After the gynecologist’s husband and wife’s affection, these two parts hurt, which means “success”

After the gynecologist’s husband and wife’s affection, these two parts hurt, which represents a “success”.

Now many women are pregnant for 1-2 months, but I still don’t know it until I find out that I am for several months. It wasn’t until menstruation that I realized that I might be pregnant. 

There are really many cases of this kind. If there is something special in the middle, it will be too late to regret! 

In fact, when a woman is pregnant, her body will have some reactions. If a woman pays enough attention to her body and understands it enough, she can feel it as soon as she becomes pregnant. 

Xiao Ai and her friend were pregnant for about the same time, but Xiao Ai only knew that she was pregnant when she was 2 months pregnant, and her friend knew about her pregnancy since she first started. 

Xiao Ai belongs to the one with more nerves. I usually don’t take these trivial things into my heart. In addition, my normal menstrual period is not punctual. 

So Xiao Ai didn’t feel anything when she was pregnant. It was her husband reminding herself that she hadn’t been here for a long time. Only then did Xiao Ai realize that she had won a lottery with the pregnancy test stick. 

Friends and Xiao Ai are different. Friends are more delicate people, and they are prepared when they have children. 

So when my friend became pregnant, he noticed the changes in his body as soon as he was pregnant. The friend said that after having sex with her husband for a week, she felt that her lower abdomen sometimes felt a dull pain. This kind of pain comes at ordinary times. Pain during menstruation is different. 

After my friend feels the changes in his body, he uses the pregnancy test stick to test that he is really pregnant. Of course, due to the different constitutions of each body, the reaction is different when pregnant. 

Most women When pregnant, there will be pain in these two parts of the body

1, breast

When a woman is pregnant, her breasts will have some changes. Before, women’s breasts have never been painful or itchy, but when they are pregnant Due to hormonal changes in the female body. 

As the blood passes to the female’s chest, the female’s chest will have slight pain at this time. If there is a woman who is preparing to have a child, she feels some chest pain soon after the intercourse, it should be pregnancy! 

2. Lower abdomen

When a woman is pregnant, the fertilized egg will move into the uterus after the combination of the sperm and the egg. During this process, the woman’s abdomen will feel a faint pain. If you don’t usually have this problem, the woman is probably pregnant at this time! 

In fact, when a woman is pregnant, in addition to chest and abdomen pain, there will also be some changes in the body that can also help women determine whether they are pregnant. 

These physical characteristics It implies that you may be pregnant.

1. The body is particularly exhausted

After a woman is pregnant, due to the progesterone in the body, the body of a woman is particularly prone to fatigue. Although she has not done anything, she always feels tired. 

If this happens suddenly, if you have no physical problems before, women can also consider whether they are pregnant. 

2. Sleepiness occurs

Women are prone to sleepiness after pregnancy. They stay awake all day long. Although they sleep as usual, they always feel sleepy. It’s good to keep your body from leaving the bed all day long! I even want to treat the bed as my own home. 

3. Loss of appetite

When a woman is pregnant, her taste will change. Maybe she didn’t want to eat something that she liked to eat before suddenly. 

And what was particularly annoying before, I may like it again recently. But most of the time, I don’t want to eat, and I worry when I see it. 

4. Sensitive sense of smell

When women are pregnant, their sense of smell is particularly sensitive, and they cannot smell some oily smoke and some strange smells. 

The taste that I usually can accept is suddenly unacceptable. In this case, women should also consider whether they are pregnant. 

5. Increased secretions in underwear

Women’s secretions in general body will also change after pregnancy. There may not be many secretions in the body before, but the secretions during pregnancy are obviously different from other times. Not only the quantity is relatively large, but the color is also different from usual. 

After women know that they are pregnant, they must pay attention to avoid affecting the fetus in their belly.

1. Maintain a normal diet

After women know that they are pregnant, they must ensure their normal diet Because the first few months of pregnancy are a critical period for fetal growth and development, pregnant mothers must ensure adequate nutrition at this time so that fetal development does not lag behind. 

2. Abandon bad habits

Women must abandon their bad habits after pregnancy. For example, some women like to stay up late before pregnancy, like drinking and dancing, and pregnant mothers should give up these bad habits temporarily after pregnancy. . 

Because staying up late smoking and drinking will affect the development of the fetus. If the fetus develops relatively behind in the belly of the pregnant mother, the development of the fetus will also be slow after birth. 

Of course, when the pregnant mother is pregnant, the mood during pregnancy is also very important. If the pregnant mother is emotionally unstable when she is pregnant, the same is true after the child is born. On the first night after childbirth, it is embarrassing to change to someone else although the new mother “sells” her husband to do these things.

On the first night after childbirth, it is embarrassing for the new mother to “sell” her husband to do these things.< /p>

Many pregnant mothers feel that as long as they give birth to their children, they can “rest back and relax”. If you really think so, then you must be a “primipartum” without the “torture” of childbirth. 

Don’t say how difficult the confinement period is, just the first night after giving birth may torture the new mothers into unspeakable suffering. Especially on the first night after delivery, there are many things to do. If no one provides help, or someone who is not so close can help, the new mother will be both painful and embarrassing! 


On the day Xiao Xu gave birth, her husband happened to be on a business trip. Originally, Xiao Xu’s due date should be 3 days later, but the result was earlier. This also caused her husband to be unable to Stay with me, and it will take 3 days to come back. 

At first, Xiao Xu thought it was nothing. A mother-in-law should be able to cope with many things, but then she found out that she was wrong. 

The doctor said to press the stomach, discharge lochia, and then deal with the lochia diligently, otherwise it is easy to cause infection. But Xiao Xu really couldn’t handle it. She had no energy after giving birth, and the doctor said that she had a pubic separation, and she still needed more rest and couldn’t walk too much. 

The lochia is always to be dealt with, so I have to ask my mother-in-law to help. Although it shouldn’t be embarrassing to say that they are both women, Xiao Xu really feels embarrassed. Although the mother-in-law didn’t say anything on the surface, Xiao Xu still felt that her mother-in-law would be uncomfortable, and it could be said that she was both embarrassed. 

Fortunately, the husband took leave and rushed back the next day. After that, the husband took care of it. Compared to the mother-in-law, it was not that embarrassing. After all, the husband is the closest biologically to her. People, so there are not so many things to consider. 

On the first night after giving birth, although the new mother “sells” her husband to do these things, it is embarrassing to change to someone else

1. Dealing with lochia

To be honest, it is true that except for the husband, even if It is his own biological mother who will help them deal with this, and many mothers will feel embarrassed. 

Under normal circumstances, when the wife is about to give birth, most of the fathers will be by their side. At this time, Bao’s dads should be more active and help their wives to share more things, especially in the first few days after delivery. New mothers can hardly do anything.

In dealing with lochia, it may be partly Bao Ma would also find it troublesome for her husband to deal with it, and she was embarrassed. After all, the peculiar smell of lochia is so great that some men may not be able to accept it. 

But hope mothers don’t be polite with their husbands. As a man, you should stand up when your wife is unwell, not to mention that you are still in a ghost gate to have a baby. Any man who really cares about you will definitely not despise you. They will also worry about your later recovery problems and will naturally help you deal with lochia seriously. 

Here I need to remind Dad Bao that he must be attentive during the process of cleaning up lochia. Don’t use too much force or clean at will. 

If the lochia is not cleaned up, it is easy to breed a lot of bacteria and cause infection problems. If the fathers do not understand, and the mothers are not sure, you can consult the doctor or nurse more. 

2. To accompany you to the toilet

If the lochia can be dealt with, then it is okay to accompany the new mothers to the toilet. Moms who have given birth know that two days before the baby is born, let alone walking, they can feel pelvic pain even when sitting. 

Many new mothers need someone to help them go to the toilet, and they also need someone to help them sit on the toilet. After they have solved their physical needs, they need to help them to stand up. 

A previous friend told me that I went to the toilet on the first day after giving birth, but when I stood up from the toilet, I didn’t have any strength at all, and I just sat back on the toilet with a heavy butt, which can be said to be very Pained. 

Therefore, it is not recommended that new mothers do what they can. They can “sell” their husbands as much as possible. They look at you so hard at this time, but they actually want to help you more. 

3. Wipe the body

Especially the new mothers who have given birth, sweating during childbirth, their body is sticky and very uncomfortable. If the treasure fathers can receive a pot of hot water at night and help them wipe their bodies a little to remove the sticky feeling, they will also sleep better at night and will not suffer from various discomforts. 

4. Massage the breasts

On the first day after delivery, new mothers can ask Bao Dad to help massage the breasts, mainly to promote breast milk secretion, and the children will also With more adequate rations, new mothers will not be prone to blocking milk. But it would be very embarrassing to let others do this. 

The new mothers have worked so hard to conceive their children for 40 weeks. In the end, they tried their best. Now it’s the Bao Dad’s turn to play. Don’t wait for the mothers to “call”, you should take the initiative and let the new mothers feel that they are not married to the wrong person, and that this man is worth relying on. But if you can’t do these things, then you are ashamed of the responsibility and responsibility of being a man.

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