Although pregnancy in October is bitter, but the baby is also silently guarding her mother, and a few gifts have already been prepared for you

Although the pregnancy in October is bitter, the baby is also silently guarding her mother. A few gifts have been prepared for you.

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I always hear negative remarks such as “pregnancy makes people obese” and “pregnancy makes people old”, but seldom heard positive comments about pregnancy being beneficial to pregnant mothers. Whether you don’t know or avoid deliberately, you can’t know, but mothers should know that when you give your baby life, the baby is also protecting your health. 

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Is pregnant in October, does the pregnant mother get only pain

Wenwen has been pregnant for eight months. These days, she can’t eat well and sleep well. But on the other hand, her husband was asleep next to her, and she couldn’t wake up. She didn’t understand the meaning of pregnancy to her. 

She couldn’t fall asleep at all with pubic bone pain that night, but her husband still fell asleep long ago. She cried and asked on the Internet: What exactly did pregnancy bring to a woman? 

Her experience caused a lot Mother’s sympathy, many mothers replied:

“Seven months of pregnancy, the pregnancy reaction made me unable to eat for a long time. Now that I have a big belly, I can’t sleep well every night.”


“After pregnancy, my body is badly out of shape. Every time I go shopping, I can’t buy a lot of beautiful clothes. In addition, my belly has recently developed stretch marks, so I can’t wear navel-bearing clothes anymore…”< /p>

“As a person who has already given birth, I can only say that the healthy birth of the child is my only gain, and nothing else!”

After reading these remarks, I know a lot People don’t know enough about pregnancy, and they are unilaterally aware of what they have done to their children, but they don’t know that when the child appears in the mother’s belly, they are actually silently guarding the mother. 

There are several “gifts” The baby has already been prepared for the mother.

In fact, pregnancy and childbirth can also bring some benefits to mothers——

First, delay aging

We all know that every woman Menstruation for one month is a major detoxification of the body, and it is precisely because of this detoxification that women’s physiological conditions will also be better, and menstruation is determined by ovulation. There will be menstruation when there is ovulation, and the later the ovulation stops, the menstruation will also be. Will get a corresponding postponement. 

After pregnancy, the body will stop ovulating. During pregnancy to 4~6 months after delivery, about a dozen or twenty capsules will be discharged, which delays the cessation of ovulation to a certain extent. That is to delay the time of female aging. 

2. Relieve breast problems

According to medical clinical statistics, women who have had childbearing experience have a breast risk that is about 80% lower than those who have not given birth. 

As for the reason for this difference, besides the production process itself can reduce breast problems, breastfeeding also has this effect to a certain extent. 

Three, healthier femur< /p>

The survey shows that women who have not given birth have an average of 40% higher risk of femoral fractures in old age than women who have given birth. 

Women’s bones will be well exercised during pregnancy, because the mother’s belly will gradually become larger during pregnancy, and the support of the femur will be strengthened during the walking process. 

Of course, in addition to these benefits, the arrival of the baby is also the mother’s greatest happiness. 

Care for fetal health: winter safety Three major considerations for the fetus

1. Be careful not to eat hot pot

The winter weather is cold, and eating a warm hot pot is undoubtedly the choice of many people. It’s warm. But this is not possible for pregnant mothers. 

First of all, spicy hot pot is very irritating, and it is unhealthy for pregnant mothers and fetuses, and it is a mixture of many foods, and many people eat it in the same pot at the same time, which naturally has hidden hygiene risks. 

2, be careful not to use electric blankets

Many women habitually use electric blankets in winter, but for pregnant women, this is also undesirable. 

Although the current of the electric blanket is not strong, long-term use can easily destroy the protein in the embryo, leading to risks such as miscarriage. 

In addition, electric blankets are also electrical appliances. To a certain extent, there is a risk of radiation, which may affect fetal brain development. 

3. Be careful not to wash hot Water bath

When taking a bath, usually the water temperature will gradually increase as the weather turns cooler, but for pregnant mothers, it is not possible to use overheated water, but warm water is best. 

Fear of high temperature during embryonic development, too high water temperature can easily affect fetal brain development, and the bath time should not be too long, because the bathroom is usually a relatively closed space, and the water vapor will gradually Permeating the room may cause hypoxia in pregnant women. 

【Speak A thoughtful sentence]

After pregnancy, mothers must understand that when you are caring for your child, the child may also be caring for you, so you must be more careful to protect his healthy birth. Super embarrassing wedding scene: the bride looks indifferent , Unwilling to kneel to in-laws, but netizens say they are doing well

Super embarrassing wedding scene: the bride looks cold and unwilling to kneel to in-laws, but netizens say they are doing well

| Mom’s Way (Senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not plagiarize)

Many post-90s are grown up under the careful care of their parents. Basically all their minds will be obeyed, but Also because of being too well protected, they may lack a clear understanding of the outside world. 

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They sometimes face pressure that they have never experienced before, refreshing their three views, and unacceptable bad habits. At this time, the children’s personal approach is more important . 

Awkward wedding scene: bride I don’t want to kneel to my in-laws, my husband is embarrassed, but netizens support it.

Once, the wedding video of a couple in Henan became popular on the Internet and aroused discussion among many netizens. The reason was that the bride was unwilling to kneel to the in-laws, making The wedding was embarrassing. 

The video shows that after the bridegroom knelt down to his parents, he also let the bride kneel down, but the bride looked cold and refused to kneel. 

Later, a lady made a compromise proposal: Don’t kneel, bow to the head office, right? 

The bride is still Refuse. 

Although some netizens think that brides should follow the customs in their hometowns and bear with them for a while, so as not to embarrass everyone. 

But many netizens also expressed their support for the bride, because the man’s fault was basically the fault of this matter:

“Why didn’t they inform the bride of the marriage process in advance? Feudal, think that the daughter-in-law should kneel down at all.”

“Looking at the bride’s face, you can also find that she was not happy before, and may have been dissatisfied with many places. As the owner of a wedding, I can’t get the satisfaction I want.”

“It’s right for the bride to just go back like this, and show an uncomfortable attitude in front of everyone, lest her in-laws think you’re a bully.”

Why the bride is easy Not happy at the wedding? 

▶ The ceremony did not meet the expectations

Although the wedding was supposed to be a beautiful ceremony for relatives and friends to witness the feelings of the new couple, because today’s weddings are mostly performed by parents make arrangements for. 

So, the wedding arrangement and other aspects may not consider whether the bride likes it, and basically follow the process of the older generation. 

Or think of the wedding as a scene of collecting money for the daughter-in-law. 

There are more people who like to show off The parents-in-law, robbed the bride’s face at the wedding. 

For example, in a wedding video that became popular not long ago, the mother-in-law dressed up very nicely and spoke at the wedding scene, basically stealing the bride’s limelight. 

So the daughter-in-law looked very upset, and looked at her mother-in-law with a dark face. 

▶ Too hard

Holding a wedding is not necessarily a happy thing, it may be a very hard thing:

The bride has to get up early to make-up, entertain the guests, and then wait for the groom to pick up the family. After arriving at the hotel, they have to cooperate with the ceremony of the emcee and the toast. 

Half a day off It is estimated that the whole person feels very tired. If you are dissatisfied with any other party in the middle, negative emotions will be backlogged. In addition to fatigue, the possibility of unhappy is very high. 

All girls are at the wedding May be wronged, and more wronged in life. 

Rather than raising a well-behaved and sensible child who obeys others in everything, and always compromises, it is better to cultivate a strong child who knows how to protect his own interests. 

Therefore, the way parents train girls needs to be changed. 

▶ Change to let children do housework Purpose of

Nowadays, many mothers still think that girls should do housework, because they think that girls who can do housework will not be rejected when they arrive at the husband’s house. 

Mothers with such thoughts may be wronged if their daughter marries anyone. 

Children do need to do housework, whether it is a boy or a girl, but this is to exercise their ability to survive independently in the future, not to please others. 

In Jia Ling’s mother’s era, although feudal thoughts were still serious, she never let Jia Ling do housework. She felt: “When a girl was a child, she might do housework for a lifetime. Housework.”

Mom’s different education methods have also cultivated Jia Ling, who is now exceptionally good. 

▶ Give children a sense of security

Parents shouldn’t always think that girls will belong to someone else’s family. This will make them feel insecure and feel that they are after marriage. If you can’t integrate into your in-laws, you may be alone. 

With the support and help of parents, girls are less likely to be bullied after marriage. 

▶ Also be careful not to raise children with bears

Caring for children is a good thing, and don’t spoil them excessively, meet all unreasonable requirements, and it is possible to cultivate selfish children. . 

Such children, if their parents are not rich and powerful, may suffer a disadvantage or be educated in society in the future. 


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