4 sentences that are often on the lips, but did not expect to hurt the child so much. Have you ever said it?

4 sentences that are often on the lips, but did not expect to hurt the child so much. Have you ever said it? 

Parents are the closest and most important people to children in this world. However, in many cases, it is the parents who hurt the children the most. 

And this kind of harm does not necessarily have to exist in the form of violence, but may be hidden in daily conversations. 

Once, my friend Lili took her daughter to a drawing class, and that day it was her turn to watch as a parent. 

I don’t know if my mother is a little nervous around her, and her daughter’s performance that day was very bad. She made frequent mistakes when she came up and changed several sheets of paper. As a result, some children finished painting, and their daughters only painted halfway. 

Seeing her daughter’s clumsy appearance, Lili was both angry and anxious, and even felt an inexplicable humiliation. But this was in class after all, and she was too embarrassed to criticize her daughter in front of her teachers and classmates, so she forced her to end the get out of class. 

After stepping out of the classroom, Lili couldn’t bear it anymore, she scolded on the spot, “What do you see you painted? Look at the girl sitting in front of you. She draws faster than you. Painting better than you, how did you learn it in the past half a year?”

Before Lili finished her words, her daughter cried out. In order to avoid being noticeable, she had to hurriedly pull The daughter left, ready to go back and then teach again. 

Unexpectedly, the daughter shut the bedroom door as soon as she got home, and didn’t eat dinner that day. After calming down, Lili felt that she was a bit too much, and apologized to her daughter. 

However, her daughter accepted it on the surface, but she didn’t let it go. From then on, she was no longer willing to go to painting classes. Finally, she had to give up painting and enrolled in other interest classes. 

Language violence is a kind of cold violence. Although it will not cause direct harm to the human body, it will cause a serious blow to the spirit. 

If this kind of violence comes from the closest person, the blow will be even greater. That’s why Lili’s daughter gave up on painting, because those words from her mother really broke her heart. 

Parents often use These 4 sentences are on the lips, but I don’t know how much harm they have caused to the child.

1. Compare who do you think? 

The first thing I want to say is “Who do you think?” Or similar words, to the child, this is very harsh and will seriously affect the child’s self-esteem. 

In the above case, Lili’s reprimand to her daughter can also be classified into this category. Parents’ comparability is understandable. 

Especially in this kind of involved childcare environment, but parents should also know that children should not behave well all the time, and it is normal to make mistakes occasionally. 

If you always use better cases to suppress him, it will arouse your child’s inner anxiety and hurt his self-esteem. On the contrary, it is not conducive to his progress. 

2. Why do you belittle you for being so stupid? 

It is also a mantra of many parents to scold their children for being stupid, especially in scenes such as tutoring homework, but what parents don’t realize is that it can also cause great harm to children, and even lead to children” The more you scold, the more stupid. 

Every time a parent degrades, it will weaken the child’s self-confidence. Gradually, he will habitually deny himself, and his various abilities including learning will also plummet. 

    To interfere with interest, you only need to get your studies done. It’s important not to rectify other useless studies, but it shouldn’t be everything to your child. As long as the time is reasonable, you can master one or two interests, or even More interests will not affect children’s learning, but will promote learning. 

But if parents always interfere with their children’s interests and refuse to answer questions that are not related to learning, they will discourage their children’s enthusiasm for exploration. Over time, children’s enthusiasm for learning will also fade. 

3. I don’t count on you if I give up.

When parents find that their children have not grown anyway, they will usually say something like “I don’t count on you” in order to arouse the child’s disobedience. will. 

But in fact, doing so is likely to make the child abandon himself. And this is logically unreasonable. Since parents don’t expect their children anymore, why bother to say more, as long as the children understand the truth a little bit, they will immediately see through the parents’ hypocrisy. 

The above four sentences, or similar things, I believe many parents have said. If you didn’t realize the seriousness of it before, then there is nothing wrong with it. It’s just that the harm to the child has been cast, and the most important thing at the moment is to find a way to make up for it. 

If you know the seriousness of it, and go to say such things to your children, it is really too much. This is not what a responsible parent should have. 

Encouragement from parents , Is the best motivation for a child’s growth

Children need encouragement, especially encouragement from their parents, in order to stimulate his drive and make him appear more courageous and confident in doing things. 

As parents, we should not hesitate to export encouragement to our children. Although its cost is very low, it is the best motivation for children to grow up. 

The person you are most likely to hurt is always the person who cares about you. The same is true for parents to children, precisely because children care about their parents’ feelings. 

If you care about the opinions of your parents, you will be hurt by the words of your parents. I hope that every parent will stop making this mistake of “pain for loved ones, quick for enemies”. “Dour spring cold” is the most likely cause of illness. These two parts of the baby’s body are cold, indicating that the clothes are not worn enough

Spring is here, and the temperature has picked up, but the “down spring cold” that appears from time to time does make people feel sick. There is some distress in dressing. Adults are more conscientious in dressing, and cold weather will not affect their health. But for children, if the clothes are not matched properly, it may make the little ones feel cold. Especially for infancy babies with limited expressive ability, parents should be aware of the child’s cold condition in time. 

Imibo Mom and child wear parent-child clothes together. Mom feels a little hot, but the child caught a cold.

Liangliang is a very beautiful and fashionable mom. Although the daily life of bringing a baby makes you physically and mentally exhausted, Liangliang treats herself and her child. She is still very careful in dressing, and every time the mother and son go to the street, they also dress very delicately. Spring is here, Liangliang and the baby can’t wait to change into parent-child clothes. Liangliang’s mother-in-law sees that she wears so little and the child will be cold, so she suggests that Liangliang wrap her child in another quilt. But Liangliang said, “Children are not so afraid of the cold. Only you veterans are afraid of cold!” Liangliang did not take her mother-in-law’s words seriously. On the same day, she put the child in the stroller and pushed the little guy out to go shopping. . 

Liangliang bought a lot of things along the way. She was sweating when she was carrying heavy objects. “I said that I don’t need to wear so much. I sweat so much. I really don’t know if the baby will feel hot too! “In this way, Liangliang and the baby wore parent-child clothes for a day. Just after going to bed the next day, Liangliang found that the baby lying next to her was a little feverish. After finding the thermometer, she took the baby’s temperature and found that the little guy had a high fever. The mother-in-law blamed Liangliang for wearing too little clothes for the child yesterday, and made the child cold! Seeing the baby’s uncomfortable look, Liangliang also regretted it. As a novice mother, Liangliang hopes to give the baby the best care, but she is inexperienced, but she can’t even figure out whether the child feels cold, thinking of this, Liangliang blames herself. 

For younger ages For the baby of Duan, how do parents judge whether the little one is wearing less? 

When adults feel the baby’s heat and cold according to their own heat and cold, this will inevitably cause problems. After all, children’s metabolism and body temperature regulation are significantly different from adults. For novice parents, it is really not easy to judge whether the child is wearing less. In fact, parents can feel the body temperature by touching the baby’s back. When touching the baby’s back, if you obviously feel the baby’s back is cold, then this means that the little guy needs to add clothes. If the baby’s back is relatively moist and sweats slightly, then the baby should slightly reduce the layer of clothing. 

In addition to touching the child’s back, parents can also use the temperature of the child’s feet to determine whether they need to add or remove clothing. If the baby’s feet are cold, then this also shows that Mommy should add clothes appropriately. In the early spring when the baby is still cold, parents must pay attention to the warmth of their children’s feet. As the saying goes, cold starts from the feet. As long as the baby’s feet are not cold, then they will not get sick easily. 

To prevent babies Dress less, how should parents dress their children in the early spring? 

Children’s metabolism is relatively strong, and they are prone to sweating when they are active and active, so when preparing clothes for their children, parents try to choose some easy-to-wear collocations, such as hoodies with waistcoats and sweaters. Coat and so on. In this way, when the child is sweating, parents can take off the waistcoat or jacket, so as not to prevent the child’s clothes from being soaked in sweat and causing the body to catch cold. 

Parents can also use the “onion dressing method”, combining the temperature of the day and the child’s body temperature to match clothes appropriately. Usually in the inner layer, parents can choose breathable and sweat-absorbent underwear for their children, choose clothes with good warmth for the middle layer, and choose a waterproof and windproof jacket for the outer layer. This will not only keep warm, but also avoid over-wearing to increase the burden on the child. 

In addition, it is worth mentioning that parents should not wear too much clothing for their children because they are worried that they will be cold. Not only does this make them feel restrained and hinder their daily activities, but it may also cause the child to sweat too much and catch cold from the wind. For babies less than six months old, parents should pay more attention to dressing, because at this time the little ones dissipate more heat and produce less heat, and daily warmth is more important. 

In spring, if there is a plan to go out, parents can prepare the baby’s clothing collocation according to the weather forecast in advance. According to the activity volume of the day and the baby’s body temperature, increase or decrease the clothing appropriately. Ensure that the baby does not sweat, and the back and feet are not cold as the standard. 

Do you have any good experiences sharing your baby’s spring clothes?

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