After giving birth to the twins, the doctor was about to sew up, and the mother yelled “Don’t sew now.” After the doctor checked, she was happy

After giving birth to twins, the doctor was about to sew up, and the parturient yelled “Don’t sew first.” After the doctor checked, she was happy.

Pregnancy of twins is a process full of hardships, and for pregnant mothers of twins, this process is just It’s more difficult. 

During pregnancy, twins pregnant mothers have to bear greater hardship, and during delivery, twins pregnant mothers have to bear great risks. 

So for mothers and their families, it is a pleasant surprise to be pregnant with twins, and it is also a matter of particular concern. 

The doctor just wanted After stitching, the mother who gave birth to twins yelled “No”. The next wave of operations made the doctor happy.

Li Ya is a novice mother. When she mentioned the experience of giving birth to twins, Li Ya really It’s “I have something to say.” 

When she first learned that she was pregnant with twins, Liya was very surprised. She did not expect such a lucky thing to fall on her! 

If you are pregnant with twins, Liya’s body will bear a great burden. Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, Liya’s huge belly makes it very difficult for Liya to walk every time. 

Fortunately, Liya read a lot of books about childbirth during her pregnancy, so when she learned that she needed a C-section, Liya was not far away. 

During the operation, Liya was in good condition. Although she lived for two hours, she still felt a sense of accomplishment when she heard the children crying. While the doctor was busy stitching up, Liya yelled. 

“Don’t sew, wait a minute!” Liya’s reaction surprised the doctor. 

Then Liya went on to say, “I think there is another one in my belly! The doctor will take a closer look, maybe I am pregnant with twins!” Seeing Liya’s emotions so excited, the doctor quickly did it again A close inspection. 

Finally, it was discovered that Liya was indeed returning twins. At this time, there was no fetus in Liya’s belly. 

This sudden wave of operations amused the doctor, and then the doctor explained

“Because I was pregnant with twins, the uterus expanded many times. When the fetus was delivered , The uterus will contract involuntarily, which also makes pregnant women feel the fetal movement! So please rest assured, the children have been born smoothly!”

Although it is an oolong, Liya feels, ” Fortunately, I am pregnant with twins, otherwise it would be difficult to raise three children!”

What problems should twin pregnant mothers pay attention to during pregnancy? 

1. Ensure adequate nutrition intake

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers with twins will have a better appetite, because they need to provide nutrition to the two babies, so pregnant mothers There will be a significant increase in weight during pregnancy. 

Pregnant mothers must pay attention at this time, and do not deliberately diet because they are worried about body problems, otherwise it is likely to affect the normal development of the baby. 

2. Prevent pregnancy complications

Because it is necessary to provide a gestation environment for the two babies, which makes the pregnant mother’s body burden heavier, so the probability of pregnancy complications for twins pregnant mothers It will be higher. 

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should actively carry out pregnancy examinations to avoid pregnancy complications as much as possible. Once you have an abnormal physical reaction, you must do a good check in time and listen carefully to the doctor’s advice. 

3. Prepare for premature delivery

There is a high probability that twins will be born prematurely, so during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must be prepared for this. 

There are also some pregnant mothers who choose to give birth by caesarean section, so knowing more about relevant knowledge will be more helpful to the smooth progress of delivery. Especially for first-born pregnant mothers who have no fertility experience, it is even more necessary to learn more about relevant knowledge. 

What issues should be paid attention to in postpartum care? 

1. Avoid excessive fatigue

Women with twins will become weaker after delivery. At this time, they need more time to recover their bodies and allow the displaced organs to return to their positions. 

So after giving birth, women must avoid excessive fatigue and spend as much time as possible to recuperate. 

2, start the milk as soon as possible

For twin mothers, it is indeed very difficult to bear the breastfeeding task of two babies, and there may be insufficient milk Case. 

So after giving birth, women must start milk as soon as possible, so as to ensure the smooth progress of breastfeeding. 

3. Take care of the wound.

Women with twins will encounter greater difficulty during delivery, so lacerations are more likely to occur during normal delivery, and wounds are more difficult to heal during caesarean section. 

So after giving birth, women must take care of their wounds and make the wounds heal as fast as possible. During daily cleaning, try to avoid contact with water on the wound to avoid inflammation of the wound. 

In short, gestation of life will cause great loss to the female body, and for twin pregnant mothers, this loss will obviously be more obvious. 

So, whether it is during pregnancy or after delivery, women with twins should be careful. At the same time, family members should also give more care and care to the women. 

Do you have any good experiences to share with twin mothers? Children who will make a lot of money in the future are very prominent in these aspects when they are young. Parents can enjoy the blessing.

Every parent hopes that their children can make a lot of money in the future. After all, how material conditions determine the child to a large extent Whether the future life is happy or not, this is the ultimate goal of parents. 

But many parents are worrying about their children now, thinking that they have to save more money now, otherwise the children seem to be less motivated and poorly studied, how can they make a lot of money in the future? It’s better to save more money to help the children. 

Actually, whether a child will make a lot of money in the future has nothing to do with the child’s learning. This can be practiced in life. You can look at many people with strong earning power who are not doing very well in their studies. Therefore, if your child’s academic performance is not good, parents should not rush to deny the child. 

On the contrary, if the child does not have outstanding performance in the following aspects, then parents need to pay attention, because this implies that the child’s future earning ability is a bit “hanging”. 

1. Be vigorous and resolute.

Now many children are hesitant to do things, even procrastinating. It didn’t take long for a thing to end, but because of the children’s procrastination , It took a long time before it was completed. 

Such children are often not the material to make money. You should know that children who can make money are mostly vigorous and resolute in doing things. They are extremely decisive, not procrastinated, and have a fast pace. They are truly admirable. . 

The reason why children are so deficient when they start things is because they have strong executive power, and executive power is an indispensable item in the success dictionary. 

If the child usually only talks and thinks, stays in the elementary stage, and does not put the idea into practice, then the child will never succeed. Of course, unless the idea is worth money, selling your own ideas is also a good choice, but even selling it requires children to act for it. 

Therefore, if parents usually find the child’s decisive characteristics, do not mistake the child for doing things hastily, do not deny the child’s intentions because of the child’s speed, and do not interfere with the child. 

Take homework as an example. I have seen more than once that children can finish their homework quickly, but they are stopped by parents. Parents always feel that doing homework so fast is not because of bad writing. The title was wrong, so he asked the child to take it out to correct it, but he didn’t seriously check the results. 

Actually, the child may complete the homework efficiently and with high quality, but because of the “impediment” of the parents, the child’s decisive habit is gradually changed passively, because the child will slowly change in the process. Only when I realize that I have to do it slower, my parents will feel that I have done it seriously. 

2. Pay attention to details and be very sensitive to details

They all say that the key to success or failure lies in details. If a child pays attention to details, then such a child is also a good seed for making money. 

However, in the age of electronic products, children’s interest in other things gradually declines under the temptation of mobile phones, and their mental agility also declines further. This also leads to children’s awareness of many external details. Neither can be sensitively perceived. 

This feature alone is dangerous enough. Children are not highly sensitive and neglect details. It is destined to be difficult to accomplish one thing accurately and efficiently, and they want the possibility of further development. Also very young, such children want to succeed unless the god of luck takes care of them. 

3. Turn your head fast

If you want to make money, children need to turn their heads fast, instead of just doing some mechanical thinking. Children who turn their heads quickly tend to show all kinds of quirky thoughts. When they were young, they were often referred to as “little people” by adults, and this group of children had the most ghost ideas. 

Not only that, the fast turning of the child’s head also means that the child has a strong logical thinking ability and has its own system in the head. This is something that many people will never learn in their entire lives. 

If your child does not have the characteristics of strong logical ability and fast head rotation, parents should not worry, because the early stage can be exercised, especially the effect of exercise before the child goes to elementary school Better. 

Usually parents can consciously train their children’s brain rotation, bring problems thinking to children, and cultivate the habit of thinking more often. For logical skills, this is relatively difficult to develop. Parents can start by letting children repeat the story. From the beginning of the form, let the child straighten out the logical structure of the story, and then develop it slowly. 

Cultivating children is actually like slowly weaving a big net. If the method is wrong, then one link goes wrong and the big net will be incomplete, and it may even be completely messed up. You want to make up for it. It’s also difficult. 

It is precisely because of this that it is emphasized that parents should be careful, careful and patient in the process of educating their children. Otherwise, even if the children will make a lot of money in the future, they may not share it with their parents.

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