After taking maternity leave and returning to the company, I was unemployed a few days later. People who came to tell you how difficult it is for working mothers

After taking maternity leave and returning to the company, I was unemployed a few days later. People who came here will tell you how difficult it is for working mothers.

The problem of fertility has always been a sharp edge for women in the workplace. How to deal with fertility and work Contradictions have become an urgent problem in the current society. 

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

Cases of dismissal of pregnancy have long been common. Although the current labor law has made clear protections for pregnant women, many employers cannot strictly enforce them. This has caused many women in the workplace to dare not marry and have children, and fear that their jobs will not be guaranteed. 

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You: How difficult is it for working mothers

[email protected]杨: After the maternity leave, I return to the company to work, but I feel that the leadership’s attitude towards me is very subtle, but think about my work just after my maternity leave. They shared the burden, and it was very hard, so I didn’t think too much. 

Until a few days ago, the leader suddenly asked me to handwrite my work experience every day. A typo would be deducted 60, late or forgotten to pay a penalty of 100. After a few days, the salary of this month is basically They were all deducted, and in the end they had to resign. 

Actually, there are many pregnant mothers like Ms. Yang. After taking maternity leave and returning to the company, they lost their jobs a few days later. 

The survey shows: 80% of women will face various problems during pregnancy or returning to the company after taking maternity leave, and these problems will eventually become the reasons for wanting to resign or resign. 

Are there any plans to get married in the near future? 

Are there any plans to have children in the near future? 

This may be a question that many women are asked by interviewers when applying for a job. In most cases, if they plan to marry and have children in the short term, they will basically be eliminated. Why is this? ? 

The reason for this phenomenon

1. Generally speaking, women tend to get tired after pregnancy. The company is afraid that pregnant women will not be able to complete their work on time under the premise of ensuring quality. As a result, the company will increase other labor costs. 

2. Pregnant women will have a long vacation after giving birth. During this period, the work done by pregnant women needs to be taken over, and it is inevitable to recruit people. At the same time, the company also needs to pay their basic salary during the pregnant women’s vacation. , This will undoubtedly increase the economic cost. 

3. The pregnant woman will return after giving birth At the company, on the one hand, the company is worried that pregnant women will not be able to re-qualify for the previous job; on the other hand, as a mother at this time, she will devote more attention to her children, which may delay work. 

4. Women will have some safety risks after pregnancy, such as fetal instability in the early stages of pregnancy, and overwork can easily lead to miscarriage. Once there are problems in this area, the company also needs to bear some corresponding responsibilities, which will cause unnecessary troubles and losses to the company. 

How to solve this contradiction< /p>

1. At present, relevant laws and regulations have been relatively perfect, and the rights and interests of pregnant women in the workplace have been relatively clearly protected, but the biggest problem at present is that the implementation is not in place, and efforts should be made to implement it, not just a kind of Furnishings. 

2. Enterprises can treat all recruitment equally, and judge based on ability and overall quality, rather than whether they are born or not. For pregnant employees who are employed, they should be treated the same as other employees on the premise that they do not violate the company’s system. 

3. Women are deciding to give birth Before the child, there should be a general plan, a period of time, so that you can make your own arrangements. At the same time, you should complete your own job during pregnancy, and you should not require special treatment because of your pregnancy, which may impose additional burdens on the company or others at the same time. 

Finally, when starting maternity leave, you should also do a good job of handover, arrange your work properly, and don’t leave irresponsibly. 

Knowledge extension

@小张: I just started to apply for a job some time ago, but I accidentally discovered that I was pregnant. I was very happy, but I was afraid that pregnancy would affect the interview. So I consulted a lawyer. The lawyer’s answer was: this is personal privacy. can. During the interview, I didn’t mention pregnancy, and I got on the job quickly. 

But after I went to work, I found that the work intensity was very high. I worked overtime until late every day. About half a month or so, I had a sudden miscarriage. The doctor said that I was just pregnant and the fetus was not stable. Too tired will lead to abortion. 

After listening, I was very broken, but the company used this as an excuse to dismiss me. I had no choice but to seek professional help. In the end, I received the due apology and compensation. 

For this, everyone’s Opinions vary. Some people think that the main responsibility lies with the company and that the company cannot use this as a reason for dismissing employees, while some people think that the responsibility lies with Xiao Zhang and she should not conceal the fact that she is pregnant. 

Actually, from a lawyer’s point of view, it is Xiao Zhang’s freedom to say or not, so Xiao Zhang himself has no problem concealing the pregnancy. However, after understanding the intensity of the work content, he still insisted on going to work and had a miscarriage, which has a lot to do with Xiao Zhang himself. 

It is definitely wrong for the company to use this as an excuse to dismiss, but the company also suffered losses. Therefore, the two-way error between employees and the company has made the situation of some pregnant women more and more difficult. If you want to improve the current situation, you need to work together and solve it. 

Today’s topic: Pregnant mothers, what are the unfair treatments you have encountered in the workplace?  Within twenty years, a second-child family Parents and children will face several difficulties, prepare in advance

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

finalized: Su Zihou

In order to alleviate the problem of population aging, one-child support for the elderly and other issues, China has liberalized the second-child policy, but everything has two sides With the introduction of this policy, some problems have gradually been revealed. 

In this regard, many experts said that after 20 years, these two-child families will need to face some inevitable problems. 

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20 years later, what problems will the two-child family face? 

1. Economic problems

In society nowadays, raising children emphasizes prenatal and postnatal care, so it will cost a lot of money, and after 20 years, children will need to get married and have children. 

In China, most of the children who get married require the help of their parents, especially boys, who need to pay a bride price, buy a house and a car, etc. For a two-child family, the financial pressure is huge. 

Although the government will provide certain subsidies for having a second child, the financial pressure is still great for families with two children. 

2. Pension issues

After the child grows up, the parents will get older. At this time, you may need to consider the issue of pension People often say raising children to protect the elderly, but when children grow up, can they really support the elderly? 

If the child’s finances are not allowed, old-age care becomes the biggest problem in the whole family, especially some second-child families. 

In real life, we often encounter such cases, that is, when the parents are old, the eldest does not want to support, the second is not willing to accept, and the last two children Negotiate to pay and send the elderly to nursing homes. 

3. Family property segmentation issues

As ​​children grow up, parents also need to start to consider the issue of property division, if only Just leave one child to them, but if there are two children, they are likely to have a disagreement. No matter how many family assets there are, the children may want more and conflicts, which will eventually lead to family disharmony. 

The above-mentioned problems are the problems that parents may need to face after 20 years. After giving birth to the second child, what are the problems that parents need to consider and face? What? 

Give birth to a second child , Parents have to face these dilemmas

1. Educational problems of two children

Bringing up children is a huge expense in itself. Two children need to bear double the financial pressure, because after the birth of Kaiwa, Need to pay attention to the degree of wear. 

Especially after school, when parents want their children to win at the starting line, they will enroll their children in various interest classes, and these are unavoidable things. 

2. Time allocation problem

It takes a lot of time and energy to raise children. When young parents face a baby, they are already incapable of separating themselves between work and family. If you want to raise two, then you need to “divide the energy of the parents into three.” Work is the basic of raising a family, but the child cannot leave the company of his parents in his childhood. 

Especially for women, they not only have to face pregnancy in October, but also need to breastfeed for a long time after the child is born. Many mothers give up their jobs because of this, and become lost in themselves, even some people become Fear of marriage and childbearing. 

3. How can parents “a bowl of water” be flat?

During the family planning policy, only children enjoy their parents and elders. For their own favor, the second child policy can be opened. , Then it means that there are two children in a family, and the love of parents will not be given to only one person. The boss is often unhappy, and even thinks that there is a child, robbing his parents, toys, etc., which creates conflicts. 

As parents, if you raise older brothers and children, you need to pay attention to the boss’s emotions. You also need to let the boss understand and understand. After having younger brothers and sisters, mom and dad will still love him the same. Blind date reminds of love growing up together. 

In addition, parents who have a second child also need to face some problems that they will not encounter before. 

The child wants a face Right dilemma

1. Pressure from the boss

After having two children in the family, we often hear parents or elders say to the boss: “You have to let the younger brother (sister)” . 

In the long run, the eldest will probably feel disgusted with the younger brother (sister), especially the two children are quite different in age, and the second is like the eldest’s child. When the parents get old, The burden of taking care of the second child will fall on the boss. 

2. Increased difficulty in employment

Although the opening of the second-child policy has eased the problem of population aging, the increase in population will put the first batch of second-children under tremendous pressure after they reach adulthood. 

When the number of job seekers far exceeds the job requirements, the company will choose the “select the best” approach to the applicants, then it is very likely that a large number of people will find it difficult to find a job that they are satisfied with, and some social problems Will also arise at the historic moment. 

The normal opening of the second child is to meet the needs of the society. For the society, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, but for the family, it is still necessary to consider more and make full preparations so as not to regret it in the future. 

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