A 6-year-old girl with spleen and kidney failure, doctor: The baby eats all garbage, don’t the parents know it?

A 6-year-old girl with spleen and kidney failure, doctor: The baby eats all garbage, don’t the parents know it? 

Now children can be said to be very happy when it comes to eating. They don’t need to be unable to guarantee basic nutrition like their parents did. However, there is no need to worry about eating, even eating more and more expensive, more and more advanced, but it is not necessarily a good thing. Some children are sick when they are young. 

I saw this one on the Internet two days ago Case: A 6-year-old girl was taken to the hospital by her parents for examination due to her short stature and weakness. After the examination results came down, even the doctor was taken aback. It turned out that the little girl suffered from multiple organ failures. Among them, the spleen, kidneys and other organ failures were already very serious. 

The doctor told the parents about the seriousness of the situation. The parents were dumbfounded at the time and said repeatedly, “How is it possible? The child is still so young!” The doctor asked the parents what they would give their children. Parents said that when it comes to eating, they never treat their children badly and eat whatever they want. In the past few months alone, the money for buying fried chicken drumsticks and potato chips for their children has been thousands of dollars. 

The doctor will Angry, she pointed to the little girl and said solemnly: “The baby eats all junk food, don’t you, as parents, know it?” After that, she explained why these foods are harmful and the girl suffers from the spleen and kidneys. The connection of exhaustion. After listening to the doctor’s explanation, the parents both felt heartbroken and regretted, and promised to pay attention on the spot. 

Of course, such extreme cases in real life are relatively rare, but even if the spleen and kidney failure is not so severe, many children’s bodies have been severely corroded by various junk foods. The reason for this phenomenon is the general ignorance of parents. They think that what is expensive is nutritious. As everyone knows, many expensive foods are precisely the source of harm. 

These foods are not suitable for children to eat more, parents must put them In my heart

1. Fried food

Children generally love fried food, even in the era of scarcity, a dime string of fried dried tofu will make children They salivate. However, this kind of food is very harmful to the human body: one is that it contains too much fat, which causes excessive fat intake, which greatly increases the risk of illness;

It produces harmful substances such as trans fatty acids and acrylamide, some of which can also cause cancer. In addition, frying will also damage the nutrition of the food itself, greatly reducing its nutritional value. Therefore, parents should let their children eat less fried foods, which are neither nutritious nor safe. 

2. Puffed foods such as potato chips< /p>

Puffed foods such as potato chips and shrimp crackers are also popular among children, but they are also typical “junk food”. In the process of making puffed foods, a large amount of puffing agent must be added. In order to make huge profits, some illegal businesses will use additives that do not meet the production standards, which will bring great health risks to children. In addition, the oil content and salt content of some puffed foods are above the standard, and eating too much is harmful to children’s health. 

3. Long-simmered thick soup

In the cognition of the older generation, soup is the most nutritious, so many people will make thick soup for children at intervals. . But in fact, soup is not only unnutritious, but also harmful. The longer it is cooked, the more harmful it will be. Because the salt and fat content in the soup are severely exceeded, it may also contain harmful substances such as purines that can easily cause gout. 

The above knowledge, many parents with babies They don’t know, so they don’t feel that they are spending money to harm their children’s health. Only when the situation is serious enough to make them wake up. 

To prevent illness from entering the mouth, parents should do this.

Let children participate in food selection and cook their favorite meals

Why are children so keen on junk food? A very important reason is that their daily diet can not satisfy their pursuit of deliciousness, so they will pursue the enjoyment of junk food to their taste buds after the dinner, and some even use junk food to replace the dinner. 

If you want to change this state, parents should find ways to make meals that their children love more. By constantly trying to find out their children’s tastes, they can also allow their children to choose the types of ingredients themselves. In this way, the child is satisfied with the dinner, and naturally will not be interested in junk food. 

Control from the source and prevent children from developing The habit of heavy flavors

Junk food is generally heavy flavored, because only in this way can it attract people. However, the development of taste is not a day’s work, but a habit formed over a long period of time. For example, many people don’t eat spicy food very much at first, and they adapt when they eat more, so they try more spicy food. 

The same is true for children. As long as parents check the source and reduce their exposure to junk food, they can naturally prevent him from developing a habit of heavy taste. Even if they come into contact with junk food occasionally in the future, they will Not interested in appetite. 

Eating expensive does not mean eating well. Parents are willing to spend more money on food for their children is worthy of praise, but on the other hand, you should also pay attention to eliminating harmful junk food, otherwise your money will be spent, but the health of your children will not be guaranteed. Breaking down? It only takes 4 steps to teach you how to choose the right toilet

Many people are confused in the process of decorating to buying furniture, especially if they don’t know how to choose a toilet, let alone themselves. What kind of toilet is suitable for the home, if you wait to ask when you go to the home market to buy it, you will fall into a passive position. 

Therefore, only if you know how to choose a toilet can you buy the most suitable one, so that the new house will not leave a trace of regret. As for how to choose, let’s take a look! 

Take a look at the glazed inside and outside

Selecting the toilet The first thing you can see is the glazed surface of the toilet. This is also the first thing to pay attention to when choosing a toilet. The overall glaze of a good toilet is very smooth and flat, and there are no bubbles or foreign objects in the touch. 

Moreover, whether the glaze inside the toilet is smooth or not will affect the sewage discharge capacity. Therefore, when choosing a toilet, you should not only look at the outer glazed surface, but also touch it with your hands to sense whether the inner wall is glazed or whether the glazed surface is smooth. 

Second look at hardware accessories

Details determine success or failure, choose Don’t forget some accessories when using the toilet. The toilet accessories are mainly distributed in the water tank. Pay more attention when buying. 

In fact, we can perceive the quality of the accessories through the buttons. If the flush button feels light and light, it means that the quality of the button is poor, and it will lose its flexibility after long-term use, causing it to be pressed down. No water came out to rinse. 

A good accessory needs a certain amount of force when pressing the button and will bounce immediately, so that the elasticity can withstand long-term use. 

Three look at the drainage direction

The toilet drainage direction It also needs attention, but it is not particularly affected. You can choose according to your own specific circumstances. 

The drain direction of the toilet is divided into wall type and floor type. The wall type is the toilet with the sewage outlet backward, that is, the sewage direction is backward; the floor sewage outlet is on the ground, this Need to pay attention to the strong distance in the center of the sewage outlet, the normal distance is generally 40cm, 30.5cm and 20cm, just pay attention to these distances when purchasing. 

Four look at the way of flushing

The flushing of the toilet The water method is generally selected according to the direction of sewage discharge, the forced discharge type is suitable for flush toilets, and the ground discharge type is suitable for siphon toilets. 

Generally speaking, the flush-type sewage outlet is relatively large and deep, so the noise is relatively large, while the siphon-type sewage outlet is small and the noise is also low. In addition, the water level of the siphon toilet is higher, and it is not easy to produce peculiar smell in the sewer. 

When choosing a toilet, it should be based on For your own bathroom, try to choose the one with simple installation, exquisite appearance, and detailed design that can meet your needs. After reading this content, everyone should know when choosing a toilet!

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