After 5 years of age, the child always wets the bed, may it be enuresis? How to intervene in treatment? Parents need to know

After 5 years of age, the child always wets the bed, may it be enuresis? How to intervene in treatment? Parents need to know

Recently, the most discussed problem in mothers’ groups is the child’s bedwetting. Mother Qiangqiang said that the child is more than six years old this year and always wets the bed. I don’t know what the situation is. Take the child for a checkup, and the result is that the child suffers from enuresis. In fact, Qiangqiang always did this earlier. It would always say that the child was still young and bedwetting was normal. However, as the child grew up, the situation did not get better. Fortunately, the child is still young and is positive after the diagnosis. After treatment, the effect is quite satisfactory. 

So, what is enuresis? 

Actually, enuresis is what we often call “bedwetting”, also known as nocturnal urinary incontinence. It generally refers to children aged 5 or over who urinate involuntarily during sleep, at least 2 or more times a month. Bedwetting, children 7 years of age or older involuntarily wetting the bed at least once a month for 3 months or more. 

So, what are the types of enuresis? ? 

1. Primary enuresis

Primary enuresis refers to the habit of training children to control urination since childhood, but has not developed such a habit, which is called the original Primary enuresis;

2. Secondary enuresis

Secondary enuresis means that the child has been trained successfully, but there is an accident in the middle, and the phenomenon of bedwetting occurs again. It is called secondary enuresis. Usually caused by diseases, such as cystitis, urethritis, etc.;

3. Physiological factors

When children are relatively young, their psychological endurance is relatively weak. For adults, Very normal things, children may feel harsh. 

Enuresis may also be caused by psychological factors, such as being criticized, frightened, etc. The child is often in a state of nervousness, which leads to the occurrence of enuresis. 

So, how to treat enuresis? 

1. Drink less water before going to bed

Try to let the child drink less water or drinks half an hour before going to bed, and urinate before going to bed. 

2. Carry out bladder training

During the day, try to reduce the number of times your child goes to the toilet, so that the baby can hold urine properly, the purpose is to increase the capacity of the bladder and exercise the bladder expander Constraint ability. 

3. Exercise conditioned reflexes

Parents can wake up their babies to get up to the toilet or set an alarm clock to gradually cultivate their children’s conditioned reflexes. 

Combined with the above, enuresis will cause a certain adverse effect on the child’s psychology and family. In life, if the parent discovers that the child is over 5 years old, he wets the bed twice or more times a month for three consecutive times. If the child is over a month or longer, the child should be taken to a regular hospital for examination in time to find out what caused it, and timely intervention and treatment, so as to avoid adverse effects on the child’s physical and mental health. Self-reported by the post-90s mother: It’s only after having a second child that it’s really hard to think of “a bowl of water and water”.

Nowadays, people’s living conditions are getting better and better, so whether you want a second child is also a problem. As one of the topics that everyone pays most attention to, I believe that many young parents have had the experience of being suggested by relatives and friends to have a second child. 

However, the second-child family seems to be happy, but it is full of many unknown challenges. 

For the boss of the family, the arrival of the second child is undoubtedly a sweet threat. Although it is an extra blood relative, it is also an extra person who “scrambles for favor”. For the second child, if he is not welcomed by his brothers and sisters, he must often endure some grievances. 

At this time, the most difficult thing to do is the parents. After all, the palms of the palms and the backs of the hands are all meat, and it seems that they can’t help anyone. So how to deal with the relationship between the two children has become a topic that parents often discuss. topic. 

Then you want to “a bowl “Shui Duanping” is it really that hard? Regarding this question, a second-born mother born in the 90s spoke her heart. 

The self-report of the second-born mother of the post-90s: I found out after having a second child that it is really difficult to “a bowl of water and peace”

Xiao Xuan is a post-90s mother who has finished giving birth. The eldest daughter gave up her job and planned to concentrate on growing up with her child. Fortunately, her daughter was well-behaved and sensible, so Xiaoxuan felt that it was not that difficult to bring a baby. 

But as the daughter grew up, the seven aunts and eight aunts in the family began to urge Xiaoxuan to give birth to a second child, especially the mother-in-law. It is often suggested that the two are still young and in good physical condition. Xiaoxuan seized the time to give birth to a second child. 

Xuan herself doesn’t mind having two Bao, but felt that this kind of thing should depend on fate, and couldn’t be anxious, but it didn’t take long before Xiao Xuan was pregnant with a second child. 

With the first-child experience, she felt a lot easier when she was pregnant with the second treasure, but what followed was the question of how the two children should be raised. 

Looking at many examples of parents’ partiality, Xiaoxuan secretly warned herself that she must have a good bowl of water, so that the two little guys can live in harmony. But having said that, it is not easy to do. 

The second child is a son, Xiaoxuan’s in-laws Some old thoughts are very fond of this little grandson. Although Xiao Xuan asked her family to take care of her daughter’s emotions, the old couple still loves the grandson unabashedly. 

So Xiaoxuan had to choose to accompany her daughter a lot to reduce the impact of her in-laws on the children. At first, Xiaoxuan was able to deal with it easily, but as her second child grew up, she asked more and more. Xuan is a little bit powerless. 

Slowly, giving the boss less and less embrace. Seeing her daughter’s aggrieved eyes, Xiao Xuan felt that she was too difficult. 

Later, Xiaoxuan, the second born after 90 My mother said what she was saying: I found out after having a second child that it is really difficult to achieve “a bowl of water and peace”. It turns out that most parents are eccentric. 

What do “eccentric” parents think? 

Parents of the second child often want to achieve a level of water, but in fact, either they will be more inclined to the second treasure, or they will give Dabao more care. 

Parents who are partial to the second treasure:

Parents who are more caring for the second treasure always think that the second treasure is still young, lacks the ability to take care of themselves, and needs parental care, while the big treasure is a little older , You can do something independently, you can ignore a little bit. 

Parents of eccentric Dabao:

For Dabao, he was not prepared for the birth of Erbao. If parents pay too much attention to Erbao, Dabao will have an inferiority complex. 

So, in order to compensate Dabao and avoid making Dabao feel that the second treasure will take away the love that originally belonged to him, parents feel it is more necessary to pay more attention to Dabao. 

Between two children, what parents should learn is how to master the “degree”

Actually, how to treat two children fairly is the most difficult to grasp. Parents can try to start from the following aspects . 

For example, when a child makes a mistake, parents must To achieve a clear distinction between rewards and punishments, no matter who is wrong, he will be punished, and avoid lifting up and falling gently. 

All children must be treated equally, from material to education to companionship, both of them must enjoy the same treatment to avoid the child’s psychological gap. 

In addition, with regard to the way the two children get along, parents must also respect and not interfere, and do not participate in the emotional establishment of the two children for no reason. The baby is coming, the more pregnant mothers should pay attention to these “blocking tigers”, the father-to-be also take a look

As the months increase, some mothers-to-be are more worried, but they will become more worried afterwards. Looking forward to it, after all, it’s finally “unloading”, and finally meeting with the baby, how can we not be excited. 

But the more the third trimester of pregnancy, the more expectant mothers have to be prepared, and contain their mood first, because they need to face these “blockers” before meeting their babies! 

Lower extremity edema

Mothers who get fat during pregnancy are also I have experienced it, but I still have to face edema in the third trimester of pregnancy. The most common ones are slight edema in the ankles and calves. This slight edema will be relieved after resting. 

But if the edema is severe, it will even spread upwards, extending to the thighs, abdomen, etc., and it does not improve much even after resting. 

If mothers-to-be have this serious edema, please seek medical advice in time to prevent other complications. 

Pubic pain

In the third trimester, mothers-to-be The body is about to start preparing for childbirth. One of the situations is that the mother’s body will secrete the hormone thyroxine, which will make the pubic bone more relaxed and help the fetus to pass through the birth canal more easily. 

With the fetus getting heavier and heavier, expectant mothers will feel abnormal pain in their pubic bone. And this pain will start in the second half of pregnancy and disappear after delivery. 

Pubic bone pain is inevitable, but mothers-to-be can lie down as much as possible to reduce the pressure on the pubic bone to relieve the pain. 

Shortness of breath

In the third trimester, it is due to the fetus The increased pressure on the diaphragm causes mothers-to-be often feel that they have chest tightness and shortness of breath, and breathing is very laborious. Especially when the fetus is relatively large, or in the case of multiple births, this shortness of breath will be more serious. 

Fortunately, targeting mothers and fetuses has no effect. Mothers-to-be can slow down the rhythm of activities and exercises if they want to relieve shortness of breath, and keep their upper body upright no matter when sitting or standing. Straighten, expand the chest outside, and breathe slowly to effectively relieve it. 

Frequent contractions

There is another one in the third trimester The inevitable situation is a contraction, but this contraction is not a contraction during labor. But when the expectant mothers feel tired or excited, they will feel the abdomen hardening for a while, this is the phenomenon of “false contractions”. 

Pseudouterine contractions will appear after 34 weeks of pregnancy, and they will become more frequent. But mothers-to-be do not need to use drugs, of course, they can’t be anxious, let alone stimulate the abdomen, they just need to take a good rest and relax their minds. 

The above is what the expectant mother will face in the third trimester In fact, there are not only 4 kinds of “blocking tigers”. There are also some other matters that require special attention. 

Therefore, fathers-to-be should also accompany and be considerate of their spouses. In order to nurture this love crystallization, mothers have paid too much.

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