After a woman is pregnant, there are several parts to be cleaned in place, so as not to hurt herself and the fetus

After a woman is pregnant, there are several parts to be cleaned in place to avoid hurting herself and the fetus

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Hygiene during pregnancy is very important, but body cleanliness during pregnancy is not simple, especially as the gestational age increases, the pregnancy belly gradually increases, and it is inconvenient to do many actions. 

However, experts emphasized that even if it is difficult, these parts of the body should be cleaned in place during pregnancy to avoid injury to the fetus. 

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Clean the body during pregnancy in place

A. Water temperature control is appropriate

Bath during pregnancy has strict requirements on water temperature, and the water temperature should not be too high. It does not feel cold, usually around 38 degrees. 

This is mainly because the water temperature is too high, and pregnant women stay in relatively closed toilets, which are often prone to hypoxia, which may affect the development of the fetus; while the water temperature is too low, the pregnant woman’s body is easily stimulated and the blood will be mobilized Get up to heat up the skin, so that the temperature in the uterus will drop, which may also affect the development of the fetus. 

B. The time cannot be too long

Generally, the bathroom is relatively closed. If pregnant mothers take too long to take a bath, they are prone to dizziness and chest tightness. In addition, the pregnant woman’s body is inherently fragile and may not be in this state. Be careful of falling. 

Secondly, under the stimulation of hot water, the capillaries of the pregnant mother’s body expand rapidly, and the brain is prone to insufficient blood supply, which often causes the fetus to suffer from hypoxia and increase the heart rate. 

Therefore, the bath time should usually be controlled within 10-20 minutes. 

C. Use less warm products

In winter, we usually use Yuba in the bath, but it is very dangerous for pregnant mothers. 

After pregnancy, the heat dissipation function of the body will be greatly reduced. Under the action of the bath heater, the temperature will rise rapidly, which will also easily lead to dizziness, and the dazzling lights will also interfere with the operation of the brain, which is prone to be difficult to control. Danger. 

Clean face during pregnancy is in place

Many young mothers pursue exquisiteness and beauty before pregnancy. Even if they are pregnant, they also pay attention to their own facial care. However, many cosmetics and skin care products may be harmful to pregnant mothers. The fetus causes harm, so it is naturally undesirable. If you want to maintain your beauty, it is important to clean your face. 

The water temperature for pregnant women should not be too high, usually around 20 degrees in summer and 30 degrees in winter. 

When washing your face, usually Mainly warm water, because skin is sensitive and fragile during pregnancy, hot water will accelerate blood circulation, red blood streaks will be more obvious, resulting in poor skin condition; while cold water will cause incomplete cleansing, oil residues, and damage skin health. 

The choice of cleansing products: The skin is very sensitive during pregnancy, prone to allergies and other skin problems, so it is best to choose a mild soap-free cleansing product. 

Another thing to note is, Hormones and hormones will change during pregnancy. Various problems may occur on the skin. Acne and oil are normal. Do not wipe medicines or skin care products at will. Usually it will be better after a period of time. Worry more. 

Clean teeth in place during pregnancy

Pregnant mother’s teeth will become very fragile, and they will often bleed when brushing their teeth, even when they eat. 

This is mainly due to the influence of progesterone in the body, which leads to tooth decay and the growth of periodontal bacteria. It is important to clean your teeth. 

During pregnancy, the teeth will become more fragile under the alternate stimulation of cold and hot water. In addition, the body will lose a lot of calcium and the teeth will be more sensitive. Therefore, the water temperature must be fixed. Usually kept at 35~37 degrees. 

At the same time, the gums are prone to redness and swelling. They are prone to bleeding problems if they are stimulated by toothbrushes or food, and warm water can also relieve them to a certain extent. 

The choice of toothbrush:


Many times, bleeding gums have a lot to do with the stimulation of the toothbrush, so you usually need to pay more attention to the choice of toothbrush——

In the choice of bristles, you should choose soft and flexible ones. And the material is safe, and the shape is similar to wavy, so that when brushing the teeth can be cleaned more comprehensively and meticulously; in the choice of use, you can use an electric toothbrush, which not only saves energy, but also has a more uniform strength than manual brushing. , Effectively reduce the damage to teeth. 

Clean breasts during pregnancy

Because most mothers need to breastfeed after childbirth, the cleanliness of the breasts is related to the health of both mother and child, and should not be taken carelessly. 

First of all, we should be clear that the apocrine tissues are distributed in a large amount in the chest, and they secrete more oil, which can play a certain protective role. 

But if the secretion of oil is too much, it may affect the health of the body, especially when the pregnant mother is in the third trimester, the body has already secreted prolactin, so a small amount of breast milk will leak out. If it is not cleaned up in time, it may often be Poses a threat to health. 

So be sure when cleaning Adhere to the principle of moderation. First of all, you should not use some soaps with strong cleaning power. This will lead to the complete loss of oil, and the skin will become drier. When breastfeeding the child, it is more likely to be injured. 

Usually, you only need to moisten the towel with warm water and wipe it gently, once or twice a day, without excessive cleaning.  These children’s performances seem to be very annoying, but actually The above is a manifestation of high IQ, please steal the one of them

When your child has these behaviors, does it make you feel very annoying, but in fact, this may be a performance of high IQ, don’t kill it. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

Parents hope that their children can be healthy Grow happily, and be able to have a high IQ, and achieve something in the future. The study found that 40% of children’s IQ is genetically derived, and 60% is related to the acquired education and growth environment. 

Then how do parents know whether their children have high IQs? In fact, they often send out some signals in their daily lives, but the parents have not noticed it, and even find it a little annoying. 

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Lily’s son is four years old this year. He is usually naughty and often makes a mess at the house. This is not the most terrible thing. It is the child who makes her feel helpless most. Although I was young, I was already a little talker, and I talked to my mother every day, and it seemed that I couldn’t stop. 

In her free time, Lily wanted to have a quiet break. As a result, her son started to talk to her a lot, which made her very helpless, and sometimes even wanted to scold her, but some friends said This is also a manifestation of cleverness. 

Thinking about this reason, Lily started chatting with her baby when she had time. 

Actually, this case is to tell everyone that sometimes some small behaviors of the baby may seem a little annoying, but it may actually be a performance of high IQ. 

from the child These annoying behaviors for parents are actually signals of high IQ.

1. He is a “small money addict”

The child has pocket money since he was a child, not thinking about how to spend it, but It’s like a “little money fan” who accumulates all the money to prepare for emergencies. This shows that a baby has a “financial quotient” since childhood. This is actually a kind of high IQ performance. 

Parents only need to carry out correct guidance, let him develop the correct concept of financial management, there will be certain achievements in the future. 

2, very overbearing

Some children are little overlords in life. When playing with others, they like to give orders and let others listen to him, even at home. A very assertive person, parents may find such a baby disobedient, unbehaved, and annoying, but in fact, such children have the ability to organize, have independent opinions, and have courage since they were young. Parents must not blindly attack them. Kill the baby’s ability in the coming. 

3. It’s a small chat

Xiaohua tuberculosis is the most troublesome type for parents. They always chatter at home, and they can follow their parents and grandparents to talk about all kinds of months. His words, from the stars and the moon to cartoons, and then to the poems and songs he learned… a lively little Tang monk. 

At this time, parents must not feel very annoying. Such a child just shows that their language and expression skills are strong, and they are likely to be a person with high IQ and EQ in the future. 

4. Always ask questions

Some children always chase their parents to ask questions, as if there are 100,000 people asking what to ask every day, you can start from “How did I come from?” “When asked, “Why do fish live in the water” and so on, sometimes parents can’t fight them at all. 

At this time, parents may feel very annoying, where there are so many problems every day, but in fact, this can show that the child is good at thinking, strong in observation, etc. This is a kind of high IQ performance of the baby. Cultivate well, and you will have some good achievements in the future. 

5. Lively and active

Some children love to be naughty and active, which makes parents feel very bored. Why can’t they stop and be quiet? 

In fact, these active children tend to have better coordination and practical skills, and these are all controlled by the brain’s nervous system. This shows that the baby’s brain is very good and IQ higher. 

In addition, active children have the courage to explore new things, which shows that their thinking is active and their creativity is relatively strong. 

Therefore, as long as parents take good care of them, I believe that the children’s future grades are just around the corner. 

What should parents do Promote the development of children’s high IQ? 

1. Don’t stifle the child’s nature

Children are active in nature, full of curiosity and desire to explore the unknown. Parents constantly explore new things and ask questions when they encounter a baby Be patient and answer carefully. Even if it’s a question you don’t know, you can work with your child to find the answer. When they explore, you can encourage them so that your child’s thinking ability and creativity can be continuously improved. 

2. Don’t dislike the children’s drawing skills.

Many children like to write and draw, and even play freely on the walls and floors at home. From the parents’ point of view, this is just scribbling, or even scribbling. Stop it, but painting can actually help the development of IQ. 

Scientists in London and Japan have confirmed through research that children’s drawing level and IQ are directly proportional, so when children do graffiti, be sure to encourage them to look at the food around them, and then paint them with a paintbrush. 

3. Ensure that children receive adequate nutrition

Parents ensure that their children receive adequate nutrition every day, which is not only beneficial to their healthy growth and development, but also to their children’s IQ development. 

American Nutrition has conducted a study of more than 5,000 children and found that if a child lacks iron, even without anemia, it is easy to affect cognitive ability. 

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