After a child is yelled, it is easy to let go, why can he forget so quickly?

After a child is yelled, it is easy to let go, why can he forget so quickly? 

After the child is beaten and scolded by his mother, add a chicken leg to dinner that day. Why do parents as adults care so much about the accusations of others and may not be able to let go of them for a few days, but children can be so relieved? Sometimes parents are actually envious of their children’s ability to restore emotions. Why is it that the child is beaten in the last second and can recover in the next second? In fact, children do not hold grudges and forget quickly because of these reasons. 

Ms. Zhang from Zhejiang loves her children very much, but many times, Xiao Zhang completely loves and hates her son. This is because Xiao Zhang’s son is more naughty in his life, jumping up and down all day. As long as he is not asleep, there is no quiet time. It is in sharp contrast to Xiao Zhang’s likes to be quiet and not moving. So many times, the noisy son always makes his mother uneasy. 

Therefore, Xiao Zhang’s son is not less beaten by his mother. Xiao Zhang found that he had beaten his son, and after only half an hour, his son was as happy as ever. Xiao Zhang couldn’t do anything about his son, but what made Xiao Zhang envied and confused. Why is it that after being criticized by the leader, I have to feel sad for a long time, and my son can recover his mood after a while? 

Why is the child for a while Can you forget the unhappiness? 

1. Children will not be immersed in painful emotions for too long.

Children are different from adults. Adults are likely to care about other people’s negative evaluations of themselves and look at their own negative evaluations. It’s too important, and the child is innocent. Children will not indulge themselves in painful emotions for too long, and they will not always stare at painful and unhappy things. If they hold on to them, they will take the happy emotions back to themselves and bring unhappy emotions back to them. Let go of boredom. This is very worth learning for adults. There are many precious qualities in children, which are worth learning for adults. 

2. Children’s playful mindset

Many children like to go out and play games with their friends, and they have a playful mindset since they were young. Parents should not think that their children are playful. This is due to the natural nature of the children. Children love to play, and their attention is not as concentrated as adults, so they will not think about painful things for too long and be immersed in them. Children forget quickly. This has something to do with the child’s playful character and lack of concentration. 

3. Children’s love for their parents is selfless

Many times, parents love their children, but occasionally they will hurt them. But the children’s love for their parents is selfless. Children can often forgive their parents’ faults because they believe that their parents love themselves, cherish and value themselves. So children can relax their mentality and trust their parents. Children’s love for their parents is often selfless and tolerant. 

4. Children respect their parents

Children respect their parents, knowing that it is their own fault that makes their parents sad. The child knows that the parents will not be angry with their parents all the time because they are unhappy, and will soon forget the beatings. 

This kind of child The mentality is good or bad

1. Children forget quickly, which is the proof of their good mentality

Some parents feel that children forget too quickly and don’t have a long memory, so they hate children forgetting quickly Characteristics, I am afraid that the child will not learn much and make mistakes next time, but this is not the case. Children forget quickly, precisely because the child’s mental health is good, which proves that the child’s mentality is good. If it is a child who has a lot of grudges since childhood or is too English, it will not look like a child. That mentality is not particularly good. 

May be faced with greater setbacks in the future, or when facing negative emotions, children who forget quickly will have a stronger ability to deal with emotions, and their resilience will be stronger, so children Forgetting fast is not only not a bad thing, but also a proof of the child’s ability to resist frustration and shock. 

2. Children forget quickly because they love their parents

A child who loves his parents will not remember the beating and scolding of his parents, and the feelings of hatred towards them. If a child forgets quickly, mom and dad should be happy. This is because the child totally loves and cares about mom and dad. It will not be a manifestation of hating mom and dad. 

When the child is a little older, the child’s discrimination and subjective feelings are stronger, and he is not so dependent on his parents. It is likely that he will not forget so quickly. If the parents say a few more words at that time , The child may also quarrel with his parents. The childhood of those children who are ignorant, the children forget and happily in the ignorant childhood. 

Forgetting quickly belongs to the child’s nature, and it is a gift from God to the child. The child never remembers the bad things of the parents, but cares about the feelings of the parents. Give all the love to mom and dad, and trust in mom and dad unconditionally, so cherish children who forget quickly. Such a child is a good child, a child with good mental health and a good personality. A child who forgets quickly is actually a child who loves his parents a lot. Grandma helps bring the baby, joking about “charges”, 6-year-old grandson “Tong Yan Wuji” hurts the heart of the elderly

Nowadays, many families need to ask the elderly to help bring the baby, most of them were grandpas before. Grandma takes on the “task” of bringing grandchildren, but in recent years, it has become more common for grandma to help bring babies. 

Old people are willing to give for their grandchildren and are happy to reduce the burden on their children. However, there are also some young parents who are not grateful for the contributions of the elderly, and this will inevitably make the elderly feel a little bit chilly. 

Grandma help with My grandson joked with the child and said “I want to collect money”, but the reaction of the six-year-old grandson made grandma very chilling.

After Aunt Wang retired, she kept rushing to her daughter’s house to help bring her grandson, although taking the child is better than going to work. It’s hard work, but Wang Auntie is happy about it. 

“When we are old, we can also help our daughters and sons-in-law share the pressure of life. This is also what we elderly people should do. As long as the younger generations live well, no matter how much we elderly people pay, it is worthwhile.”

One day, Aunt Wang was walking downstairs with her little grandson, when she happened to ran into the neighbor’s nanny and took the child out for a stroll. So Aunt Wang and the neighbour’s nanny chatted a few homely. 

After the separation, the little grandson asked with some doubts, “Is there a charge for the nanny auntie to help with the child?”

After hearing this, Aunt Wang nodded and said, “Then Of course! It’s her job to take care of the children, and she should be paid for the labor!”

Then Aunt Wang jokingly said, “Then taking you to the work of grandma, do you have to charge for grandma?”

< p>It was a joke, but the answer after the six-year-old grandson did not realize it made Aunt Wang a little bit disappointed. 

I only heard the little grandson say loudly, “Grandma, you don’t have to charge, and you have to give me all the money after you die!”

Wang Auntie didn’t expect the little grandson to be young Can actually say such a thing. After seeing my grandma not speaking, the little grandson added

“My father said, you only have a mother and a daughter, and naturally all the inheritance after you die has to be given to your mother. My mother only has me and a son. That’s naturally mine!”

Although this is the childish words of the little guy, to Aunt Wang, it is really chilling. 

I helped my daughter and son-in-law take the children, but in the end the son-in-law still remembered the inheritance, which really made people feel a little uncomfortable. 

Old people have paid a lot for their children and grandchildren. This selflessness should be grateful for their children and grandchildren. 

Children are still young, and their cognitive concepts are often controlled by their parents. Therefore, parents should set an example in front of their children. 

With the help of the elderly What contradictions and differences are prone to occur in families with children? 

In terms of parenting methods

Old people have some experience in bringing children, but with the development of the times and the current economic conditions, those old people have Empirical talk is probably not scientific enough. 

So in the choice of parenting methods, young parents who insist on scientific parenting will inevitably have some differences with the elderly. 

In daily getting along

Two generations live together under the same roof. It is inevitable that there will be some inconsistencies in getting along with each other. If they are not able to communicate and tolerate each other, then this This state of living together is likely to cause more differences and misunderstandings between the two sides. 

Especially in the handling of the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, it is likely to be intensified because the elderly come to help bring the children. 

In the education of children

The most prone problem for old people to help with children is to over-indulge in children. Young parents hope that their children can be independent earlier, and naturally they criticize the pampering of the elderly. 

At the same time, older people will pay more attention to the moral cultivation of their children, while young parents will respect the development of their children’s personality more. 

So when it comes to children’s education, it is easy for young parents to have inconsistent views with older people. 

There are elderly people in the family who help with their children. What kind of rewards should young parents make? 

Grateful for the contributions of the old people

Although the old people do not ask for anything in return for their contributions, for young parents, they should be grateful to the old people. Only young parents know how to be grateful, this will not chill the old man’s heart. 

Although there are many families where the elderly help, young parents should not take this for granted, let alone take this as a reason for moral kidnapping of the elderly. 

Help the elderly share more

Bringing children is not an easy task. If young parents leave their children after pushing their children to the elderly, there are indeed some problems. Responsible. 

So young parents should know how to share responsibilities in daily life. Whether it is bringing children or housework, young parents should take on the part of their responsibilities. 

Give the elderly enough respect

In the process of helping the elderly with children, they will inevitably have to live with their children. If the children cannot give the elderly enough respect, the elderly will inevitably feel that there is something ” The uncomfortable feeling of sending people under the fence. 

In addition, in the concept of parenting, young parents should also know how to grasp the big and let go of the small, and don’t be too true. Old people who are always denied will inevitably feel aggrieved. 

In short, the elderly have no obligation to help with their children. If the elderly are willing to help, then young parents should express their gratitude. 

Whether it is from the bottom of my heart or in front of the children, young parents should be grateful for the selfless dedication of the elderly. 

What do you think of the phenomenon of the elderly helping with children?

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