“5~6 kg, 6~8 kg, 8~10 kg”, what is the difference between the three weight ranges of newborns?

“5~6 kg, 6~8 kg, 8~10 kg”, what is the difference between the three weight ranges of newborns? 

In the clinical conclusions of medicine, experts agreed that maintaining a newborn’s weight at about 6 kg is the most appropriate standard. The American Academy of Pediatrics has observed and recorded 3900 newborns and found that the weight of a child has a certain relationship with his brain volume, which in turn affects the child’s IQ. After research, they also concluded that the newborn’s weight is appropriate to maintain 6 The conclusion is around the catty. 

Mengmeng and her husband were only 25 years old when they got married. Because they were just in the entrepreneurial stage, they had no plans to have children for the time being. It wasn’t until the age of 32 that the husband and wife’s career had stabilized before they began to prepare for pregnancy. After a period of conditioning, Mengmeng became pregnant. The mother-in-law has always worried that the dream age should be a bit too old, and more nutritional supplements are needed to ensure the normal development of the fetus. Therefore, every day during Mengmeng’s pregnancy, she needs to eat all kinds of big fish and meat prepared by her mother-in-law, as well as many supplements. At 36 weeks of pregnancy, Mengmeng, who was originally a slender material, almost doubled her weight. During the birth check, the doctor also advised Mengmeng to control her diet. Now the fetus is overweight and can only give birth to a child through caesarean surgery. 

In the end, Mengmeng gave birth to a son of 8 catties and 7 taels through caesarean section. Originally, the arrival of a new life made the whole family very happy, but first, Mengmeng was too obese, and recovered slowly after giving birth, suffered a lot, and also suffered from pregnancy high blood sugar. The second is the baby. The doctor said that if he does not pay attention to controlling his weight in the future, the chance of developing obesity is very high. The reason why both mother and child suffer is that Mengmeng has overnutrition due to improper diet during pregnancy. 

Pregnant in October and gave birth at once. Both the pregnant mother and the family must hope that the mother and child are safe and healthy, and also wish that the baby will be smart and smart. Experienced mothers must know that after the baby is born, the nurse will not only clean up the baby’s body and respiratory tract, but also immediately weigh and measure the baby’s height, especially when weighing. Preliminarily judge the health of the baby. 

“5~6 kg, 6~8 kg, 8~10 kg”, what is the difference between the three weight ranges of newborns? 

Judging from clinical experience, doctors usually use about 6 kg as a reference base. If the baby is around 5 to 6 kg, although he is relatively healthy, he needs to pay more attention in the later nursing. If the baby’s weight is less than 5 kg, it will be included in the “low birth weight baby” range, indicating that the baby’s physical and health conditions are not very good, and some babies even need to be observed in the incubator for a period of time. 

The opposite of “low birth weight infants” is that newborns weigh about 8 to 10 kilograms, which are collectively referred to as “giant infants” in medicine. In addition to increasing the risk of childbirth for the parturient, the baby is also prone to some metabolic diseases. If the later parenting does not pay attention to controlling the baby’s weight, obesity will also follow. 

For doctors, they believe that the most suitable newborn weight is between 6 and 8 kg, indicating that the baby has received the most suitable nutritional supply during pregnancy and the development status is very good. In the later stage of nursing and nurturing, there will not be too many problems. The weight of the newborn is related to their own health, brain capacity, etc., and also affects the health of the mother. This is why doctors have been closely monitoring the weight development of the fetus during the birth check, and work with pregnant mothers to ensure that the final weight of the fetus is maintained between 6 and 8 kg. 

How do pregnant mothers maintain the normal development of fetal weight during pregnancy? 

Controlling weight gain is nothing more than diet and exercise. The same is true for pregnant mothers during pregnancy. Usually during the check-up, if the doctor finds that the fetus grows slowly and the weight is not up to the standard, such as only 800 grams during the 30th week of pregnancy, which is far less than the standard of 1500 grams, the doctor will advise the pregnant mother to eat more protein-rich, Vitamin food, at the same time, pay attention to rest and maintain adequate sleep. 

If the doctor finds that the fetus is overweight during the pregnancy check-up, it is usually recommended that the pregnant mother adjust her diet, reduce the intake of carbohydrates, eat as little sweets as possible, and strive to achieve a balanced diet. In addition, if the pregnant mother’s health is normal, some exercises can be combined to maintain weight, such as walking, pregnant women’s yoga, etc. are all good choices. 

From the above methods to maintain the weight of the fetus, it is very important to check the fetus on time, so as to know the weight change of the fetus in time, and make scientific and effective adjustments through the professional recommendations of the doctor. It is not a simple matter to give birth to a new life, especially the weight change of the fetus, it is also related to whether the mother can give birth to the baby safely, and whether the baby’s health and IQ can be guaranteed. It is not the best condition for a baby to be overweight or underweight. Pregnant mothers must have regular check-ups and adjust their eating habits according to the doctor’s recommendations to ensure a balanced diet and a balanced nutrition, and give birth to a healthy and smart child! 

What was the weight of your baby when it was born? Do you pay attention to maintaining your baby’s weight during pregnancy? Welcome to leave a message to share! The most uncomfortable thing during a birth check is these two items. If you meet a male doctor again, your scalp will be numb in embarrassment

When it comes to giving birth to a baby, many people’s first reaction is unbearable pain, and they have experienced it. There may be more embarrassment among the people. 

Xiao Xu just gave birth to a baby, and when her pregnant girlfriend asked her about her feelings and experiences when she had a baby, Xiao Xu didn’t know where to start. At that time, Xiao Xu started to feel pain in his stomach and ran to the hospital. He thought that the pain in his stomach continued to increase until the child was born, but he encountered embarrassing things unexpectedly. It turned out that in order to better understand the situation of Xiao Xu’s opening of the palace mouth, the doctor would come to do internal and anal examinations for Xiao Xu from time to time, and Xiao Xu was also unlucky to meet a male doctor. 

“Originally, these two examinations were unusual. Even if it was a female doctor, I was embarrassed to come. In the end, it happened to meet a male doctor. It was really embarrassing to me. I was so embarrassed at the time that I felt that my stomach was not so awkward. It hurts.” After listening to Xiao Xu’s experience, my girlfriends couldn’t help but worry about meeting a male doctor when she gave birth to a baby. 

But I didn’t expect Xiao Xu to go on to say, “At first I was very resistant to this male doctor’s check-up on me, but then my stomach hurts more and more. Instead, I hope he will come and see if I get A few fingers, maybe in the face of labor pains and death, gender really doesn’t matter.” Many people’s process of giving birth to a baby comes from a TV series-when a pregnant woman’s stomach hurts, the delivery person begins to prepare something, and a group of people shouts nearby. “Strong,” and the child came out. In fact, giving birth to a baby is far from simple. Before the baby comes out, Bao’s mother has to go through a psychological battle. 

The onset of pain, But Bao Ma was so embarrassed that he didn’t want to have a baby. These two examination items are too terrible.

Even today, when medical technology is already very advanced, judging Bao Ma’s ten-finger opening process and the baby’s state still rely on internal examination and anal examination. For the mother who has never given birth to a baby, these two examinations are very unfamiliar, but for those who have given birth to a baby, just remembering is enough to make people embarrassing. 

The so-called internal examination is that the doctor puts his finger into Baoma’s vagina to understand how much Baoma has opened the uterine orifice, and whether the process and state of the entire uterine orifice are normal. If the doctor finds that the state of the opening of the uterine mouth is abnormal during the internal examination, for example, a long time has passed, but the uterine mouth has not been opened very much, then the doctor must determine whether it is necessary to give Baoma oxytocin or direct caesarean section. When the doctor finds that the uterine orifice and vagina are open enough to pass through the baby’s head, it means that the mother can choose to give birth smoothly. 

The anal examination allows the doctor’s fingers to find the baby more clearly, to determine whether the baby is facing out and whether the orientation has changed. If the baby is not facing out, and has not turned around, then Bao Ma can only choose to have a C-section. These two examinations are indeed very embarrassing, and it is even more embarrassing to encounter a male doctor to check. For this reason, many mothers are very resistant, and even after giving birth to a baby, they can’t let go of it for a long time. In fact, it is not terrible to meet a male doctor. What is even more terrifying is the prejudice in people’s hearts. 

Why Is there a male doctor in obstetrics? Understand these three reasons, letting go of your prejudices and talents is also letting go of yourself

In the eyes of pregnant women and their husbands, male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology are superfluous, but in obstetrics and gynecology, male doctors are very sweet, because They do have certain advantages. 

First of all, as men, they are generally better than female doctors in terms of energy and physical strength. It is important to know that in hospitals, there are often cases of twinning, especially in the obstetrics and gynecology department. At any time, there may be cases where pregnant women are about to give birth or suddenly have heavy bleeding, and a doctor may have to work continuously for a long time. In this case, male doctors are often better able to fight continuously. When there is a need to move patients or something, a male doctor in the department is also very helpful. 

Secondly, male doctors are more composed and calm. In many different medical fields, the proportion of outstanding male doctors is higher. Therefore, the male doctor is better able to stay awake and make the best judgment when giving birth to Baoma. After all, giving birth to a baby is going through a ghostly gate, and any small decision made by the doctor in an emergency may affect Bao Ma’s life. 

Finally, there is another big reason. In addition to some who originally wanted to become obstetrics and gynecology doctors, there are also some male doctors who are actually forced to get to this point. In contrast, obstetrics and gynecology is actually a relatively tiring department. There are relatively few students applying for this major, and even fewer boys. Therefore, some boys choose obstetrics and gynecology in order to realize their medical dreams, or they are transferred to the obstetrics and gynecology department. They themselves did not expect to become obstetrics and gynecology doctors. 

The male doctors in the obstetrics and gynecology department are actually not easy. In fact, in their eyes, every pregnant woman and every patient are the same, and what they think is always how to help the person in front of them recover. And some people, especially Bao Dad, are too mindful that male doctors just don’t understand the nature and situation of each other’s work. Men and women are stereotyped. In fact, this will only put too much psychological pressure on themselves and their partners. Facing male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology, we still need more tolerance.

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