After entering the third trimester, do a few things as little as possible, they may make the baby unable to stay in the stomach

After entering the third trimester, do a few things as little as possible, they may make the baby unable to stay in the stomach

After entering the third trimester, do a few things as little as possible, they may make the baby unable to stay in the stomach Live

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In the third trimester, mothers-to-be are closer to seeing the baby After a little bit, it also ushered in the most uncomfortable days of the whole pregnancy. At this time, pregnant mothers may feel uncomfortable everywhere, and often worry about whether the babies are safe. 

Actually, it appears in the third trimester These types of discomfort are normal. 

▶ Chest tightness and shortness of breath

In the third trimester, the uterus is almost stretched to its maximum, and it is up against the chest diaphragm. When the pregnant mother is breathing, the lungs are difficult to expand, so she often feels I can’t breathe. 

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At this time, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the regularity of breathing, slow breathing, and a stable mentality. Breathing quickly and getting angry may make themselves more uncomfortable. 

▶ It’s hard to fall asleep

Because the belly is getting bigger and bigger, the aches and pains on the pregnant mother’s body have also increased, and the pain may make it difficult to fall asleep at night, plus the mood Anxiety, inability to have a favorite sleeping position, endocrine and other reasons make it more difficult to fall asleep. 

▶ Frequent urination

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the bladder of the expectant mother is more severely compressed, and she may want to go to the toilet as soon as she drinks water, and some pregnant mothers may leak urine as a result. 

But it can’t be the case Drink less water in the toilet, and go to the toilet in time when you want to urinate, so as not to affect your health. 

▶ Pain in the pubic bone and waist

The baby will be compressed to the pelvis during the continuous development process. The pregnant mother will hold such a big belly, and it will be easy for the waist to sore and the spine is uncomfortable. 

The body of the expectant mother in the third trimester It is uncomfortable and fragile, and the fetus is prone to accidents when it grows up. Therefore, pregnant mothers should be careful not to do the following things to prevent the baby from coming out prematurely. 

✘ Do not do hard housework

Mothers-to-be should not do housework such as sweeping, mopping, and cooking during the third trimester. 

Pregnant mother’s body is heavy. When doing housework, the ground is covered with water. She can slip and fall accidentally when her foot is slippery. It is very prone to accidents. 

Pregnant mother with limited mobility When the hands are in a hurry, it is easy to accidentally knock or bump the belly, which may also lead to accidental premature delivery of the baby. 

✘ Do not lift heavy objects

When lifting heavy objects, pregnant mothers may not only have to bend their waists, but also need to exert force on their waists and arms. At this time, their spine is already weak and lifted. After heavy objects, you may suffer more damage, leaving sequelae. 

Furthermore, the force of the waist and abdomen is not friendly to the fetus. The sudden tension of the muscles can easily cause the baby’s placenta to be dissected early and cause premature delivery. 

Finally, pregnant mothers can’t see the ground when lifting heavy objects, so they fall easily. 

✘ Not crowded Place

During the third trimester, the pregnant mother’s belly is too big, and it is easy to be touched by people accidentally when going to crowded places, and the fetus will be injured. 

Besides, it’s easy to get sick after staying in a crowded place for a long time. Pregnant mothers who cannot take medicine may be particularly uncomfortable. 

✘ Can’t climb high

Pregnant mothers should not be too proactive when picking up items placed on high places. It is very dangerous. It is very dangerous to get “fetal gas” or fall suddenly. 

In the third trimester, expectant mothers We must also insist on doing these things to ensure the health of the fetus. 

✔ Persist in birth checkups

In the third trimester, the frequency of birth checkups for pregnant mothers will increase a lot, starting once every two weeks and then once a week. 

And there is a very The important test is to monitor the fetal heart rate, which allows the doctor to judge the fetus’s state based on the frequency of the fetus’s heartbeat and determine whether the baby is healthy. 

In the third trimester, there may be turbid amniotic fluid and umbilical cord around the neck. Monitoring the fetal heart rate is very important for the baby’s safety. Pregnant mothers should not be lazy. 

✔ Pay attention to signs of birth

❶ Whether the amniotic fluid is broken

If the amniotic fluid is broken, you need to go to the hospital in time, so it is important to distinguish between amniotic fluid and urine :

Amniotic fluid will flow continuously, unable to stop, urine can stop; urine tastes heavier than amniotic fluid; amniotic fluid is alkaline, pregnant mother can use pH test paper to test, if it turns blue, it is very It may be that the amniotic fluid has broken. 

❷ True and false contractions< /p>

The pain of true contractions is more regular, such as once every 10 minutes, and then every two or three minutes, each time may last about a minute, pregnant mothers can feel severe pain; false contractions are irregular and painful The time is short, and the intensity of the pain is relatively weak. 

✔ Stay active

Although the body is uncomfortable in the third trimester, pregnant mothers cannot give up activities and stay in bed. This may lead to body fat, increased blood pressure, and more back Soreness and other conditions. 

Appropriate walking can help pregnant mothers adjust mood, body functions and so on. 


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Children are often taught that they are poor at home, and there may be four types of personality defects, which can be improved by clever guidance by parents.

How should parents in poor families give their children How about establishing a correct outlook on life and money? 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

I believe everyone is familiar with the word poverty. It can refer to a person’s living conditions, or it can refer to a phenomenon that exists in society, and even some people say that it is a disease. This shows how terrible poverty is and its impact on people is huge. 

In today’s society, dare to say that you have a wealthy family or few people, and most of them are in a well-off state. Parents will do everything they have to deal with their children, but sometimes they may be invisible. Zhong has instilled a kind of poverty thought in the children, which is likely to have an impact on the children’s life. 

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Xiao Ming’s family situation is not very good. Seeing his friends eating delicious food and playing with various toys every day, I am very envious. His parents I often feel ashamed and complain in front of my children that I can’t let my son live a good life. 

You cannot choose what kind of family you are born into. Some children carry the golden key from the moment they are born, while others are precarious. 

As a parent, you can only do your best to provide your children with the best material and spiritual life, help them establish a good habit of saving, and always encourage Xiaoming to study hard to be able to the future To succeed. But despite the hard work of the parents and the desire to provide the best for their children, it still affected Xiao Ming in the end. 

During a class group spring outing, the teacher led the students into the dining room to eat. After the teacher gave an order, the students all started to eat, but Xiao Ming remained motionless and stared at the table with his eyes. On the burger. 

The teacher curiously asked Xiao Ming why he didn’t sit down and eat together. Xiao Ming replied: “Teacher, I can’t afford it.” The teacher smiled and explained: “This is organized by the school, so you don’t need to spend your own money.”

Xiao Ming sat down and started eating after hearing this. Even so, the teacher was still surprised that a hamburger could not cost a lot of money. What a child’s thoughts, this is really a family condition and educational philosophy that deeply affects him . 

From this case, it can be seen that the poverty concept that parents instill in their children will really affect the baby invisibly. 

Poverty for children How big is the impact? 

1. Suppress children’s normal needs

If children start to form the concept of family poverty since they are young, it is easy to become deeply ingrained and gradually integrate into their own worldview, thereby gradually suppressing their normal needs. 

For children, it is their nature to love to play. Toys are indispensable in childhood. However, if children have the concept of family poverty, they will feel that buying toys is incorrect and should be frugal. The idea is obliterated. 

2. Influencing children’s communication

Some people think that it is inappropriate to talk about money with their children, but in fact this will directly affect their children’s interpersonal communication. 

Children born in poor families will be influenced by their parents since they were young, and will have their own views on material things. This will often be a bit stingy in interpersonal communication. For example, classmates ask him to eat today. If you don’t need something, you will be reluctant when you need to ask for it in a few days. These ideas come from your own poverty and the idea of ​​saving a little bit. This will seriously affect your baby’s interpersonal communication. 

3. Form an incorrect view of money

As the saying goes: “Things are precious”. For children from poor families, money is a precious thing, coupled with the idea that parents instilled since childhood, In the end, it is easy for the baby to become overly valued on money, just like Xiaomi in the case. After seeing the burger, the idea is not to eat it, but how much money it will cost. 

Over time, it is easy for the child to form an incorrect concept of money, and even become a profit-seeking person when he grows up, which will be very detrimental to the growth of the baby. 

4. Let children become inferior and weak

For growing children, satisfaction is always indispensable. If they are not satisfied, they are prone to inferiority complex. Therefore, Poor babies are prone to feeling of inferiority, so they feel that their family background is not as good as that of their age, and they have some unsatisfied, they will develop inferiority and cowardice. 

Studies have shown that children are the group most prone to inferiority complex and cowardly. 

Therefore, as a parent, when children have questions about their own family situation, they ask “Mom, are we poor?” When faced with such questions, parents must learn to answer cleverly. 

The child has a family What should parents do if they are poor? 

1. Tell the child about the situation at home based on facts.

When the child asks whether the family has money, parents must not blindly cry poor or exaggerate the facts to show off their wealth. Instead, they should tell their children truthfully. The situation of one’s own family allows children to have a clear and correct understanding, and avoid doubts or guesses. 

2. Instill correct values ​​

Parents can instill in their children a correct value of money based on their own family situation, so that their children can maintain a normal heart and know how to spend money meaningfully Place, do not blindly compare with others. 

Some parents with poor family conditions, due to their poor conditions, have a mentality of compensation for their children, and there may be some unprincipled behaviors of blindly satisfying their children, and this kind of love is very likely Will bring a kind of harm to the children. 

In fact, when a child has doubts about the financial situation of the family, parents may wish to tell their children the real family situation and let the children understand that regardless of their financial ability, they will do their best to love he. Return to Sohu to see more

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