After these 3 birthdays, the baby will never go wrong in his life. The first one is the most important, many people don’t know.

After these 3 birthdays, the baby will not go wrong in his life. The first and most important thing is that many people don’t know.

Every child is the treasure in the heart and palm of the parents, and everything about the child is in the eyes of the parents. They are all valuable and important, and Chinese parents pay special attention to their children’s birthdays. Celebrating a birthday in China means that the children grow up one year old. Although parents celebrate their children’s birthday every year, there are 3 most important things in a child’s life. Some parents don’t know the birthday. 

Xiaoxiao’s family has a baby son, and the whole family loves him very much, especially for his son’s birthday. Every year, Xiaoxiao has to ask relatives and friends to set a table for his son, so that everyone can witness his son’s growth. 

Seeing that his son is about to be 14 years old, and seeing his son’s birthday is approaching, Xiaoxiao imagined that everyone would come to celebrate his son’s birthday as usual, but Xiaoxiao accidentally learned that during a chat with friends, The 14-year-old turned out to be the most important birthday in the growth process of his son. 

Xiaoxiao is particularly wondering, shouldn’t the child’s birthday be the most important every year? Why is it important to be 14 years old! Xiaoxiao did some homework with questions. Guozhen said on the Internet that although children have birthdays every year when they grow up, there are three more important birthdays, and parents must pay attention to them. 

The first important birthday is when the child is 14 years old, the second is when the child is 16 years old, and the third is when the child is 18 years old. The reason why these three ages are the three important birthdays in the growth of a child is not just casually, but for a reason. 

Come here Let’s talk about these three important birthdays when children grow up.

1.14 years old birthday

Why do you say that the first important birthday is when the child is 14 years old? The most important thing is this number. The child is 14 years old. The law means that if some circumstances break the law at this age, the child needs part of the legal responsibility. There are also 14-year-old children who are in their puberty stage. The children have a more open personality and do not consider the consequences of doing things. Therefore, when parents celebrate their 14th birthday, there are still many things that parents need to do. 

2.16-year-old birthday

After the 14-year-old birthday, the child’s 16th birthday is immediately followed by the child’s 16-year-old birthday. Also in terms of numbers, if a 16-year-old child breaks the law, this time the child It is to pay full legal responsibility. And 16-year-old children always look forward to growing up, being able to break free from the embrace of their parents and do something on their own. 

3. 18th birthday

For children, 18th birthday means that they have grown up. It means that they have grown up. When encountering problems, they should try their best to solve them by their own ability. And parents must also learn to let go of their children appropriately. Only if parents are willing to let go, children can grow faster. 

Although these three birthdays are very important, the most important one is the 14-year-old birthday. What are the specific reasons? Let’s take a look! 

Why the 14th birthday is the most important

1.14 years old is a transitional period

14-year-old children are in this stage of puberty, and puberty is also a transitional period, which means that children bid farewell to childhood , Is moving closer to the adolescent stage, and children at this stage are full of curiosity about what is coming, and curiosity tends to make them act. Therefore, children’s behavior at this stage is prone to deviations. Parents must clearly inform their children that there are some Things can be done, and some things cannot be done. Parents must be the pilots on the path of their children’s growth. 

2. 14-year-old children are ignorant and impulsive

14-year-old children have begun to understand beauty and love some beautiful things, so children at this stage hope to attract the opposite sex or attract more people through their own beauty attention. Therefore, children at this stage pay great attention to personal privacy. Parents must not consciously infringe on their children’s privacy, otherwise they are likely to touch their children’s secrets, and children will easily become separated from their parents. 

So the 14th birthday is very important for both parents and children. Parents must be prepared for the change of their children into young children, and children must also be prepared for their own role changes. 

Face 14 What should parents do for children at this stage? 

1. Strive to be friends with your children

14-year-old children are sensitive and fragile. Parents should not always think about directing and interfering with their children at this stage. That will only make the children farther and farther away from their parents. Parents can try to get along with their children as friends and strive for equality. If parents can do this, I believe it should be a very happy thing for children. 

2. Listen more to children’s thoughts

For 14-year-old children, parents should also be guided and not interfered, and listen to their children’s thoughts more often, from the children’s thoughts. Understand the child’s recent psychological development Then the parents choose the appropriate method according to the child’s situation. 

In short, parents should grasp these three important birthdays in their children’s growth, and promptly guide and lead them to prevent problems before they happen. If parents can pay attention to it, I believe that the child’s life will not be too biased. Farting and leaking urine are not too embarrassing. When this need arises during labor, you have to have a face when you are ashamed.

I believe that pregnant mothers have also heard a lot about pregnancy or during childbirth. For example, during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, pregnant mothers may be unable to resist farting in front of others, or accidentally leak urine in public. 

For these physiological needs, if you are exposed to the situation at the time, it will be more embarrassing, but in fact, these are not really embarrassing. What is more embarrassing should be some unbearable physiology during labor. demand. 


My friend Xiao Zheng is 37 years old this year. Her first marriage was not going well. After divorcing her husband the year before, she remarried last year. After remarrying, she realized her dream of having children. 

Because of her advanced age, she was more inclined to have a caesarean section, but after a series of comprehensive examinations, the doctor determined that she could give birth without any risk, and Xiao Zheng’s own wishes were the same, and he could decide with one shot. Normal delivery. 

Later, I heard Xiao Zheng said that she had a really embarrassing scene during labor. Because Xiao Zheng didn’t pay much attention to his diet in the last period of time, but she didn’t notice it much either. 

Before giving birth, when the doctor asked her to excrete as much as possible, she felt that she had eaten very little recently, and there should be no problem. 

Who knows, during the delivery process, Xiaozheng solved the physical problem by the way, plus she always had some symptoms of constipation, and she could smell the smell of excrement. At that time, she thought Find a hole to bury yourself in. 

She herself felt extremely embarrassed when she recalled these scenes, but neither the doctors nor the nurses felt surprised or disgusted at the time, but instead consoled her. This was normal, and the nurses then helped to deal with the excrement. 

Because of this sudden “small accident”, Xiao Zheng didn’t dare to use much force afterwards, and was afraid that the waste would be discharged later, which would be even more embarrassing. 

The doctor noticed her embarrassment, so he told her, “It’s okay, you don’t use any more force, it should be dangerous when the child gets stuck in it.” Indeed, even if you encounter this situation, you will be ashamed. You have to give birth to your face. 

Actually, I personally think that Xiaozheng’s experience is not bad, because I also heard a treasure mother say a more exaggerated experience, she also had the same situation during childbirth, but her It is really embarrassing to accidentally get the excrement on the doctor’s work clothes. 

In addition to defecation, what other embarrassing things may occur during labor? 

1. Skin preparation

Actually, skin preparation is nothing compared to defecation during labor. However, many women do not have the habit of trimming hair, especially the hair on the genital area. Regardless of whether it is a normal delivery or a cesarean section, the skin must be prepared before delivery, and the underarms, abdomen, genital area and other hair should be removed, mainly to prevent Postoperative infection. 

But some pregnant mothers have not experienced this kind of situation, so they were shocked when the nurse wanted to prepare the skin. Some even resisted it. In fact, this approach is wrong, because it is also For the sake of pregnant mothers. 

2. Finger examination

In the first stage of labor of pregnant mothers, that is, while waiting for the opening of the uterine orifice, the doctor always uses the fingers to check the size of the opening of the cervix of the mother. . 

Afterwards, the uterine mouth will become wider and wider, and the whole hand will even be inserted into the genital area of ​​the parturient. In this process, the parturient will feel strange and feel very uncomfortable. Very normal reaction. 

3. Urination

Except after defecation, urination is actually relatively common, because before delivery, the parturient will drink a little water in order to replenish physical strength, and during delivery, it will definitely cause squeezing of the bladder Pressure, then urination will be stimulated. 

Therefore, mothers do not need to feel embarrassed, just as amniotic fluid comes out. After all, there are indeed some pregnant women who do not distinguish between amniotic fluid and urine at all, so you don’t have to think about it during childbirth, just treat it as amniotic fluid, so the pressure during childbirth will be much less. 

4. Hand-stripping the placenta

For some parturient women, if the placenta does not come out with the child after the child is born, then the doctor will perform hand-stripping the placenta. This process is to directly remove the placenta. The hand reaches into the reproductive part of the parturient, and then reaches the uterus, peeling off the placenta. 

When the doctor first reaches in, the parturient may feel inexplicable, shy, and embarrassed, but after a while, these feelings will disappear, because it is replaced by a strong pain. This is Because peeling the placenta by hand is equivalent to directly peeling a piece of meat from a woman, the difference is that this piece of meat is about to fall off. 

Actually, there are many embarrassments and strange things that may occur during labor, but I hope that pregnant mothers must adjust their mentality at that time, and don’t feel shy and dare to do so. Make efforts to give birth to children, treat these things as normal physiological needs, and continue to strengthen this concept during pregnancy, otherwise it may delay the best time for the child to be born, and may also threaten the safety of the child and his own life.

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