After giving birth, why did the nurse ask the mother to “determine the sex of the child”? The reason is actually good for the mother

After giving birth, why did the nurse ask the mother to “determine the sex of the child”? The reason is actually for the good of the mother.

After the pregnant woman has finished giving birth, the nurse will perform some strange actions. In the case of a belly plan, the nurse will hold a sandbag and press it on the mother’s belly to help the mother stop bleeding. 

After delivery and planing, the pregnant woman consumes too much physical strength. When she just ends her labor and wants to close her eyes to rest, the nurse will hold the child and ask the mother a word. 

Deng Ting was pregnant in October and finally came to give birth. After some setbacks in childbirth, she gave birth smoothly. Deng Ting was also exhausted and wanted to rest. 

At this time, the nurse suddenly held the child, turned her genitals at Deng Ting and asked, “Is your child a male or a female?” Deng Ting didn’t want to answer. The nurse asked again and waited persistently for Deng Ting’s reply. Why is this? 

After the mother gave birth, why did the nurse insist on asking the sex of the child? 

1. Judging that the mother’s mind is clear

After giving birth, pregnant women may have unexpected symptoms that doctors don’t know or notice, especially brain or body. Other parts. 

In order to judge whether the mother’s brain can function normally, the mother is unconscious. The nurse will insist on asking the mother of the child’s gender, this is for the sake of the mother’s health. 

2. Avoid bringing trouble to hospitals and maternal families

In order to get boys or girls, some families may be distracted by other newborns in the hospital. After giving birth, the nurse immediately held the baby and insisted on asking questions to the mother. This is also to let the mother know the sex of the child, and also let the mother see the child and have an impression of the child. 

3. Appease the newborn baby

The child is just born and is in a state of fear and crying. At this time, let the mother look at the child and let the mother answer the gender of the child. Hearing my mother’s voice, I feel more at ease. 

Mother and child are connected, and the baby can recognize the mother’s voice after spending ten months in her mother’s stomach. This can also help the newborn baby to have a simple impression of the mother. 

What should be paid attention to for women who have just given birth?

1. Hygiene care

For women who have just given birth, it is not recommended to take a bath, but it is recommended to wait 2 days or 3 days. If the baby is born by abdomen, the parturient with a wound will have to wait a week before cleaning. And just one week after giving birth, the secretion of the parturient body will be extremely strong, it is recommended to wait until the secretion is calmer, and then rinse. 

If the parturient wants to clean, she can simply wipe it with some special wet wipes suitable for women’s cleaning. However, pregnant women have a lot of sweat after giving birth, so they can wipe and clean the whole body with a towel. Although it cannot be cleaned, basic cleaning must be done to prevent the growth of bacteria and threaten pregnant women with poor immunity. 

2. Don’t do too much movement and exercise

After giving birth, the muscles in the body need to be repaired. It is recommended not to do too much. Action, or simple exercise. At this time, lie down and heal your injuries, and take good care of your body is the most important thing. 

3. Eat easy-to-digest food

Actually, pregnant women have just given birth. It is not recommended to eat too much meat. At this time, the digestion and absorption function of pregnant women is not good. It is appropriate to eat a diet that is rich in nutrients and easy to absorb. 

Milk, soy milk, all kinds of meat porridge, or noodles can help the parturient to recover in a short time, too big, big greasy meat, but not for pregnant women who have just finished giving birth. Suitable. 

4. Breastfeeding in time

Some mothers do not want to breastfeed their children, they prefer to breastfeed with powdered milk. In fact, this is not good for the mother’s body. After giving birth, it is best to breastfeed the child as soon as possible, so as to help the mother’s milk to be discharged in time, otherwise it will cause maternal mastitis or blockage. 

5. Mothers should go to the toilet quickly

After giving birth, women may have pain or discomfort when going to the toilet, but they must go to the toilet. Because this can help the mother’s urination and defecation function to recover as soon as possible. For some parturients who give birth by abdomen, don’t hold back from going to the toilet because the pain is heavier. 

6. Don’t let the puerpera show negative emotions

If you encounter a puerpera who has just experienced the pain of life, if you meet her family who only cares about the child but not the mother’s situation, it is very likely Cause postpartum depression in mothers. Therefore, the mother’s family members, especially the husband, must be concerned about the mental health of the mother and help the mother to maintain a better mental state. 

7. Drink a lot of water

Mothers will drink a lot of warm water immediately after delivery. At the time of childbirth, the mother’s body has already consumed a lot of water, so she should immediately replenish her water. Not only that, these two days are the weakest time for each system of the parturient body. Intake of water ensures that the blood pressure of the parturient is stable, the stomach and intestines function normally, and there is no constipation. 

The process of childbirth is very painful, but the future of parenting will be long and difficult. Mothers must pay attention to personal skin hygiene, supplement moisture and nutrition, and maintain a positive and stable attitude. Face your life. The uncle forced the 7-month pregnant woman to give up his seat, and the curse continued. The pregnant woman’s two counterattacks made him silent.

The moral code allows the society to continue to be maintained in order, but I have to say that the existence of the moral code is not It is divided by age. 

In other words, what is truly respected is a person’s conduct, not just his age. 

In public, a person’s own moral quality is undoubtedly revealed. Even for the elderly, they should not rely on the young to sell the old just by relying on their age. 

The old man forced the seven-month-old pregnant woman to give up his seat, and the arrogant curses continued. The pregnant woman had no choice but to respond and made him speechless

Ms. Wang, who was seven months pregnant some time ago, caught up at work A bus. When I first got on the bus, there were fewer people on the bus, so Ms. Wang found a window seat very smoothly. 

However, after a few stops, there were more people on the bus, and some of them rushed to the early bus to buy cheap vegetables. 

At this moment, an old man who appeared to be 60 or 70 years old stood beside Ms. Wang. The old man coughed frequently to “signify” Ms. Wang to give up her seat. 

However, Ms. Wang did not respond because of physical inconvenience. Unexpectedly, Ms. Wang’s non-response instantly annoyed the old man. 

I saw the old man pushing Ms. Wang with his hand, and swearing, “How come young people are so unqualified now, and they don’t know how to give up their seats when they see old people. Your parents have not taught you what morality is. Is it?”

I was scolded by the old man for no reason. This really made Ms. Wang feel wronged, but Ms. Wang did not reply because of the protection of the child in her stomach. 

It may be that seeing Ms. Wang didn’t reply, the old man’s scolding became even more ugly, and some swear words appeared from time to time during the speech. 

Finally, Ms. Wang couldn’t help it anymore, so she replied, “Then you are ethical if you swear words? I sit in a seat for the elderly, the weak, sick, and pregnant, so I don’t need to be qualified to sit. Give your seat!”

After hearing Ms. Wang’s rebuttal, the old man didn’t answer in an instant. 

At this time, people next to Ms. Wang also supported Ms. Wang, “People are pregnant and have such a big belly. Don’t grab a seat with young people!”

” It’s hard enough to catch the morning rush hour when you are pregnant. Don’t mess with the young if we are older!”

Everyone, you keep talking every sentence, which makes the arrogant old man just now arrogant. Uncle, it’s not easy to refute anything for a while. 

Pregnant women are riding What issues should be paid attention to when taking a bus? 

1. Avoid crowded people as much as possible.

For the purpose of self-protection, pregnant women should try not to choose crowded vehicles when taking public transportation, especially during the morning peak, when there are already many passengers. If no one gives up or pushes, it is very dangerous for pregnant women. 

2. It is best to have a family member in the third trimester of pregnancy.

When pregnant women take the bus, if they have limited mobility, then they must be accompanied by family members. In this way, with the care of family members, pregnant women can travel more at ease. 

For example, when going out for inspections or purchasing supplies, it is best for family members to spare time to accompany them. 

3. Don’t carry too many items.

Pregnant women are already very tired when they take the bus. If they have to carry some items at this time, This will obviously be very laborious. 

So when you need to take public transportation, pregnant women try to keep their bodies relaxed, and don’t carry too many heavy items. 

in public How should pregnant women deal with unreasonable people? 

1. Avoid direct conflicts

If you encounter some unreasonable people in public, pregnant women must avoid direct conflicts with others, because in this conflict state, the body The delicate pregnant woman is definitely the one who suffers easily. 

Whether it is verbal or physical violence, it will be detrimental to the pregnant woman herself. 

2. Try to avoid emotional excitement

When encountering unreasonable people, pregnant women will inevitably have some emotional fluctuations, but if pregnant women are emotionally out of control, they will be A very dangerous situation. 

So when facing such people, pregnant women must maintain emotional stability and try not to lose control of their emotions, otherwise this may affect the state of the fetus in the belly. 

3. Try to ask for help from others

Since pregnant women’s own strength cannot help them get rid of this social dilemma, pregnant women need to be more witty, such as trying to seek help from others. 

I believe that with the help of others, conflicts and disagreements can be more properly resolved, and pregnant women can better protect themselves. 

In short, in public, pregnant women belong to a relatively disadvantaged group. If they are tough with each other, they are likely to suffer. 

So when facing some social dilemmas, pregnant women should learn to cope more intelligently and seek foreign aid appropriately, which can more easily help pregnant women get rid of the embarrassing situation in front of them. 

What do you think about the issues that pregnant women need to pay attention to when traveling in public?

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