A 25-year-old woman refused to support her younger brother and was sued by her parents in court. There are more Fan Shengmei in reality than you think

The 25-year-old woman refused to support her younger brother and was sued by her parents in court. There are more Fan Shengmei in reality than you think

With the liberalization of the second-child policy, many families are considering whether to have a second child, especially at home. With only one daughter, the parents seem to have an inexplicable obsession with having a second child. 

It is true that for many families, both children are the happiest, so no matter what the risks are, they will try it. 

But these families often do not consider when they give birth to their second child. What impact will the second child have on the family? 

Especially in a society where the economic cost of raising children has increased a lot, raising a second child is overwhelming. 

Parents insist on giving birth The second child, the 22-year-old sister refused to raise her two-year-old brother. Is she wrong? 

Many parents have second children because of these reasons. In order to have a family with both children and make the family more lively, having a second child can play a companion role for the first child, but these The reason sounds very high-sounding. 

There is such a family where the couple has been living on subsistence allowances. When their daughter was 20 years old, the couple chose to have a second child, completely ignoring their daughter’s objections. 

So successfully gave birth to a boy, but after giving birth to the second child, because the couple’s physical and financial situation was getting worse and worse, they were unable to raise the second child, so they wanted their daughter to take over. 

At this time, the second child is 2 years old, and the daughter is 22 years old at this time. The daughter who is in college is still unmarried, and she doesn’t even talk about love, so she has to raise a brother who is much younger than herself. , This was a bolt from the blue for her, so her daughter expressed strong opposition to it. 

In the end, the couple took their own daughter to court because the daughter refused to support his younger brother. But in the end, the daughter still has to bear the responsibility of raising her younger brother, because in the end the court ruled that the parents won the case, and netizens expressed sympathy for the daughter’s incident. 

Blind birth Who in the family will be ruined by a fetus? 

Previous generation

As for the issue of giving birth to a second child, we will find that it is the previous generation that gave birth to the second child, and it is the previous generation that is ultimately troublesome. 

Many elderly people want to see their children and grandchildren around their knees in their lifetime, so they keep giving birth to second children, especially in families with only one female treasure, and the elderly are about to give birth to second children. 

But we will find that after giving birth to the second child, the real job of raising and raising a baby falls on the previous generation, which will make them miserable. 

Next generations

Some parents choose to give birth to a second child without considering the life of Dabao in the family. Having a second child will have a great impact on Dabao’s psychology. He will feel that his parents don’t love him anymore and don’t like it. He is gone, the loss in Dabao’s heart is difficult for his parents to take care of, and this will also cause conflicts between Dabao and Erbao. 

When the conflict escalates, it will even lead to tragedies. I believe we can see in many news that Dabao chose to commit suicide because he felt that he was not favored. 

The parents themselves

Some couples have never thought about the quality of life and financial pressure when they choose to have a second child. Raising a child is not as simple as it used to be. 

The economic cost and time and energy of raising a child have to be paid a lot, which is a heavy burden for every family. 

If the family does not have enough savings, the husband and wife do not have a stable job, it is not recommended that you have a second child. 

giving birth to a second child Before these several issues must be considered carefully

physical and psychological

The birth of a second child is very stressful for mothers. After the age of 30, many women decide to have a second child. At this time, the physical fitness and psychological endurance are not as good as before, and the current mother has a stable career after 30 years old. Once she chooses to have a second child, she has to make a choice between career and bringing a baby. 

And after giving birth to the second child, we must also consider the issue of taking care of Dabao, which all consider the physical and psychological endurance of the parents. 

Family economic strength

Now raising a newborn requires milk powder money, education funds, and medical expenses, no matter what it is, huge expenditures are required. 

Many couples themselves have poor quality of life, but they still choose to have a second child. This will only reduce the overall living standard of the family and affect every family member. It is very irresponsible. Kind of performance. 

So, when the family’s financial strength is sufficient and stable enough, choosing a second child is a safer choice. 

Seek the opinions of family members.

Many friends think that whether or not to have a second child is a matter jointly decided by the husband and wife, but we will find that in life, many couples are often affected by the issue of having a second child. The influence of the older generation. 

There are even some couples, only one wants to have a second child, and the mother who is more patriarchal will also choose to have a second child, without considering the opinions of other family members. 

Be aware that giving birth to a second child is not something that one person can afford. It will affect all family members. Therefore, when everyone agrees to have a second child, it is more correct to have a second child. 

The impact of having a second child on every family is enormous. Although the second child policy has been opened up, parents should also be aware of the real life and the pressure of raising a second child. Don’t be blind. Giving birth to a second child will cause the whole family. 

Finally, what are the effects of having a second child on the family? What else do you think? Please leave a message in the comment area. The couple quarreled for divorce, and the fight was too fierce regardless of the baby. The two-year-old child left a psychological shadow.

In traditional Chinese concepts, the idea of ​​“Never tear up the temple but not the marriage” is deeply ingrained. A large part of couples will still hold on for the sake of their children. 

It seems that this is a compromise made by two people in order to give the child a complete “home”, but when they brazenly quarreled and slandered each other in front of the child Will “home” give children real care? 

The young couple quarreled all day long and did not shy away. The 2-year-old Mengbao left a psychological shadow, and the psychiatrist was harmed by his parents.

I saw this on the forum before. Articles to share. Xiaoli is a post-95, young she and her husband fell in love at first sight, the two quickly married. Soon after, Xiaoli was pregnant again, and she seemed to see happiness. But what I did not expect is that it is easy to fall in love with each other, and the relationship between two people becomes tense. Usually quarrels are constant, and they dislike each other. 

Xiao Li once thought about getting a divorce, but when she saw the baby in front of her grow up a little bit, she felt a little bit reluctant. In this way, the two people tortured each other in the marriage, and the original feelings slowly faded away. Quarrels and fights became commonplace. 

Finally, during a big quarrel, Xiaoli and her husband got together, and the two emotionally excited people shouted for divorce. The two-year-old baby fainted with a loud cry when the two were violently insulting each other. 

The two of them were dumbfounded and rushed to send the child to the hospital. The child woke up but couldn’t speak anymore. He couldn’t even say a “mother”. Xiaoli took the child to see a psychiatrist. The doctor shook her head and said, “It was all caused by your parents. The child was overwhelmed and caused a psychological shadow, and the language ability was regressed. Whether it can recover depends on the situation.” Only then did Xiaoli and her husband realize how deeply they hurt their children. 

What kind of harm does parental quarrels cause to children? How can parents give their children a loving home? 

First, what kind of harm will the quarrel between parents cause to the child? 

1. Influencing the formation of children’s character

Parents’ quarrels keep children in an environment full of language violence for a long time, which makes children feel more beyond their ability Emotional pressure. 

This makes it easier for children to develop cowardly, overly sensitive personality traits. Children are trying to suppress themselves out of self-protection mentality, which makes their personality traits appear to be pleasing and low self-esteem. 

2. It hinders the establishment of children’s family view

Parents who like to argue in front of their children, their image is very bad in the children’s eyes. The children see their parents The most unbearable side of the body. 

Children feel disgusted with their parents’ quarrels, and even this affects their views on their parents. As a result, the children’s view of the family has been distorted. The children yearn for care, but they do not place their hopes on the family, which makes their view of the family become dilapidated as an adult. 

3. Affect children’s self-evaluation

Quarrels caused by conflicts between parents are likely to become a psychological burden for children, because children may attribute their parents’ quarrels to I am not doing well enough. Children constantly belittle themselves, doubt themselves, and even think that their birth has become a burden to their parents. In the parents’ quarrel and moral kidnapping, the children’s self-evaluation becomes negative. 

Second, how do parents give their children a loving home? 

1. Try not to quarrel in front of your children

It is normal for couples to have conflicts and disagreements, but this does not mean that problems must be resolved by intense quarrels. Therefore, parents should know how to express their differences appropriately, and don’t let their children become innocent victims in quarrels. 

If parents quarrel in front of their children, they must also comfort the children as soon as possible so that the children understand that the parents still love each other and that the quarrel is not the child’s fault. 

2. Know how to bear family responsibilities

After setting up a family, the couple must assume family responsibilities without hesitation. The couple understands respect and tolerance for each other, and are more willing to take the initiative to share family pressure. This will not only make the family life more harmonious, but also set a good example for the children. A stable family environment can make the children feel more love And a sense of security. 

3. Don’t blame each other in case of trouble

Life is not always smooth. When encountering a problem, the couple can face it together. This is far more than resenting each other. valuable. Affirm the ability and dedication of the other party, do not shirk responsibility when encountering things, and be willing to be a solid backing for each other to support each other. Even if such a family environment does not have sufficient material conditions, there must be no lack of love. 

The love of parents for their children is not to let the children live in the shell of a “home” without love, but to give the children the most sincere warmth and care in their hearts. Quarrels cannot solve problems at any time, and parents should know how to communicate and deal with problems rationally. 

A home can be called home because of love. A home filled with quarrels can only be a cold cage. What do you think about the impact of parental quarrels on children?

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