8 months old, he was trained by black-hearted parents to become an internet celebrity “for gold”. Netizens are crazy about money

8 months old, he was cultivated by his black parents to become an internet celebrity “for gold”. Netizens are crazy about money.

In the era of the prevalence of short videos, all kinds of people want to seize the limelight. Earning a little is a little, so a lot of Internet celebrities among them came into being. 

However, some bloggers really do not compromise in order to win the attention of fans. Recently, a video has caused complaints from fans. 

In the video, a 3-year-old girl is eating some food that is not in line with her age, and the weight of the child is obviously too much higher than that of her peers. 

In the beginning, many fans thought that the little girl was so cute, and they all paid attention to this edible little girl. However, after watching the little girl’s live broadcast, the fans realized that things were not that simple. 

Some fans found that the little girl didn’t like to eat. There were a few times the little girl didn’t want to eat it, but the feeder still kept adding food to the little girl’s plate. Later, fans broke the news that the little girl was fed by her parents to look like this. 

Parents train little girls to become online celebrities to eat and broadcast, just to make money. Now the little girl’s body is clearly beyond the range of a healthy weight under the feeding of her parents. If this continues, It’s hard to predict what the little girl will look like in the future. 

For this reason, many fans complained to the platform about the account of the little girl, and the platform finally blocked the video. Many netizens feel distressed for the little girl, and even some netizens directly comment on their parents that they are crazy about money! He even started on his own daughter. 

In fact, there are quite a lot of parents who use their children to make money, especially those who are born with better conditions, use their advantages to train their children into Internet celebrities or celebrities, so that their children can make money for themselves Tool of. 

Parents take their children What kind of harm does the cultivation of Internet celebrities or celebrities do to children? 

1. The child loses a happy childhood

Parents train their children into Internet celebrities at the age when their children should be eating, drinking, and having fun, and let their children become “stars” in the eyes of others. Once children become public figures, many You can’t help it. 

Children are easily forced to do things they don’t like. Children experience the beauty and evil of society prematurely, leading to the loss of a happy childhood. 

2. Children experience fame prematurely

Parents train their children to become Internet celebrities, allowing them to experience the feeling of fame prematurely. Children can easily lose themselves in this environment. Children’s premature enjoyment of the aura that does not match their own age and status can easily make them lose themselves. 

3. It is not conducive to the physical and mental development of children

If you want to be an internet celebrity, you must also pay a price. Once you become an internet celebrity, your child’s time will not be free, and some The Internet celebrity live broadcast has been broadcast for several hours, but the child’s body simply cannot bear it. 

Furthermore, the child’s body is developing. Parents are forcing the child to broadcast live all day long, which will definitely affect the child’s physical and mental development. 

4. Children bear online violence prematurely

Parents training their children to become Internet celebrities cannot guarantee that all people will like their children, and I cannot guarantee that people on the Internet are beautiful. 

How many Internet celebrities can’t bear the violence of the Internet and choose to end their lives. Therefore, when parents train their children to become Internet celebrities, it means that their children will be exposed to online violence prematurely. 

It is really a kind of severe damage to children’s body and soul. Some adults can’t bear online violence, let alone young children. 

5. Children expose their personal privacy prematurely

Currently, Internet celebrities have no privacy at all. Parents cultivating their children into Internet celebrities means that the children are exposed to the world, and there are no secrets in the children. 

For example, the kindergarten the child goes to, the food that the child loves to eat, and the child’s home address can be found on the Internet. If the bad guys plot against the child, the child’s personal safety is difficult to guarantee. 

Every child has the right to choose his or her own life. Parents should not be so selfish and help their children decide their own life prematurely. It should be the parents’ business to make money and support the family. Parents should not put the burden on their children. . 

As a parent, we should pay more attention to the healthy growth of the child, let the child do what at what age, and not to encourage the child. 

Parents should better Pay attention to

1. The child’s physical and mental health

Parents should pay more attention to the child’s physical and mental health. Only when the child’s physical and mental health is healthy, the child can grow up happily. The problem is that children will not be able to live happily in the future. 

2. Cultivation of children’s personality

Parents should cultivate their children’s personality in the process of their children’s growth. Having a good personality is the first step for children to gain a foothold in society. 

Some parents provide their children with a better life, no matter how much money they provide, and their children will not be able to enjoy the things their parents provide if they are not independent in the future. 

Children are not pawns for parents to realize their wishes, nor are they tools for parents to make money. Children are the continuation of life and are independent individuals. 

So parents should no longer pin their hopes on their children, and let the children “work” for their parents at a young age. In the first three months of pregnancy, the baby is easy to “sneak away”, parents should pay attention to it.

Some parents are struggling to get a child and finally get pregnant. I thought they could sit back and relax for 10 months. Queen’s life, but reality always likes to joke with you, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, the baby will slip away quietly. 

My friend Xiaoxia was married for the third year this year. From her marriage to now, her mother-in-law has been urging Xiaoxia and her husband to have children. In the past, Xiaoxia always felt that she was still young and she was not free and easy enough! Not in a hurry to have children, so the matter of having children has been stranded. 

Isn’t it this year that friends around me have children, Xiaoxia thought it was time, so Xiaoxia did everything to prepare for the arrival of “pregnancy”. Soon Xiaoxia got her wish, which made the whole family happy. 

Since Xiaoxia became pregnant, the whole family has confessed to Xiaoxia. Xiaoxia is not allowed to do anything. Xiaoxia has nothing to do all day long. So Xiaoxia put her energy on her husband, Xiaoxia hasn’t got close to her husband for a long time after she became pregnant. 

I’ve been pregnant for three months now, Xiaoxia thought that she should be fine, so she pestered her husband to ask her husband to “exercise” with her at night, but her husband had to agree to Xiaoxia. 

After the work, the two wanted to hug each other happily. When Xiaoxia went to the bathroom the next day, she found some blood stains on her underwear, which scared Xiaoxia and her husband. The person hurried to the hospital, and the doctor said after the examination, “Fortunately, the two came in time, the child’s key is not dangerous, but you must not have another next time, otherwise if the child is gone, no one can blame others.” After listening to the doctor’s words, Xiaoxia and her husband both dared not look up in shame. 

In fact, many couples don’t know, it’s not that they will be fine when they are pregnant, so they can “do whatever they want”. Many pregnant mothers are separated from their babies by yin and yang because they do not pay attention when they are pregnant, regretting for life. 

Pregnant mothers, especially the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus is not particularly stable in the mother’s stomach, both family members and pregnant mothers must pay special attention. 

What are the things that pregnant mothers cannot do in the first three months of pregnancy? 

1. It is forbidden for couples to have sex with each other

Pregnant mothers should pay special attention to the baby in the first three months of pregnancy, especially between husband and wife, if they are afraid of real control If you can’t help your desires, you can temporarily choose to split the room between the husband and wife. After the first three months, the husband and wife will live together again. 

Generally pregnant mothers are relatively stable after three months, and Tibao has already adapted in the pregnant mother’s belly. At that time, a little affection between husband and wife is okay. Of course, it also varies from person to person, and some pregnant mothers can’t touch it from pregnancy to birth. 

2. It is forbidden to do physical work

Pregnant mothers need to rest after pregnancy, especially the first three months, and cannot do physical work. At this time, if the pregnant mother is not paying attention, maybe Using the wrong force will cause the fetus in the belly to slide. 

When pregnant mothers are pregnant, they are most afraid of frequently bending over and lifting heavy objects. If the conditions really do not allow, please make a comprehensive assessment of the pregnant mother and choose the safest way to deal with it. 

3. It is forbidden to lose your temper.

When pregnant mothers are pregnant, they must learn to control their emotions, especially not to get angry all day long. The fetus in the mother’s bad mood will also be affected. When the pregnant mother loses her temper, the body will produce a lot of toxins. These toxins will cause the fetus to stay in the pregnant mother’s belly and leave her quietly. 

Of course, in addition to paying attention to these in the first three months of pregnancy, there are also some things that need to be paid attention to by the pregnant mother, so as to avoid accidents after the child has passed three months later. 

1. Pay attention to nutrition during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to the supplement of body nutrition before deciding to have children. Pregnancy is like farming, and the mother’s uterus and body are like land If you want the seeds to grow prosperously, you need the soil to grow. If the pregnant mother’s body nutrition can’t keep up, the fetus will not develop well in the pregnant mother’s belly. 

In order for the fetus to grow healthy and strong in the belly of the pregnant mother, the normal nutrition of the pregnant mother must be kept up. Especially in the first three months, some pregnant mothers have morning sickness and vomit what they eat. The more at this time, the more they must insist on nutritional intake. 

2. Pay attention to rest during pregnancy.

Before pregnancy, some mothers have chaotic work and rest schedules. They sleep when they are tired, and stay up all night when they are not tired. This is irregular The rest is definitely not conducive to the growth of the fetus in the belly. Once pregnant mothers become pregnant, they should adjust their rest time, not stay up late and be tired, and ensure a good sleep time. 

If the pregnant mother does not pay attention to rest during pregnancy and does not sleep regularly, after the birth of the fetus, don’t blame the child for staying up all night and all night! This is what the parents raised for the baby. Who makes the mother not sleep on time when she is pregnant! 

It’s not easy for some pregnant mothers to get pregnant. Don’t let your little life pass by your side because of your carelessness. After pregnancy, pregnant mothers must do a good job of pregnancy strategies, from pregnancy to The baby must be fully prepared when it is born, and strive to be prepared parents.

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