After a woman finishes her “aunt”, when will she touch it? Those who want a baby should seize the opportunity

After a woman finishes her “aunt”, when will she touch it? Those who want a baby must seize the opportunity

The fertility rate is getting lower and lower, partly because young people’s willingness to bear children has declined, and many people even choose to be infertile for life, and partly because of infertility. The infertility rate is increasing year by year. The latest statistics show that as many as 12.5% ​​of couples in our country are infertile, which is not a small proportion. Even if infertility is aside, judging from the current situation of getting married in 30 or so, the probability of natural conception is already low. If some measures are not taken, it will inevitably be in the matter of having children. Procrastinated again and again. 

The cousin got married five years ago, but she was not pregnant until the beginning of this year. She has had a baby at home. The doctor said that she is over 35 years old and she is at a high risk during pregnancy, so please be careful. Thinking of having a child, the cousin didn’t dare to be careless, so she quit her job and raised her baby with peace of mind. Of course, my brother-in-law, her husband’s family, and her mother’s family were also willing to make this decision. After all, a big family is waiting for the cousin’s belly. The baby is born. 

Speaking of having children, my cousin didn’t think about it before. Although they did not plan to have a baby in the first two years of marriage, two years later, with the brother-in-law’s career With the improvement, the family economy began to improve, and the birth of a baby was put on the agenda, but I did not expect two years to pass, but there was no movement at all. During this period, although the two got together less and separated more due to work reasons, every time they made each other, they were unprotected, and they were all unsuccessful. 

After a long period of time, the couple suspected that it was a physical problem, but after going to the hospital, they found that their reproductive ability was normal, but the doctor reminded them to have sex during the ovulation period in the future, so that the chances of pregnancy will be higher. After returning from the hospital, the couple followed the doctor’s reminder. As expected, it took only two months this time to check that they were pregnant. 

Ovulation is a stage in the female physiological period. It has a standard algorithm, which will be described in detail below. Couples who have sex during this period of time will have a much higher chance of getting pregnant. So couples who want a child but do not see any movement for a long time can calculate the ovulation period first, and then have sex, so that they will not be “missing the target” all the time. “Again. 

Female end” After “aunt”, this period of time will have the so-called ovulation period, which is the time period during the menstrual period except for the menstrual period and the safe period. Its algorithm is such that the 14th day before the next menstruation is the center point, which is extended by 4 days before and after. For example, if you have a menstruation on the 15th of this month, then the next menstruation will be on the 15th of the next month. If you push it forward 14 days, it will be the 1st of the next month, and this is the 4 days before and after that. From the 28th or 29th of the month to the 5th of the next month, these 8 days are the ovulation period. 

In other words, after the current menstruation, about 16 days later, it is the ovulation period in the next menstrual cycle. As long as you can have sex at this stage, the probability of pregnancy will be very high, even “at the first touch.” Ovulation is particularly important for middle-aged couples, because middle-aged women have aging ovaries and the quality of their eggs is also reduced. Natural pregnancy is more difficult, while during ovulation, it is relatively easier. 

In addition to predicting the ovulation period, there are more ways to make pregnancy easier. Most of these methods are inseparable from long-term persistence. It is still difficult for people with weak self-control, but for the sake of children, no matter how hard and tired they should be, they should be persisted, not to mention these methods are more for women themselves. The benefits of it. 

These methods can also increase the chance of pregnancy. Female friends must know early.

The first thing is to keep exercising to maintain the hormone balance in the body. You must know that pregnancy is a “strength”, the body is not strong enough, and the level of hormones in the body is unstable. Not only is it difficult to get pregnant, even if you barely get pregnant, there is a possibility of “losing a baby” in the later stage. Therefore, in order to give birth to a healthy baby, women must adhere to good exercise habits and strengthen their bodies, so that the baby will be healthier and the developmental environment in the body will be more friendly to the fetus. 

Another way is to prepare for pregnancy. Don’t underestimate it. For some women, the question of whether or not they can get pregnant is a question of whether they can get pregnant. It is necessary to take folic acid during pregnancy preparation, which can improve the environment in the mother’s body and make it more beneficial to the development of the fetus. During pregnancy, through proper abstinence, the quality of women’s eggs and men’s sperm can also be improved, which will also have a positive impact on pregnancy. The pregnancy preparation time is at least three months, below this value, the effect will not be obvious, so enough patience is required to do it. 

Giving birth is a major event in every family, and giving birth to a healthy baby is the expectation of every parent. At present, the infertility rate is getting higher and the age of first marriage of young people is also increasing year by year. For those who have difficulty in getting pregnant naturally, it is necessary to make full use of the ovulation period and also pay attention to the usual daily diet, so that it can be realized as soon as possible. With the dream of holding a baby, the child born will be healthier. The mother who is the most proud of the child can not be beautiful, but these qualities must be possessed, and learn one to earn.

Children don’t dislike the ugliness of the mother. For the child, the image of the mother is not the most important, important It is some traits in her body. As long as she possesses these traits, even if she is not good in appearance, she can still become the pride of the child’s heart. It’s just that many mothers don’t know which traits their children care about, let alone how to cultivate them. 

My colleague, sister Zhang, is not pretty. She is much older than her peers in her early thirties, but her daughter is only five years old. When the two go out together, she is often mistaken for her grandmother to take her granddaughter. However, Zhang’s daughter likes her mother very much, and she often talks about her mother with her friends. Her words are full of pride and admiration, as if in her eyes, her mother is an omnipotent person. 

In fact, Sister Zhang is just an ordinary person, and as mentioned above, she is not beautiful. Compared with the young mothers who are good-looking and can dress up, she is far from the image. . But even so, she still received her daughter’s appreciation and respect from the heart, and became her daughter’s great pride. How did she do it? It’s very simple, just some of the characteristics we mentioned at the beginning. 

Bao Ma wants to be a child’s pride. It’s very simple. You don’t need to be beautiful. You only need to have these characteristics.

The first characteristic is to know how to praise. The reason why it is put in the first place is because compared with Western mothers, Chinese mothers are always stingy in praising their children. This may be related to the humble core of Chinese traditional culture. In fact, children need praise, especially the praise from the closest mother. Praise your child often, and your image in the child’s heart will be better, and naturally you will have more hope of becoming the pride of the child. 

The second trait is honesty and trustworthiness. This is also a major trait that many mothers lack, because most Chinese parents treat their children as appendages. Since they are appendages, of course they don’t need to care about his personal dignity. Therefore, whenever you encounter something that you don’t want to explain, or is difficult to explain, you will make up a lie to deal with it. In fact, the child is not that stupid. If the parents lie, even if he doesn’t understand it for a while, he will always understand it in the future. And a parent who is not trustworthy and always lie to him, of course, cannot become the pride of the child, or even become a shame. 

The third trait is knowing to let go. It is a common problem for many Chinese parents to arrange everything for their children. Although under this mode of parenting, the children live comfortably, but psychologically it may not be necessary. Because parents who like to arrange arrangements usually like to be the masters of their children, and always suppress their children’s rebellious psychology, resulting in tension between the parent-child relationship. Once such a situation is formed, it is of course harder to make children proud of you. On the contrary, if you know how to let go and let your child try it for himself, after the child has achieved success, he will realize the profound righteousness of his parents and regard it as his pride. 

The fourth substance is attitude and kindness. Parent-child relationship is also a kind of social relationship, and in social relationship, attitude is a major factor that can influence the harmony of the relationship. However, the parent-child relationship is different from ordinary social relationships. In this relationship, Bao’s mother or Bao’s father always dominates. Therefore, only Bao’s mother’s attitude can make the parent-child relationship become harmonious and the child can have it. A better experience, such a mother, can also become the pride of the child. 

It can be seen that in order to be the pride of a child, you don’t need to rely on appearance at all, as long as you have the above characteristics. If you don’t have it yet, please start training immediately. Even if you can’t learn all of them, you can earn money by learning one. I believe that after you finish school, the parent-child relationship between you and your child will also rise sharply, and becoming the pride of your child is just around the corner. 

The color value is OK Not high, but the image can not be sloppy

Of course, it does not mean that the image is not important, but it is not as important as the above characteristics. The most basic clean and tidy is still necessary. Some mothers are born sloppy, do not pay attention to their own image, and even wear pajamas to pick up their children at school. If you have this habit, don’t blame the child for not taking you as his pride, because you have been humiliating him, and he has the greatest tolerance if he doesn’t bore you. 

In addition, it is not a good thing for Baoma to pay too much attention to image. For example, when she goes to school to hold a parent meeting, she is dressed up like going on a blind date. This will not make her child face up, but will make him a ridicule of classmates. Object, which is not good for the child’s character development, and also affects his study and social life in school. 

Baoma is the closest person to the child, and she has become the pride of her child. She has a greater advantage than others, even Bao Dad is no exception. So don’t be discouraged by moms who don’t look beautiful or earn little money. As long as you follow the above and let yourself have those outstanding qualities, you will be the most beautiful in your child’s heart, and you will become a child. Pride from the heart.

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