After the exam, the ranking of scores is not announced, and the test papers are not issued. Do you agree with this approach?

After the exam, the ranking of scores is not announced, and the test papers are not issued. Do you agree with this approach? 

For a long time, there has been such a group of students in the class. They do not want their test results and rankings to be announced, because this will save them from a lot of external pressure and thus stay in the “comfort zone” “Inside. 

Of course, most of these students are children with poor grades, because in most people’s minds, children with good grades are rarely under pressure in this regard. 

However, if the score ranking is not announced after the exam, and the test papers are not issued, do you agree with this teaching method as a parent? 

The exam does not announce the class ranking and causes parents dissatisfaction

Exam For the meaning of students and parents, I don’t need to go into more details. In an exam, someone can be among the top, and someone can become the bottom player in the class. Therefore, the test scores and rankings have become an important channel for parents to measure their children’s phased learning. 

However, in order to maintain the dignity of students, many schools now make it clear that they will not announce the rankings of classes and grades after the exam, and the test papers will not be issued. 

As soon as this news came out, it was really Those students who are afraid of exams are happy, and they feel that they finally don’t have to work hard to conceal their grades from their parents. 

However, such measures by the school have caused dissatisfaction among many parents, and some parents even bluntly said: “Without ranking and rolling paper, how can we help children learn in the future?”

Netizens’ opinions are also polarized. Netizens believe that:

It’s a good thing for the school to do this. All the time, exams have brought a lot of pressure to children, and if attending lectures is just to cope with the exam, it will make the children’s study lose its original meaning and live in a sea of ​​questions every day. 

Furthermore, the school just doesn’t issue rankings. However, parents will be divided into three grades: excellent, good, and failing. It is not true that no reference is given. Isn’t this method very good? 

Netizens who do not support believe that:

The effect of learning is proved by test results. If there is no test result and ranking, it means that the children’s learning achievements cannot be verified, and this This mode can only make children escape from reality more and more, can they still be immersed in this fantasy during the college entrance examination? By that time, everything is based on strength. 

If the school is only for the maintenance of children’s ” “Glass Heart”, then this change is meaningless in the eyes of our parents. If children can’t handle this little pressure, how can they face the verification of higher-level institutions in the future? 

What are the benefits of such a non-ranked teaching method? 

Although many parents disagree with the school’s approach, we still have to admit that this non-ranked teaching method has certain advantages. 

On the one hand, it can protect children’s self-esteem and avoid putting too much pressure on children

Children’s self-esteem is a detail that cannot be ignored in growth. 

Some children with strong self-esteem will put too much pressure on themselves if they fail the exam. If things go on like this, students will be afraid of exams and often fall into a huge pressure vortex, even affecting the normal rhythm of life. 

On the other hand, this is more conducive to children and Harmonious relationship between parents

For those parents who “seem for their children to become dragons and women to become phoenixes”, they will value their children’s test scores very seriously. Once they find that their scores are not satisfactory, they will put pressure on their children. There was a conflict with the child. 

This approach will affect the harmony between parents and children, so not publishing results can avoid many problems. 

What are the disadvantages of this approach? 

1) Parents and children can’t check the deficiencies and make up for the omissions

After a long time of study, children must use a way to consider and verify their own problems, but without the rankings and grades, they They cannot understand their own shortcomings, cannot check for deficiencies, and cannot make up and break through. 

2) Can’t understand that the child is in the class Where is the specific position?

The class is a small group. Children must understand what kind of position they are in this group, and then they can have a clear position on themselves, and then they can make clear plan. 

3) Children lack a sense of competition

As long as we are in life, competition is inevitable, and the same is true for children in learning. They need to develop a sense of competition, and ranking is a kind of Very good embodiment. The little girl saves the New Year’s money in the bank, and the thickness of the banknote envy others: the bank card balance is estimated to be more than mine

Most parents will not let their children manage their own money before their children enter the university, let alone Said that I opened an account for my child to save money in a bank. 

However, there are also a small number of more enlightened parents who teach their children how to “manage money” from an early age, open their own accounts for their children, or buy a “piggy piggy bank” for their children. Usually, she deposits money in it by herself, and waits for a certain period of time before taking it out. A treasure mother even gives her the baby’s new year’s money with confidence and asks her to save it by herself. 

“The smallest rich woman” bank deposits, everyone teased: now Just save yourself a dowry? 

Not long after the Spring Festival, the children received a lot of New Year’s money, some were confiscated by their parents, some “escaped” the “devil’s claws” of their parents, and some were like this one Like children, take it and save it for yourself. 

Youbao’s mother shared an interesting story about her daughter’s saving money in the bank. She feels that she is envious of the current children and doesn’t have to do anything. Just collecting the money is worth the average person for several months. Salary. 

Bao Ma said that the reason for saving her baby’s new year’s money is that she hopes that she can develop good consumption habits, cultivate her concept of money, and prevent random recharges in the future. 

From the photos, this little girl saves Qian’s movements are indeed very skilled, almost without the help of parents. The little hand is holding a thick stack of banknotes. It may be a little scary to change to an adult, but the little girl has a relaxed expression on her face, as if she has become accustomed to doing such things and is used to seeing the big scene. 

Many netizens looked at the skillful attitude of the little girl, and many people joked: Looking at the thickness of this banknote, I began to suspect that all of my twenty-somethings are now working for nothing and have lived two lives. For more than ten years, I have never personally grabbed so much cash. I really don’t live as much as a child; some netizens joked: There’s only so much money for a year’s New Year’s Eve, if it’s ten After tens of years, it’s worth it! This is “the youngest rich woman”! It’s really enviable! 

Some netizens say: the current children and It used to be different. In the past, children’s red envelopes were only ten to twenty yuan, but now there are not hundreds or thousands of them that are embarrassing to give out. Therefore, regardless of their young children, they are worth a lot more than adults. The balance in their bank card is more than mine! 

Why is it important to cultivate children’s ability to manage money from an early age? 

It is very important to cultivate children’s ability to manage their own finances. 

In terms of personal ability, this is conducive to cultivating good habits for children. 

For example, plan ahead and develop the habit of planning ahead no matter what you do. Good planning habits are very helpful for establishing long-term goals in life, as well as for the realization of personal goals. 

In terms of consumption habits, children will be Managing money is conducive to developing good consumption habits. 

It’s not uncommon for underage top-up games to happen. Many parents are so angry that they go to the hospital, and many family relationships have become irreparable cracks. With these lessons learned, parents should pay more attention to the education of children in this area, cultivate children’s correct cognition, know what should not be done, and cultivate children’s correct outlook on money. 

How to cultivate children’s ability to manage money independently? 

1. Allow children to have their own money

To cultivate children’s ability to manage money, the necessary condition is to allow children to have their own finances, such as allowing children to have their own money every day. Only with his own pocket money will he have the space to control his pocket money. 

2. Guide children to make a good consumption plan< /p>

If you want to cultivate children’s ability to manage money well, they must make a consumption plan, as small as a day’s expenditure, some snacks, a pen, etc., as large as a month or even a year Expenses, things you need to buy, such as books, practice questions, some fun little things or expenditures for entertainment, etc., these necessary expenditures need to be planned, and there is a small account book dedicated to yourself. 

3. Develop a good habit of saving money

Sometimes the pocket money given by the parents will not be used up by the child. At this time, the parents should guide the children to develop the remaining money Make a good storage habit, don’t spend randomly, or spend on things or things that shouldn’t be spent. 

Children lack the correct concept of consumption and money View, he can be forgiven for the mistakes he made when he was young, but if he is still not taught correctly when he is old, then he will not only be simply scolding or punishing him, but what he has to bear may be social condemnation or even the law. Sanctions. 

So, parents need to pay more attention to this aspect, they can learn from this mother, and let their children learn to save their own money from an early age. The kindergarten held parent-child activities, and Bao’s mother dressed up and appeared on the red carpet. Netizens: It’s too difficult to be a mother

In the eyes of our parents, raising children is nothing more than keeping them full and warm, but with With the development of the times and the advancement of ideas, parents increasingly realize that raising a child needs to provide them with in-depth education and training. 

And this also puts forward higher requirements for the parents themselves. On the one hand, they must work hard to make money and provide better material conditions for their children. On the other hand, they must also actively improve themselves. Act as the child’s “guide” role. 

The kindergarten held parent-child activities, and the mothers dressed up to attend the red carpet Controversy

Nowadays, kindergartens advocate diversified training of children, so various parent-child activities are also emerging in endlessly. No, a kindergarten held a parent-child activity, requiring mothers not only to dress up, but also to take their babies on the red carpet. 

Although I think this kind of activity is very troublesome, in order not to embarrass the children, the mothers still put away the haggardness of staying up late and working overtime and bringing the baby, and helped themselves to buy a decent outfit, and painted a delicate Makeup. 

Although this kind of “red carpet show” It is a novel experience, and the children are also very happy to see their mothers dressed up. However, holding similar activities in kindergartens still receives a lot of controversy. 

Many netizens have expressed their opinions:

Netizen A: It’s too difficult to be a mother now! Not only has to be able to help with homework and handwork, but also to look good and be able to dress up. It seems that I don’t dare to be a mother if I don’t have the ability. 

Netizen B: Some kindergartens hold such activities What’s the point? Some mothers have to take care of their children and are busy at work, so they don’t use their spare time to take care of themselves, and some parents have poor financial conditions. Where can they have spare money to get their outfits? Isn’t school putting pressure on the family in a disguised form? Besides, this kind of activity itself is prone to comparison psychology, which is not conducive to the growth of children. 

Netizen C: This tells us a truth. Parents cannot give up self-improvement after having children. After all, the time has come to compete with parents. If you can’t keep up with the times, you might give your own baby anytime. Pulled his hind legs. 

We cannot deny the quality of the family It does determine the people or things the children come into contact with to a certain extent, so many parents with ordinary family conditions will fall into anxiety and begin to enroll their children in various interest classes and tutorial classes, making the little guy like a spinning top Rotating every day is to hope that they will not lose at the starting line. 

Rather than fighting for external conditions, it is better to fight for internal advantages.

Bao parents and mothers all hope that their children can become the first place, but there will always be only one first place, and more children are on the way. Ordinary people applauding, and accepting their ordinaryness is actually not as difficult as parents think. 

In this test of a person’s comprehensive conditions In the environment, money and status are of course important, but more important is the child’s IQ, EQ, pattern and foresight. These all need to be guided step by step by their parents to form, and it is also the “internal advantage” that should be the most important. 

How should these excellent qualities be passed on to children? 

①Positive parents and mothers play a role model

The main channel for children to improve their cognitive abilities is to imitate their parents, so every word and deed of Bao parents is a blank sheet of paper. Little guy painted with color. 

As the saying goes, “the one who is near Zhu is close to ink “Zhehei”, if parents can play an exemplary role, behave appropriately, and the children will also be subtly affected. 

②Guide children how to treat people and things correctly

No one knows how to communicate and get along with people from birth. These ways of dealing with people and things need to be constantly explored in life. At this time, Parents are required to act as “guides”. 

③Let children know how to control emotions

Whether it is in daily work or interpersonal communication, emotional control is particularly important. 

It’s good for a person to vent his temper, but how to control emotions reasonably is a science. Parents can tell their children the truth through picture books, and let the children try and practice in real life. 

After a child loses his temper, parents should know how to give them a “review”, knowing that anger is not the best solution in many cases.

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