A 14-year-old girl was beaten for 3 hours and was seriously injured and unable to give birth. When will school violence stop?

A 14-year-old girl was beaten for 3 hours and was seriously injured and unable to give birth. When will school violence stop? 

School violence belongs to the darker side of the school environment. The school seems to be a paradise for children to learn knowledge, but in fact there are some unacceptable behaviors, such as school bullying. 

There is no fixed target for campus bullying. Some targets may be bullied because of incomplete family, some are bullied because of their looks, and some students may even be “not used to” because of their academic performance. “Being bullied. When will school violence stop? This has become a concern of many people. 

14-year-old girl After being beaten for three hours, it was seriously injured and unable to give birth. The reason for being beaten turned out to be because this

Magic is a girl who just turned fourteen. She looks good and has excellent grades. She should have a bright future, but One thing happened that made her feel that her life had collapsed. Majestic has good grades in school and is a good girl who doesn’t like to make troubles. 

But even so, there are some little girls who hate her because they can’t understand her good grades. In fact, it is normal for a junior high school girl to have such a comparison mentality, but there was a girl who decided to teach Majestic a little bit of “learning” for the first exam. 

This day, a girl asked Majesty to teach her homework, so she stayed in the classroom. The girl had an appointment with a group of sisters and began to perform violent acts on Majesty, beating her on the face and belly for three hours. She also took off her clothes and took nude photos, and threatened her not to tell others. . 

Later, a security guard who patrolled the building discovered that the girls were committing violence, and stopped their behavior for the first time, and sent Majesty to the hospital. The doctor said that Majesty was seriously injured, and her childbirth would be a problem in the future, and the violent behavior of this group of girls would also affect Majesty’s mental health. This shows that school violence is terrifying. 

Why do we still have school bullying incidents in our schools now? 

Schools do not pay attention to the psychological education of children

Although the psychology of young people has gradually become adult, there are still some differences between the values ​​of many young people in schools and adults. Nowadays, many junior high schools and high schools in our country only pay attention to the children’s performance and neglect their mental health development, so there will be some school bullying incidents. 

The reason for campus bullying at the same time is because some teachers and parents do not act, which leads to problems in children’s thinking. If schools can focus on children’s psychological development and guide them correctly, school bullying will be reduced, and the communication between students will be more harmonious and loving. 

The Juvenile Protection Law makes some young people feel that breaking the law does not matter

We all know that our country has the “Minor Protection Law”. In the past few years, the Juvenile Protection Law can be said to have sheltered many “criminals” . Some people who bully classmates have not received corresponding education because of the juvenile protection law, so everyone feels that the problem of juvenile delinquency is not big, so there is a trend of lower age of criminals in our country. 

Students’ teachers and parents, as well as members of the community, should educate their children that the law is a weapon to protect us, not to condone our backstage of breaking the law. 

Now my country has increased the punishment of minors who violate the law in order to reduce the crime rate of young people. Therefore, school bullying incidents are gradually decreasing. 

Parents’ education of their children

Some parents have obvious deficiencies in their children’s education. For example, some parents adopt an uneducational attitude after their children make mistakes. This has led to some children doing whatever they want and committing crimes. I don’t think it’s my own problem. There are also some parents who teach their children not to cause trouble at school, which also leads their children to develop a temperamental character, and they don’t know how to resist when they are subjected to school bullying. 

What are the harms of school violence to children? We all have to take a closer look at

Physiological aspects

Generally, school bullying can be divided into two types, one is verbal bullying, and the other is to use violent means to bully classmates. Some people do not know the severity of the violent methods, and they are likely to cause great harm to the body of the bullied person, such as concussion and kicking in the stomach causing internal organ damage. 

Therefore, school violence will have a great impact on children’s physiology, and children who encounter this situation must use legal weapons to protect themselves. 

Psychological aspects

School bullying is very harmful to children’s psychological aspects. People who have experienced school violence may live in the shadows all their lives. The child’s heart itself is relatively fragile, and helplessness after being bullied is likely to disappoint the child in this world. So everyone should call for more friendly relations between young people and no bullying. 

Nowadays, some of us are paying more attention to issues such as campus bullying, and I believe that campus bullying incidents can be reduced in the future. Many schools have also expressed that they will strengthen their awareness and use of the law to let them know that school bullying is an illegal behavior, and they will not be a perpetrator of harm to others. If you have a girl at home, you should pay attention that if the menarche is earlier than this age, the height development is often very disadvantageous.

In the growth period of the child, height growth is one of the growth indicators that parents need to pay attention to. 

For girls, in addition to paying attention to the child’s growth and development curve, parents should also pay attention to other physical changes in the child’s growth process, such as the arrival of menarche. 

Experts believe that the time of menarche in girls is likely to affect their future height development status. 

Baoma found out that her eight-year-old daughter had come on a “period holiday”. The doctor predicted that the height of the child was about 1.5 meters.

Some time ago, Ms. Wang found out that her eight-year-old daughter was menstruating, which really surprised her. Thinking that she was 13 years old when she had menarche, Ms. Wang felt very worried by comparison. 

So Ms. Wang took her daughter to the hospital for a check-up. At first, Ms. Wang was embarrassed to tell the doctor about her daughter’s condition, but thought that she could not make fun of the child’s growth and development, so she asked the doctor. Out. 

After communicating with the doctor, the doctor thought that Ms. Wang’s daughter might have developed precocious puberty. 

Then the doctor conducted a further physical examination on the girl, and it was finally diagnosed that Ms. Wang’s daughter was suffering from precocious puberty. 

What makes Ms. Wang even more worried is that the doctor predicts that based on the child’s current height development, the child’s final height is likely to be about 1.5 meters. 

Both Ms. Wang and her husband are in the upper-middle height. She didn’t expect her daughter to be less than 1.6 meters tall in the end. 

So, Ms. Wang begged the doctor to find some good ways to help the child grow taller? 

The doctor said that at present, only some drugs can be used for intervention, but the degree of intervention for the child’s final height is still uncertain. 

Ms. Wang doesn’t understand that she takes care of her child very carefully. Why does it cause her child to have menstruation early? 

In this regard, the doctor said that there are many factors that cause precocious puberty in children, such as excessive intake of hormones in the daily diet. 

Thinking of this, Ms. Wang reacted. She had given her daughter some nutrients before. Perhaps it was these nutrients that induced precocious puberty in her child. 

Why the child has menstruation Will the age of menarche affect their final height? 

As a child grows up, there will be several periods of rapid growth in height development, and the menarche period is regarded as the final stage of height development. 

In the two years after the girl’s menstrual period, the height of the girl will gradually become slower, and eventually stop growing. 

Experts believe that the height of a girl during her first menstrual period is 95% of her final height. In other words, the earlier a child’s menarche comes, their final height may not grow taller. 

The reason for this phenomenon is mainly because the hypothalamic pituitary gonad axis in the child’s brain will be stimulated when the female is at menarche, and the child will grow in advance after the child enters the puberty stage. The secretion of growth hormone in their bodies will also be affected, and eventually their height development will be hindered. 

At the same time, experts believe that if the child’s first menstrual period is before the age of 10, then they may be suffering from precocious puberty. 

And related studies have proved that in this case, the children’s bone age development will be significantly earlier, even said to be about three years earlier than the actual age. 

in daily life How can parents prevent their children from being troubled by precocious puberty? 

Pay more attention to the daily diet

When the child is growing up, it is necessary for parents to pay attention to the daily dietary intake. 

Especially to prevent children from developing unhealthy eating habits, such as eating fried foods, high-oil, high-sugar foods and so on. While ensuring that the child has a balanced intake of nutrients, parents should also pay attention to the proper combination of meat and vegetables. 

Urge children to develop a scientific schedule of work and rest

Nowadays, many children have the habit of going to bed late. Sleeping late not only affects the health of the child, but also disrupts the secretion of some hormones in the child’s body, so parents have It is necessary to urge children to “rest well”. 

Especially before nine o’clock in the evening, parents must ensure that their children go to bed and fall asleep, and get up after seven o’clock in the morning. 

Ensure the child’s daily exercise volume

When the child is overweight, their endocrine system may be disturbed as a result, which may induce precocious puberty. 

So parents must ensure that they have the right amount of exercise in their children’s daily life, especially outdoor sports are more worthwhile for parents to take time to accompany their children to do exercises. 

In addition, it is worth mentioning that parents should not lightly believe in the nutritional products on the market, and increase products. 

Because these products may contain excessive hormones, when children take them, it may affect their own hormone levels, and induce precocious puberty. 

What do you think about the phenomenon of girls’ menarche coming early?

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