After the baby is born, three things are particularly important. The father-to-be should consult a doctor as soon as possible

Three things are particularly important after the baby is born. The father-to-be should consult a doctor as soon as possible

Vitamin K1 is the most important injection after the baby is born, because in the womb, the baby cannot absorb the vitamin K1 in the mother’s body. 

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People often say: “Women give birth to children, men help Don’t be busy”, but expectant dad will accompany his wife during the pregnancy check-up, prepare the delivery package, prepare all the documents and hospitalization procedures before admission, after the baby is born, there are some things that Bao Dad needs to do as soon as possible. . 

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After the baby is born, three things are particularly important.

After the baby is born, the mother will appear weak due to the consumption of a lot of physical strength and energy. At this time, she needs to play a role as a father. For your own role, you must ask the doctor these questions in time, as follows:

1, “Is the baby’s bracelet buckled?”

Usually, after the baby is born, The doctor will first report to Bao Ma to take a look, and inform the gender and weight, and then a bracelet will be worn. This bracelet is the same as the mother’s bracelet, and the child’s information will be recorded on the baby’s bracelet: Mother’s name + baby + year, month and day of birth. 

After that, she will be taken away by the nurse. At this time, Bao’s mother is in a weak state. At this time, Bao’s father should check the bracelet in time and check whether the information on the baby’s bracelet is accurate To prevent the wrong child from happening. 

Although the probability of holding the wrong child in the hospital is relatively small now, for the sake of safety, it is safer to do so. 

2. “When can the baby be breast-fed?”

Under normal circumstances, within half an hour after giving birth, it is the golden period for Bao Ma to start milking. During this time, Bao Dad can ask When can the doctor or nurse breastfeed the baby, ask the nurse to bring the baby over so that the mother can breastfeed the baby as soon as possible. 

The earlier the postpartum milk is started, it is not only beneficial to the contact between the baby and mother’s limbs and skin, and makes the child more secure, it is also conducive to prolactin for the baby’s mother’s delivery, which is conducive to postpartum milking. 

The baby sucks the aerobic bacteria on the mother’s chest and surrounding skin, the anaerobic bacteria in the milk duct, and the secreted colostrum, which is more conducive to the establishment of the neonatal intestinal flora. 

3. “Have your baby ever been given vitamin K1 (chlorophyll menadione)?”

After the baby is born, vitamin K1 is the most important injection, because in the womb, the baby cannot absorb it into the mother’s body. Vitamin K1, in order to avoid bleeding caused by insufficient synthesis of coagulation factors due to lack of vitamin K1 after the baby is born, vitamin K1 needs to be injected immediately after the baby is born

Some people will say that the baby can be obtained through breast milk Obtained, but in fact, the vitamin K1 in breast milk can not meet the needs of the baby, and vitamin K1 injection is the best way to make up for it. 

As mentioned above, the baby will be taken away after wearing the bracelet. What is the reason for this? Will it be dropped? Let’s take a look. 

After the baby is born , Why did the doctor take it away first? 

1. Handling the umbilical cord

The umbilical cord is the bond of the mother to transmit nutrients. After birth, it will be cut off by the doctor in time, and then knotting, disinfection, coating, and bandaging will be performed to allow the remaining umbilical cord to fall off naturally. Then over time it becomes the same belly button as an adult. 

2. Score the baby

After the baby is born, he will undergo the first physical examination in his life. The doctor will check the baby’s skin, heart rate, breathing, emergency response, muscle tension To make a comprehensive score, the full score is 10 points, if it can reach 8 points or more, it is normal; if it is 4-7 points, it is mild suffocation, and it will be evaluated again in 10 minutes and 1 hour; if it is 3 points or less, Emergency rescue will be carried out. 

3. Weighing and measuring height

Baby’s height and weight are important indicators for the growth and development of my newborn. The weight is generally in the range of 2.5KG~4KG, and the height is 47.7 Between ~52.8cm, head circumference, chest circumference, upper arm circumference, and sitting height will also be measured. 

4. Bathe the baby

After the baby is born, there will be foreign bodies such as fetal fat and blood stains on the body. The nurse will clean it, put on clean clothes for the baby, and then take it back to the mother. 

After the baby is born How to care? 

1. Check body temperature frequently

Because the newborn is still relatively weak, he needs to keep his body temperature in a stable range. If the body temperature is too low, you need to take timely warmth measures, such as adding clothes, or It is in the arms of the mother, and the indoor temperature and humidity should also be controlled within an appropriate range, the temperature is about 28 degrees, to ensure the normal growth of the baby and avoid colds and illnesses. 

2. Good health care

Newborns are also particularly delicate and sensitive to the external environment. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the circulation and clarity of indoor air, and at the same time avoid too many people to visit, which can reduce the risk of germs. When taking care of the baby, parents should also wash their hands frequently and ensure that the room is clean and hygienic. 

In addition, it is necessary to keep the umbilical cord dry and tidy, and disinfect with iodophor every day to avoid infection.  Parents have several behaviors that may cause Children become stupid and will affect their character development

Parents’ words and deeds not only affect the baby’s habits and personality, but also affect the development of the brain. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

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There is an inevitable connection between the child’s growth and the parents. Every word and deed of the parent will affect the child. Therefore, if you want your child to grow up to become outstanding, you need to avoid doing it Issues. 

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Professor Stanford: 4 kinds of behaviors cause children’s brains to become stupid and even depressed! 

The psychology professor at Stanford University pointed out: What kind of personality and accomplishment a child will have in the future will have a close relationship with their parents and family. 

1. Wrong ways to praise and criticize children

According to Stanford University’s research and experimentation, it is stupid for children with a fixed thinking model to feel hard and difficult. Children with a growing mindset think that difficulty and hard work can create new neuronal connections that can make the brain develop better. 

Therefore, children with a growth mindset will have more courage when facing the difficulties and challenges in life, and their adaptability and growth speed will be faster and stronger. 

This is like when parents praise or criticize their children, some words are relatively vague, such as praising “you are so smart”, “you are awesome”, etc., so that the words will make the baby not know that he is praised. Wherever it is, it is easy to become lack of goals and blind self-confidence, which will not be conducive to growth, and it is likely to become a person with a fixed thinking mode. 

When criticizing, it rises to personality, such as directly saying “Are you a pig?” “Idiot”, etc. Such words can easily cause harm to the child’s soul, and even cause inferiority and self-esteem. Depressed psychology. 

2. Let children indulge in “trash happiness”

The trash happiness mentioned here refers to the harm caused to the baby by parents letting their children indulge in mobile phones, snacks, etc. 

Take mobile phones, for example. According to research findings, the probability of 3-6 children in my country contacting mobile phones is as high as 91%, and the probability of children between 9 and 10 years of contacting mobile phones is about the same as that of adults. 

Furthermore, German psychologists selected a group of children of the same age and divided them into 3 groups and found that the more addicted to mobile phones, the more they are addicted to mobile phones, their brain development and cognitive abilities are obviously lagging behind those who don’t play mobile phones. . 

In addition, psychologists said that children are prone to personality defects when they are exposed to electronic products such as mobile phones and televisions, which can make them appear indifferent, anxious, and depressed. 

For example, snacks, for children, snacks are the favorite, and these types of foods are relatively high in fat, eating too much, it is likely to lead to obesity, harm the child’s physical and mental development, and reduce their memory and cognitive abilities. 

3. Label children negatively

Psychologists put forward the “label effect” through Kraut, which refers to the result of labeling a person, usually This person keeps approaching in the direction of the label and becomes that person. 

Therefore, when the child makes a mistake or behaves badly, if the parent puts some negative labels on the baby, such as “you can’t do anything well”, “you can’t do it”, etc. Words are likely to cause them to become more and more like you said. 

But when parents in our country educate their children, they will generally adopt this method. Even if the baby does a good job, they will be afraid of their pride, and say “Don’t be proud, humility will make people progress.” The child denies, blows, hurts self-esteem. 

In the end, it is very likely that children will subconsciously identify themselves as stupid people, so that the baby’s brain will only become more and more stupid. 

Professor Susan Foward mentioned in the book “Poisoned Parents” that “children do not have the ability to distinguish between jokes and facts. They will choose to fully believe all the words their parents say about themselves And go deep into your own ideas.”

4. Have unreasonable expectations for children

Children are the hope of every family, but some parents have too high expectations for their children, they will be too concerned about their babies In all respects, this kind of care is too much, and it is likely to have counterproductive effects. 

For example, in order to make children become more excellent, they report too many cram schools, training classes, etc., if you do not consider whether they are suitable for age group, personality, etc., this is likely to bring bad As a result, children are tired of studying and even distorted in character, which is not conducive to the development of physical and mental health. 

What should parents do Raise children correctly? 

1. Compliment the child correctly

Parents should pay attention to three principles when praising their children. They should only praise the specifics but not everything, the facts but not the personality, the hard work but not the cleverness, and do not use some wide-ranging words to praise the baby. 

Instead, saying “Baby is working so hard to complete xx today, I believe you will become better and better, you are awesome” and similar words, not only can help them build self-confidence, but also let children have A clear goal and know how to become better. 

2. Treat children’s mistakes correctly

Children will make various mistakes as they grow up. Parents are likely to criticize when they are educating. Don’t label babies at will. At this time, parents are required to communicate with them patiently and understand the cause and effect of the matter. 

If it is really wrong, you need to criticize things and not people, and then slowly guide your baby to correct and bear the mistakes, and become better and better. 

3. Don’t over-require children

In the process of raising children, parents will want them to become better and better, but the requirements far beyond their ability can easily hit the baby’s self-confidence. It is not conducive to its healthy growth. 

Therefore, when setting the scope for the child, you only need to improve each time. 

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