamins and some trace elements to their children. 

In addition to nutrition, the child’s hormone secretion has a very obvious effect on height. The growth hormone is secreted at night when the child is asleep, which requires the child to have enough sleep. A friend’s parents around him are quite tall, but because he is busy with his own business and careless to take care of him, he was allowed to stay up late to play games since he was young, and he lived a life inverted in black and white. He was less than 1.7 meters taller than his parents. A big chunk. Innate genes cannot be modified, but acquired conditions can be changed artificially. If parents pay attention to their children’s height earlier, and provide children with a variety of help, the children’s height can continue to approach or even break through their own maximum. 

The child is not tall Completely uncontrollable, 3 aspects are fully prepared, the height of the child will surprise you

The fat and thin adults will be affected by diet, not to mention the growing children. But nutrient intake should also be divided into two aspects. The first aspect is easier to understand, that is, to ensure adequate intake of various nutrients for children, so as to prevent children from “lack of food and grass.” The second aspect seems to be contradictory, that is, pay attention to the intake of nutrients, and don’t let the child make up too much body weight. Many parents think that it is normal for children to gain weight during adolescence. They should gain weight first and then grow longer, but the weight gain should not be excessive, otherwise it will oppress the bones, affect the secretion of hormones, and hinder height development. 

The second step after eating is to sleep well. Nowadays, children’s sleep situation is really worrying. It is not early after finishing homework. Some children also like to play with computers and mobile phones, so that they fall asleep late and sleep short. But the secretion of growth hormone is carried out in the state of deep sleep, and it is generally from 11 to 2 at night. The child falls asleep too late, and may not have reached a deep sleep state during this time period. 

At the same time, physical exercise is indispensable for children to grow taller. On the one hand, exercise can stimulate the epiphysis and help bone development. On the other hand, it can also increase the child’s metabolism, improve the child’s eating and sleep conditions, and improve the child’s immunity. Therefore, the benefits of physical exercise to children are multifaceted and necessary. Everyone hopes that their children can have a good height, but it is inevitable that some people will be disappointed. It’s best for a child to be taller, but it doesn’t matter if it’s a little shorter. After all, height is only a part, as long as the child has other shining points and specialties, then the effect of height on the child is not so important. 

Have you ever worried about your child’s height?

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