After waking up, “the baby is gone”, she ran out of the living room to take a look, Bao Ma’s anger soared

After waking up, “the baby is gone”, she ran out of the living room to take a look, Bao’s mother’s anger soared

After the baby was born, every Bao’s mother paid great attention to the baby, because the child was very fragile in the infant period , The body is not well developed. All aspects need Bao Ma’s attention. Especially for the novice mother, I am afraid that some details will be overlooked, which will cause harm to the baby’s body. So taking care of the baby is not only laborious for the mothers, but also a lot of trouble. Every day when the baby grows up, there is no moment to relax. 

Baby after getting up Gone, seeing this scene, Bao Ma was angry.

My best friend Mengmeng recently took care of her baby at home. When chatting with us, Mengmeng said that such an incident happened last weekend, which made her deeply understand, Bao Dad The difference with Baoma bringing a baby. 

It turned out that Mengmeng was too tired last weekend, so she slept a little longer in the morning. When Mengmeng woke up again, she found that the baby beside the bed was gone. Now she was so scared that she was completely sleepy. She hurriedly got out of bed to look for her baby, and was so anxious that she forgot to wear her shoes. 

When Mengmeng walked to the living room and saw this scene, she was so angry that Mengmeng’s husband was in the living room, working, and the baby was lying on the carpet. 

While the husband is typing on the computer, he slides the mouse on the baby while holding the mouse. It turns out that the husband uses the baby as a mouse pad. 

Usually Mengmeng takes care of the baby with great care. Seeing her husband treat a young baby like this, Mengmeng suddenly becomes angry. Such a small baby is lying on the carpet. What should I do if he catches a cold? 

So he began to scold her husband. This time, Mengmeng also felt the carelessness of Bao’s father with the baby, so after Mengmeng told her husband that she must learn some parenting knowledge before taking care of the children, so that she can understand what to do in life so as not to harm the baby. 

What wrong behaviors will Bao Dad have when he takes the baby? 

1. I don’t understand the meaning of children crying.

Although it is said that bringing a baby is the common responsibility of the husband and Dad always has no way to bring up the baby. Many treasure dads say that they feel upset when they hear the child cry, because they don’t know what the baby wants to do. Mom will immediately coax the baby when she sees the baby crying, and the baby will stop crying after a while, but Dad Bao is helpless and doesn’t know what to do. 

2. There is no sense in playing with children.

Some treasure dads like to play with children very much. The little ones are cute, and they are very affectionate by treasure dad. But in life, we will find some treasured dads. They are not so much playing with their children as they treat their children as “toys”. Dad Bao plays with the child very improperly. After all, the child is young, fragile, and weak. It is very likely that Dad will accidentally hurt the baby with great strength. 

3. Taking care of the child is not careful

To take care of the newborn baby, you must be careful. Without care and patience, it is easy for the baby to be harmed by various factors. But many bao dads are not careful at all in taking care of their children. There are many subtleties that bao dad can’t observe, which may increase the risk of harm to the baby in life. 

Bao Ba Bao What do moms need to pay attention to when taking care of their children? 

1. It’s very important to accompany the child

No matter who takes care of the child, both parents and parents should learn some parenting knowledge together, because as the baby grows up, both parents and parents must Participate, so that it is conducive to the healthy growth of the child. The most important thing in taking care of a child is to be with the child so that the child can feel the love of his parents as he grows up. 

2. Increase communication with children

Many parents will not communicate with their babies at all when they can’t speak, because parents feel that they can’t understand each other. But in fact, even if the baby can’t speak, parents and mothers should strengthen communication with the baby. Listening to the baby’s babbling gibberish can enhance the baby’s chances of learning and expressing, and it can also establish a good family language environment from an early age. 

3. Learn a certain amount of parenting knowledge

Nowadays, parents and moms are under great pressure in life. After giving birth, most of them will be taken by the elderly in the family. There are many fewer opportunities to get along with the baby in life, but the baby is his own after all. If you want your baby to grow up healthy, you need to get along with your baby more. In the process of getting along with children, we must learn some parenting knowledge in advance. The baby is always in the process of growth and development. Many parents and mothers lack parenting knowledge, which will affect the growth and development of the baby. Therefore, in order for the baby to grow up healthy, it is necessary to reserve some knowledge

Everyone will be very happy when the newborn is welcomed in every family, because the child is the hope of a family entrusted to all family members Expectation. Therefore, during the baby’s growth process, the baby should be given meticulous care to reduce the impact of bad factors in life on the baby, so that the baby can be healthy and healthy and grow up happily. 

Finally, do you have any other suggestions on how to take care of the newborn? Please leave a message in the comment area. This is the most recommended method of contraception after childbirth. It is safe and has a high success rate, but few couples try it

Now most couples feel that they will not continue pregnancy after giving birth to one or two children. The problem of starting contraception. In response to this, most of the mothers will choose to go to the ring. In the eyes of the mothers, this method is simple and effective. 

But there are also some mothers who are unwilling to take the ring, especially after seeing some “accidents” in the ring. Some women have an ectopic pregnancy due to the bias in the position of the birth control ring after the ring. 

There are also some women who have various symptoms after the upper ring, including back pain, abdominal pain and so on. These are the reasons why many women are afraid and unwilling to go to the ring. 

Xiao Liu and her husband had been married for 4 years and had two children. They found out last month that they were pregnant again. After discussing with them, the couple decided to kill the child. 

For a long time afterwards, Xiao Liu was in the recuperation period. After all, people say that the abortion is actually more harmful to the body than childbirth. Coupled with the older age, the body’s recovery speed is naturally not as good as when he was young. Coming soon. 

In about half a year, Xiao Liu heard that her friend’s husband had gone to the ring, she remembered that one of their husbands should have gone to the ring too, otherwise, in case she gets pregnant again, she His body can’t afford to toss. 

So Xiao Liu discussed with her husband, “Or you go to ligate. I heard that men’s ligation is more convenient and the harm is less. My friend and husband will do it. You can do it if you take the time, okay?” /p>

The husband is not happy when he hears Xiao Liu’s words, and his temper suddenly rises, “Which man have you seen to do the ligation? Like what, this is a woman’s business, you do it yourself.”

“What is a woman’s thing? People can do it, why can’t you do it? I gave birth to two children and had an abortion operation for you, so you don’t have to bear anything. What happened to a minor operation? Will it be fatal? I survived all three operations desperately!”

Xiao Liu’s words made her husband embarrassed and did not dare to say anything more. I went to the hospital to find out the specific situation of the male ligation, and two weeks later, I decided to formally operate. After it was over, Xiao Liu’s husband himself felt that it was so simple, but his previous thoughts were wrong. 

Male ligation is most recommended after childbirth, which is safe and successful The rate is high.

Many people don’t know much about male ligation, and since ancient times, most people who perform ligation operations are women. Few men are willing to perform ligation for women unless it is really necessary. Or really care about the other half. 

In clinical data, the main reason why there are more women and fewer men in ligation surgery is that men are unwilling. The reason for the unwillingness is nothing more than these two points.

1. Affect fertility. Many men have misunderstandings about ligation, thinking that sexual function will be affected after ligation of men. In fact, this idea is wrong. 

Because ligation affects only male fertility, not sexual function. After a week or so, the minimally traumatic mouth of the operation has almost recovered, and at the same time it has returned to the previous state. The only change is that the semen that is excluded does not contain “tadpoles”. 

(The “tadpole” was not discharged, where did it go? In fact, it is mainly absorbed by the body. However, if the ligation operation is not completed, there may be omissions during the period.)

2. Think Men’s ligation is detrimental to the face. Let alone the past, just take the present, how many men are willing to ligate? This has also led many men to think, “If no one else is going, why should I go? If they are known? Wouldn’t they be laughed at?”

So male friends will refuse to ligate, worrying about being ligated by other men. Misunderstanding that there is no “sexual function”, afraid of being labeled as “incompetent”. This is not the idea of ​​a single group of men, but the idea of ​​most men, so that it contributes to this phenomenon today. 

Male ligation is the most Obvious 2 advantages

1. Small side effects

From the clinical data, it can be found that women may experience abdominal pain, inflammation, infection, bleeding, back pain, etc. after ligation. The usual side effect of men after surgery is mild inflammation, which can be prevented. 

The difference during this period can be seen differently, and the ligation operation is more convenient for men than for women. More importantly, if you want to restore your fertility in the future, you can also open the “ligation” part by surgery again to achieve fertility. 

2. High success rate

Women should not exercise vigorously after ligation. They must take a good rest within a month. It is important not to do important things, otherwise the position of the birth control ring may change if you are not careful. It may be contraceptive failure. 

After male ligation, the side effects are small, and besides avoiding spicy food and preventing couples in a short period of time, the success rate of postoperative contraception can reach 99%, which is much higher than that of females. . 

Obviously it is the most suitable way, but few men try it. Just like that Bao’s mother said, “I’m a child who has worked hard, but I’m not willing to ask you to do a simple ligation operation.”

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