After 00 is the “Beat” generation? “Bear children” are in power, which may be related to the education of their parents

After 00 is the “Beat” generation? “Bear children” are in power, which may be related to the education of their parents

Bear child, generally refers to a child who is not well-behaved and disobedient. 

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Each era has its own characteristics, and so does education. 

Some people say that the post-00s are the “beat” generation, because the phenomenon of “bear children” can be seen everywhere, but is it really just because of the times? In fact, this is not the case. This type of problem has a lot to do with the education of parents. 

After 00 is really a “bear child” in power? 

Each child is born with a blank sheet of paper, and all kinds of people are created because of the influence of acquired factors. 

Some time ago, there was a piece of news on the Internet: In an amusement park, a staff member wearing a “Big Bear” doll was distributing small gifts to the children, and after receiving the gift, The children did not express their gratitude to the uncle. Instead, they slapped his face vigorously while the staff was sitting on the ground while resting. The parents of these children stood behind, and no one stopped him. 

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But at the same time, there is a two or three-year-old girl in the end. After receiving the gift, she was very happy A polite bow to the staff, and the staff bowed back warmly. 

Some people may say that children play tricks on “Big Bear” just for fun, and there is no malicious intent. But the two small videos put together, forming a particularly strong contrast, the behavior of the “bear kid” and the politeness and respect shown by the little girl also showed a kind of ironic effect. 

As the saying goes: if the son does not teach, the father is the fault. 

Parents are the first teachers of their children, and their words and deeds also affect their children subtly, and the phenomenon of “bear children” actually reflects the parents’ educational concept. 

But unfortunately, not every parent is a qualified teacher. 

“Bear children” are in power, which may be related to parental education

①, the quality of the parents themselves

I have heard such a saying: children are a mirror of parents, through which children can See what kind of person the parents behind him are. 

This sentence is not entirely unreasonable. 

Imitation is the child’s nature, especially in front of parents, when you see the words and deeds of adults, you will often unconsciously start taking pictures of the gourd, and every parent’s words and deeds are very direct to the child. influences. 

Therefore, if there is a problem with the quality of the child, it may have a lot to do with the education of the parents. It is difficult for a parent who is rude and not polite to teach a gentle and polite child. 

②. Parents are too indulgent in their children

The reason why their children become “bear children” among the neighbors may also be because their parents are too indulgent. 

For parents, children are their own hearts. They always want to give him the best in the world, and always want to remove all obstacles for him, and hope that their children will live a happy and comfortable life. . 

However, this does not mean that parents can spoil their children unscrupulously. 

Children are young and do not know right and wrong. As parents, they need to be careful to teach them to avoid the wrong path. The bottomless indulgence will only make the child become more and more lawless. 

When the child makes some incorrect behaviors, it is too late for the parents to regret it. 

③, poor family relations

A good family atmosphere is often better than a thousand words of preaching. 

Children’s happiness often depends on their parents, and a harmonious family requires both parents to maintain together. 

Think about it, if parents often quarrel in front of their children, become angry without saying a few words, and cannot control their emotions well, it is reasonable for the children’s character to be affected. 

What should parents do to reduce the phenomenon of “bear children”? 

◆Establishing a correct view of right and wrong

Establishing a correct view of right and wrong is the only way for every child. 

Children are young and don’t know right and wrong. If you want to avoid the “bear-child” phenomenon, parents should let their children establish a correct view of right and wrong, and understand what is right and what is wrong. 

◆Let children be responsible for their own words and deeds

In fact, many “bear children” don’t understand the meaning of responsibility at all, and the warnings from adults may be that the left ear goes in and the right ear goes out, or even Some bear children will also have a feeling of resentment. 

If parents want to avoid the “bear-child” problem, they should let their children learn to be responsible for their words and deeds, and take the initiative to bear the corresponding consequences whether they are right or wrong. 

In this way, children can distinguish good from evil on the road of stumbled life, and have the correct concept of right and wrong.  The seventy-year-old man tells his sad experience: confession two Tsinghua graduate student, still admitted to nursing home in his later years

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

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They all say “raising children to prevent old age”, but now this has undoubtedly become a luxury, even in many families with more than one child, parents are still “old and unsupported”——

The pictures in this article are all from the Internet, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant

Having an enviable outstanding child, it is hard to escape the misery in old age

The neighbor Ma and his wife have encountered such problems. Both elderly people are over 70 years old and have retired for many years. 

His family has always been regarded as a “model home” in the eyes of outsiders, because it has raised two sons of academic tyrants, both of whom are graduate students of Tsinghua University, and the brothers both have decent jobs and happy marriages. 

Such a smooth life is naturally envious of the people around me. 

However, for the two elderly In other words, it is not so happy, because the children have their careers in big cities, and in the end they all choose to settle down in big cities. Uncle Ma and his wife are not easy to get together with the children once a year. 

When they retired, the old couple felt that life was very comfortable, and occasionally went out to travel and play at ease. But now that he is getting older, there is no care and no one to help. Some time ago, two elderly people had committed high blood pressure. Thanks to their neighbors who found it in time and sent it to the hospital, the consequences would be disastrous. 

Because of this experience, the old couple suddenly realized the importance of people around them. The two consciously or unconsciously stated that they wanted to move to their son’s place to achieve a family reunion, but they were rejected overtly and secretly and had to give up. 

I want to ask a nanny to take care of me, However, it seemed like an uncle had been invited. He couldn’t be taken care of at all. Instead, he found a lot of anger for himself. Finally, he had no choice but to move into a nursing home. The nursing home care is very thoughtful and careful, but the old couple still longs for the company of their children…

The ability of children does not mean that parents can be taken care of

When some people refuse to perform their duty of supporting their parents, they often say that they are unable to take care of them. However, through the experience of Uncle Ma and his wife, we can understand that whether they are willing to support their parents has little to do with ability. Even if they are capable, there are many people who are unwilling to do their filial piety. 

Since we were young, we have received the meticulous care of our parents, and we can alleviate how many difficulties we have in growing up, so we can grow up carefree, but when our parents are old, how many people can The simplest warmth to parents, and perhaps the most waiting for parents is the nursing home. 

The emergence of this phenomenon, The main reason is that there is a deviation in the understanding of “love” between parents and children:

▲Parents’ love for their children is usually selfless. it is good. 

As long as one’s presence may cause any harm or distress to the child, then he is unwilling to have this situation, so he chooses to enter the nursing home by himself, keep a distance from his children, and let the child We can live independently without being tired of ourselves. 

▲Children’s love for their parents is too shallow, and it has become natural to ask for it. 

If children love their parents or not, it must be love, but when children grow up, they will have their own families and children, and the focus of natural life will be shifted. Ways to put too much of their feelings on their parents. 

At the same time, accept parents’ Care and care are natural when children face their parents. It is difficult to realize what their parents have done to themselves, and naturally they cannot see that they should pay back to their parents. Therefore, even very capable children can hardly be perfect in this regard. 

Timely filial piety, repaying parents for a warm old age

Taking care of parents is the responsibility and obligation of every child. When we were young, we received the care of our parents and waited until our parents were old. , We should also give them a warm and bright life. 

1. Guarantee the material life of parents

Nowadays, many parents have pensions or old-age insurance. They can basically be self-sufficient in their later years, but this is not It means that children can not perform their obligations. 

If parents have enough money to meet their daily needs, then as children, they should also occasionally buy some suitable food for their parents, take them to check their health, etc.; if the parents do not have enough protection in their later years, then the children should Parents should be protected, even if they are given living expenses or some other expenses, so that their basic material life can be guaranteed. 

2. Ensure the spiritual life of parents

The biggest unhappiness of parents in their later years stems from the lack of the spiritual world. The inability of their children to be with them is the main reason for this phenomenon. 

After getting older, it is easy to feel lonely. As a child, you should spend as much time with your parents as possible. It is okay to accompany your parents for a walk or go out to play. For them, this kind of company can make their happiness in old age rise linearly. 

3. Pay attention to the health of parents Condition

Older people are naturally prone to various problems in their bodies. As children, they should keep abreast of the physical conditions of their parents, do various checks, and treat problems in time. 

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