A 3-year-old child is addicted to playing games. Is it the child’s fault or the parent’s fault?

A 3-year-old child is addicted to playing games. Is it the child’s fault or the parent’s fault? 

When I was relaxing playing games a few days ago, I encountered a kid who was only 3 years old. He was very milky. When I chatted with him, I found that he was very proficient in playing. He should be playing frequently. Ask him How could his parents agree to him playing games? He said that his parents are so busy with work every day that they don’t have time to care about him. 

After playing a few games, when I was about to play, he still continued to play. Why is he addicted to games at such a young age? 

But his words also made me realize that many parents complain that their children are addicted to games, and when they ask their children to turn in their mobile phones, it is better to make time to spend time with their children. After all, there is so much time. The parent of the 3-year-old child can accompany him to the zoo and amusement park, so he will definitely not be able to play games. 

Watch meaningful movie variety shows with your children

Children There are reasons why games are fun to play, but most of the reasons for playing games at the beginning are that there is nothing else to do, so they play games. 

So the best way to prevent children from being addicted to playing games is to use other things to take up time playing games, such as watching their favorite movie variety shows or some interesting TV series cartoons with them. If the movies and variety shows chosen at the beginning of the transition are interesting and can attract children, wait for them to get used to them before choosing some meaningful and in-depth genres, and proceed step by step. 

Play intellectual games with your children

In addition to watching TV, You can also play some intellectual games with your children. Younger children can accompany them to play puzzles or building blocks and other intellectual toys. Older children can accompany them with games they are interested in, such as Lego or Gobang. It can both pass the time and develop intelligence, the best of both worlds. 

Take your children out to play

Except for staying with your children at home , You can also take your children out to play, such as taking children out for travel, or to play in the children’s favorite amusement parks and zoos, so that children can feel natural and real people and things. These are more interesting things than playing games. Children experience the fun of reality and learn knowledge and feelings that cannot be obtained in games. 

Cultivate children’s correct hobbies

Although electronic Athletics has become a course in some universities, but the children are still young. Playing games is just for fun and to pass the time, not serious things to do in the future. 

So there is still a hobby that a child likes from the bottom of my heart and is willing to fight for it no matter how old it is. This hobby can make children feel hopeful when they are confused. 

One person’s time is limited, do If you have this thing, you can’t do that again, and your energy is limited. Once you have one thing you like, you don’t have the energy to do other things you don’t like so much. Parents should not blindly “block” the children’s indulging in playing games. They must learn to “unblock” and start from other directions, the effect will be much better. The experience of pit baby is widely circulated. Parents must distinguish between these kinds of “fake experiences”.

Many novice mothers have no experience in raising babies. The methods of learning to raise babies are mainly through various methods. All kinds of “child-raising doctrines” seen through this channel, or the experience taught by the elders in the family. 

But in fact, many of the older generation’s experience is not suitable for use now, and the “parenting experience” seen through other channels is not necessarily correct. 

For example, the following three are the “experiences” that many people are familiar with, but they are actually not good for children, so you should avoid them later! 

Let your baby use an electric blanket

It’s now in winter Now, heating has started in the north. However, not all places have heating. In order to keep their babies warm, many families in the south have bought “warmth-keeping artifacts”, such as electric blankets. This thing is hot, fast and very warm, so it’s good for babies. 

In fact, this thing seems to be a very good warmth “artifact”, but in fact the hidden danger is very big. First of all, if the electric blanket is turned on for a long time, the baby’s skin will become very dry, and it may shed, which may cause damage to the baby’s delicate skin. In addition, the baby is still small and has no awareness of excretion. If the bed wets, it is easy to get an electric shock or cause a fire, which is very dangerous. Although “artifacts” are good, they are not suitable for babies. 

does not clean the baby’s fontanelle

Many moms know that, When the baby is young, the skull on the head is not fully developed, and the gap in the middle forms the baby’s “fontaine”. There are many remarks that the baby’s fontanelle is very fragile, and it is easy to break after washing. It is best not to clean it and wait until the baby’s skull is full. 

In fact, this theory is also unreasonable. The baby’s fontanelle is indeed fragile, but it is not so fragile. Usually, scrubbing is completely fine. 

Many babies’ fontanelles are completely closed, and it takes half a year to a year and a half. If they are not cleaned for such a long time, the babies are very uncomfortable and very unhygienic. The baby’s fontanelle should be cleaned regularly, and scrubbed gently, so that it won’t break. 

Use pillows for newborns

We all sleep with pillows Pillows, many mothers take it for granted that babies also need small pillows. Actually, but for newborns who are just born, there is no need to use pillows. 

The baby is too young and the spine is straight. If you use a pillow too early, it is easy to bend your head and neck. Therefore, it is best not to use pillows for the baby too early. When the baby is three to five months old, you can use a small pillow one or two centimeters high for the baby. 

Actually, a lot of “experience” is right The baby is good, but it is actually not good for the baby. After seeing the new parenting methods, mothers must distinguish first, because there are so many parenting methods, there are right and wrong, and some of the right may not be suitable for their babies. If you want your baby to grow well, you must use the appropriate nursing methods for your baby to nurture.

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