42 days after childbirth, how to judge whether the confinement is good or not? You can know by touching your stomach

42 days after childbirth, how to judge whether the confinement is good or not? You can know by touching your belly

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After giving birth, the whole body of Bao’s mother is affected by The most harmful part should be the uterus:

Before giving birth, a woman’s uterus is relatively small, only the size of a pear, and the volume is only about 15ml. In the third trimester, the pregnant mother’s uterus The volume can be expanded by about 1000 times. 

If the weight of the fetus is heavier and there is more amniotic fluid in the body, the degree of expansion of the pregnant mother’s uterus will be higher. 

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Therefore, in addition to restoring their mental state, the uterus is also more important for pregnant mothers to confinement after childbirth. 

When the baby is born, Baoma’s uterus does not suddenly become smaller. Its recovery is a process, about 4~6 weeks. This is why you have to sit for 42 days of confinement. . 

Is the confinement sitting well? It can also be touched by hand

After 42 days, how well you sit during confinement also has a lot to do with the recovery of your uterus. A simple way is to touch it with your hands. 

If after 42 days, Baoma’s belly is no longer bulging, and basically returns to its normal size, there is no unevenness in the abdomen or when pressed by hand, there is no pain or stiffness. Physical sensation, which means that the uterus is recovering well. 

Because the uterus is already He descended into the pelvic cavity and returned to the original place. When Bao Ma touched it with her hand, she couldn’t touch the fundus of the uterus. 

In addition, Bao Ma can also use these methods to judge the recovery of the uterus. If these kinds of signals do not appear, it means that Bao Ma is recovering well. 

▶ Lochia is not discharged cleanly

During the confinement period, pregnant mothers will find that something is discharged from their body all the time. This is lochia, which contains blood, all kinds of Cells, tissues, etc. 

Although lochia was red at the beginning, it will gradually become transparent until it disappears. 

If after 42 days, lochia If the row is not clean all the time, or the color is abnormal, or the smell is too heavy, it may be that the confinement has not been satisfactorily, and you need to go to the hospital for examination. 

▶ Body aches

Bao Ma will experience pain in her body when she is pregnant. Just after giving birth, the muscles in various parts of the body have not yet recovered and will hurt. a period of time. 

But after 42 days, I still have pain in my body. It is probably because I was too tired during the confinement period, or I was exposed to cold water or cold wind. 

▶ Very afraid of cold

The baby mother who has just finished giving birth is very afraid of cold. When encountering cold water and cold wind, she may have tears and headaches. If the temperature is lower, you will feel cold all over. 

If the mother is pregnant before I am a person who is not afraid of cold, and after confinement, he is more afraid of cold than others. It is probably because the confinement is not done well, which leads to weak body and cold body. 

I didn’t sit well in the confinement period. It is very likely that Bao’s mother did these things during the confinement period.

✘ Chilling

After giving birth, the pregnant woman was in a state of weakness , In the case of poor physical resistance, if you touch cold water or blow cold wind at this time, it is easy to cause a cold, joint pain, and sequelae. 

Furthermore, the temperature suitable for lying-in women’s rest is about 24°C. Too cold or too hot will not work. When the summer is hot, you must not foolishly turn on the air conditioner. 

✘ Long-term inactivity in bed

After confinement, pregnant mothers can’t lie down and rest all the time. Even after surgery, do they have to do more activities to help their body recover? Pregnant mothers should walk more 6 to 8 hours after giving birth. 

One week after delivery, you can Do leg-lifting exercises appropriately to help recovery. 

Appropriate activities can also promote the discharge of lochia, so as to prevent lochia from staying in the body, causing bacteria to grow and affecting recovery. 

✘ Mood fluctuations are large

Human emotions affect endocrine, emotional tension and loss are not conducive to physical recovery, so parents of pregnant women must pay more attention to them. 

Women should also learn to teach themselves and do what they like every day to avoid postpartum depression. 

✘ Do physical work

During confinement, if the child holds too much, it may cause inflammation of the hands, let alone doing housework. 

After giving birth, housework and physical work can be left to others to do, so as not to increase one’s own pressure, leading to severe damage to vitality and poor recovery.  Changes in pregnant mother’s taste affect fetal health. There are two kinds of more dangerous, so pay more attention to it.

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After pregnancy, many women will taste Great changes have taken place, and I almost can’t help but like certain foods. There are often pregnant mothers and pregnant mother’s family members who complain online:

“I like to eat sour food before pregnancy, but I actually smell it after pregnancy. If I feel sour, I want to vomit. I especially like noodles such as steamed buns and noodles.”

“Also, pregnant mothers don’t like to drink boiled water after pregnancy, and fall in love with some strange-smelling mineral water.”< /p>

There are also some pregnant mothers who suddenly want to eat all kinds of strange things:

For example, they want to taste the soap, want to eat mango with soy sauce, and Want to eat the lunch on the high-speed rail. 

Why does the taste change a lot after pregnancy? 

▶ The influence of female sex hormones

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After pregnancy, female hormones rise, which affects the secretion of other hormones in the body, and also affects other parts of the body, such as digestive enzymes and Secretion of stomach acid. 

Therefore, many pregnant mothers will have increased or decreased appetite, and they will particularly like a certain food or dislike a certain food. 

▶ Get more nutrition

Experts believe that women prefer certain foods for a certain period of time after pregnancy. It may be that the body lacks certain nutrients. For the health of the fetus, So I want to eat foods rich in nutrients. 

▶ Instinct protects the fetus


Some pregnant mothers hate the smell of cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, and chocolate. It is also because these foods cause harm to the fetus, so the body instinctively avoids risks. 

It is important to satisfy your own tastes and please yourself after pregnancy, but pregnant mothers who like to eat these two kinds of foods need to control themselves. 

✘ Sweetness

If pregnant mothers who prefer sweets can’t control themselves, eat a lot of desserts every day, it is easy to cause body weight and blood sugar increase. 

This is very easy to cause pregnancy complications, it is more dangerous during delivery, and it is difficult to recover after delivery. 

Pregnant mother’s weight has increased Soon, the baby’s weight will rise faster, and it will become a huge baby, and it will be more difficult for pregnant mothers to give birth. 

Furthermore, children who are born with a higher weight will be more likely to be overweight in the future. 

✘ Heavy flavors

Some pregnant women like to eat spicy, sour, and salty heavy flavored foods. Although they are appetizing and happy to eat, they are good for themselves and the fetus. The adverse effects of the body are too great. 

Too much salt intake can cause blood pressure problems, which can be dangerous when pregnant mothers give birth; eating too salty will have a greater demand for water, which will cause body edema, slow blood circulation, and affect fetal development;

Eating too spicy food can easily cause constipation. The possibility is high, and it will be more uncomfortable at that time. Severe constipation may also lead to miscarriage and premature delivery. What if pregnant mothers not only improve their appetite, but also control their diet? 

✔ Increase the types of foods

More types of foods can not only prevent pregnant mothers from eating only one type that affects their health, but also supplement adequate nutrition. In addition, they are more able to face a large number of foods. When you find what you like to eat, your appetite and mood will improve. 

✔ Increase the frequency of chewing

When pregnant mothers eat, chew each bite for a period of time, which can increase the feeling of fullness and promote digestion, avoiding one-time eating Too much makes it less uncomfortable after a meal and can also relieve constipation. 

✔ Use natural food instead Refined foods

Pregnant mothers who want to eat desserts can chew carrots, grapes and other foods, which not only supplement the required nutrients, but also suppress their desire to eat desserts. Pregnant mothers who want to eat sour, can drink homemade sugar-free yogurt, eat small tomatoes, green oranges and other foods. Pregnant mothers who want to eat spicy food should also pay attention to replacing chili oil with natural chili when cooking food to avoid excessive intake of salt and oil. 

✔ More activity

Increasing the amount of exercise can help pregnant women digest food, increase appetite, and don’t just want to eat spicy, sweet and sour things to appetite. 

I wish every pregnant mother have a good appetite and the baby is healthier. 

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