A picture tells you: How big is the difference in size between 5 catties and 8 catties! Feel sorry for the pregnant woman

A picture tells you: How big is the difference in size between 5 catties and 8 catties! I feel sorry for the pregnant woman

A picture tells you: What is the difference in size between 5 catties and 8 catties of newborns! I feel sorry for pregnant women.

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People of the older generation always feel that if a child is born People who are white and fat are easy to feed, and their body will be better in the future. 

So now that material conditions are getting better and better, the average weight of newborns is slowly increasing, and there are more and more giant babies whose weight exceeds the normal level. 

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A few years ago, the probability of the appearance of giant babies in China was 7%. Although there is no re-statistical data now, it can be found from the descriptions of netizens and hospitals that There are more and more giant mothers. 

Most people actually don’t have an intuitive understanding of giant children. They just think that a baby over 8 kg is more than 3 kg for a normal child. How much difference can it make? 

An obstetrician on the Internet She made a more intuitive answer to this. She took out two models of newborn babies, one of which was a baby weighing 8 kg, and the other was a baby weighing 5 kg. 

I can see that a difference of 3 catties can make a significant difference in children. A baby weighing 8 catties is almost twice as large as a baby weighing 5 catties. 

Due to the bone size of the newborn It is about the same as weight. Therefore, the extra weight is basically fat and muscle, which take up more space than bones. 

The huge size of over 8 catties is how scary you can imagine. 

Furthermore, pregnant mothers will experience more hardships when they are pregnant with such a big baby. 

Pregnant “huge child” How does your mother feel? 

“When I was pregnant, I felt that I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t walk anymore.”

As the baby grows up, he needs more and more living space. At this time, the uterus will enlarge and begin to compress other organs, such as the stomach, lungs, and bladder. 

When the baby weighs more, the pressure on the organs of the pregnant mother will be greater. In addition to being out of breath, there will be backaches, frequent urination, urgency, and food support. 

“Not when giving birth Do you know whether to have a normal delivery or a cesarean section?”

When the prenatal checkup finds that they are pregnant with a huge baby, many pregnant mothers will get into the entanglement of whether to have a normal delivery or a cesarean section. 

They think that having a childbirth is better for the baby’s body (although there are a lot of studies showing that the child born by a childbirth is not necessarily smarter than a C-section), but they are afraid that they will not be able to give birth. To have a cesarean section, suffer twice for nothing. 

“I don’t want to experience the pain of childbirth any more, and the recovery after childbirth is too difficult.”

The body of huge babies is too large. I don’t want to recall my own production experience, let alone produce huge ones. 

They may need to use more strength during the delivery process, and they may also experience side cuts, or severe tears, and it will be difficult to recover later. 

“To him after the baby was born I feel worried about my body.”

I believe that every mother with a giant baby has been ordered by the doctor some precautions, such as:

The giant baby has hypoglycemia after birth , Hypocalcemia and other conditions are more likely to occur, and the possibility of obesity in the future is also greater. 

So many mothers get into feeding difficulties. The “fat babies” at home have such a great appetite that they eat more than other newborns. 

But if you don’t feed it a little bit less for fear of hypoglycemia in your child, let them go on like this. What should I do if my weight can’t be lowered in the future? 

So, for yourself and your baby For healthy, pregnant mothers still have to control the weight of themselves and their babies. 

▶ You can’t relax in the third trimester.

In the third trimester, the fetal weight will increase the fastest, and it can grow to one or two catties in one month. 

At this time, the baby’s body’s tissues are basically well-developed, and if the nutrition is supplemented, most of them will grow in fat. 

Therefore, in the third trimester, pregnant mothers have to insist on another month. It does not matter if the child eats a little bit of fried foods, desserts, etc. after the child is born. 

▶ Appropriate exercise

Even in the third trimester of pregnancy, activity is also very important. Pregnant mothers who are unable to eat can walk by the way. If they are in good physical condition, they can also be guided by professionals. Perform other weight control activities. 

▶ Eat less and more meals


During the third trimester, pregnant mothers can control their weight by eating small and frequent meals:

Eating a little food from time to time can reduce hunger and prevent the pregnant mother from being uncontrollable. By yourself, eat a lot at a time, or want to eat high-calorie foods. 

Furthermore, in the third trimester, pregnant mothers have a relatively small stomach capacity. If you eat less each time, you can also make yourself less uncomfortable. 


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This behavior of the baby in sleep may imply that his intelligence is well developed and his thinking ability is relatively strong

A study in the United States found that if a child is at 22 o’clock After that, he was not asleep, and his intelligence was generally at a low-to-medium level. 

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As parents, they all hope that their children can grow up wisely and happily. Some parents start a variety of prenatal education during pregnancy and early education at birth in order for their babies to win at the starting line. Hope their brains can develop better. 

Actually, you want to know how your child’s brain is developing? Parents can pay attention to some of their behaviors while sleeping, so they can make judgments. 

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These five actions when a baby sleeps indicate that the brain develops better.

1. Crying before going to bed

The baby is very dependent on his mother before his first birthday. He even felt that he and his mother were one body. If Bao Ma was not with him, he would probably cry all the time, although this behavior seemed a bit disturbing. 

But in fact, the baby is just using this method to convey his thoughts, telling the parents that he wants to sleep, agreeing that this is also a more witty performance, because after crying, the mother will come to sleep in distress, so You can fall asleep under the tender care of your mother. 

2. Kick the quilt while sleeping.

Baby usually turns over and over when sleeping, especially when the indoor temperature is slightly high, they will kick their calves and kick all the quilt off. Only in this way can you fall asleep peacefully. 

But for my mother, she was afraid that her baby would catch a cold in the middle of the night and needed to wake up many times to cover them, because every time she woke up she saw her baby naked outside. 

Actually, for babies, often want to turn over or kick the quilt is a kind of physical agility. 

This is because they sleep for a long time. They can alleviate blood non-circulation when turning over or kicking their legs, suggesting that the sensory nerves are more sensitive, so their thinking ability will be stronger in the future and their intelligence development will be better. 

3. Always hold things tightly in your hands when you sleep

Some babies always like to hold things in their hands when they sleep. Don’t think it is an unconscious behavior. In fact, this thing is often their favorite. 

Because the child loves it so much that he has a deep memory, he chose to hold on tightly. This thing can be a toy or a mother’s arm. This also shows that the baby’s brain is well developed, has a good memory, and has the ability to react. Strong. 

4. When sleeping, I love to scratch with my hands

Baby is in the infant stage, because of the long sleep time, most of the time will lie down and cause mosquitoes Bites, which can easily cause an itchy body, which will make the child feel uncomfortable. 

When babies are young, their first reaction after mosquito bites is to scratch with their hands. This shows that their reactions are more sensitive and that their brains are well developed. 

5. Kick off the quilt while sleeping and curl up.

Infants and young children have not matured their body temperature regulation function, so their body temperature will be slightly higher than that of adults. After sleeping for a long time, they will easily feel hot, thus Kick off the quilt with his calf. 

After the quilt was completely kicked off, I felt a little cold again. If Bao’s parents didn’t help cover the quilt in time, they would curl up their body to prevent the body’s heat from dissipating. 

Actually, this is also a kind of witty manifestation of babies. This is because they don’t know how to express their needs to their parents, and choosing this way to make themselves warmer is also a kind of High IQ performance. 

Sleeping with children The relationship between brain development

The United States has found through research that if a child is not asleep after 22 o’clock, his intelligence is generally at a middle-to-lower level. 

Moreover, the University of London found through experimental research and follow-up surveys that children with regular work and rest habits have better brain development, especially children between 3 and 6 years old. 

This is because sleep can effectively help the recovery of the prefrontal cortex of the brain, and can also promote the connections between neurons, so that high-quality sleep is conducive to the development of the child’s brain. 

How do parents let Does the child sleep well and promote brain development? 

1. Ensure adequate sleep

Children of different ages have different requirements for bed time, as follows:

Babies from 0 to 3 months need to sleep for 14 to 17 days a day Hours; 4~11 months old babies need to sleep 12~15 hours a day; 1~2 years old babies need 11~14 hours a day; 3~5 years old babies need 10~13 hours a day ; Children aged 6 to 13 need to sleep 9 to 11 hours a day. 

2, don’t let The child is too excited before going to bed

In order for the child to fall asleep quickly, parents should not let their mood fluctuate too much within one or two hours before going to bed, so as to avoid the brain from being continuously excited and difficult to fall asleep. To the baby’s sleep quality, and even growth and development. 

3. Don’t let your children eat too much before going to bed

Some parents worry that their children will be hungry before going to bed, so they give their babies extra meals, but don’t let them eat too much. Being full or eating some high-calorie foods will cause their stomachs to digest food after falling asleep, which will not only increase the burden on the stomach, but also worsen the quality of sleep. Return to Sohu to see more

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