A 13-year-old child was beaten and scolded by his mother in the street because he forgot to bring his key. Should family education be the case?

A 13-year-old child was beaten and scolded by his mother in the street because he forgot to bring his key. Should family education be the case? 

We all know that the Chinese way of educating children is very traditional. Compared with Western countries, Chinese parents often adopt corporal punishment education in the way of children’s education. 

Although such an education method can allow parents to establish authority in front of their children and restrain their children’s daily behaviors; however, corporal punishment can also harm children and affect the affection between parents and children. 

The 13-year-old boy was beaten and scolded by his mother in the street. Passers-by discouraged this kind of education from being wrong.

Yiyi was a child who grew up under the stick of his parents, so she gave birth to After the son, the way of educating the son is also the same as that of the parents. Once the child does something wrong, she will punish the child physically. In this kind of educational environment, the son has become less talkative, and sometimes has a strong rebellious mentality. 

Although Yiyi has also seen some knowledge about parenting, she thinks there is no problem with the education of her parents, but once she finally realized her mistake when she was visiting the mall with her children. 

Yiyi was in a very good mood when she was in the mall with her son, but she asked her son what to eat at home. Suddenly her son remembered that he had forgotten to bring the key, so he cautiously said to Yiyi, “Mom , I forgot to bring the key.”

At this time, Yiyi’s attitude changed from a gentle mother to a grudge, and she slapped the child in the face. While beating and scolding the child, “Why can’t you do anything, what else would you do?”

Passers-by all discouraged after seeing Yiyi’s reaction, even if the child committed something If you are wrong, you cannot treat your child like this in public, so your child’s self-esteem is easily affected. Some passers-by said that beating and scolding children can’t solve the problem, but you will hurt the child’s fragile soul. 

After hearing the persuasion of passers-by, Yiyi also seemed to understand the error of this education method. So what should be the correct family education? This kind of family education is the most reasonable, parents should learn it. 

(1) Pay attention to the development of children in all aspects

The focus of family education is to cultivate children’s life skills in all aspects and cultivate children’s healthy personality. However, many parents take the right Children’s education focuses on learning. Although learning has a great impact on children, this is the focus of school education, and parents should not interfere too much. 

The all-round development of children is very important. Some parents pay too much attention to their children’s learning, leading to neglect of learning to cultivate children’s life skills. The child cultivated by parents in this way is likely to be a “giant baby” who can only learn, and has no ability to take care of himself at all. 

So if parents do not want their children to be such a person, they must do a good job in the role of instructor in family education in order to cultivate an independent and outstanding child. 

(2) Do not take violence to children

Violence can indeed make children fear themselves and become obedient and sensible. Corporal punishment is also a common practice in Chinese education of children. means. However, according to research, most children who were corporal punishment in childhood will have obvious rebellion during adolescence, and the relationship between relatives is relatively cold and alienated in families where corporal punishment is generally used to educate children. If parents want their children to be close to themselves, they should try not to punish their children physically. 

In addition to physical punishment, verbal insults can also frustrate children’s self-esteem. Some parents think that violence only refers to physical torture of their children. In fact, verbal violence and cold violence to children often make them more sad. 

Children who grow up in such a family environment are likely to become inferior, timid, and repulsive to communicate with others. This has a great impact on the healthy growth of children, and it also hurts their psychology. Parents should pay attention to their own words and deeds in their daily lives, and do not say things that hurt their children or do things that hurt their children’s soul. 

(3) Respect the children’s decision and treat them with an equal attitude

What is a good family education? In fact, a democratic, free and equal family education can be called the best family education. For example, some Western countries require equality between children and their parents. The New Zealand government has done a good job in protecting the rights of young children in this regard. 

So parents must not use the identity of “head of the family” to persecute their children, so that children will receive a lot of pressure from oppression. 

If parents love their children, they must learn to listen to what they say, respect their decisions, and don’t interfere too much with their children’s ideas. If you can educate children in this way, the reward is not the fear of the child, but the respect of the child. 

If parents can treat their children in this way, then the children will definitely learn a lot in such a good educational environment. Therefore, it is best for parents not to think that stick education is the best way of education. Don’t use sticks to hurt your children’s heart and interrupt the relationship between your relatives. These 3 sports are “age-appropriate”. Children should not do it too early, otherwise it will not only hurt the bones.

Nowadays, parents are bothered by a kind of educational anxiety. Winning is at the starting point, so I will spare no effort to let the children “be the first to learn”. 

But in fact, parents, this kind of eagerness for success is likely to hinder the normal growth and development of their children, but it has a negative effect on the growth and development of children. 

I even said that some of the more common sports are very suitable for children in the eyes of parents, but for the children’s current growth and development indicators, they are somewhat difficult. 

Mother Bao watched the video to teach her children to dance, but she taught her children to the hospital without realizing it. The doctors have some dance poses that are not easy to learn early.

Ms. Wang is a dance lover, although she did not realize dancing when she was young Dream, but she hopes that her daughter can help her realize her dream. 

So when the child is three or four years old, Ms. Wang will follow some dance videos to teach the child to dance. 

I heard that children have soft bones when they are young, and it is easier to learn difficult movements such as lower back and splits. So before going to bed every day, Ms. Wang will let the children practice again. 

One day when the child was practicing splits, he suddenly yelled that his leg hurts. This really shocked Ms. Wang. After calming the child for a while, the situation did not improve, so Ms. Wang had to take the child to the hospital. an examination. 

After the X-ray was done, the doctor judged that the child might have a muscle strain. When the doctor learned that Ms. Wang had the child practice the lower back splits every day, the doctor shook his head helplessly. 

“The child is so young, it is really not suitable to practice these difficult dance moves! This is not good for the child’s muscle and bone development!”

I heard the doctor like this After saying that, Ms. Wang regretted that she did not. In fact, when children are three or four years old, the dance learning they are exposed to should be based on interest development. 

These difficult movements are not suitable for children to learn prematurely. This is not only easy to cause accidents, but also is not conducive to the normal physical development of children. 

these three Sports activities have strict requirements on the age of the child, and learning too early can easily pit the baby.

1. Swimming

Many parents take the baby to the swimming pool to swim when the baby is in his infancy, so Parents will think that swimming is suitable for children to learn early. 

But in fact, learning to swim and wearing a swimming ring to soak in a swimming pool are two different things. The children’s cardiopulmonary function is not yet fully developed. At this time, forcing them to learn to swim is likely to cause damage to the cardiopulmonary organs. 

So before the child is four years old, parents try not to force their children to learn to swim. 

2. Long-distance running

Many parents will favor running as a sport, believing that it can enhance their children’s physical fitness and improve their physical fitness. 

But in fact, long-distance running is indeed a stressful exercise for children with undeveloped bones. For children under six years old, long-distance running is not suitable. 

3. Writing

When children are 2 to 3 years old, they are very sensitive to numbers and Chinese characters, so parents will consciously teach their children to read. 

Although children learn to read faster at this age, parents should not force their children to write. 

At this time, the children’s finger joints are not fully developed. If they are forced to practice writing, they may deform the finger joints. 

Try to write after your child is five years old, and intensive practice is most appropriate after six years old. 

Before school In education, how should parents give their children proper guidance? 

1. Choose learning items based on the children’s age range

In the preschool stage, children have corresponding performances in each age range. Therefore, when parents choose learning projects for their children, they should choose according to the age group of their children. 

Education in advance not only makes children very stressful, but also is not conducive to children’s mastery of learning projects. 

2. Don’t rush for success, set project goals reasonably.

When guiding children to learn from the project, parents must maintain a calm mind and be too eager for success The mentality will not only affect the child’s learning confidence, but also may affect the child’s learning mentality. 

Under the influence of such environmental stimuli, children are also prone to negative attitudes of resistance and boredom with learning

3. Mainly stimulate interest, supplemented by skill learning

In When the child is in the preschool stage, when the parents guide the child in the learning project, it is more important to stimulate the child’s interest in learning. 

Premature emphasis on skill learning is likely to affect children’s interest in learning projects. 

In short, parents should correctly view the child’s growth at every stage. Setting too high goals and expectations for the child will not only make the child’s childhood very stressful, but also hinder the child’s childhood. To the discovery of children’s talents and the stimulation of potential. 

Do you have any good experiences to share with regard to the selection of learning projects for children in the preschool stage?

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