After giving birth to a child, she aged one month and became a “grandma”. How is she recovering after 18 years?

After giving birth to a child, she aged one month and became a “grandma”. How is she recovering after 18 years? 

Nurturing life is a duty entrusted to women by God, but it has to be said that in this process, women’s bodies are also suffering to a certain extent. 

People say that women who have given birth to a child get older faster. I believe that as a person who came to Baoma, they have a deep feeling for this sentence. 

Of course, this is not only caused by the decline in physical function, but also by the hardship and labor brought about by childbirth. In fact, gestation of life is not a matter of a woman alone. 

That student After 18 years have passed, the mother of the treasure who aged into “grandma” after her child, how is her life now? 

Hu Juan, the post-85s mother, looks sweet and beautiful, and has many suitors, but in the end she chose to marry her childhood sweetheart. 

In the second year after marriage, Hu Juan gave birth to a child triumphantly, and the family of three had a very happy life. 

But slowly she found that the skin on her neck began to loosen, and then on her face, the whole person was aging to an extent visible to the naked eye, and finally became the appearance of a seventy or eighty-year-old grandmother. 

Such a change caused Hu Juan to be hit hard, so she quit her job and hid at home and did not want to go out. 

The old people in the village said that this was caused by the birth of a child. If a child is born, the skin condition may be restored to the original state. 

So Hu Juan, who was dubious, gave birth to a second child, but it backfired. Hu Juan, who had given birth to a second child, was still an old look. 

Later, Hu Juan’s deeds were reported by the media. Doctors conducted various studies and confirmed that this was an acquired facial aging disease. There is no effective way to treat it. 

But fortunately, there are some plastic surgery organizations willing to help Hu Juan get plastic surgery to improve her aging facial condition. 

Although Hu Juan looks younger after the plastic surgery, she is not as young and beautiful as before. However, Hu Juan was very grateful that her husband was always by her side, and she never abandoned her. 

For many years, Hu Juan has accepted the arrangement of fate. For her face, there are not so many entanglements. For her, a happy family of four is already a kind of luck. 

What behaviors after delivery Is it easy to cause women’s aging? 

1. Excessive physical fatigue

Women’s body is weaker after childbirth. If you don’t get careful care, women’s bodies will become more aging due to greater stress. 

Even excessive fatigue after childbirth can easily make women suffer from backaches. In addition, the postpartum mothers have to feed night milk, and the lack of sleep makes them look a lot older. 

2. Excessive dieting

Some women are eager to regain their figure after childbirth, so their dietary arrangements will be greatly reduced. 

But in fact, excessive dieting is very harmful to the body. Although it may achieve the effect of weight loss, the female body also suffers a certain degree of loss. The collagen consumption in the body is large, and the whole person looks Will age a lot. 

3. Depressed mood

After childbirth, women’s body hormone secretion will change, and then women’s emotional state will fluctuate greatly. Therefore, the occurrence of postpartum depression is not uncommon. 

If the emotional state of the parturient is not taken seriously by the family, then women affected by postpartum depression will naturally be more prone to aging. 

In terms of postpartum care, how can we help women recover quickly? 

1. Rest more and rest.

After giving birth, women have to set aside time for their body organs. Therefore, the rest mode at this stage is more suitable. 

At the same time, because women are responsible for breastfeeding, people should share more other housework, so that women can have more time to rest and recover. 

2. Appropriate exercise

After giving birth, women can try some body shaping exercises, such as yoga, which can not only relax the mood, but also adjust the physical state and improve physical fitness. 

However, when exercising, women should pay attention to the arrangement of the amount of exercise. Don’t be too eager to achieve results and put the body under excessive burden. 

3. Keep your mood happy

After giving birth, mothers must keep their mood happy, and family members must also give them more consideration and tolerance. 

A comfortable mental state is more able to help the puerpera to regulate their body, and at the same time it can also free the puerpera from the trouble of postpartum depression. 

In recent years, the topic of postpartum depression has been mentioned more times, which also means that the family should pay more attention to this and become the object of the mothers to talk about it. This is a very important aspect of the family’s postpartum care. An important part. 

In short, the hardship of nurturing life should not be borne by the female, and the family should give more warm and powerful support to the mother. 

At the same time, in the postpartum life, family members should also share more. It is not easy to have children. Don’t let the mothers bear all the pressure alone. 

What do you think about the aging that occurs in postpartum women? Becoming parents after 90, naming it is really difficult for children. Netizens’ parents’ novels must have been read.

When it comes to naming children, parents and moms have been bothered about it. A name is a symbol of an individual in social life. A nice and practical name will bring a lot of convenience to the children’s life. Moreover, the names of a generation will always show the “characteristics” of the era. For example, in the parents’ generation, names such as “Jianguo” and “Xiuying” are the trend. So when the more creative post-90s become parents, what name will they give to child a? 

When a post-90s father and mother, the names taken out make it difficult for children. Parents of netizens must read novels very much.

Previously, an elementary school teacher posted a roster of students in his class on the Internet. In the roster, the names of the children have a high degree of similarity, and they also have the immediate sense of the novel hero and heroine. For example, in the names of girls, the repetition rate of “Xinyi”, “Zitong” and “Zi Han” is relatively high. It can be seen that the names of heroines similar to novels are very popular among the parents of the post-90s generation. Although it sounds very poetic, but it always makes people feel a bit “ungrounded”. 

Among the boys’ names, names such as “Yuxuan”, “Haoyu”, and “Haoxuan” appear more frequently. The naming method that coincides with the name of the hero in the novel has become a coup for parents born in the 1990s to name their children. Although the name is just a two-character name, it has successfully made people feel like a “dominant president”. Looking at the full sheet of A4 paper names, I suddenly felt like reading it again. For this reason, the teacher also said distressedly, “It was really a bit embarrassing to call the names in class, because it is possible that two or three students are called Haoyu! “I don’t know if the child grows up and feels embarrassed that he has the same name as the protagonist of the novel?”

In this regard, netizens have commented on this. The novel, the name given to the child and the style of the novel are really too big!” “Parents like to read novels. This is a personal hobby. It is beyond reproach, but is it really good to give children names at will?”

Parents give their children a name too What kind of negative effects might it cause if you are too casual? 

Although the name has only a few words, if the parents are too casual when choosing the name, it is likely to cause the name to have a higher degree of “identity”. If the child frequently shares the same name with others, it will cause some inconvenience when using the name in daily life. Especially for common surnames, too random naming methods increase the probability of duplicate names. 

When naming a child, an overly casual attitude may also cause homophonic stalks in the child’s name. Even if the child’s name is very meaningful, but it is affected by the homophony, it will make the child’s name sound like a joke. Children who are deeply troubled by adultery are likely to be laughed at by their peers because of their homophonic names, which is not conducive to their growth and development. 

For children, a name is an individual symbol, and it also carries the love and expectation of the parents for themselves. If the parents give the child a name too casual, it is likely to make the child feel that the parent does not pay enough attention to himself, especially when the child listens to it. When other people’s names have profound meanings, after a comparison, the children will feel a little disappointed by choosing names too casually. 

for children When naming, what should parents do? 

Parents should consider both the connotation and pronunciation when naming their children. The child’s name has a profound connotation, which will make people sound more cultural, which will naturally be of great benefit to the establishment of a child’s social image. However, the connotation is not reflected in the “complexity” of the name. Chinese characters with too many strokes, or rare characters that are not commonly used, will only increase the troubles of the child when used in the name, and will not add to the child’s name. Minute. 

The consideration of the pronunciation of children’s names can help parents to cleverly avoid homophonic stubs, make the children’s names catchy, and while listening to them, they will not become the targets and objects of other people’s joking. In addition, a name that is too slurred will indeed increase the inconvenience of children when using it. It is obviously very embarrassing to be called the wrong name in public. Parents will inevitably have poor words when naming their children. At this time, parents can refer to some ancient poems and look for inspiration in the condensed verses. This will not only make the child’s name sound more poetic, but also , Will also make children more able to feel the blessings and expectations of their parents. 

In short, parents must not be too playful when naming their children. It is no problem to respect their own preferences, but if they are too casual and willful, this will inevitably “pit” the children. 

Do you have any good experiences to share when naming your children?

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