After a hundred days have passed, the baby has to go through several developmental milestones. No wonder the older generation values ​​the hundred-year-old feast.

After a hundred days have passed, the baby has to go through several developmental milestones. No wonder the older generation values ​​the centenary feast.

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When a newborn baby is 100 days old, a celebration ceremony will be held for him. We usually call it a Hundred Day Banquet, or a hundred years old. 

The purpose is to wish children health and longevity. However, many people think that 100 days is just a matter of its meaning. In fact, 100 days is not just a simple celebration. It is also important in the growth of children. Significance, it is often necessary to witness the children go through several developmental milestones——

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Milestones in physical development

We all know that children usually don’t look good when they are born, but After a period of time, it will gradually become more beautiful and lovely. This time is about 100 days from now. 

At this time, the originally wrinkled skin will be stretched, and the facial features will gradually expand, which will properly counterattack in appearance. 

Actually this is mainly because the fetus is in the mother’s body It’s been soaked in amniotic fluid for a long time, and the whole is in a moist state. After birth, it will enter a relatively dry environment. The original wrinkled skin will gradually fall off and become smooth. Secondly, when many newborns are born There will be jaundice, eczema and other problems, which will gradually get better after birth, and this problem will basically disappear in about 100 days; the facial features of the fetus are not fully extended in the mother’s body, and some babies are even squeezed during the delivery process. The pressure leads to deformation, so that the entire face is in a distorted state, and it will gradually recover and grow open after about 100 days. 

At this time, the baby will appear larger in appearance The biggest feature of the change is that it will be more cute, which is one of the reasons why the celebration ceremony is held during the day. 

Milestones in physical development

1) Athletic ability

At this time, the child can straighten his neck and learn to raise his head, and can support his body with his wrists, turning over On the one hand, it has been possible to roll over when lying on your back, but you need to pay attention to it when you cannot roll over or on your back when lying on your stomach. 

In some fine movements, the baby’s fingers can basically move and can grab some objects. Although the movements are not completely standard, they already have this ability, which is why they usually do The reason for holding lottery at the Hundred Day Banquet. 

2) Language and social skills< /p>

At this stage, children can not only make crying sounds, but the most important thing is that they can make some simple monosyllables, especially when communicating with their parents, this ability will be stronger. 

At the same time, it can distinguish different people to a certain extent, and show different attitudes toward people who are familiar with and those who are unfamiliar. 

3) Physiological ability enhancement< /p>

Usually a hundred-day-old baby has formed his own biological clock, and many aspects have been carried out regularly, such as drinking milk and sleeping. 

This is also the reason why parents can obviously feel less effort after their children are a hundred days later, and the whole process will be a lot easier. 

After one hundred days, the way of raising babies has changed.

Before 100 days, babies’ lives basically consisted of eating and sleeping. Therefore, children’s Mainly for the physiological needs of the patient, and basically there is no time to take care of other aspects. 

However, after a hundred days, the children’s various abilities have been enhanced, and it is more meaningful for them to explore new things. Therefore, parents should do a good job in guiding and taking on the important task of education. 

1. Help your baby practice some A simple turning movement, if the child has been able to perform all turning movements independently, then he can turn himself over, and the parents can pay attention to his safety on the side;

2, I said about a hundred days before The child already has a certain grasping ability but it is not accurate, so parents can also prepare some attractive toys for the child to arouse his interest, so as to achieve the purpose of practicing grasping;

3. Interaction is very important. You can play with your children in the process of guiding them Or talk to him, even though he may not be able to understand or respond, but he can perceive that you are communicating with him;

4. Take your kids out to travel more outdoors. In good weather, you can have the whole family Traveling together, not only can enjoy fresh air and warm sunshine outdoors, but also make him feel a more colorful world and enrich his cognition. 

Knowledge extension: Points to note for the Hundred Days Banquet

As the protagonist of the Hundred Days Banquet, there are bound to be many relatives and friends who will want to take a look, but the newborn’s immunity is not good , There should be less contact with people, everyone will carry a certain amount of bacteria, which can easily affect the health of the baby. 

Don’t let people give food to children at will. Sometimes adults always choose to use a variety of foods as supplements when amusing their children, but these foods may not be digested by the baby’s intestines and stomach. Especially for 100-day-old children, they can’t even eat supplementary food, let alone a mess of snacks. Therefore, parents must check it out. 

The banquet hall usually has winter The temperature is warm in summer and cool. When entering and leaving this place, you must pay attention to adding or reducing clothes for your children to prevent colds and other problems. 

Resting in time after the banquet is over. The child’s energy is limited, so long-term tossing will inevitably be overwhelming. At the same time, mothers who are breastfeeding must be careful not to eat some raw, cold and spicy foods, which will seriously affect the quality of breast milk. Children with diarrhea and other problems.  The common “fake nutrition” breakfast is easy Affect the child’s gastrointestinal and development, it is best not to give it to the baby

The common “fake nutrition” breakfast will easily affect the child’s gastrointestinal and development, it is best not to give it to the baby

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In many people’s minds, breakfast is all you need to fill your stomach, lunch and dinner are the most important, so they are on the way to work Just buy something to eat at once. 

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After they have children, they still don’t pay much attention to them. They prepare a rich breakfast for the children when they wake up early. If they wake up late, they can fill their stomachs, or even at all. Don’t eat. 

Now experts have criticized this behavior. Human breakfast is very important, and it is even more important for children who are still growing up. 

Why do children need breakfast? 

▶ Energy and nutrient needs:

The child’s body is always in the process of development, and the metabolism is very fast. Therefore, there is a great need for nutrition. Malnourished babies may become Thin, poor mental state, skin and appearance may also deteriorate. 

Experts also said that breakfast must not be casual, the energy it contains should be 20%~35% of the daily energy required. 

▶ Spirit Needs:

A study by the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom shows that the average score of children who are accustomed to breakfast is 10.25 points higher than that of children who do not eat breakfast. 

This is because the blood sugar in the child’s body is at a low level after being hungry all night, which will cause them to be unable to concentrate, slow to respond, and sit on a stool during class. I feel uncomfortable and uneasy when I go up, and my memory will decline. 

The efficiency and status of the class can not be grasped well, and the children’s grades are of course relatively poor. 

Moreover, for some classmates, 10 points is the difference between the first and the last. Parents who don’t want their babies to lag behind, hurry up and prepare a scientific and rich breakfast for them. 

A scientific breakfast should be What nutrition does it contain? 

The nutrition of breakfast is also very important, and all the elements that can promote human development should be needed. 

▶ Carbohydrates:


This is the main source of human energy, and it can also help protein to function. It is generally contained in starchy foods, such as potatoes, rice, bread, etc. However, excessive carbon water can make people fat and cause blood sugar. The rapid improvement. 

▶ Protein:

Protein is an important component of human cells. You can add eggs, milk, and soybeans to your child in the morning. 

▶ Vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber:

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients for physical development, and there are many types; dietary fiber can increase children’s satiety and promote The intestines and stomach are healthy, and with a good intestines and stomach, more nutrients can be absorbed. 

These nutrients are hidden in various colors Of vegetables and fruits. 

When parents understand what nutrients their children need to supplement for breakfast, they may find it a troublesome thing to prepare breakfast for them. 

But in fact, the preparation for breakfast is really real It is not difficult to use the 6 common “fake nutrition” breakfasts in the family, and after adding and subtracting some food, it will become a truly nutritious breakfast. 

▶ White rice porridge and steamed buns

White rice porridge and steamed buns are breakfasts that many families have eaten, especially when the baby is sick, in order to make their stomach easy to digest, parents let them They eat these. 

But in fact, if you eat this way, your child may heal more slowly. There are only carbohydrates in rice porridge and steamed buns, and protein, dietary fiber, minerals, etc. are all lacking. 

So parents can add rice porridge Replaced with vegetable porridge, steamed buns with meat buns and other supplementary vegetables and protein, this breakfast will be rich. 

▶ Soy milk, fried dough sticks

You sticks seem to be small, but the fat content in them is as high as 17.6%. Children can easily gain weight after eating them, and eating too oily for breakfast is good for the stomach Not good. Therefore, it is good to replace the fried dough sticks with vegetable buns and meat buns. 

▶ Bread, biscuits, juice

These three types of food together for breakfast can easily cause children to gain weight, and they contain too much sugar. Juice is actually not nutritious except sugar. You can replace the juice with fresh fruit. 

The whole wheat bread is healthier. Add some vegetables, cheese and eggs on top to make a sandwich, and the nutrition will be more comprehensive. 

▶ Milk, cereal


Although milk and oatmeal seem to be rich in nutrients, they lack fruits and vegetables to help supplement vitamins, minerals, etc. in the body. 

▶ Leftovers

Overnight meals, especially overnight vegetables, are prone to produce nitrous acid. After it enters the human body, it will combine with amines and harmful nitrous acid. amine. 

You can eat leftovers, but you can’t eat leftovers. In order to digest the nitrous acid in the body, you can also add some fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins and other nutrients. 

▶ Milk, eggs


Although milk and eggs are rich in protein, they lack the promotion of carbohydrates. Therefore, it is important to add some steamed buns and bread in the morning. 

In addition, fruits and vegetables are also essential to help the baby replenish nutrition and increase the feeling of fullness. 


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