After a woman is pregnant, these three places will “blacken”, so people don’t have to look away from it embarrassingly.

After a woman is pregnant, these three places will “blacken”. People who come here don’t have to look awkwardly.

From a psychological point of view, giving birth is the process of changing a woman from a girl to a mother. Become more mature and stable. 

In terms of the body, many changes will occur due to pregnancy and childbirth. For example, during pregnancy, in addition to emotional ups and downs, memory decline, it will also become lethargic, stretch marks, pregnancy spots and so on. It is precisely because of these hardships that people in the world will always praise their mothers! 

My girlfriend Xiaowen has always been a girl who loves beauty very much. Because she pays attention to skin care and figure management, in summer, Xiaowen can always become a beautiful scenery line with various styles of skirts. 

Even when she first learned of pregnancy in the spring, Xiaowen took us to buy a lot of beautiful maternity dresses together, looking forward to maintaining a different beauty in summer. 

However, in June, when the temperature is completely enough to wear a skirt, Xiaowen still keeps her trousers and shirt style when she meets with us. 

Seeing that Xiaowen is still very thin, we all find it very strange. Why doesn’t she wear those cool maternity skirts? 

Only once, Xiaowen took a few more private selfies and showed me how she didn’t know why she didn’t wear those skirts. 

In the photo, you can see that there is a large piece of skin on Xiaowen’s armpit that is very dark in color, the inner side of the arm is also black, and the abdomen that we cannot see is also black in color. 

Xiaowen said that she consulted a doctor. This is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. After the baby is born, she can get back to normal after slowly conditioning. But in the current situation, she couldn’t convince herself to show these skins in front of outsiders. 

For many pregnant mothers who are pregnant for the first time, they may feel flustered when they see some areas of their bodies become black, especially when they can’t wash them off. In fact, this is a very normal phenomenon. 

If you go to the hospital for an examination, the doctor will definitely say that this is caused by the hormone changes in the body during pregnancy, leading to pigmentation. And the darkening in some places still indicates that the fetus is developing and healthy! 

This after pregnancy The three areas are dark, don’t be surprised, it means that the fetus is developing very healthy

1. The neck and underarms

Many pregnant mothers will have darkened neck and underarm skin after pregnancy. These phenomena are caused by It varies from person to person. However, this is due to increased hormone secretion in the body, caused by melanin precipitation, which is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. 

After giving birth, the hormones gradually return to their pre-pregnancy state, and these darkened parts will gradually fade until they disappear. 

2, the areola turns black

Presumably, many pregnant mothers will find that their areola gradually darkens or even becomes black since pregnancy. This is caused by the increase in female hormones in the body after pregnancy. 

At the same time, the blood vessels of the breast after pregnancy will be much more obvious than before pregnancy. These are all related to the precipitation of melanin caused by hormone changes. 

3. Black lines grow on the abdomen

As the pregnancy time increases, the black lines on the abdomen of some pregnant mothers will get darker and darker. In fact, this is because the increase and continuous action of progesterone and prolactin will make this color called the midline of pregnancy continue to deepen. 

At the same time, many pregnant mothers will develop stretch marks during pregnancy. If you want to reduce stretch marks, you might as well apply massage oil on the abdomen from the early stages of pregnancy to properly moisturize the skin and improve stretch marks. . 

4. The belly button becomes black

Usually around 20 weeks of pregnancy, the belly button of many pregnant mothers will become very black. This is also due to the increase in hormones in the body, pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much. 

In addition to the above several parts, some pregnant mothers will also have some pregnancy spots, chloasma, etc. on their faces. 

This is because ultraviolet rays and some hormones in the body increase the number of black somatic cells in the body and the precipitation of melanin. 

Many areas that darken during pregnancy will slowly disappear after the baby is born, but if the care is not done properly in some areas, it is likely to follow the pregnant mothers for a lifetime, such as chloasma. Therefore, whether it is during pregnancy or after childbirth, mothers who love beauty should still be cautious! 

Pregnancy and postpartum , Precautions for adjusting the black parts of the haircut

1. Maintain hygiene

Although some parts become dark because of hormone changes in the body, pregnant mothers should not relax the cleaning and sanitation of these parts. 

At the same time, you should also pay attention to keeping your skin moisturized. You might as well buy some body lotions and massage oils for pregnant women to apply. 

2. Pay attention to diet

Many darkened parts can slowly return to normal after delivery, but pregnant mothers also need to pay more attention to diet. 

For example, eat more foods rich in vitamin G, such as brown rice, oranges, avocados, cherries, green leafy vegetables, etc. Through diet therapy, it will be safer. 

Due to the changes in hormones and the precipitation of melanin in pregnant mothers during pregnancy, it is very likely that certain parts will turn black. 

However, when there are no problems with the results of regular check-ups, pregnant mothers should not worry too much about these changes. Generally, after giving birth, they should pay attention to rest and eat more fruits and vegetables. Can slowly recover as before. 

Pregnancy is a complicated and full of hardships. Every pregnant mother is admirable! 

Even if there are some changes in appearance, it is not a big deal compared to the health of yourself and the fetus! I hope pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much! 

Did it get dark when you were pregnant? Is it gradually recovering after delivery? Welcome to share your story! Cultivating children’s learning habits does not start with urging. What is really effective and has no negative effect is it

Which parent does not want their children to have excellent academic performance, and how their children are learning, in fact, the most important thing is to see learning habit. 

When a child has good study habits, the child’s learning enthusiasm will become stronger. Even if they are not urged by their parents, they can read books properly and do their homework honestly. How many parents is this? The ideal type! 

However, parents in real life are often worried about this. Many parents also know that if they want to improve their children’s academic performance, they must cultivate their children’s learning enthusiasm, so they decided to start by urging and supervising their children to do homework. 

But in fact, if you want to cultivate children’s study habits, the role of urging and supervising children to do homework is not so great. 

After the children come home from school every day, the first thing the mothers say is “Hurry up and do the homework.” How many children reacted by saying, “I will do it later, and watch TV first. “

Some parents really have no choice but to force their children to take out their homework, then sit next to their children and personally supervise the children’s homework. 

Let alone, this method has indeed worked a lot, and the children will take out the homework by themselves and then start to do the homework. 

But if parents are to stare at their children writing word by word, the whole process will be too boring. Parents will definitely not be able to bear it, and it is relatively easy to use this to cultivate children’s learning habits. It is difficult to form. When the parents do not supervise one day, the children will “free themselves” again. 

The simplest and most effective The method is to “check homework” with the “reward and punishment system”

This method is my own effective method of personal testing. Both children are trained in this method. Now they have better learning habits. I never need to urge me to do my homework consciously. 

1. Check homework

When children first go to school, they will be more interested when they come back to have homework, because they have just learned the concept of “homework” and have just started to try. I think it’s interesting. 

But when they find that this kind of thing is done every day, and it is very boring, in this case, they will naturally become slack. 

In response to this situation, it is recommended to tell the child after the child’s interest is lax, that the child’s homework will be checked every day, and will be carefully checked one by one, if it is not done, or if the child is found to respond at will, Then there will be corresponding penalties. 

On the contrary, if the child’s completion rate is good, and the correct rate is also high, then naturally there will be corresponding rewards. 

At the same time, parents need to be reminded that when checking the homework for their children, they find wrong questions. Don’t point them out directly to the children. Instead, tell them, “You found 2 questions wrong in your homework. Check it again and correct it.”

If the child does not find the error after trying, he can set a certain range for the child and let the child look it up. If the child still does not find it the second time, then tell the child to avoid Make the child feel impatient. 

If the child really doesn’t know how to do it, parents can let the child look at the book, because the questions that the younger children do are basically derived from the textbook, and there will not be too much The big difference, many questions even only changed the number. 

It should also be noted that if the child has a workbook, then the answer needs to be turned in to avoid the child from copying the answer. 

2. Reward and Punishment System

I personally suggest implementing a reward and punishment system because it can be used as an incentive. When the child’s homework is completed in a timely manner and the correct rate is high, the child can be rewarded with a star, and it is agreed that when the number of stars is full, he can buy a favorite thing for the child or take the child where to play. 

Parents can limit a certain amount of time according to their children’s usual homework habits and the amount of homework. This can also exercise their children’s brain speed, otherwise the children will have no time limit. There will definitely be laziness, and I feel that the time is still long, and it doesn’t matter if you do it slowly. 

Therefore, only children who finish their homework within a certain period of time and have a higher correct rate will be rewarded accordingly. 

On the contrary, when the child not only fails to complete the homework within the specified time, but it is obvious from the homework that the child is coping with it, then there must be corresponding punitive measures, such as the child not being able to do it for three days Eating snacks, or not being able to watch TV, or not going out on weekends, etc. 

These rewards and punishments must be closely related to the children’s self-interest. Otherwise, if the children are not related to those interests, they will naturally not have so much motivation to practice and complete the task. 

Only with the cooperation of these methods, children will slowly develop good learning habits. Parents do not need to be on the sidelines to supervise them all the time. They only need to check the results finally. 

And for children, in this process, they not only learn to learn independently, but also know how to self-check. Such children tend to show stronger “accumulation and thin hair” in the later stage.

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