A mother’s journal in the third month of pregnancy, I still reluctantly knocked out the baby

The log of a mother in the third month of pregnancy, I still reluctantly knocked out the child

Will the second child be born? This is a real problem before the eyes of many mothers. Don’t give birth, I’m afraid that I will regret it when I get older, and I’m afraid that Dabao won’t have company. 

But let’s have a baby, it is very difficult to raise, and I am worried that the two children are not doing well. This kind of contradictory psychology is extremely difficult to reconcile, causing some mothers to want to give birth today, but do not want to give birth tomorrow, and even get killed if they are pregnant. 

Two days ago, I saw a log written by a treasure mother on the Internet, which recorded her mental journey from pregnant with a second treasure to abortion. 

The conditions of Baoma’s family are not bad. The couple’s monthly net income can add up to 30,000 yuan, and their own house is 120 square meters and has three rooms. Both parents have their own retirement wages and both have real estate, so don’t worry about the issue of retirement. 

But because of such favorable conditions, Bao Ma finally did not dare to have a second child, but when she was more than three months pregnant, she reluctantly beat the child. 

Why did she make such a choice? The main reason was that she realized that it was impossible for her to bring two children, and Dabao was only two years old, and it was the moment when she needed her mother. 

Since she became pregnant with her second treasure, Bao’s mother has felt very powerless. While she has to take care of her, she misses the baby in her belly. However, human energy is limited, and her spare time is just like that. More, the more you spend on the second treasure, the less naturally you spend on Dabao. 

After a few months of this, Momma finally realized that giving birth to a child in her belly is a cruel thing for Dabao, who is only 2 years old. At the same time, she can’t imagine dragging her in the future. Dabao, who is more than three years old, made a decisive choice to abort the baby while he was breastfeeding for a few months of Erbao. 

Every child is the mother’s heart, even if it is an unborn baby. It is conceivable that when the mother finally made the decision to abort a child, her heart must be very painful. Compared with the “long pain” that was born, it might be a better choice to bear this “short pain”. 

is different today In the past, you must be cautious when giving birth to a second child.

The standard of parenting is improving.

In the past, four or five babies or more can be grown up. Why is it so hard for people to bring two babies today? The reason is simple. Today is different from the past. As long as the children in the past were given a mouthful of food and not allowed to get cold, the parents’ responsibilities would be fulfilled. 

What about today? If anyone still brings a child like this, they must be said to be abusive. The society is advancing, and the standards of parenting are no longer comparable to what it used to be. 

Parenting not only tests the financial resources of parents, but also tests the energy of parents

Nowadays, parenting tests not only the financial resources of the parents, but also their energy. Playing with children, tutoring homework, these things take up a lot of parents’ time, and even if they do, they just barely reach the parenting pass. 

If you are bringing your baby full-time, that’s okay, but the reality is that most families are dual workers, and parents have heavy tasks to complete every day. How much energy is spent on the children? 

1. Raising a second child is not as simple as multiplying the difficulty of one child by two

Everyone who has a second child should know that raising a second child is by no means as simple as multiplying the difficulty of raising one child by two. It is three or four times higher or even more. 

Because raising a child is approaching the limit of the financial and energy that most families can afford, plus a child, the pressure on the family increases exponentially. 

To put it vividly, the second child is like the last straw on a camel. Only when the second child is born, many parents know that the pressure of parenting can be so great. 

Comprehensive second-children have been implemented for several years, but a careful analysis of the data reveals that most people who have second-children are still born in the 70s. The younger generations in the 80s and 90s have the second child. Few tires. 

This fully shows how cautious the younger generation of parents are in giving birth to a second child, and it is enough to see that most people are still very sober and will not be controlled by the original desire to reproduce. 

2. Regarding the second child as a kind of “high-end consumption” is the most correct attitude

When giving birth to the first child, you may find a lot of “just need” reasons, such as raising a child to guard against old age and wanting to treat yourself Pass on the gene of the virus, leave it for yourself, or give your parents an explanation. 

It is understandable to give birth to the first child for these purposes, and for most families, as long as the parents work hard, they can still provide a good growth environment for the only child. 

However, the second child is different. At least the so-called just-needed reasons above are untenable. In fact, having a second child is more like a high-end consumption. If the family conditions are not up to that level, you should not do it lightly. This is the most correct attitude and the most beneficial choice for Dabao. 

There are many problems with only children, but this does not mean that it is better to have a second child. Because the benefits of having an extra sibling to Dabao can’t offset the harm caused by the second child, such as the reduction of parental care and the lowering of the starting line. 

Therefore, childbearing is certainly the freedom of parents, but before childbirth, one must carefully consider it. This is the real responsibility for the child. After more than ten hours of normal labor, the child came out “one first and two big” because it was done during delivery.

To give birth to a child is not an easy task. For Bao’s mother, it is not only an individual effort, but also A technical job. Many mothers prefer to greet their babies through normal delivery, believing that babies born in this way are relatively healthier. 

However, the birth of a baby does not rely solely on the efforts of midwife doctors and nurses, but also on the cooperation of Bao’s mother. However, when the parturient is giving birth, if the parturient does not exert strength, it will be even more difficult for the baby in the abdomen to appear, causing a difficult delivery situation for doctors and nurses. 

Xiao Rong is 26 years old and has just given birth to a little boy for his family. When Xiao Rong was a mother-to-be, Xiao Rong had already learned a lot about pregnancy and childbirth in advance, and realized that for her, having a childbirth was the best way to welcome the child. This idea made her and her mother-in-law hit it off. 

With the company of his family, Xiao Rong’s pregnant belly is getting bigger and bigger, and multiple birth checkups also show that all the indicators are normal and healthy, and the moment of childbirth will soon be ushered in. 

However, Xiao Rong soon discovered that having a smooth delivery is not as easy as imagined. The pain that the mother has to experience is her own It was unimaginable before delivery. Therefore, Xiao Rong on the operating table became anxious and nervous, and at the same time it caused a bad result. Xiao Rong didn’t know how to push the baby to be born. 

Faced with this dilemma, all the family, including Xiaorong, believe that it is necessary to adhere to the delivery method of normal delivery and absolutely cannot switch to the caesarean section. Therefore, doctors and nurses can only do their best to help Xiao Rong keep pressing his stomach, and help Xiao Rong give birth to a son through external support. 

The newborn is very healthy, but the family found that the child was obviously “wrong”; the head of the baby born by Xiao Rong was squeezed and deformed. I felt sorry for the newborn, but it could Who is to blame? 

Different fertility methods are suitable for different types of parturients. Both normal delivery and caesarean section have corresponding advantages and disadvantages. I hope everyone can see clearly. 

The most intuitive thing is that the cost of a normal delivery will be lower than the cost of a Caesarean section. When giving birth through normal delivery, mothers usually feel pain during the process of delivery. However, when giving birth through caesarean section, pregnant mothers actually have to bear considerable pain, but this pain is not at the time of delivery, but rather It started after the baby was born. 

So, what are the recommended ways of giving birth that are popular with everyone? 

First of all, after a pregnant woman gives birth to a child, her body will recover more quickly;

Generally Said that after the operation on the same day, you can get out of bed; secondly, the method of normal delivery will not cause the intestinal problems of the parturient, and will not affect the eating after delivery;

During this process, the baby can perform a rare cardiopulmonary exercise. During this period, the baby’s nerve endings and skin will be stimulated to varying degrees, so the baby’s corresponding development status will also appear better. 

Comparatively, there are also some shortcomings in the normal delivery; although the choice of the natural delivery, then the pregnant mother and the child must meet the conditions of the normal delivery, but in the actual operation, all risks are possible. ; If the head of the fetus is too large to come out, not only will the mother have extreme pain, but in severe cases, a lateral perineal incision will be required. 

Secondly, the normal delivery will cause the vagina of the parturient to dilate; if the later parturient does not pay attention or exercise, then the vaginal wall of the woman will become more and more loose, and it will not be able to recover well.

Thirdly, once the uterus of the parturient is weak, the fetus will face hypoxia. At this time, it is often necessary to rely on external forces to help the newborn emerge, just like the case of Xiaorong and her son In the same situation, it is easy to cause different degrees of harm to children. What’s more, it may cause severe bleeding in the parturient and life-threatening. 

Maternal delivery will also vary from person to person. Some women or fetuses are not suitable for birth through normal delivery. Therefore, C-sections have helped these mothers and fetuses solve their problems in time. 

Generally speaking, many expectant mothers have a certain degree of fear of having a child, fear of the pain caused by having a child. Through a caesarean section, the parturient can be under the action of anesthetic, almost no pain in a short time To welcome the arrival of the newborn. 

It is precisely because of the form of caesarean section that the fetus in the abdomen can effectively avoid the consequences of squeezing the brain and causing deformation in the normal delivery, and ensure the healthy birth of the fetus; at the same time, the caesarean section protects the women. Soft birth canal pelvic floor muscles avoid some physical injuries. 

Similarly, cesarean section will also have relative shortcomings;

First, and most intuitively, the mother will leave long scars after delivery, which will be cultivated in the future. It is also difficult to repair. With the arrival of rainy weather, many Bao Ma’s scars will feel a dull pain. 

Secondly, the baby does not come out through the compression of the birth canal, and the amniotic fluid in the respiratory tract cannot be spit out, which is very easy to cause neonatal aspiration pneumonia. 

Thirdly, the same is the difference in production methods. The parturients cannot pass the lochia out of the body by the way like a normal childbirth. After the operation, these parturients have to rely on external force, just like a nurse’s abdominal pressure to help them discharge. 

Giving birth is a happy and painful thing, but I believe that since the mothers are looking forward to the arrival of a new life, they will definitely welcome the birth of the baby in the best condition. Here, I hope that all the mothers should relax their minds during childbirth. This can also help the children to appear smoothly. 

Today’s topic is here, what do you think about the two production methods of normal delivery and caesarean section?

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