Affect height! It hurts intelligence! Sixty percent of children may have zinc deficiency. Understand a few warning signs

Affect height! It hurts intelligence! Sixty percent of children may have zinc deficiency. Understand several warning signs.

According to a survey by the Chinese Nutrition Association, 60% of children in my country may have zinc deficiency. 

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

Many parents think that Zinc It’s just an ordinary trace element, it’s not a big deal, and it doesn’t matter if it is lacking at all. 

However, from the perspective of science and nutrition, zinc deficiency will cause many adverse effects on children, and it may be difficult to make up for these deficiencies if it is not supplemented in time. 

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The child of Yuanyuan’s family is three years old this year. Don’t eat much. 

At first I thought it was because the child didn’t like to eat or was tired of eating. After all, he has always been a bit picky eater. Yuanyuan tried her best to change the recipes, but the effect was very low. I also become very irritable, and I have to get angry with my family from time to time…

This made Yuanyuan very frustrated and helpless, and finally complained to her cousin who had two children. As soon as her cousin heard about it, she asked Yuanyuan to take the child to the hospital. Checked and said that he had encountered a similar situation before. 

Finally, it was found out that the child was deficient in zinc. Sufficient zinc must be added in time, otherwise his health may be affected. 

Causes and manifestations of zinc deficiency

Usually zinc deficiency is caused by these several reasons:

Insufficient intake, leading to zinc storage in the body Insufficient; It is inhibited in the process of absorption, such as malabsorption syndrome, the body’s intake of zinc cannot be absorbed and transformed well; excessive consumption of zinc leads to excessive zinc loss; congenital genetic problems. 

Usually children lack zinc, the following will occur For early warning signs, parents may wish to understand:

1. Loss of appetite. A child’s zinc deficiency will lead to a lack of hunger in the stomach and unwillingness to eat. It may also be accompanied by anorexia and picky eaters. 

2, like to eat some strange things. Children do not eat, but always want to put something in their mouth and bite. The most common is to chew their fingers and bite their own toys. 

3. There will be some problems in the hands, such as the fingers are abnormally prone to long barbs, and the nails may have some white spots. 

4. The skin is prone to redness Rash or peeling, in addition to mouth ulcers are also easy to grow;

5. Hair will also undergo some changes, it may become yellow, dull and drier. 

The adverse effects of zinc deficiency

First of all, we should understand that zinc has a very important role in the human body: it can promote the growth and development of the human body, promote appetite, and It has the function of improving immunity and promoting wound healing. 

If zinc is lacking, these functions will be missing, which will cause a lot of harm:

1. It will affect the height and hurt the intelligence. Zinc deficiency in children usually slows down their growth and development, affects the synthesis of nucleic acid and protein, and the activity of catabolic enzymes. As a result, children’s height and weight will be lower than those of the same age. In severe cases, dwarfism may occur. 

In addition, zinc deficiency can inhibit the development of brain nerves and affect children’s intellectual development. 

2. Appetite is reduced or even appears Pica. Zinc deficiency can cause the taste buds in the oral cavity to be blocked, and it is difficult for food to touch the taste buds, resulting in poor appetite. At the same time, children will like to eat some strange objects, such as gnawing nails. 

3. Immune function declines. Studies have confirmed that when the human body’s zinc content decreases, the body’s immune function will decrease by 20% to 40%, and at the same time, the immune function cells will decrease, which may cause infection problems. 

4. The wound healing speed slows down. This is because zinc deficiency will lead to a decrease in DNA and RNA synthesis, a decrease in wound collagen, and a slower wound healing. 

How to add zinc? 

Generally, children grow the fastest at the age of 1 to 3 years. At this stage, the child’s body is gradually improving and needs to be supplemented with a lot of zinc. Children aged 4 to 14 have the fastest growth in height and have a faster metabolism, so they need to be supplemented with zinc in time. 

Usually the daily intake of infants within 6 months is 1.5 mg; 7 months to 1 year old is 8 mg; 1 to 3 years old is 9 mg, 4 to 6 years old is about 12 mg; 7 to 10 years old is 13.5 Milligrams; 11~17-year-old children should be 18 mg for boys and 15 mg for girls. 

Mainly through food supplements, two aspects need to be paid attention to:

1. Nutrition is comprehensive and not picky eaters. In fact, the food we eat in daily life has fully met the zinc needed by our body, but if children are picky eaters, they will lack certain trace elements in the body. Therefore, children who are not picky eaters are the best way to supplement zinc and guarantee other things. Intake of trace elements. 

2. Supplement nutrition in time. For children in the critical period of development, there is a greater need for zinc, which may be lacking only by daily intake. Parents can appropriately supplement some foods with high zinc content, such as beef, lamb, chicken, or other foods. Some beans, nuts, and deep-sea fish are very rich in content. 

Of course, if the child has the above-mentioned zinc deficiency, parents should also make an accurate judgment or go to the hospital to check whether the child is really zinc-deficient, and do not blindly replenish it. 

[Said fortunately pregnant]

Zinc element is very important for babies in the rapid development period. Parents must pay attention to monitoring at any time. If there is any abnormality, supplement in time, so as not to delay the growth of the child development.  Only when people are old can they live sober and raise children Anti-aging is not reliable, prepare four things to make your old age more worry-free

Raising a child may not be able to prevent old age. No matter how much parents pay for their children, it is likely that they will not be able to secure life in their later years. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

In the traditional Chinese thinking, I have always felt that ” Raising a child can prevent old age”, even if it is a superbirth or fine, I want to have a son. I think this is the only way I can protect my old life. 

But with the continuous changes of society, people’s thoughts are gradually changing, coupled with the increasing pressure in society nowadays, many young people can’t breathe, let alone anything. Providing for the elderly, in addition, the elderly looked at their children so hard and didn’t want to bother them. 

There is also that when you encounter unfilial children, then life will be more sad in old age. Don’t wait until you are old to understand this truth. 

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Uncle Zhang has reached the end of his life and has given birth to two children. Both his wife and his wife have been working and making money in this life. In order to provide a good life for his son, As long as they have done everything they can do, the old couple usually eat frugally and can’t save themselves too much valuable things. 

But after the death of his wife a few months ago, he felt that his health was getting worse and worse, so he began to consider the issue of old-age care. He called his two sons over and said that he was staying in their homes for a period of time. Or they paid monthly pensions, but the two brothers looked at each other, telling that they were not easy, and they were unwilling to provide uncle Zhang for the elderly. 

But Uncle Zhang is now no longer able to work, but his son does not support himself. In the end, he sued the child to court, wanting to fight for justice. 

It can be seen from the above case that raising a child may not be able to prevent old age. No matter how much parents pay for their children, they may not be able to obtain protection in their later years. Therefore, no matter what, in order to be able to spend their twilight years, they still need to keep some. Something reliable. 

raising a child may not be necessary There are four things that can prevent old age.

1. Adequate pensions

Money is not everything, but for the elderly, it is very difficult to not have adequate pensions, because people In the old age, a certain amount of labor is lost. If there is not enough money, it will become very inconvenient no matter what to buy. If you always ask your children, you feel uncomfortable, and your children will always be upset when they are wanted. 

In this way, it is better to prepare a certain pension. In your old age, do some things you like, buy something you want to eat, and spend your old life in peace. 

2. Healthy body

When you are young, your body is very good, and you don’t think there is anything, but once a person gets old, the various functions of the body will slowly degenerate, and the physical quality will become worse and worse. Obviously, I can’t go or eat what I want to eat and where I want to go. You can only stay at home and take some medicine from time to time to feel better. 

If you often get sick and you still need your children to take care of them, you will feel that you are troublesome for them, and you will even be rejected by your children. The so-called “no filial son before the bed for a long time”. It is better to keep exercising and have a healthy body. In your old age, you can walk around and wander around so that you can enjoy your own affairs without adding trouble to your children. 

3. Caring wife

As the saying goes: “Let’s come to couples and old friends”, both men and women hope that when they live to old age, they can have a caring wife, talk, chat, and appreciate the beauty together The scenery, through the ordinary days, can not only give spiritual encouragement, but also make people far away from loneliness. 

4. Houses sheltered from wind and rain

As the saying goes, “Golden nests and silver nests are not as good as their own old nests.” Many elderly people choose to return to their old houses in the countryside when they are old. If you live here, your parents’ home will always be your child’s home, but your child’s home may not necessarily be your parent’s home. When people reach old age, they must have their own house that shelters them from wind and rain. 

In this way, in your later life, you can spend time with your wife without getting along with your children. This can reduce conflicts to a certain extent, and you don’t need to look at your child’s face to live your life and grow vegetables in your old age. Chat with the elderly nearby and live your own life. 

Further reading: The popular “new wave of old-age care” methods

1. Group-style old-age care

Now most children are busy with work or school, which leads to two lonely elderly people at home. With the constant changes, there is now a “new-fashioned old-age care” method. The elderly can choose a few old people with the same hobbies to live together and start the group for the elderly. 

In daily life, you can have your own living space. On weekends or after meals, chatting, reading books, playing chess, walking, exercising, etc., can be said to be enjoyable. This kind of old-age care is now being used more and more. Accepted by people. 

2. Living for the elderly

Many people have always wanted to travel everywhere, but when they were young, in order to provide their children with better material living conditions, they were busy at work. Therefore, in my later years, I think about spending my old life peacefully through tourism. 

Bring your own wife, meet a few friends, choose a city, rent a house, or drive by yourself, enjoy the beautiful scenery, taste the food, make friends along the way, think about it It feels good, but it requires a certain material basis to support it. Therefore, this type of old-age care is very popular in families with better conditions. 

3. Community pension

This type of elderly care is different from nursing homes. The method of community elderly care means that the elderly can chat, play chess, walk, exercise, and enjoy lunch together in public places in the community during the day. I will go home in the evening. 

Therefore, this type of elderly care is more popular and easier to accept than in nursing homes. 

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