A woman who has given birth to a baby will be exposed in three places, no matter how good she hides it, a discerning person will know at a glance

A woman who has given birth to a baby will be exposed in three parts, no matter how well hidden it is. The discerning person will know at a glance

The devastation of giving birth to women is great, don’t look at those stars who recover much after giving birth. Well, in fact, I can’t help but take a closer look. After all, celebrities are flesh and blood. No matter how good the conditions are, it is impossible to completely ignore the physical limitations. 

Everyone who has given birth knows that after giving birth, some changes are permanent, and no matter how good the hiding place is, it may be exposed. If the other person is also a past person, then you can see through it at a glance. 

In the past Spring Festival, my colleague Xiao Zhang went back to his hometown to accompany his younger brother on a blind date. The other party is a post-95 girl who looks very beautiful and looks younger than her peers. 

After some conversation, Xiao Zhang’s brother was very satisfied, but on the way back, Xiao Zhang reminded his brother that this girl should have given birth to a child, but there was no mention in the conversation just now, which made the younger brother take it to heart. 

When I heard my sister say that, my brother couldn’t call it directly. The other party looked like a student, so how could he have given birth to a child? 

Xiao Zhang smiled at that time and said that she was here and knew what changes would happen to a woman who had given birth. However, she told her brother about the basis of her own judgment. 

Although it was what the sister said, the younger brother still didn’t quite believe it. He didn’t admire the elder sister’s ability until the girl confessed it personally after he asked roundly. 

However, the girl did not deliberately conceal it. After all, it was only the first time we met, and there was a third person present. It is said that the two are having a heated conversation, and it is not impossible to enter into marriage in the future. 

People who have given birth may not be visible to ordinary people, but people with a discerning eye can see through them. Because there are a few changes, you can’t cover them if you want to cover them. If you don’t pay attention, there will be It may be “exposed”. 

With these changes, most people who have given birth to a baby will have a sagging breast

1, sagging breasts

No matter how young a woman is, as long as she has given birth to a baby, her breasts will droop slightly. This kind of sagging is different from the sagging caused by natural aging. The latter is the overall sagging, and the former is only the front end of the sagging. 

This is because after the baby is born, due to the needs of breastfeeding, the breasts will increase rapidly in a short period of time, and after the lactation period, the breasts will quickly return to their original size. The enlarged skin does not rebound, which leads to sagging. 

Although it is very slight, if you do not pay attention to the decoration, it is still easy to be observed from close. 

2, sagging buttocks

Women who have given birth to a child, buttocks are also a hard-hit area for sagging. This is because during pregnancy and breastfeeding, women’s intake of nutrients has increased. 

Those who can’t finish the nutrients will become fat accumulation, and the buttocks are the priority place, so many women’s buttocks will become bigger after giving birth, because there is too much fat accumulation. 

What’s different from gaining weight in other places is that it is difficult to reduce the weight of the hips, and most of them will accompany women for life. 

3. There is a small belly

There is another place that can also be used to observe whether a woman has given birth to a child, that is the belly. Pregnancy will cause the belly to be enlarged and destroy the original elasticity of the skin. After giving birth, although the belly is retracted, the belly cannot return to its original state. 

But there is a mass of fat, which looks like a small belly caused by obesity. But in fact, there is a big difference between the two. The latter has tight skin and the former has loose skin, which is easy for people with a discerning eye to distinguish. 

Breasts, buttocks, and belly, these are just a few parts of the body that are of great concern to women. Unless you wrap your body tightly, it’s easy to expose the stuffing. 

So it is really difficult to conceal the fact that you have given birth. However, this is only for ordinary people. If they are professionals, in addition to the above characteristics, they have more ways to judge whether a woman has been pregnant. 

If you have a baby, you can’t hide from the eyes of professionals.

1. Look at the shape and size of the uterine orifice.

For those who have given birth to a child, the uterine orifice will be enlarged and the shape will be rounded from the beginning. The state becomes irregular. 

So during the gynecological examination, doctors and other professionals can easily judge whether she has given birth to a child by observing the shape of the female uterine orifice, even if she has never given birth, as long as she has been pregnant. Pregnant women can be judged. 

2. Stretch marks

Some women will develop very obvious stretch marks after pregnancy. For inexperienced people, seeing these textures may be regarded as ordinary skin lesions, but professionals can See the cause of it at a glance. 

Professionals can see even those not-so-obvious stretch marks, even traces of stretch marks after treatment. 

So, it is almost impossible to hide the fact that you have given birth to a child, because with the current technology, some changes in the body of a woman after giving birth are irreversible. . 

Of course, having a baby is not a shame, but a great thing. 

A normal society should not regard the birth of a child as the dividing line between beauty and ugliness, but should appreciate the beauty of motherhood, and appreciate and tolerate the changes caused by childbirth in women. Half a month after school started, the kindergarten teacher spent two hours a day coaxing the children, frankly not accepting these three types of children

It has been more than half a month since the three-year-olds went to kindergarten. In the past half a month, many children have adapted to the kindergarten life, and some even reluctant to give up the kindergarten. After all, the kindergarten has many friends and fun toys. 

But there are still some children, even after such a long time, they are still not used to it. When Bao parents and mothers are going to send them out, they start crying and do not want to go to kindergarten. It was crying. 

Some time ago, a few of our friends got together. One of them was a kindergarten teacher, teaching in a private kindergarten, and part of the investment. She said that she has been very tired recently, and she has also summed up experience in these years. Here, the kindergarten teacher is not as simple as she had imagined. 

Take what she has experienced recently. There are a few children in her class. As soon as the parents arrive in the class, the children will start to cry as soon as they leave. 

Other children also cry at first, but almost half a month has passed since they got used to it, but there are a few children who can’t get used to it. The first thing she does in class every day is to spend nearly 2 hours waiting to coax the children. 

One child cried, and several other children cried. They didn’t mean to stop. You can imagine how desperate the teachers are, and it’s still an hour or two to cry. Let’s change to a parent I can’t stand it myself. 

Later, that friend was even more blunt, and I will definitely not accept this kind of children in the future. 

Three types of children It is difficult to separate from parents for a short time.

1. Children who lack trust in their parents

Three-year-old children are not completely without their own cognition and understanding ability. After the parents send them to kindergarten Tell the children to pick them up when class is over. Babies can actually understand them. If they are children who have a high degree of trust in Bao’s parents, then they will not cry and play in the kindergarten. Wait until the end of class, waiting for Bao Mom and Dad to pick him up. 

But on the contrary, for some children who lack trust, even if their parents promised them, they might not believe it, they would only feel that this is just a perfunctory treatment by their parents. 

Parents are extremely important for their children to “do what they say”. I believe everyone has heard the story of “Zengzi killing pigs”. Once Zengzi’s wife wanted to go shopping on the street, and his son was crying and asking Go with them together. At this time, in order to coax the children, the wife said, “You will wait for me at home. When I come back, I will kill the pig stew for you.”

When the child hears the mother’s words, he stops crying and waits well Mother returns. As a result, when his wife came back, he saw that Zeng Zi was preparing to kill the pig, so he hurried forward and asked, “I just coaxed him casually, you are really going to kill the pig for him to eat.”

Zeng Ziqu He replied very seriously, “You can’t deceive your child just because the child is still young. The words and deeds of parents have a great influence on the child. If you start to deceive the child now, how can the child trust us in the future.” Zeng Zi gave the pig to the pig. Killed, the story of “Zengzi killed the pig” by words and deeds has been passed down to this day. 

Therefore, when parents are educating their children, they should not make certain promises to their children at will, but later refuse to fulfill them for one reason or another. This will only lead to the children’s trust in their parents. Inadequate, the reason why children love to cry in kindergarten also has a certain relationship with this. 

2. Children who lack the concept of “transient separation”

Some children do not know what “transient separation” is, because parents have not been able to clearly inform their children of this concept before, and they just quietly acted Entrust it to others, and then leave quietly by yourself, so as not to let the children find out. 

However, this kind of behavior can also cause children to have no clear concept of “short separation”, so that after the children go to kindergarten, the parents promised “I will pick you up after a meeting”, “Next Related concepts such as “go home after class” are not clearly recognized, so children feel uneasy and scared. 

3. Children who are often threatened by their parents with “don’t want you” or “throw you away”

Some parents are unable to discipline their children in the process of educating their children. Words like “don’t you anymore” or “throw you away” threaten the child. 

When children grow up in such an environment for a long time, they will naturally feel uneasy and have a weak sense of security. They are afraid that their parents will never pick themselves up after putting themselves in kindergarten. 

In addition, other children in the kindergarten are also crying, which will aggravate the children’s fear and will only cry more severely. This is also one of the reasons why the teachers have headaches. 

Therefore, parents want their children to stop crying in kindergarten in the future, and to be able to better cooperate with the teachers, so they should not let their children become the above three types of children, otherwise not only the children will be the victims, the teachers Too.

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