69-year-old Zhang Jizhong plays with a child. The child’s life experience is questioned. Netizens are not old enough

69-year-old Zhang Jizhong plays with a child. The child’s life experience has been questioned. Netizens will not be the one who is old enough to have children.

The star is the most capricious when it comes to giving birth. Ordinary people may have to consider money, children’s education, and consideration. How to raise children in the future. 

But for celebrities, these problems are not a problem, as long as you want to do anytime, especially for male celebrities, it is easier to have children. 

Some time ago, 69-year-old Zhang Jizhong’s assistant exposed a set of photos of Zhang Jizhong playing with his children. In the photos, he watched the intimate scenes of Zhang Jizhong interacting with the children. Many netizens speculated that Zhang Jizhong might be a good old man. ! 

In fact, there are quite a few cases of old stars among the stars, Kou Zhenhai and Wang Gang. They must be known to everyone. They are also veritable old people. They have both expressed in variety shows. Although I am happy when I am old. 

This is a gift from God, but in the face of innocent and lovely children, they are more anxious. Watching the children grow up day by day, they really dare not grow old, for fear that they will grow old. I can’t accompany my child. What should I do if my child hasn’t grown up after I leave? 

So in order to be able to accompany the children for a longer period of time, the old and successful people may not care about their own body before, but for the sake of their children, they are now desperately starting to maintain their health, just hope that they can spend more time with their children Take a ride. 

It seems like a happy thing to have children when they are old. It sounds happy that a person can have his own children in his sixtieth year. 

People who are old and successful also have some problems they have to face.

1. The worldly vision of outsiders

It seems to be a personal matter when you take your child away. When you are on the street, you will inevitably receive strange eyes from others. Although some people say that I don’t care, I still care when such eyes and voices come from behind you. 

Especially when the child goes to school, this kind of worldly vision will not only affect himself, but also cause trouble to the child. 

Children will become the object of discussion among classmates, and some children even dare not let their parents appear in the eyes of classmates. 

Although sometimes parents can understand the mood of their children, they still feel uncomfortable when they are treated like this. 

2. Don’t dare to get sick or grow old

When I am just awake and happy, as a parent, I really dare not let myself get sick, because it is common for people to have physical problems in middle age. If you are not concerned, you may not be afraid at all. Even if you leave this world one day, you will not have any regrets. 

But now it’s different. I still have children waiting to be taken care of by myself. If I fall down, what should I do? After getting old and getting a son, he doesn’t even have the right to get sick. 

3. Children who are weak and always get sick

Old and good children also have an impact on the children themselves, because men and women, as soon as they are 50 minutes old, their bodies begin to have problems, even if they can successfully have children, But there is still a difference between a child born in my 50s and a child born in his 20s. 

Children who are old and successful are particularly weak and sickly. Parents not only have to worry about their physical condition every day, but also worry about the health of their children. Sometimes they really feel lack of energy. 

There are really many people who are old enough to say that if they give themselves another chance to choose, they will definitely not choose this way again, and old people really can’t afford it. 

4. There is a generation gap when you get along with your children

When you get old, you have a son, after all, age is here! Even if parents can keep up with the times, it is difficult to keep up with the pace of their children’s growth. In particular, the current social changes are really too fast, and some things of young people are really unacceptable when they are older. 

It is very obvious that parents have modern gaps in the process of educating their children. Even though some parents have worked hard to shorten this generation gap, there is still no way to overcome them. 

5. There is no family happiness at all.

According to common sense, people who have been old and have struggled for most of their lives should enjoy the happiness of family life, but people who are old and have children can’t talk about family happiness at all. 

When other people’s children and grandchildren go around their knees and don’t have to worry about anything, the old and successful self has to work hard, and even work hard, just to provide the child with a better Living conditions do not allow children to lag behind others. 

So the happiness of family is a thing that cannot be expected for the old and successful. 

It’s not something anyone can afford to be old, and it’s not something anyone can try. If you think that you can take on the happiness that old age brings you, the same is true. If you can withstand the distress that the old man brings to you, then you can try it boldly. 

But if I have such a little hesitation, I advise myself whether to do it, for myself and for my children. The favorite things that my mother put in the room, I feel comfortable, but the child is miserable, choose carefully

Many children basically sleep with their mothers before they go to elementary school, and I have seen many Because his father went out to work, the child even went to elementary school and still slept with his mother. 

For the time being, regardless of the disadvantages, we just need to discuss the issues that mothers need to pay attention to when sleeping with their children. 


6-year-old Qingqing has basically slept with her mother since she was a child, because her father has been working abroad all year round. Sometimes in order to make more money, she may not come back once a year. 

Because of the lack of her father in the growth of the child, Qingqing’s personality is particularly timid, so she must follow her mother to sleep in order to fall asleep. 

Qingqing’s mother loves beauty and pays great attention to her skin. When she went to a beauty salon, she was recommended by the staff of the beauty salon to use a “beauty lamp”. The skin has great benefits, not only reducing the appearance of acne, but also slowing down skin aging, enhancing skin elasticity and so on. 

The most important thing is that it is very simple to use. Just aim the machine at your face and turn on the light. You don’t need to do anything else, just go to bed. This convenient operation made Qingqing’s mother moved, so she bought it too. One. 

For a long time after that, Qingqing’s mother could not beat it every day. Of course, although the light is relatively weak, she was afraid that it would affect her daughter’s sleep, so she waited until her daughter fell asleep before turning on the machine. 

I thought that I had been so cautious and would definitely not affect the child, but it turned out that the child is always sleepy during the day and has a constant cold. 

So I took the child to the doctor. The doctor saw the child’s symptoms and the child’s dark circles, and concluded that the child’s poor sleep quality has led to a decline in the body’s immune system, which led to constant small colds. 

If this state continues, the child will develop from a cold to a chronic disease, and sleep will become more susceptible to neurasthenia. 

After listening to the doctor, Qingqing’s mother was so scared that she hurried home and removed the machine. For the health of the child, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t use it! 

In fact, many children are “victims” who love to use things in their mother’s room. Qingqing is just one of them. Listen to what other mothers have to say. 

Mom, I put lavender under the pillow before. I think it can improve the sleep quality of my family. But then the child got itchy all over and developed red rashes. Take the child to see the doctor. , Said it was allergic. My first reaction at the time was that I had just replaced it with lavender, which was special after all. It’s a pity, I really like its taste, but children are not allowed to sleep on the sidelines. 

Baoma II. My friend once bought me a box of aromatherapy. I heard she said that it can help me sleep, because my sleep quality has not been very good, so I started using it immediately after receiving it. The child kept rubbing his nose that night, and asked him to find out that it was an itchy nose. I quickly stopped using it and didn’t dare to make fun of the child’s health. 


In fact, many mothers have their own favorites, but personally suggest that mothers should choose carefully in this regard, especially when sleeping with their children. If the items are not selected properly, it is likely to cause greater harm to the child. 

These “favorites”, mothers must choose carefully

1. Smell items

Many mothers like to spray perfume in their rooms, or It is to put on some aromatherapy, or other things with scent. 

Personally, I suggest that mothers must first see if their children can accept the smell, otherwise, once the children’s nasal mucosa is intolerant to it, it will be very uncomfortable if they are allergic to it. 

Some allergies are so mild that the children often rub their noses. A mother who is not so careful may think that the child’s nose is not very comfortable, and there is no association with allergies, but for a long time. , The child may change from the initial allergic symptoms to chronic rhinitis. 

Only those patients with rhinitis know how painful rhinitis is, and even some people cannot recover after surgery. Therefore, when it comes to children’s health, parents are still expected to choose carefully. 

2. Lighting items

Whether it is the beauty lamp above or the night lamp that is more commonly used, it is not recommended for parents to use it, because the child’s sleep quality is inherently poor, and when there is light Under the circumstances, even if it is relatively weak, it is easy to be affected. 

Once a child’s sleep quality deteriorates, not only can he not secrete more growth hormone to provide growth and development, but the child’s body’s immune system will also suffer damage, which is why those sleep quality is not Good children often suffer from constant minor illnesses. 

In addition, if you often turn on the light for your child to sleep, your child’s sleeping habits will also change. After the habit is formed, you may not be able to sleep without a light. 

Therefore, if you really like these items, you should wait until you sleep in a separate room with your child. At present, parents still focus on the health of the child.

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