3 types of homemade soups are nutritious and convenient? Two kinds of dietitians must be evacuated from the table, and the last one is a pit baby

3 types of homemade soups are nutritious and convenient? The two types of nutritionists must be withdrawn from the dining table, and the last one is the pit baby

If you want your children to grow up healthily, and to ensure the child’s brain development, parents will naturally focus on eating. The role of “soup” is unmatched by other diets. 

It can be found that in the domestic food culture, anyone who wants to supplement nutrition will definitely take the ingredients to stew the soup. It seems that this is the only way to maximize the nutritional value. 

First of all, it needs to be clear that this idea is wrong, because not all ingredients are suitable for stewing, and not all ingredients exert their maximum nutritional value when they are stewed. Some It is in the case of steaming, frying, and stir-frying. 

Secondly, it needs to be clear that some of the “nutritional soups” we call in our daily lives are not really rich in nutritional value, but may have adverse effects on the human body. Let’s see a nutritionist. How do you say it. 

1. Bone soup and stew soup

This type of soup can be said to have caused many parents to step on thunder. In the past, we always thought that bone soup and stew soup were all nutrients in the soup. , And some children don’t like to eat meat, so parents simply serve soup to the children so that the children can drink up the soup. 

A dietitian in Shenzhen once stated in a program that bone soup and stew soup do not contain a lot of protein and calcium. In addition to water, the most common thing is what we call “dart “Fat”, which is why we often see the problem of fat floating on this kind of soup. 

After the children eat a lot of this kind of soup, they may not have enough nutrition, but the weight will go up a lot. If this is the case for a long time, it may also cause the child to be too obese, or “Three highs” symptoms in early adolescents. 

If parents are still unclear, you can give them a simple example. The protein and calcium content in a bowl of bone soup is actually the same as the protein and calcium content in a bowl of boiled water. Almost the same. 

It is better to let the child drink a bottle of milk directly. If you really want to achieve the protein and calcium content in the milk, then the child may not be able to drink a truckload of bone soup and broth. 

Therefore, it is recommended that parents remove the bone soup and broth from their children’s table and replace them with soup with them. Even if the children don’t like it, let the children eat the meat. You can say Most of the nutrients are in the meat. 

Maybe some parents are worried that their children will not be able to digest, absorb, or bite, then parents can help their children to cut the meat into small pieces with scissors after cooking. Block, convenient for children to eat. 

2. Tonic soup

There are also some parents who like to drink tonic soup for their children. They buy some of the more expensive medicinal materials or other health-care foods with strong nourishing properties to stew the soup, and the children frequently eat. 

Be aware that children who are too young are not suitable to drink this kind of nourishing soup, because the child’s gastrointestinal and digestive systems cannot afford this kind of “toss.” 

It will also affect the normal operation of other organs. After all, some nourishing foods may also have concurrent effects on the liver, spleen, lungs, and heart. 

For some children who have weak spleen and stomach, internal deficiency, heavy dampness, etc., it may not be suitable to eat this nourishing soup. As a result, the parents have long-term arrangements for the children’s problems. On the contrary, it is more serious, and this is also a key problem that needs parents to cause. 

It would be better to give the children meat and soup honestly. There is no need to add those so-called nourishing drugs, and the burden on the children’s body will be much smaller. 

3. Quick Soup

There are special soups for sale on the supermarket shelves, and they have a variety of flavors, even broth, not to mention the more common seaweed egg soup. 

And now many children like to drink this kind of quick soup, because the taste is really good, it can cater to the taste of children, and some businesses even let the children operate and make delicious soups. Increase children’s interest in cooking. Under this confusing publicity, many parents have begun to buy food for their children. 

Many parents have found in practice that this quick soup saves a lot of time for themselves, and the merchants also advocate that the nutritional value of this soup is almost the same as that of the ready-made soup, which makes Baoma Our hearts are moving, and since then, the frequency of buying has become more and more high. 

In fact, this kind of quick soup is basically made of many food additives and flavoring agents. The taste is quite good, but in terms of nutrition, it can be said that it is a wave of IQ tax. To give a child this kind of soup is simply a pit baby. 

For the health of the children, it is recommended that mothers spend 10 more minutes to make a simple tomato egg soup. Most of the children like to eat it, and it has nutritional value. 

I believe that most parents have stepped on thunder. Especially on the first point, smart parents are to adjust their diet plans to make their children eat healthier and more secure. The supermodel said frankly that it is good to have a normal delivery, but she wants to have a caesarean section. The reasons behind this make many women feel excited.

The question of whether to give birth to a baby is a normal delivery or a caesarean section. . 

The choice of the better-conditioned mothers has also become a reference object for everyone, especially some female stars and supermodels. 

Since knowing the arrival of the little life, Feifei and her family have been entangled in a caesarean section or a normal delivery. The elders in the family basically support the childbirth, saying that it is good for both adults and children. 

And this is the most natural way, certainly the best. The husband said that it depends on the doctor’s advice and Feifei’s own choice on how to give birth. Feifei herself was the most entangled, and she never made up her mind. 

Later, Feifei suddenly decided to give birth and was very firm, which shocked the whole family. It turned out that a supermodel Feifei had always liked also gave birth to a baby. 

Although I chose a normal delivery, I made a dynamic statement that it has its own benefits, but I still prefer a caesarean section and I regret it a little bit. 

“Is the conditions better than ours in all aspects? The doctors around me are also good doctors, so it must be right to follow them.” Feifei said her reason. 

Since she was so persistent, her family chose to support her, but the doctor persuaded Feifei several times, saying that Feifei’s physical condition and the child’s development are very suitable for delivery, but she did not move Feifei at all. . 

In fact, most celebrities and models choose Caesarean section, which makes more and more people wonder, is Caesarean section really much better than normal delivery? Every pregnant woman has a different situation, but the reasons why the female stars choose C-section are the same. 

Why is she Is celebrity preference for caesarean section? These three reasons are very common. More and more people give up normal childbirth.

Don’t have to endure the pain of childbirth

It is said that childbirth is the highest level of pain that a person can bear. Many mothers who are about to give birth do Because of this, I feel anxious, and caesarean section can avoid this problem well. 

The life of the female stars is relatively prosperous and relaxed, and their ability to withstand suffering is relatively poor, their bodies are relatively weak, and they are even more afraid of the pain of childbirth. 

You can choose when your child is born

Wealthy people care about their child’s birth date. Many of the female celebrities are married to wealthy families. In order to let the child be born on a better day, get The family’s love, for good luck, chose a caesarean section. 

However, this is not necessary for most ordinary people. It is a bit too exaggerated to let the child be born early for a so-called “good day”, and it may be detrimental to Mom. And the health of the child. 

Physical conditions are not very permissible

When you were young, it was the time to make money. The proportion of female celebrities was quite high. In addition, in order to maintain a long-term weight loss, the body was relatively thin, which made pregnant women themselves Physical conditions are not very permissible for normal delivery. 

Such examples are actually not uncommon. Except for women who are too old and too thin, have narrow pelvis, have cardiovascular and hypertension diseases, or have a child’s fetal position, even if the mother wants to give birth, the doctor will do it. Caesarean section is recommended. 

Although caesarean section is becoming more and more popular with everyone, there are not a few people who support it. After all, in our traditional thinking, we still pay more attention to letting it go. 

Although a cesarean section is good, some of the benefits of a normal delivery are indeed incomparable to a cesarean section. 

These two advantages of normal labor are very prominent. No wonder so many people insist on it. They must understand before birth.

Bao’s mother is easier to recover

People who have given birth should know that, after giving birth The baby may have a big belly in the future, and the recovery period is very torturous. And the way of childbirth is different, Bao Ma’s recovery experience is also completely different. 

After the uterus and vagina are contracted and squeezed, Baoma will discharge lochia more smoothly, and the uterus will be easier to restore to its previous size. 

The most obvious comparison is that the mothers who give birth are usually discharged from the hospital on the second and third day after giving birth, unlike the mothers who have a caesarean section, who have to observe and cultivate for several days in the hospital. 

It is beneficial to the health of newborns.

In addition to the benefits for the mothers, the benefits of having a childbirth are also very obvious. This is also the reason why many mothers choose to stick to the childbirth. 

The baby will be squeezed very strongly from the vagina at birth, and at the same time, it must breathe on its own when leaving the mother’s belly. 

Such squeezing can squeeze out the amniotic fluid and other fluids in the child’s respiratory tract, awaken the lung function, and make it less likely to develop neonatal wet lung and other diseases. 

In addition to some of the tangled mothers, there are also some mothers who originally planned to give birth. However, the children were reluctant to come out for a long time, so they could only be transferred. 

Therefore, the choice of delivery method depends on the physical condition of the pregnant woman, the development of the baby, the wishes of the pregnant woman and the doctor’s opinion, etc., but also the temporary situation during delivery. 

In fact, as long as the baby is born smoothly in the end, the adult and the child are safe and sound, no matter what kind of delivery method, it is a good way of delivery. 

Did you choose a normal delivery or a cesarean section? Do you regret your original choice?

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