After the fall, children are most afraid of the cold in these parts, so wearing “thermal underwear” is not the best choice

After the fall, children are most afraid of the cold in these parts. Wearing “warm underwear” is not the best choice

When the weather turns cold, it becomes a headache for parents to wear more clothes. 

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In autumn and winter, the biggest concern for parents is that their children get sick, so during this period, keep your children warm It’s the top priority. Many parents will choose to wear thick cotton clothes for their children, and even wear “thermal underwear” inside to wrap their children tightly. 

Which parts of the baby are most afraid of cold

Compared with adults, children tend to be particularly vulnerable and have lower resistance. Therefore, in the cold winter, special attention is often required. 


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the head is the meeting of the yang”, and the veins of the human body mostly converge on the head. This also confirms the importance of the head. 

Usually, you will have clothing to cover your body, but your head is completely exposed, and you may catch a cold if you are blown by the cold wind. 

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Therefore, you can wear a soft hat for your baby. Wear a thinner one in autumn and one in winter. Wear a thicker one at the time. In windy conditions, a scarf is also a good choice. 


The abdomen is the place of the spleen and stomach. Protecting the abdomen means protecting the child’s spleen and stomach. 

Generally speaking, if you have a cold in your abdomen, your stomach hurts. If it is severe, it can also cause a series of diseases. Therefore, keeping the abdomen warm is also very important. 

Many mothers wear a bellyband for their babies, which provides an extra layer of protection. Some mothers buy longer tops and tie them into their trousers to keep them warm. 


The back is the easiest place to catch cold, especially for children, whether it is because of wearing too little vest or sweating because of wearing too much vest. Being blown by a cold wind causes a cold, which is harmful to the baby. 

As a parent, pay close attention to the warmth and coldness of the baby’s back, increase or decrease clothing according to the temperature of the day, and keep warm. 


There is an old saying: “The cold starts from the feet”. 

Compared with other parts of the body, the feet have less fat, poorer cold-proof and warm-keeping performance, and poorer adaptability and tolerance to cold stimuli. If they are not kept warm properly, they will tighten the capillaries. The blood returns to the heart, and eventually the blood circulation is poor and the whole body feels unwell. 

Parents can choose some loose, warm cotton socks for their children, soak them in warm water at night to warm their feet. 

What are the hazards of wearing “thermal underwear” to your baby

Although thermal underwear is not as important as the choice of outerwear, it is in direct contact with the skin and requires special attention. 

➤Suffering from skin diseases

Many adults cannot do without thermal underwear in winter, but in fact, for babies, wearing thermal underwear is not beneficial for growth and development. 

Many thermal underwear on the market contain chemical fiber components such as formaldehyde, and have poor air permeability. If you stick to the baby’s delicate skin, the sweat stains on the body will adhere to the skin, and the pores will be blocked for a long time, which can easily cause allergies and skin itching. And other diseases. 

➤Damage to the gastrointestinal and reproductive system

In the case of thermal underwear, the baby wears more and sweats more. If you sweat a lot, drink more water Without protection, it is easy to cause constipation and easily affect gastrointestinal function. 

At the same time, the baby’s urine output will also decrease, which will stimulate and damage the reproductive system, and easily cause inflammation. 

➤Reduced immunity

Thermal underwear is often close to the body, which may be harmless to adults, but it is a kind of damage to the baby who is in the growth and development period. 

When a baby wears tight and thick underwear, it is often easy to affect the respiratory system. Moreover, the baby’s body is generally weaker, and the healing ability is far less than that of an adult. The body has been dragged down and immune Power will naturally decrease. 

Principles of increasing and decreasing baby clothes

Under normal circumstances, the standard for baby clothes can be based on the amount of clothes worn by adults, and then increase or decrease clothes appropriately according to the baby’s age, temperature of the neck and back. 

If the baby is a premature baby, when the baby’s weight has not reached the full-term baby’s water bottle, an extra layer of clothing may be needed to better adapt to temperature changes. 

When adding clothes to your baby, you must not rush, do not take off a lot of clothes at once, and do not add a lot of clothes at once, you need to make adjustments according to the external environment and your own adaptability at all times. Return to Sohu to see more

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Attention to couples who want to have a second child: Most It’s good to be born before the arrival of the “last train” so as not to hurt your fetus.

The fertility of women is closely related to age. The older the age, the lower the fertility, until it disappears completely. The ability to provide quality eggs has also become the main measure standard. 

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After the second-child policy was opened, many only children Female families are considering whether to add another child, but there are many aspects that need to be considered. You can’t make yourself regret it on impulse. For example, age is the first issue that needs to be considered. 

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The age of the last train to give birth to a second child

1. The age of the last train for a woman to give birth to a second child

The age of 23-30 is medically determined as the optimal age for women to give birth to In the age group, the various organs and functions of the female body have been fully developed and in the best condition to discharge the highest quality eggs. 

At the age of 30 to 35, the quality of the eggs is also in a normal state, and the body’s functions, hormones, ovaries, etc. are all at a normal level, which has little effect on fertility. 

Scientific research has found that women’s fertility is closely related to age. The older the child, the lower the fertility until it disappears completely. The ability to provide quality eggs has become the main criterion. 

After a woman is over 35 years old, various functions of the body will decline rapidly, especially the function of the ovaries, so the quality of the fetus will be affected. Medically, pregnant women over this age group are called advanced pregnant women. 

According to the survey, it is found that most women’s amenorrhea is around 45 years old, which indicates the inability to discharge eggs, that is, the cut-off of fertility. 

Therefore, the age of the last woman to give birth to a second child is before 45, and from the perspective of prenatal and postnatal care, it is best not to exceed 35. 

2. The age of the last train for a man to give birth to a second child

Medically, the age of 30 to 35 years old for men is determined as the best childbearing age, because the quality of sperm at this stage is the highest, and French geneticists have confirmed that the children born at this age have the highest intelligence. 

By the age of 35 to 40, the quality of sperm will go downhill, which has a certain impact on the quality of the fetus, but fortunately it is not great. 

According to research, it is found that when men are over 40 years old, the probability of chromosomal abnormalities in newborns will increase significantly, and for every 5 years old, the probability will increase by 1%, and the probability of having a defective baby will increase. From 4 out of 10,000 to 6 out of 10,000, 0.2 times that of men under 40. 

Therefore, the age of the last train for a man to give birth to a second child is before 40, but from the perspective of eugenics, it is best to be in the 30-35 age group. 

To sum up, the age of the last train for women to give birth to a second child is before the age of 45, and for men before the age of 40. Couples who want to give birth to a second child are best to give birth before the arrival of the last train for the second child. 

If you are over this age and insist on giving birth to a second child, you may hurt your fetus and yourself. 

Missed ” The last train”, the hazards of having a second child

1, the hazards to pregnant mothers

a. Difficulty in conception. As women’s fertility will become weaker with age, the quality of the ovaries will become worse and worse, and the quality and number of eggs that can be discharged will also be affected, which increases the difficulty of conception. 

b. Prone to pregnancy complications. The older the female is, the body’s regulatory function will also be affected, and endocrine absorption is likely to be disordered, leading to pregnancy complications during pregnancy. 

c. Increase the difficulty of childbirth. Due to the increase of age, it is easy to lead to the hardening of bones, which leads to the immobilization of the pelvis and pubic bone, which invisibly increases the speed of delivery. 

d. Difficult to recover. Because the increase in age leads to the decline of body functions, the elasticity of the skin and muscle strength will be weakened, which makes it difficult for the body to recover after childbirth. 

2. Harm to the fetus

a. Increased malformation rate. Beyond the last train of reproductive age, the quality of eggs and sperm will have problems, then this will inevitably affect the quality of embryos, and the probability of fetal malformations will increase significantly. 

b. Low immunity. Beyond the last train of childbearing age, the physical fitness of men and women will become worse, and the immunity of the children born will also become lower. 

Having a second child In addition to age, there are also issues to consider.

1. The child’s age difference

Under normal circumstances, a woman’s first child is delivered normally, and the second child must be separated by at least 1 to 2 years; if you choose a caesarean section, at least It takes 2 to 3 years. 

From the perspective of how the two children get along, survey statistics show that the age difference between the two children is 5-8 years old, the whole family is the most harmonious, and the two children get along best. 

This is because the age difference between two children is prone to conflicts and disputes, which will make parents feel irritable;

The age difference is too large, over 10 years old Above, it is easy to have a modern gap. There is no common topic between the two babies. There will be differences in lifestyle and needs, and the mother will be more tiring to take care of. 

2. Economic Ability

Now the cost of raising a child is extremely high, and the cost of a child is not low, let alone two, and if there is no one in the family To help take care of it, one of the parents needs to leave the job to take care of the baby with all their strength, so the pressure will be all on one person. 

3. Your own energy

Taking care of children is never an easy task. If you are too old, you will have insufficient energy to take care of your baby, let alone two. 

Therefore, when couples are considering having a second child, they need to think more about it so as not to cause harm to themselves and their children. Return to Sohu to see more

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