3 kinds of fruits that are often bought for babies, or the cause of “leukemia”, many parents often buy

Three kinds of fruits that are often bought for their babies, or the inducement of “leukemia”, many parents often buy

The health of children has always been the focus of attention of parents, especially now that environmental pollution and food safety are difficult to guarantee And so on, so that parents are walking on thin ice, and if they are not careful, their children will be attacked by the disease. 

According to the latest statistics, for every 100,000 people in my country, 4 to 6 people suffer from leukemia, which is called “blood cancer”, with a very high mortality rate. Among these patients, children occupy By 50%, most of them are between 2 and 7 years old. 

In addition to the congenital factors of genetic inheritance, most of the factors that cause children to develop leukemia are caused by acquired external factors. 

Ms. Wang never expected that her son Liangliang would grow up healthy and happy under the care of her family. However, Liangliang, who just turned 6 this year, was diagnosed with leukemia. 

At first, Ms. Wang and her husband thought it was a problem with the decoration of the new house, and suspected that the decoration materials contained excessive formaldehyde. 

But at the beginning, a professional testing company was specially invited to the house for testing to ensure that there were no problems before moving into the new house. The doctor also performed genetic testing on Ms. Wang and her husband, but no problems were found. 

Until Ms. Wang talked to the doctor about Liangliang’s daily diet, she mentioned that Liangliang did not like to eat fruits very much since she was a child. In order for Liangliang to be interested in fruits, she specially bought something that looks smooth and translucent. Let Liangliang eat the apples. 

Because the family saw these apples look so good, they usually rinsed them with water and gave them to Liangliang. This habit has been maintained since Liangliang was 3 to 5 years old. 

In order to let the doctor understand better, Ms. Wang also brought an apple that she usually bought to Liangliang to the doctor for inspection. 

After the doctor scraped the surface of the apple with his hands, he speculated that it might be because Liangliang ate this kind of fruit that was purposely waxed on the surface in order to look good. 

Furthermore, the family did not clean it carefully, and many harmful substances still remain on the fruit, which will naturally harm Liangliang’s health. 

Ms. Wang couldn’t believe it until now. She thought it would make Liangliang have a balanced nutrition, and fell in love with the way of eating fruits, but she eventually harmed Liangliang. 

In fact, experts have pointed out that although fruits are beneficial, if you do not buy safe fruits, it is likely that they will become the “culprit” that affects children’s health. 

3 kinds of regular Many parents often buy fruits for their babies, or the cause of “leukemia”! 

1. Fruits with wax on the outside

In order to make the fruits look fresh, good-looking, sell for a higher price, and also facilitate preservation, some unscrupulous merchants will put a layer of wax on the surface of the fruits. 

Many parents are easily deceived by the good-looking appearance of these fruits when choosing fruits for their children. 

Waxed fruit is very difficult to clean. If you only use ordinary fruit washing methods, it is often impossible to clean the harmful substances remaining on the surface of the fruit. If children eat these fruits for a long time, it is definitely not good for their health. 

2. Fruits sprayed with pesticides

It is almost impossible to eat fruit without spraying pesticides unless you grow them yourself. However, the pesticide residues on the fruit can be removed as much as possible by careful washing and peeling. 

If the child eats fruits with pesticide residues for a long time, the immune system will be destroyed, making the child’s resistance weaker and more likely to get sick. 

There were some parents who believed that the skin of fruit is rich in nutrients, and the skin is usually not peeled off. However, this approach can easily make children eat the pesticide residues on the peel. Compared with nutrition, the harm will be more serious, right? 

So, when it is impossible to confirm whether there is pesticide residue on the surface of the fruit, parents should peel it before giving it to their children! 

3. Ripening fruits

Nowadays, the season of fruits is irrelevant, and you can eat off-season fruits all year round. But many of these fruits grown in greenhouses are artificially ripened with chemicals. 

Even if parents wash or peel the fruit, they still cannot remove the chemicals contained in the pulp. If children are allowed to eat these fruits containing chemicals regularly, the impact on their health can be imagined. 

For the health of their children, parents still try to buy as little off-season fruits as possible for their children, and it is better to choose seasonal fruits. 

The choice of fruit is related to the health of the child, and parents should not be careless. The above several types of fruits are better not to be eaten by children as much as possible. Otherwise, “Illness comes from the mouth,” and it will be useless to regret at that time. 

In order to ensure that children eat fruits that do not have pesticides or harmful substances on the outside, parents may wish to try the following methods to clean fruits

    Washing fruits with rice water. That is, soak the fruits with rice water for about 5 minutes, and then rinse them with clean water. The edible alkali fruit cleaning method. You can wash it with water first, then add edible alkali to soak for about 10 minutes, and finally clean the edible alkali with water. Salt washing method, after washing once with water. Spread salt and rub the surface, and finally wash it off with water. 

Washing or peeling fruits is just a small detail to protect children. The most important thing is to choose suitable and safe fruits for children. 

“Illness comes from the mouth” is not just a talk, especially for children with underdeveloped immune systems, they need the care and care of parents to ensure the healthy growth of children! 

When you usually buy fruit for your children, how do you choose? Welcome to leave a message to share! The daughter’s height did not change. The hospital found heavy metal poisoning only after an examination. The source was originally at home.

The child’s height development status is most likely to attract parents’ attention. This is mainly because the height development status is relatively intuitive. Comparing other children of the same age can easily see the difference. 

Of course, there are many factors that affect the height of a child. It is not necessarily scientific to rely solely on height comparison. However, if parents find that the child’s height development is abnormal, they must pay attention to it, because there may be hidden Unexpected influence from parents. 

The height of the 9-year-old girl is not long, but after going to the hospital for an examination, it was found that the heavy metal exceeded the standard, and the reason was unexpected.

Ms. Wang found out that her 9-year-old child had not been there for half a year I have grown taller. In the last physical examination, my daughter’s height development has been in a state of growth retardation. 

Ms. Wang is very puzzled about this. She and the father of the child are both in the middle-to-high body. It stands to reason that there should be no major problem with her daughter’s height development being genetically affected. After thinking about it, Ms. Wang was still uneasy, so she hurriedly took the child to the nearest hospital for an examination. 

After the doctor’s examination, it was discovered that Ms. Wang’s child not only had problems with height and development, but also showed unresponsiveness. So the doctor suspected that the child had excessive heavy metals. 

Finally, after a related examination, the doctor confirmed that the child was indeed over-standard with heavy metals. After screening the child’s daily diet, the doctor found that the heavy metals ingested by the child were present in the child’s daily drinking water. 

It turned out that Ms. Wang bought a new water purifier in her family six months ago. She wanted to let the child drink some healthy water, but she did not expect that the heavy metal exceeded the standard in the end. Ms. Wang couldn’t help but have mixed feelings when she thought about it. On the one hand, she hated the irresponsibility of the water purifier manufacturer, and on the other hand, she felt sorry for her daughter’s health over the past six months. The doctor said that he would intervene with appropriate drugs, but the final degree of recovery of the child cannot be determined for the time being. 

There are many factors that affect a child’s height development, such as the parents’ genetics, the child’s acquired growth environment, and daily nutrition Intake, lifestyle, etc. 

The factors that cause children to grow taller are also related to the above-mentioned influencing factors. In addition to the innate genetic influence, there are pollution stimuli in the children’s living environment, such as harmful substances, radiation, etc. Insufficient nutritional supplements in daily diet, such as picky eaters, insufficient daily exercise for children, such as lack of exercise, etc., these conditions may also hinder the child’s height development. 

In order to help children grow up, what problems should parents pay attention to in their lives? 

1. Avoid contact with bad environment

The child’s body is in the growth and development period, and bad environmental stimulation has a very obvious effect on the child. Like the heavy metals mentioned above, although For adults, the negative effects caused by it are not obvious in a short time, but for children with relatively fragile physical conditions, it is very physical damage. Ensure the safety of the child’s growth environment to help the child’s normal development. 

2. Eat less “junk” food

Although “junk” food is more likely to be favored by children, it has a negative impact on children’s health and is likely to be This leads to precocious puberty in the child. This also shortens the time of the child’s height development, and ultimately hinders the normal development of the child’s height, resulting in the child’s growth. 

3. Avoid lack of exercise

During the child’s physical development period, proper exercise can not only improve and improve the child’s physical fitness, but at the same time it is also very useful for height development. benefit. The child’s bones have received more beneficial stimulation, and the child’s height development is more assured under the premise of ensuring the amount of exercise. 

In daily life, there are many details of life that are easily overlooked by parents. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to pay more attention to the growth and changes of their children. Do you have any other knowledge and insights to share on the topic of children’s height?

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