After Bao Ma has eaten the four types of food, the quality of breast milk may deteriorate, so it is best to stop breastfeeding the baby temporarily

After Bao Ma has eaten the four types of food, the quality of breast milk may deteriorate. It is best to stop breastfeeding the baby temporarily

Research shows that breastfed babies have immunity, intelligence and other aspects. obvious advantage. 

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Recommended by the World Health Organization Naturally, there is no need to say more about the benefits of breastfeeding. However, the quality of breast milk has a great relationship with the mother’s diet. 

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The baby has eczema because her breast milk is too “spicy”

Xiaomei is a typical Sichuan girl who is not spicy or unhappy. After pregnancy, she has been told that she can’t Eating spicy food, forbearance is a year. 

Now it’s okay, the confinement period is over, Xiaomei started to eat all kinds of spicy food unscrupulously, hot pot, spicy strips, mala Tang, etc. are all arranged, and the long-lost delicacy makes her feel the whole person Are all alive. 

She was not planning to order a takeaway spicy hotpot to relieve her gluttons, but her husband hurriedly called her over. It turned out that the baby had eczema, and the two hurriedly took the baby to the hospital. 

The doctor will tell them after the examination: “The mother’s diet is the cause of the child’s eczema or breast milk. The mother’s diet needs special attention.” Xiaomei said that she has paid attention to her diet and supplemented various nutrients on time, but she recently ate a little spicy food. 

As soon as the doctor heard it, the doctor accused: “As a breastfeeding mother, eating indiscriminately food is simply irresponsible to her child. Eating spicy food can easily lead to hot substances in breast milk, which can easily cause baby eczema, constipation, etc. This kind of problem.” After Xiao Mei heard it, she realized that her momentary greed had almost caused a catastrophe. 

These kinds of foods are not recommended for breastfeeding mothers.

In addition to spicy food, there are also some foods that mothers can’t eat, otherwise it will cause harm to the child’s body. The mother has finished eating, and the quality of breast milk may often deteriorate. It is recommended to temporarily stop breastfeeding the baby——

1. Foods containing allergens

When breastfeeding, compare the mother’s body Fragile, if the mother eats some foods with more allergens, some ingredients will enter the breast milk after digestion, which can easily cause the baby’s allergies. 

2, contains caffeine Food

This kind of food is not to be touched. It enters breast milk through digestion. After eating, the child is prone to bloating and diarrhea, which is not good for health. It is mainly found in a variety of soft drinks, coffee, tea, and should be avoided. 

Pay special attention to chocolate, because it not only contains caffeine, but also theobromine. After the mother eats it, this ingredient will be transmitted to the child’s body through the breast milk, damaging the nervous system, and causing damage to the heart. Negative Effects. 

3, Digestible foods

Eating these types of foods will burden the stomach and intestines, and will not be able to absorb nutrients in time, and the quality of breast milk will also decrease. Mainly include some fried foods, foods that are too sweet and greasy, etc. 

4. Preserved foods

The daily salt intake of adults is about 5~8 grams, and it is basically not recommended for infants under 1 year old to consume salt . 

The food that is pickled contains a lot of salt, which will not only damage the mother’s body, but for the baby, not only will the burden on the kidneys be aggravated, but it will also be prone to problems such as getting angry. 

Find out the way to cause the baby’s discomfort food

The first step: food inventory

Find out the food that the mother has eaten when the child is unwell, and One by one record, such as: eggs, what kind of problems will be caused by. 

Other foods can also be recorded in sequence. 

Step 2: Elimination

After recording, some foods are excluded, still taking eggs as an example. If the baby’s condition is alleviated after the removal, then it is proved that it is indeed the cause of the child’s discomfort. If it is not alleviated , You need to exclude other foods. 

Step 3: Try again

After the child’s symptoms are relieved or have been completely eliminated, then some suspicious foods can be tried again, if there is no problem within 24 hours Prove that the food is healthy and optional, and vice versa. 

Knowledge extension: breastfeeding period Several kinds of vegetables should be eaten less

As foods containing more nutrients, fresh vegetables are a must at any stage. However, during breastfeeding, it is best not to eat these vegetables——< /p>

1) Leek

As a nutritious vegetable, leeks are used in many dishes, such as barbecue, dumplings, and scrambled eggs with leeks. Each dish is mouth-watering. However, the lactation period needs to be avoided as much as possible, because it has a strong milk-returning effect, which can easily lead to insufficient breast milk or even weaning. 

2) Bitter gourd

The first choice vegetable for reducing fire and cooling, especially in summer, every household will make it, but like leeks, it also has a strong milk-returning effect. If mothers eat too much, it will not only affect the amount of breast milk, but also affect it. Taste. 

3) Bamboo shoots

Moms who love bamboo shoots should also pay attention. It is best to control the breastfeeding period. Because bamboo shoots are inherently cold, they also contain a certain amount of oxalate. These substances enter the baby’s body through breast milk, which will seriously hinder the absorption of calcium and affect the baby’s healthy development. A few signs that children stop growing taller, If one of them appears early, beware of precocious puberty.

It is the bone line that determines the height of the child. Once it is closed, it means that the child will stop growing tall. 

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Height can add a lot of points to your personal image. It is not only helpful for your career, but also a great assist for your future marriage and relationship. Therefore, parents want their children to grow up to be bigger and taller, and they have also put a lot of effort in this aspect. Let me explain this aspect to everyone. 

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What is the child’s height related to? 

According to research findings, 65%~70% of children’s height are related to parents’ genes, and 30%~35% are related to acquired factors. 

It is the bone line that determines the height of the child. Once the bone line is closed, it means to stop growing tall. 

This is because the skeletal line exists at the end of the upper limb bone and the lower limb bone. It is rich in cartilage cells. During the process of growth and division, the chondrocytes secrete a large amount of collagen matrix, which promotes long bones. Growth, the height of a person will also grow. 

The closure of the skeletal line means that the fusion between the metaphysis and the epiphysis has occurred, and the growth of the long bones has stopped, making the height unable to continue to change. 

Under normal circumstances, girls develop earlier than boys, so the bone line will be closed earlier, about 18 years old, and boys generally around 21-22 years old. 

So, how should parents judge that the child’s bone line is about to close, and is about to stop growing taller? This requires parents to observe whether the baby’s body has these kinds of manifestations. 

The child’s body The appearance of these three signals indicates that the height growth is about to stop.

1. The growth rate of height is very slow.

There is actually a certain pattern in the growth of children’s height, which will gradually slow down from fast, and then increase again. , And then slow down until it no longer grows taller. 

The common growth nodes are: 1~3 years old, 10~14 years old, 14~18 years old. There may be differences between men and women, but it roughly fits this growth trajectory. 

If parents find that their child is about to enter puberty, the height suddenly jumps, and then the skeletal line may be about to close, and the child can be taken to the hospital for confirmation. 

2. Start to gain weight

After the human body takes in nutrients, it converts the absorbed nutrients into energy to provide the growth of various parts of the body. Under normal circumstances, it will maintain a state of balanced development. Therefore, the growth of the child’s weight and height will also follow this rule. 

Therefore, if parents find that the child’s height has increased for a period of time, the speed slows down, and the body shape is getting wider, and the visible changes are getting fatter, then this is likely to be when the bone line is about to close. A signal sent out. 

Because when the bone line is about to close, even if nutrients are taken in, it will not be absorbed and have any effect when entering the bone line, so this part of the nutrients will be transferred to other body parts, and other parts are also Can not be absorbed completely, which will cause fat accumulation. 

3. The second physiological feature has developed

The development of the second physiological feature indicates that the child has entered puberty, and this signal also indicates that the bone line is about to close and the growth rate About to stop. 

Under normal circumstances, the time to enter puberty is 11-16 years old. After arrival, the body will have the second physiological characteristics. Girls will have menarche, breast bulge, and more subcutaneous fat, etc.; boys The beard grows out, the throat becomes thicker, and the voice becomes thicker. 

It should be noted that if a girl is 8 years old, and a boy has secondary sexual characteristics before 9 years old, it means precocious puberty. This kind of child’s height will often stop development early. 

How parents do Can you help the child’s height jump again? 

1. Adhere to a regular schedule

Parents must help their children develop the good habit of going to bed early and getting up early, and let them enter the depth at 11 o’clock in the evening, so as to promote the growth of height. 

This is because according to related studies, children can secrete more growth hormone after entering deep sleep, especially from 11 pm to 2 am and from 5 am to 7 am. These two time periods are for the secretion of growth hormone. In the most vigorous stage, it can reach 5 times during the day. 

Deep sleep enters 1 to 2 hours after going to bed. Therefore, it is best for parents to let their children go to bed at around 9:00 and fall asleep at around 9:30. 

2. Healthy diet

Children’s height growth cannot be separated from the supplement of nutrients, but the energy and calories are too much, which requires parents to pay attention to nutritional balance and avoid overnutrition , Avoid high-calorie foods, lead to obesity, and then hinder the growth of height. 

The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that children aged 4 to 12 should consume between 1830 and 2470 Kcal per day, calcium between 500 and 1000 mg, protein between 30 and 75 g, zinc between 6 and 15 g, and vitamin a between 2000 and 4000 international units. , Vitamin B2 is 0.5mg, niacin is 6mg. 

3. Exercise more

Parents usually take their children for outdoor activities, such as skipping rope, playing basketball, running, etc., with certain stretching exercises, which can not only promote height growth, but also It can also boost their immunity. 

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