40 years later, the only-child family is “polarized”, some people enjoy the blessings and some suffer.

40 years later, only-child families are “polarized”, some people enjoy the blessings and others suffer.

Forty years later, only-child families are “polarized”, and some people enjoy the blessings and others suffer.

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Due to the country’s prenatal and postnatal care policy in the 1970s, there were 180 million one-child families in our country. Now the two-child policy has been opened up again in the past few decades. The only child who appeared here is a very special generation in the history of our country. 

But because there are few children in the only child, all the resources and pressure in the family can easily be concentrated on one child. Therefore, when the resources and pressures obtained by different only children are different, their lives will be different. very big difference. 

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When they were young, all children were taken care of by their parents, and classes in similar schools did not seem to be very different. 

But when the only child enters middle-aged and old age, that is, 40 years later, their lives may be very different and even polarized. 

The same only child, 40 Years later, life is too different.

Mr. Liu is now 43 years old. Although he has achieved management and his monthly salary exceeds that of most people, he still feels that life is difficult. , Life is very stressful. His

His child has just entered high school, and his study and living expenses have increased a lot, and the monthly expenses of Mr. Liu’s family have increased a lot. 

The money was not a big deal, but unfortunately, Mr. Liu’s father and mother-in-law are sick and need a lot of medical expenses. He and his wife are both only children, and the pressure of supporting the elderly on both sides is under pressure. On them, but now the pressure of work is also great. 

Now, Mr. Liu feels that he and his wife are in a situation where they are struggling to support themselves, and their lives are going to be difficult. 

Mr. Wang is 44 years old now, The child is also in high school, but because his parents are relatively young, their physical condition is good, and the financial condition is also good. 

Therefore, there is no need to worry about family matters. I will help my children with my wife after get off work every morning, and my life is very easy. 

The lives of Mr. Wang and Mr. Liu are also the lives that many only children will face in the future. Either there is no family pressure and you can do whatever you want; or the burden of the two families is on the husband and wife. , Out of breath. 

Why the only child lives two Grade differentiation? 

▶ Family conditions

Although they are all only children, family conditions are very different. When all the resources in the family tend to the same person, this gap becomes Bigger. 

Of course, the family conditions are different , Is the main reason why most families keep their distance. 

▶ Parents’ body

When the only child reaches middle age, the parents are also in old age. Many elderly people are not in good health. They rely on medicine to maintain their lives. For some families, it is a huge expense. 

If the parents do not have medical insurance, pensions, etc., or have very little income, the pressure on the only child is even greater. 

There are still some only children who may have good opportunities in different places, but because of the poor physical conditions of their parents, they have to stay in the local area, and they have missed a lot of opportunities in vain. 

▶ Personal choice

Of course, personal choice has the greatest impact on a person’s future. Even an only child with poor family conditions may have the ability to afford the lives of four elderly people and children in the future. 

In single-child families, parents The pressure faced in the future is very different from the pressure faced by children. 

Children generally worry about whether the life pressure of supporting their parents will be great in the future, while parents are even more worried about whether their children will support themselves when they are old. 

This requires parents to give their children a good education. 

✔ Do not spoil the children

Indulgence is a common problem in only-child families. These children have all the love of the family when they are young, and they may be more likely to grow up because they do not adapt to the social life. And psychological imbalance. 

Psychologist It is believed that psychological imbalance can easily make a middle-aged person think that he has entered a middle-age crisis, and when they feel uncomfortable, they will have obvious resistance to supporting parents. 

Therefore, not spoiling children and letting them learn to adapt to society will also have great benefits for the parents’ old-age care. 

✔ Pay attention to your own words and deeds

The behavior of the children’s parents is very sensitive. They are a blank sheet of paper when they are born, so it is easy to imitate the behavior of their parents in dealing with others. . 

If the parents are also filial and willing to support the elderly, the children are more likely to be filial in the future. 

✔ Develop life skills


Parents cannot prevent them from participating in family labor because they have only one child. 

Appropriately “decentralize” some children to do what they can do on their own, and cultivate children’s life skills. They may become more independent, more likely to succeed, and have better conditions to support them in the future. parents. 


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Chinese-style “fooling” breakfast is on the rise. It seems nutritious, but it actually hurts the body more than not eating

Breakfast is the most important of the three meals A meal. 

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Nowadays, people’s life is getting faster and faster, not only in large cities, but also in small and medium-sized cities, especially For families with children, parents are even more busy in the morning, and time is especially tight. 

So gradually parents start to paste their children’s breakfast, thinking that as long as the children eat well at noon and evening, the breakfast will not have much impact. 

However, this kind of “fooling” breakfast is difficult to meet the needs of children’s physical development. 

Case: “Fooling” breakfast causes children’s malnutrition

Ms. Zhou’s son is 6 years old this year, just in the first grade of elementary school. Due to work, every morning is like a “war”. One day In the morning because it was too late, Ms. Zhou bought breakfast milk and bread for the child outside, thinking that it would be a day like this, but the child would like it very much. 

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Ms. Zhou thinks this kind of breakfast is also good. She also specially shopped around and compared several kinds of breakfast milk. Nutrient composition, choose the kind with the highest protein, coupled with whole-wheat buns, constitute a child’s breakfast, which is convenient and fast, and the key is that the child also likes it. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 

Unexpectedly, when the school organized a physical examination, the child was found to be malnourished. 

Ms. Zhou was puzzled. She asked a few doctors and friends to find out that breakfast was the culprit. 

It turns out that many breakfast milks on the market are actually just a kind of beverage, almost without any nutrients, and when the child is growing up, eating such a breakfast will obviously affect the body’s development, causing the child to look yellow and thin, and the height is also obvious. Shorter than other peers. 

These “fooling” breakfasts are not good for children.

1. Soy milk and fried dough sticks

In my country, the combination of soy milk and fried dough sticks can be called a golden combination. 

Soy milk with deep-fried dough sticks have a very high taste, cheap and delicious, and are liked by men, women and children. However, this way of eating is actually not healthy for children who are in the growth and development period. 

Youtiao is a fried food, and some vendors may choose some low-quality raw materials as ingredients. If it is eaten for a long time, it will make children’s nutrition malnutrition, affect their learning and growth, and be extremely detrimental to children’s health. 

2. Quick-frozen food

Quick-frozen food is the most common thing in the supermarket. It is convenient and fast. Just boil water, pour it in and cook for a few minutes, and it can be out of the pot. Many families like it. Hoarding. 

And, like quick-frozen dumplings and quick-frozen wontons, there are meat and vegetables in them. Many parents feel that this meets the dietary needs of their children, so they are also used to using these quick-frozen foods as breakfast for their children. 

However, quick-frozen food is often frozen for a long time, and the nutrients in it have been lost long ago, which does not help the child’s development. In addition, the source of the meat inside is also difficult to tell. After all, It cannot be ruled out that merchants may use poor-quality meat for profit. 

3. Rice porridge with pickles

In rural areas, porridge with pickles is simply a perfect match for breakfast. 

Many parents nowadays are also used to making this kind of breakfast for their children, but they don’t know that this kind of breakfast is quietly endangering their children’s health. 

In fact, the porridge itself is not a problem. Drinking porridge in the morning can also protect the stomach. However, the porridge lacks nutrition and cannot meet the growth needs of children, and this carbohydrate will also It is quickly absorbed; in addition, pickles, pickled vegetables, contain harmful substances such as nitrite, and long-term consumption will cause great harm to the child’s body. 

It is recommended that parents replace pickles with eggs, or put more ingredients in the porridge, such as green vegetables and lean meat, then the effect will be very different. The child will not only like to eat, but will also absorb enough Nutrition. 

4. Overnight meals

Some parents have a hard time living in a family, or some parents try to save trouble, and there are more food left over the night before, and they think it’s too wasteful to pour it over, so the next day Take it out in the morning and heat it up, which is the breakfast for the whole family. 

Under normal circumstances, children also prefer to eat, because the salt content in the overnight dishes will increase, and they will taste very flavorful. 

However, many parents don’t know that this kind of overnight meals is nutritious and harmful to the children’s health. If the parents are not careful and let their children eat degraded meals, they may even cause food poisoning. 

What should parents pay attention to when preparing breakfast for their children? 

▴Nutrition balanced▾

There is a saying: eat well for breakfast, eat well for lunch, and eat less for dinner. 

In fact, this sentence is not unreasonable. Breakfast is very important, especially for children who are developing. 

For children’s breakfast, parents should choose some nutritious foods, such as eggs, milk, etc., with meat and staple foods, with balanced nutrition, so that the child’s body can grow faster and healthier. 

▴Light taste▾

Because of their younger age, some children may not have perfect digestive function. If you eat too much salt, MSG and other condiments, it is easy to increase the burden on the stomach. 

Therefore, the younger the child, the lighter the child’s diet should be. Parents must not put too much salt. Return to Sohu to see more

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